Pokemon Masters Chapter 861


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Fang Yuan and Eevee are simply geniuses!

Soon, the four Guardian Gods of the island were convinced.

Because Fang Yuan didn’t need them to teach much after getting Z pure crystals, so he used ZMove.

Aura Force pulls, almost instantaneously.

Based on the Eevee Water Type assist skill, Move’s ZAbility Mega water vortex can create an ultra-high pressure Whirlpool with a diameter of more than ten meters on the sea surface, which can easily swallow all Rival.

The ZAbility Black Hole Eclipse of Move based on the Dark Type assist skill can create a gravitationally terrifying black hole and absorb the enemy into the black hole and detonate it.

Based on the grass-based assist skill, Move’s ZAbility is brilliant and colorful, which can create a huge field of grass, and then use Z power to sacrifice the natural energy of the flowers and plants, produce violent natural fluctuations, and defeat Rival.

Fang Yuan They only experimented with three departments, all of which were a one-time success.

Moreover, the Move effect is surprisingly good, and every one of them can easily skipping grades to challenge with Help Pokemon.

“Tapu (still completed ZMove without praying)…”

“Na Nai (and, all one-time success acridine)…”

“Da 呔 (the most important thing is, counting the previous three shots, they have used ZMove 6 times in a short period of time, that cream-colored Pokemon is terrible)…”

“Beep (only I noticed that Eevee’s basic Move when using ZMove is also unimaginable)…”

Whether ZMove is biased towards Physical damage or energy damage depends on the basic Move. Basic Move plus Z power is the composition of ZMove.

Move based on assist skill is almost unique, which also leads to Eevee’s ZAbility and formidable power very good.


Fang Yuan and Eevee are undoubtedly geniuses who use ZMove, and even the Guardian God on the four islands has to admit.

This can’t help but make them very emotional.

“Bimi~~!!! Bimi~!!! (Me too!!!)”

At the same time.

Successfully allowed Fang Yuan to use the little Victini of ZMove several times in a row. They have already impatients and looked towards Fang Yuan.

It kept hovering beside Fang Yuan, pulling Fang Yuan’s clothes.

Seeing that it has worked so hard to charge up, let it have a try~~

Not only Victini, other Pokemon also looked at Fang Yuan’s pile of Z pure crystals.

Eevee has tried so many times, I should let them try too.

We must cover the rain and dew!

Although not every Pokemon has the opportunity to learn exclusive ZMove, but ZMove is widely used, should they all be used?

Even Infernape, who says he is not interested in ZMove, would like to know what effect the Fighting system ZMove can have.

Compared to Thunder Flame mode…how? How many doors on top? Can I use ZMove in Thunder Flame mode?

“Okay!!!” Fang Yuan touched Victini’s head when he saw other Pokemon’s expectations too.

Although Victini is having trouble again, Victini is also very interested in ZMove at this time, so not at all feels that constant charging is very tiring.

Victini has no complaints, then it’s fine.

Next, let Victini Little Brat experience ZMove…


At this time, Eevee was also having fun. Seeing a bunch of young brothers in line, after a long Yawn, he walked aside and sat down limply. Okay, Fang Yuan gave it to you.

In a while, Victini ran to Fang Yuan as the Pokemon of the second experiment ZMove.

Fang Yuan took off the grass Z and installed the fire Z on it.

Then directly and skillfully use Aura to stimulate the power of Sparkling Stone and Z Chunjing, and connect to Victini.

Because of the Heart Intent, Fang Yuan and Victini share the same mind at this time, so Victini also easily received this power.

“Bimi~!!! (Super Extreme Flame Bomb!!)”

in midair, Victini Little Brat made the “Qigong wave” pose in the game with both hands, and wanted to use Searing Shot to condense the super-extreme flame bomb.

However, the Z power that envelops it is not guided by it at all. It is strengthened on the basic Move, but gradually dissipates.

In the end, Victini just condensed an ordinary Searing Shot.

Although the formidable power is also good, it is one heaven one earth compared with Fire Element ZMove.

Victini: (・.・*) Huh? ?

Why…what’s going on.

“It seems something went wrong, let’s try Psychic Z.” Fang Yuan scratched his head blankly.

A few seconds later, Fang Yuan and Victini failed to condense Psychic ZMove.

Victini: ╥﹏╥…why.

Why can Help Eevee big sister send ZMove in a row, but I can’t use it at once…

“Tapu ~~~ (card!!!)”

Finally, I watched the Tapu Koko played by Fang Yuan and the others speak.

It shook the head, indicating that Fang Yuan and Eevee should be the only ones who can use ZMove smoothly.

Because Eevee has the experience of using ZMove autonomously, it can control the power of Z from the package.

Fang Yuan’s other Pokemon have not been trained in this area yet, so it’s not that easy to control the Z power use ZMove.

Even if Victini is replaced with other Pokemon, it is the same.

“Is that so.”

Fang Yuan didn’t believe in evil and called Magezon to use the universal Electric Type ZMove, and then it really failed.

This time, he had to look towards Tapu Koko.

“So, do they have to undergo training before they can use ZMove like Eevee.”

“Tapu!!! (Yes, it takes a lot of practice, so that your other Pokemon can master Z power. In order to better control Z power, let’s teach them the full posture to control Z power.) “

Tapu Koko waved his hand.

In the end, it seems that we still have to teach the full prayer posture, it thought.

This posture is very effective for controlling Z power.

It’s just that Fang Yuan doesn’t need to learn because of special ability, but Fang Yuan needs to learn other Pokemon except Eevee.

After all, they don’t have the innate talent of Eevee’s autonomous ZMove.

“That’s it…Please.”

Fang Yuan remembered.

When the Trainer uses ZMove in the animation, in most cases Pokemon will also follow the Trainer to perform actions to reach a synchronized state before using ZMove.

In this way, this pose is likely to be the key to Pokemon’s control of Z power.

Fang Yuan looked towards Infernape, Milotic and Darkrai.

At this time, Infernape, Milotic, Darkrai, they still don’t know what is waiting for them.

For Pokemon… It shouldn’t be too embarrassing to pose before the move.

“Then…you can learn from the Guardian Gods. It’s just some moves. It shouldn’t be difficult to learn.” Fang Yuan encouraged.

“Maite!!!” “Oh!!!” “Foot!!!”…………

A group of unknown Pokemon nodded.

“Tapu!!! (Then start from the full posture, wait until they can Initial Mastery Z power, then start the next step ‘developing exclusive Move’!)”

You can’t even use the general-purpose ZMove, so don’t mention the development of exclusive ZMove, so Tapu Koko decided to master the general-purpose ZMove as the training content for Fang Yuan’s Pokemon.


As soon as the Guardian Gods explain, the Pokemon will know how to control the force of Z.

Make some specific actions to pull Z power, strengthen the basic Move, and form ZAbility.

It doesn’t sound difficult.

However, thinking of the four Guardian God dances on the island just now, Milotic and Darkrai are all hesitating in their hearts.

Milotic arrogantly thinks… these movements are too inelegant.

Darkrai can’t let go of the high-cold character, and is unwilling to jump.

Fortunately, after the Guardian Gods demonstrated it, Pokemon found that most of the specific actions are still normal, so they really learned it seriously.

Guardian God on the four islands quickly demonstrated the specific actions of 18 Attribute ZMove.

On the side, Rotom recorded in HD, and then broadcast it to Pokemon repeatedly.

This makes the Guardian Gods very touched… When they taught the ancients and Pokemon before, they really taught them over and over again.

Now there is a video thing, tears.

Guardian Gods don’t know it at all, at this time Rotom is already plotting against…

[Island Guardian God HD original ZAbility action video, shouldn’t it be more than 10 billion sold? 】


Pokemon learn patiently.

This kind of simple training, if you don’t take it seriously, you will be too unmotivated.

For every Pokemon, you don’t need to learn all 18 moves.

Like Magnezon, just learn the specific actions of a few Attributes that you specialize in. The same is true for other Pokemon.

After all, it’s useless to let Infernape learn the power of Water Type Z.

So, just a few moves, so Pokemons learn fairly fast.

The fastest learners belong to Ditto and Dragonite.

Ditto’s Mimic learning ability is superb, just read it once, and it is 100% copied.

The same standard as the Guardian God of the island.

Because it has directly become an island Guardian God……

Unfortunately, nothing has its shape, without its ability. Otherwise, Fang Yuan and Rotom will definitely go to pull Ditto to sell Z Chunjing, oh no, it’s PY with Z Chunjing.

Dragonite is not a plug-in like Ditto, it belongs to the innate talent of dance.

As a Mega genius who can perfectly integrate dragon dance with the Pure Land of Bliss, and broadcast gymnastics for elementary and middle school students, it has only seen it once and almost perfectly replicated certain movements.

When Infernape first learned the action of 1 Attribute, Dragonite already had 18 Attributes.

This makes Dragonite extremely confident, swollen, and proud to rush to Milotic to show off her innate talent intentionally or unintentionally.


Look! The powerful skills taught by the Guardian Gods, we comprehended in an instant.

“Boom!!!” Dragonite waved its wings and danced, trying to attract Milotic’s attention.

Guardian Gods: This dragon…not bad.

The future will certainly become a capable person.

Fang Yuan, Milotic: mentally retarded.

Fang Yuan has a black line and just a few breaks, what can you show off…

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