Pokemon Masters Chapter 859


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ZMove is divided into two types.

first is a general-purpose ZMove used by Attribute Z Pure Crystal.

For example, the super extreme flame bomb and the supreme mental destruction wave used by Eevee are the general use of ZMove.

This kind of ZMove, as long as the corresponding Attribute Z pure crystal is carried, any Pokemon has the opportunity to use it.

second is the exclusive ZMove.

Exclusive ZMove can only be used by Pokemon of a specific race after carrying a specific Z crystal crystal and using a specific basic Move.

For example, if Eevee carries the Eevee Z specially made by Guardian Gods, you can use the regular game to summon 8 evolutionary Eevees that will definitely not let you use to strengthen your “Nine-color sublimation gathering” Move.

Exclusive Z, it can be said that Guardian God is specially prepared for Pokemon of a certain race ZMove.

Even in the original work, there are very few exclusive Z pure crystals.

Compared to Attribute Z pure crystals, they are more rare, because Guardian Gods are also very difficult to manufacture.

If it is not a very special situation, they will not be given to exclusive Z, and will not help ordinary Pokemon development exclusive ZMove.

In addition to the exclusive ZMove for a certain race of Pokemon, there is actually a special exclusive ZMove.

That is the ZMove for a specific Pokemon.

For example, Pikachu’s exclusive ZMove “Pikachu must kill” is a great unique ability that most Pikachu can use.

But the exclusive ZMove of “Ten Thousand Volt” requires a smart pickup Z, and only Ash can use them.

Fang Yuan prefers to call it “specific ZMove” rather than the exclusive name ZMove.

There is no doubt that the performance of ZMove prepared for a certain Pokemon is much stronger than the usual exclusive ZMove.

Fang Yuan’s Magnezon, just a blue lightning that combines electromagnetic force and Inner Force, has a good strength.

Thousands of Volt this move is Shiny lightning with 9 different abilities, and you can imagine its formidable power.

So Fang Yuan is very curious now. The Guardian Gods ask themselves if they plan to develop an exclusive ZMove. This exclusive Z is an ordinary race exclusive ZMove, or it refers to the exclusive ZMove prepared for a certain Pokemon like tens of millions of Volts.

“If possible, please guide us to develop exclusive ZMove, please.”

Fang Yuan glanced at Eevee, then raised his head to face the four Guardian Gods.

Whether it is an ordinary exclusive Z or a specific Z, it is a good Unique Ability.

I just don’t know if Guardian Gods will teach…

“Tapu ~~!”

After getting Fang Yuan’s answer, Tapu nodded each other.

Fang Yuan has shown his ability to use ZMove just now, so they don’t mind teaching more.

“Tapu!!! (Then let’s learn with exclusive ZMove, but some Pokemons are naturally suitable for learning exclusive ZMove, and some Pokemons are inherently not suitable. We can’t help you develop exclusive Z for every Pokemon.)”

Tapu Koko said.

Because Help other Pokemon develop exclusive Moves, they will be very labor intensive, so they can only help Fang Yuan’s a few Pokemon development abilities suitable for learning exclusive Move.

And those who don’t have much Move innate talent for learning, they won’t teach it.

This not only wastes Fang Yuan’s time, but also wastes their energy and time.

Although you can learn hard to learn in the end, it is too expensive for Fang Yuan’s Pokemon and them.

They also have to prepare island tours and cultivate Island kahuna, so they cannot spend all their time on Fang Yuan.

“Thank you.” Fang Yuan opened the mouth and said.

He understood what Tapu said naturally.

The other party’s willingness to help him is interesting enough. It is also unrealistic for Fang Yuan to have an exclusive Move for every Pokemon.

But… Exclusive Move…

Eevee must have learned Aptitude with this one. For other Pokemon, Fang Yuan is not clear.

Lycanroc may also have it, after all, it can learn the trick “Lycanroc” in the original book.

Furthermore, before coming this time, Mew specifically asked Fang Yuan to bring Lycanroc with him. Maybe he thought that Lycanroc could benefit from it.

“Even if only Eevee can learn the exclusive Move, that would be a big gain.”

After inquiring clearly, the Guardian Gods of the island left.

They plan to teach Fang Yuan to learn ZMove in an hour, but now they need to prepare and ask Fang Yuan to wait.

“Tapu ~~!”

However, before leaving, Tapu Koko suddenly asked Fang Yuan: Don’t disclose the plan for the tour of the islands for the time being. For publicity, I hope it will be released after they have selected four Island kahuna.

They don’t want to see Trainer enter Secret Realm with a strong utilitarian heart to become Island Kahuna.

As for selecting spokesperson Island kahuna, and then promoting ZMove and the tour of the islands, it doesn’t matter to attract more people, because at that time, Island kahuna and Totem Pokemon will test them.

“That’s good.” Fang Yuan nodded.

Eh… Originally, he wanted to find a chance to call Jiang Li, Su Shu and the others to come over and try it. Although it was very restrictive after becoming an Island kahuna, it was also a chance to catch the Legendary Pokémon line. Now it seems, Forget it.

No cheating, no cheating, no cheating!

However, I told Shang Ren about the existence of their Guardian God and the unusual path after they came in. Is it considered cheating…?

It should not be counted…

After all, it did not reveal Guardian God’s plan to pick Island kahuna…

When Fang Yuan thought about it, the Guardian Gods were gone.


In one hour.

Still on that unknown island.

Fang Yuan chose to wait here for the return of Guardian Gods.

In fact, it didn’t take an hour before the Guardian Gods of the island flew back.

Fang Yuan, at this time, also summoned all the Pokemon he was carrying on this trip.

The first team of Eevee and other six main players, the second team of children’s group Venusaur, Ditto, Rotom, plus and minus Klink, Lycanroc.

There are twelve Pokemon in total.

There are also Darkrai and Victini from the legend group.

There are a total of fourteen Pokemons, and Fang Yuan has all the configurations at this time.

Currently, every Pokemon of Fang Yuan be eager to have a try.

In this hour, Fang Yuan has informed them that there will be an important opportunity next! !

The opportunity to become stronger quickly! !

Not to mention the general use of ZMove. Every Pokemon has a chance to master it. As long as Fang Yuan is willing to cooperate, Rotom can use ZMove.

However, learning opportunities dedicated to ZMove are relatively rare.

Exclusive Move…that is exclusive to Legendary Pokémon! !

Darkrai and Victini may not look up to them, because they already have other exclusive Moves, but Infernape and Dragonite are still a little lost.

How to say…Exclusive Move…It sounds awesome.

Wait a minute, whoever is eligible to learn the exclusive ZMove depends on the selection results of Guardian Gods.



“Da 呔……”


Appointed time.

After the Tapu arrived, Tapu Koko first glanced at the Pokemon behind Fang Yuan, and then handed over the things they prepared during this period to Fang Yuan.


Tapu Koko, a Growl, with 18 Z crystals of different colors, from Levitate behind it to Fang Yuan in front of it.

“This is.” Fang Yuan was overjoyed when he saw the full Attribute Z Chunjing.

this time…really invincible.

When you encounter Fire Element Guardian God in the future, you will send Water Type ZMove, and when you encounter Water Type Guardian God, you will send Electric Type ZMove.

I have all the Attributes to restrain you. With Victini, it is invincible.

After sending Z Chunjing to Fang Yuan, the Guardian Gods have completed a half of their mission.

Fang Yuan wants to learn the whole system of ZMove, so they give Fang Yuan all Attribute Z pure crystals.

However, there is actually a small problem now. These Z pure crystals will break after one use. If Fang Yuan wants to be able to use it all the time, or even use the exclusive Z in the future, they need Help Fang Yuan to strengthen his current hands. The ring works.

I have to say that Fang Yuan’s own Z bracelet is too rough to match Z Chunjing perfectly.

“Tapu!! (We will strengthen the Sparkling Stone bracelet for you.)”

“Eh.” “eivui!!!” After Fang Yuan received a bunch of Z pure crystals, when he just wanted to thank the Tapu, the Sparkling Stone bracelet on his wrist directly filled the rays of light and took the initiative to leave Fang. Yuan’s wrist.

Then, under the extremely stunned eyes of Pokemon such as Fang Yuan and Eevee… the bracelet was directly eaten by Tapu Koko.

Rather than eating it, Tapu Koko closed the shells on the backs of his hands and swallowed it into his arms.

At this time… a strange BGM sounded.

Other Guardian Gods will accompany Mingming…

“Tapu ~~!!!” “Tapu ~~!!!” “Tapu ~~!!!”

In the next second, Tapu Koko starts shaking left and right, jumping up and down.

I danced like a great god, during which there was electricity flowing out of my body.

The enhancement is successful, and the Z bracelet Level +1.


After strengthening himself, Tapu Koko spit out the Z bracelet again and threw it to Tapu Lele.

Next, Tapu Lele also started to dance the great god. After swallowing the Z bracelet with a body shaped like an Insect, he used the scales to enchant it with power.

“Nana~~” “Nana~” “Nana~~”

The enhancement is successful, and the Z bracelet Level +1.


After that, there were two other Guardian Gods who also used the same method to enchant Fang Yuan’s bracelet.

This strengthening method makes Eevee and Pokemon look black.

The taste is too strong!

That is why Dragonite nodded and admired it as looking thoughtful.

It feels that this dance…is not bad.

After spending about one minute, the Guardian Gods of the island used their own power to completely strengthen Fang Yuan’s Z bracelet.

Then, the Z bracelet flew back to Fang Yuan’s wrist.

The Key Stone is still inlaid inside, but compared to before, there is another place on the back of it for inlaying Z pure crystal, which truly achieves a dual purpose.

Furthermore, the power of Sparkling Stone seems to have been enhanced by the strengthening and enchanting of the island Guardian God.

Fang Yuan can clearly feel that his Mega Z bracelet has become unique.

If it was just a whiteboard equipment before, now it is the legendary Divine Artifact with enhancement +4.

golden light glitters.

“Thanks, everyone.”

Fang Yuan shook his Z bracelet and thought it was cool.

In the plot, Ash’s Z bracelet seems to have been strengthened in this way, so Ash can use Solgaleo Z and Zhipi Z.

Now, I am the same.

He is impatient now and wants to try the effects of other Attribute ZMove.

However, before that, there is one more important thing.

Fang Yuan looked at Eevee and other Pokemon standing in a row, as well as the Guardian God island observing them on the sky, and asked: “Excuse me, how do you think they are suitable for learning exclusive ZMove?”

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