Pokemon Masters Chapter 857


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When Fang Yuan and Tapu met, Shang Ren and the others had arrived at Akala Island, a large island northeast of Secret Realm.

What they didn’t know was that Guardian God on the island was already preparing for the selection of his messenger “Island kahuna”.

The first test is to observe Outsider’s behavior toward Secret Realm.

Every Pokemon here, especially Totem Pokemon, can be regarded as the eye of Guardian God.

So, Fang Yuan almost intentionally or unconsciously, Help Shang Ren and the others reduced the difficulty of the game.

On the other side.

The four island guardians Celestic Fang Yuan have had an in-depth exchange.

It is an in-depth exchange, rather than the Guardian Gods asking about Fang Yuan’s knowledge of Z-Move.

Since Fang Yuan showed the Sparkling Stone bracelet, they knew that Fang Yuan was here to learn Z-Move.

But does Fang Yuan want to learn Z-Move of certain Attributes or develop his own Z-Move? They have to understand first.

For Fang Yuan’s different choices, their special training content will also be different.

“Tapu ~~!”

Tapu Koko asked Fang Yuan what Attribute Z-Move he wanted to learn.

Different Attribute Z-Move requires different Z-Crystal and different full-strength praying movements…

The exclusive Z-Move is even more demanding…

“What Attribute to learn?”

“Well… can you learn all of them.”

Fang Yuan whispered.



“Da 呔?”


Learn all? Four Islands Guardian God was taken aback.




For Fang Yuan’s lion’s big mouth, Eevee and other Pokemon gave affirmations, thumbs up behind their backs.

You deserve it.

Said easily other things that Trainer would not dare to say.

Learn all…

This idea can be said to be very exaggerated.

It’s not that Guardian Gods can’t teach, but Fang Yuan can’t learn it!

The Guardian Gods were silent for a long time, nodded.

Although it is a bit surprised, but also not unacceptable.

From this point of view, Fang Yuan’s Pokemon partner should involve all Attributes?

Otherwise, Fang Yuan would not say learning the entire department of Z-Move.

“Tapu!! (Are you ready.)”

Tapu Koko, as the representative of the Tapu family, once again communicated with Fang Yuan.

It has a serious expression.

Fang Yuan warned verbally.

Although they can be taught, the power of Z-Move, with the physical strength of human Trainer and Pokemon, is the limit when used once.

Even humans with outstanding physique can use it up to twice a day.

Fang Yuan learns so many Z-Move in one go, his physical strength will definitely be overwhelming, and at the same time, he will also spend a lot of time learning and practicing.

The teaching may be one or two days of work, but for Fang Yuan who is learning Z-Move, the time invested will be huge.

According to the study of an Attribute it takes a week to calculate, 18 Attributes, it is more than four months.

Considering the physical strength of Trainer, it may not be possible to finish the study in the first half or one year!

Be aware that although the full prayer movement is not difficult to learn, it is not so easy to make Sparkling Stone, Z-Crystal and Pokemon resonate while doing the movement.

One week, I said it was less.

This still treats Fang Yuan as a trainer with outstanding innate talent.

Normal Aptitude’s Trainer and system may not be able to master a move after one month of study.

Mastering all 18 types…It’s absolutely idiotic.

In the end, even if it takes a lot of time to learn, there will be miscellaneous and inaccurate situations.

The principle of Z-Move is the same as that of ordinary Move. Practice makes perfect. You learn a lot, not as good as you learn.

Tapu Koko almost analyzed the drawbacks and Fang Yuan from beginning to end.

The more you analyze it, the more Tapu Koko feels that Fang Yuan cannot be taught this way.

Fang Yuan still has an important task of saving the world.

If they were really taught, Fang Yuan would definitely be abolished in learning and learning.


“Da 呔!”


The other three Guardian Gods also persuaded.

Let’s choose a few specialized Attributes to learn.

It’s not that they are unwilling to teach, but that Fang Yuan will not finish learning and the road will be crooked.

So they’re sorry Mew.

“I know this…but…I can learn it.”

Faced with the kind reminders from Tapu Koko, Fang Yuan was serious and nodded.

He naturally knows that Z-Move can’t be successful with Items.

However, that is for the average person.

He has Aura Force and Psychic. Whether he uses Mega Evolution or Z-Move, he has inherent advantages, and his learning speed will definitely be fast.

You don’t even need to do full-strength moves.

The traction is more of a single thought.

So Fang Yuan doesn’t worry much about learning or not learning.

And physical problems during study and practice…

Fang Yuan glanced at Victini blinking next to him.

He knows that there is no proof in his words, so it is necessary to demonstrate to Guardian God.

In this way, the other party can confidently teach themselves and teach them all their skills.

“You believe me…Eevee, let’s do a demonstration.”

Fang Yuan called out Eevee, and Eevee, nodded, faced the sea.



“Da 呔?”


The corners of the four Guardian God’s mouths twitched when Fang Yuan insisted on learning.

However, Fang Yuan’s next move made them even more puzzled.

What is this going to do?

They looked towards Fang Yuan and Little Eevee facing the sea, showing puzzled expressions.


They understand.

“Super Extreme Flame Bomb!”

Fang Yuan raised his hand and Eevee shook his head. As Fang Yuan’s Sparkling Stone bracelet lights up, in front of Eevee, a large Fireball with a diameter of ten meters hit the sea instantly.

bang!! !

The surface of the sea boiled, and a big hole appeared directly, and there was a huge and incomparable steam that rushed into the sky.

Guardian God :Σ(°△°|||)︴! ! !

This action directly made the eyes of the four Guardian Gods stare out.

What did they see?

Something is wrong, Fang Yuan’s Z-Ring clearly does not have Fire Element Z-Crystal.

How did this Z-Move be used? ? ?

Furthermore, Fang Yuan didn’t seem to make a full effort at all.

Compared with the Z-Move they know, the Z-Move used by Fang Yuan can be said to be instant!

The instant big move…

“eivui!!!” As Eevee turned back breathlessly, before the four island gods could react, Victini had traveled back and forth between Fang Yuan and Eevee and charged them.

“Super Extreme Flame Bomb!”

Fang Yuan raised his hand and Eevee shook his head. In front of Eevee, another large Fireball with a diameter of ten meters hit the sea instantly.

Z-Move x2.

Eevee, Victini, Rotom:

︿( ̄︶ ̄)︿

Guardian God :Σ(っ°Д°;)っ

“The physique of people cannot be generalized. Under the Help of Aura Force and Victini, I have used 7 Z-Move in a row without falling.”

Next, Fang Yuan and the others made another shot. In the end, their faces were not flushed or breathless.

“However, currently we can only use Fire Element and Psychic Type Z-Move. This time, I just want to learn about other departments…that…”

After the performance is over, I can always teach with confidence.

Guardian God: (*Φ綺Φ*), card! ! Are you a dog, burst Z-Move? ?

Guardian Gods have lived for so long and have taught ancient humans Z-Move, but there has never been such a human.

World Tree Guardian…Is it so perverted?

If you don’t use Z-Crystal to cast Z-Move continuously, can you teach us?

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