Pokemon Masters Chapter 860


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“Excuse me, how do you think they are suitable for learning exclusive ZMove?”

Fang Yuan asked a question that he cares more about…

I don’t know how many Pokemon can learn Aptitude.

“Tapu!! (Please wait.)” Tapu Koko.

Four Guardian Gods are still observing.

And Gluttony, Dragonite, Venusaur, they are playing drums in their hearts.

Choose me! Pick me! Pick me!

Obviously, many Pokemon want to learn the exclusive Move…



“Da 呔……”


After observing for a long time, the four Guardian Gods used their Characteristic Trait to create Electric Terrain, Spirit Ground, Grassy Terrain, and Misty Terrain.

The fusion of the four color venues creates a special field that wraps this beach.


In the special venue, Tapu Koko first walked to Eevee and moved towards Fang Yuan nodded.

Meaning, Eevee can learn the exclusive Move.


Eevee stretched, showing as it should be by rights.

Fang Yuan was not surprised, Eevee never let him down.

Sure, there is a guarantee.

After that, Tapu Koko flew to Magnezon, who was also an Electric Type Pokemon, and even looked at the Klinks with the positive and negative electricity beside him, and then nodded.

“Tapu!!! (It works too.)”

Tapu can feel the special Electric Type energy of Magnezon within the body. With a little training, Magnezon may be able to master other special lightning ZMove.

As for how to master, it depends on Magnezon’s innate talent.


Magnezon also showed the expression as it should be by rights. After all, they have the legend Aptitude appointed by Fang Yuan.

There is a legend that Aptitude is too bad if you can’t even learn the exclusive Move.

Beside, although the two Klinks were ignored by Tapu Koko, the positive and negative Klinks are also Buddhist. Forget it, anyway, Magnezon can learn it, which means they can learn it, it doesn’t matter.

At the same time.

Guardian God of the Four Islands looked towards Infernape of the legendary Aptitude.

After a few glances, shook the head, and then looked towards Gluttony.


Infernape :ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ? ? Wait a minute, say something.

Why did you just look away?

“Uh, isn’t Infernape OK?” Fang Yuan asked in a daze.

“Tapu!~” Tapu Koko shook the head.

Infernape is Fighting and Fire Element. If you learn the exclusive Move, it must be one of these two Attributes, because this Attribute Move is better developed.

Unfortunately, their capabilities are not very compatible with Infernape’s Attribute, so it is difficult to help it develop exclusive Move.

It’s not impossible to insist on development, but it’s a waste of time. They don’t think Infernape can learn it well.

In comparison, to waste this time, it is better to let Infernape exercise other strengths. They can feel that the strength contained in Infernape within the body is not weak.

In short, the exclusive Move developed with their assistance does not fit well with Infernape.

After all, Infernape doesn’t have Magnezon’s Attribute that fits well with Mingming, and Eevee’s adaptability.


Oh! !

I don’t want to learn yet.

Infernape turned his head.

Forget it, it just needs to develop the power of Thunder Flame, learn something to break the exclusive Move.

Infernape is calm.

“Kou Jie~~~ (haha ~~)”

On the side, Gluttony burst into laughter when he saw that Infernape couldn’t develop exclusive Move because of Attribute.

“Oh!! (Are you also having a problem with Attribute?)” Infernape turned his head and looked towards Gluttony.

Ghost, Fire, and Guardian Gods also do not fit in, and development is difficult.

Sure enough, as Infernape’s words fell, after the Guardian God looked towards Gluttony, the four islands also shook the head.

The same is not very good. Although they have developed Ghost Type exclusive Move in the past, it is very tiring and the final effect is not good. Forget it.

Don’t delay this ghost.

“Kou Jie~?!!!” Seeing Guardian Gods shaking their heads, Gluttony was startled and waved quickly.

It randomly picked a Guardian God, and Tapu Bulu from Fairy Dual Type looked at it and explained it.

“Kou Jie!! (Attribute, can change, can change, I can dye this thing green.)”

In order to better learn the exclusive Move, Gluttony directly uses the mirror genus to turn itself into a grass system, and become a dark green.

Then, Gluttony looked towards Guardian Gods.

This is why it laughs. Infernape can’t change Attribute, but it can.

Infernape: Want a face? ? ?

Gluttony :(*︾▽︾)

“Da 呔 (rejects piracy)…”

However, Tapu Bulu still shook the head. This change of Attribute’s Move is not enough to practice at home. In essence, it is still not easy to learn exclusive Move.

Come on, don’t waste each other’s time, it is better to practice other abilities.

Gluttony: இwஇ

This rejection directly caused Gluttony’s mentality to collapse.

Infernape: ╮(•́ω•̀)╭ eat goods, just be content with Mega Evolution.

Later, Dragonite, who was full of expectations, was directly eliminated under the shaking of the heads of the Guardian Gods.

Dragonite :(´•︵•`)

When we arrived at Milotic, the other three Guardian Gods had no idea, but Tapu Fini looked at it deeply.

From the very beginning, it felt a magical power in Milotic.

Purify water! !

Milotic holds the water of Purify! !

Tapu Fini, Fairy, Water Dual Type, one of Guardian God, is Pony’s Guardian God who manipulates water. Legend has it that clear water that removes filth and Purify the soul will be born.

This clear water refers to Purify water.

This Guardian God, like Suicune, mastered the special ability of Purify Water, so it found that Milotic also mastered this power, and suddenly showed an unexpected expression.

“Chan Nai~~~” Tapu Fini looked towards Fang Yuan, and then looked towards Milotic.

Compared with the exclusive ZMove, it recommends Fang Yuan’s Milotic to learn some special usages of Purify water along with it.

In this way, maybe it can enhance Milotic’s strength more than the exclusive ZMove.

Because although Milotic Attribute is close to it, compared to Eevee and Magnezon that can transform sunlight and Spark, the Aptitude of Milotic is actually a bit worse.

“Really, thank you very much!!” Fang Yuan thanked again.

“Foot wu~~~” Milotic also gracefully bowed his head to thank.

“Kana~” Tapu Fini smiled, yes, it didn’t expect that besides itself, ordinary Pokemon can also master this power. Although it is not mature yet, it can be guided appropriately.

Next, Rotom and Ditto were ignored.

Although Ditto has the Mew gene and Rotom has the Electric Type, the strength is too weak. Guardian Gods think it is too difficult to develop exclusive Move for them.

Furthermore, there are already Eevee, Magnezon, and Milotic to teach. If they are not unique innate talents, they really don’t want to waste too much energy.

Rotom, Ditto: (´・・)ノ(._.`)

There are also Darkrai and Victini……

The Guardian Gods of the island glanced at each other, and then shook the head.

It’s not that I don’t want to teach, but Darkrai and Victini are too strong in race.

If Ditto and Rotom are not good at developing exclusive Moves because of their weakness, then Darkrai is because they are too strong and the Attributes are not suitable, so they are not good to help develop.

Moreover, compared to the exclusive ZMove, they think that Darkrai and Victini will not be inferior to them if they use their abilities well, so there is no need to waste time on ZMove.

“Bimi…” Victini felt wronged, but V-Create, its own exclusive Move, hasn’t learned yet.

Darkrai: Silence.

As the cold nightmare god, he cannot show mood swings in front of this group of Guardian Gods.

“Let’s do that!!!!!!”

The other side.

The huge Venusaur, the noble garlic Celestial Emperor suddenly roared loudly.

Tapu Bulu, who rejected Gluttony, was nodded to it, thinking that it has the potential to learn exclusive Move.

Tapu Bulu can clearly feel the cheers of Grassy Terrain at the feet of Venusaur. This stupid big fellow has a good innate talent for natural energy. In addition, it is a grass-based Pokemon, which can be Synthesis, it can be taught.

“Let’s do that!!! (rounded up I equal Eevee and Magnezon!!!)”

Up to now, only Eevee, Magnezon, and Venusaur are considered to have the opportunity to learn the exclusive Move. Venusaur laughed suddenly, not thinking that his status is so special.

It’s about to burst with laughter.

Infernape, Dragonite:…

The last one…

Only Lycanroc is left and has not been judged Aptitude by a few Guardian Gods.

Lycanroc was very nervous at this time, and Cyan’s eyes kept blinking, for fear that the Guardian Gods would shake their heads.

According to Attribute, it doesn’t seem to be suitable for following Guardian Gods to learn exclusive Move! !

Eevee even thought that this two ha must be out of play.


Rotom guessed.

Mew asked Fang Yuan to bring it…not necessarily because it has a chance to benefit here.

It’s because… World Tree was accidentally crashed by Lycanroc some time ago, which caused World Tree to be angry and blast it out temporarily.

The same is true. Lycanroc’s hidden violent innate talent makes Mew a headache.

It can be used to Lycanroc, and think Lycanroc is very interesting, but the World Tree symbiosis with it, but can’t wait to kill it, let the cell swallow Lycanroc.

World Tree: I knew I didn’t Help this dog evolved.

It’s a thankless wretch.

The special training does not stop, always hitting him.


Seeing Lycanroc, at first Tapu we confirmed that its Attribute is not suitable for development.

But by coincidence.

In ancient times, they just took a lot of effort to work together to help a Lycanroc to develop an exclusive Move.

So, if Fang Yuan’s Lycanroc wants to learn, there is no need to re-develope it, they just teach Lycanroc to learn the exclusive Move that has been developed.

They remember that the exclusive Move seems to be called “Hurricane Wolf Howling Shiya”! !

It is a great Unique Ability that can upgrade Stone Edge to Sharp Stone Storm. The formidable power is so strong that it can even blow through various special venues.

“Tapu!!! (Can learn!!)”

After that, Tapu Koko talked about the history of Hurricane Wolfscream and Shiya… Then we need to start with a dog with an innate talent…

Anyway, it’s a coincidence. Lycanroc can learn, and you don’t need to bother to develop it, just copy it.

“ao wu!!!!” Lycanroc was very excited.

Luo Ke Teacher is right, he is indeed the son of the world.

Pokemon recognized by World Tree! !

At this time, looking at the swelling Lycanroc, Dragonite and other Pokemon that cannot learn, the mentality collapsed: What kind of luck? ? ?

Lycanroc: ao wu! ! ! (ˉ▽ ̄~)~~~my life will follow myself and not heaven! ! !

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