Pokemon Masters Chapter 858


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After Fang Yuan, Eevee, and Victini performed, the guardian god of four islands collapsed.

They each and everyone looked at Fang Yuan with the expression of seeing a ghost.

If at first, they only respect Fang Yuan because of Fang Yuan’s World Tree Guardian status.

So now, the bottom of my heart has begun to respect Fang Yuan because of Fang Yuan’s demonstrated ability.

You don’t need Z-Crystal to cast Z-Move continuously, even they are difficult to do.

Guardian God of Four Islands looked at Fang Yuan, Eevee, Victini in surprise.

They can tell that these three guys are indispensable for the combo just now.

Fang Yuan’s power is one of the keys to connecting Eevee and Sparkling Stone, and instantly Z-Move.

And that Eevee has mastered the use of light energy, so it can directly mobilize natural energy to use Z-Move without the power of Assist Z-Crystal, which is also the key to instant Z-Move.

This ability appeared on an Eevee, and the Guardian God of Four Islands felt it was outrageous.

Although they can do this step themselves, they can do it after several decades of long cultivation.

In an instant, a single thought appeared in the Guardian God of Four Islands…This Eevee’s innate talent is not inferior to them.

They can still accept Z-Move without instant Z-Crystal.

Can continue.

Victini instantly supplemented Fang Yuan and Eevee Performance, and continuously and instant Z-Move performances almost made them kneel.

Even for them, can this step be done in places with strong natural energy?

It’s difficult…

If you take 7 consecutive Z-Moves with full force as the standard, they will never do it.

However, the combination of this person and two Pokemon did it.

The existence of Victini directly sublimated the talents of Fang Yuan and Eevee.

The island Guardian God looked towards Victini’s eyes suddenly changed. They hadn’t noticed this Little Brat before. Until now, they didn’t realize the scary part of this Little Brat.

The racial abilities are so special that they may not be inferior or even surpassed.



Too sour.

The Guardian God of the four islands was envious of World Tree Mew for an instant.

I can find such a Trainer as a Guardian.

No wonder Mew called Fang Yuan to come and learn Z-Move.

Z-Move, the ability that has a high threshold for launch and demanding conditions of use, is simply tailor-made for Fang Yuan.

Although I haven’t chosen the “Island kahuna” who is about to become his spokesperson, the four Guardian Gods think with their ass and know that the other party is definitely not as good as Fang Yuan.

When they think of the gap between their spokesperson and Fang Yuan, they feel sour.

No way! !

Although the spokesperson is not required to be comparable to Fang Yuan, but it must not be too bad.

They have to raise the threshold to become Island kahuna, spend more time to choose, and can’t make hasty decisions!

Soon, the Guardian God of the four islands made a decision…

Now, Fang Yuan is the child of someone else’s family. They subconsciously compare their next “child” with Fang Yuan.


After being shocked, Tapu Koko took the lead in nodded.

No wonder Fang Yuan has to learn the entire department of Z-Move. If he has such a talent, then Fang Yuan does have the opportunity to master the essence of Z power with the least energy.

Well, they teach.

At this time, after Fang Yuan demonstrated their ability to use Z-Move without using Z-Crystal, he also asked the question he most wanted to know during this trip.

“That, Tapu Koko, my Eevee has mastered the usage of solar energy because of race mutation, so he can use Fire Element, Psychic Type Z-Move without relying on Z-Crystal…”

“This time we come here, we also want to ask if it is possible to use other Z-Move without relying on Z-Crystal.”

This question is very important. Although the entire Z-Crystal system may be obtained from Guardian Gods next, Fang Yuan still does not want to give up developing Eevee, which does not rely on Z-Crystal and uses Z-Move’s Return 5.0 capability.

Magnezon and Infernape have no innate talent, so they can only use Z-Crystal and Z-Move, that’s all.

Eevee, if you have the conditions to learn, why not try it.



“Da 呔…”


Fang Yuan’s question can be regarded as a question to Tapu.

Even if Fang Yuan wants to learn the whole department of Z-Move, they did not hesitate so much.

“Tapu!!! (It is possible.)”

Finally, Tapu Koko looked at each other in blank dismay for a long time and gave the answer.

It is possible.

But it is difficult.

The essence of Z-Move can actually be said to be the body part of Assist The Radiant One Necrozma, a method of mobilizing natural energy to strengthen Move.

In the case of Normal, only humans and Pokemon can work together to use Z-Move.

However, some Pokemon with outstanding innate talents can use Z-Move even on their own.

Just like them.

After their long cultivation, let alone all Z-Moves, even some Z-Moves with special powers can be used.

The best manifestation of their perfect mastery of Z-power is that they can condense natural energy to create Z-Crystal to teach others how to use Z-Move.


Fang Yuan’s Eevee went through a stage that was very close to when they first started to learn Z power.

They can only use Z powers that fit their own race Attributes.

If you want to achieve Fang Yuan’s claim that Assist Z-Crystal does not use all Z-Move, then Eevee, like them, has to undergo a long cultivation for natural energy.

They have a special race. They started much higher than Eevee, and are more compatible with natural energy than the current Eevee. Even so, it took countless years.

And if Eevee wants to do it… it may take more than a hundred years.

However, if it comes from one by one Attribute, it may not take a few years to learn new abilities, such as Assist Fang Yuan’s power using Normal Type Z-Move.

“eivui…” Hearing the descriptions of Tapu, Eevee was quite big.

It’s so difficult.

Don’t learn, don’t learn.

Psychic and Fire Element are enough… the other ones are Assist Z-Crystal, which can be used anyway.

“Salted fish.”

Fang Yuan saw Eevee who was suddenly limp, lifted it up with one hand, and said, “No, even if it’s a hundred years, you have to learn.”

Eevee’s current path is very similar to the Guardian God island. Doesn’t this mean that Eevee can continue to work hard and, like them, will eventually make Z-Crystal by himself?

A new legendary road is in sight, Fang Yuan certainly can’t let Eevee be so salty.

Maybe hundreds of years later, Eevee will become a Legendary Pokémon who is good at using natural energy like Guardian God on these islands.

In addition to the legendary road of life energy, Eevee can be said to be invincible. The two roads of life and nature, if it enters the realm of legend, it will definitely surpass ordinary Legendary Pokémon.

“eivui!!! (Then learn!)” Eevee was lifted up, knowing that Fang Yuan’s intention had been resolved, and he started to shout.

If it really takes a hundred years to learn, that’s good, Fang Yuan can always train with him.

“Tapu ~~~!!!”

Looking at Fang Yuan and Eevee who were picking up the rack, Tapu Koko fell silent and shook the head.

It wants to say that you can’t learn it.

The four guys can only master them because of their special races.

But in the end, it still didn’t say anything.

Looking at the pair of Trainer and Pokemon, who are in a good relationship, they feel strange.

Maybe, after countless years, they can really see Fang Yuan grow to that point.

After all, the opponent can be recognized by World Tree, there must be something special.

“Tapu!!! (Because of different races, it is difficult for us to teach you, but then you can assist Z-Crystal of different Attributes to experience different natural forces. This may be a relatively short cut. I wish you Success.)”

Finally, Tapu Koko said that Fang Yuan and Eevee can use Z-Crystal to release other Attribute Z-Move. Maybe they will make perfect after they are proficient.

What they can teach is only the basic usage of Fairy Type natural energy. Fang Yuan’s greedy idea of ​​learning all natural energy usages really can’t be taught, because even they are not there yet.

“Thank you very much.” Fang Yuan nodded, said thank you.

At this time, the Tapu family is thinking about it, Fang Yuan should be unaware of the normal Z-Move of the whole department.

I just don’t know if Fang Yuan has the idea of ​​developing an exclusive Z-Move for his Pokemon.

“Tapu.” Then, Tapu Koko asked.

For these special trainings, they all need to prepare the venue in advance, so it’s better to ask them all at once.

“Exclusive Z-Move???”

Is the nine-color sublimation gathering together? ?

“Tapu!!! (Exclusive Z-Move will produce different effects according to the specific situation of Pokemon. It is a great Unique Ability beyond ordinary zMove, but the difficulty of successful development is also greater. We need to work together to assist Pokemon development. .)”

Fang Yuan said in his heart: For example, the tens of millions Volt used by Ash and Pishen to defeat you?

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