Pokemon Masters Chapter 862


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Time flies quickly.

About a week later.

Every Pokemon of Fang Yuan, even positive and negative Klink, can already be used for general purpose ZMove through specific actions.

Of course, Fang Yuan is an indispensable part of it. Without his Aura Force, Psychic, vitality and physical strength, it is difficult for other Pokemon to directly grasp this power.

The general use of 18 kinds of Attribute ZMove, Fang Yuan, they took almost a week, and they were all mastered.

During this period, Eevee, who had already mastered the power of Z, was the first to follow the Guardian Gods to develop the exclusive Move Pokemon,

The follow-up Magnezon, Milotic, Venusaur, Lycanroc, after mastering ZMove one after another, then went to special training together.

Teach five Pokemon in one breath, even the Guardian Gods of the islands are actually overwhelmed.

However, Fang Yuan and the others can reasonably open them up.

Help Pokemon develop exclusive ZMove, is it a waste of energy?

Fang Yuan: It’s just you, Victini!

Go to Help Tapu to add Performance.

Victini: (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧charge charge charge.

Tapu Guardian Gods: Σ(°△°|||)︴There is no excuse for Slack Off…


Fang Yuan’s Pokemon is suitable for developing exclusive ZMove. The efficiency of developing exclusive technology is outrageous.

Almost another week.

Eevee, Magnezon, Venusaur, and Lycanroc will initially start exclusive ZMove.

At the same time, Fang Yuan was also with Guardian Gods, and obtained the corresponding exclusive Z pure crystal.

With this, Fang Yuan and these Pokemon can use the exclusive Move anytime as long as they have physical strength.

The reason why the development is so fast is not only because of Victini’s Help, but also because of these exclusive Moves, which are actually based on the Ability developed by Pokemon.

Fang Yuan provided a lot of suggestions worthy of reference during the process of proprietary technology development.

For example, Eevee has developed the exclusive ZMove attack version of “Nine Colors Sublimation Gathering Together”.

It is the combat technique that uses a combination of Attribute energy bombs with various forms of change to attack.

In the past Eevee, this trick is difficult to use in actual combat, because if you want to use it, you need to create four Substitutes to work with yourself. The activation conditions are too harsh and it is easy to be interrupted.

But now, with the help of exclusive Z Chunjing and Fang Yuan, it can almost be used quickly, and there is no need to condense Substitute.

Moreover, the form of Move has also changed a lot.

Before, the Energy Balls of five Attributes rotated and launched each other, and the Energy Ball of each Attribute was a separate individual, but now, the form is that five kinds of energy are stably contained in a ball within the body and are launched.

In this way, the range is longer, the formidable power of the explosion is greater, and the shape is more stable.

Even Darkrai has a stomachache after seeing the formidable power.

The only pity is that this exclusive ZMove is not yet fully developed.

Same as normal use, Eevee can only use multicolor at present, which is still some distance away from nine colors.

In other words, the upper limit of this exclusive skill depends on Eevee’s own ability.

Of course, this is also a good thing, because this Ability can grow. If this is the case, Fang Yuan feels that nine colors may not be the upper limit, and it is not impossible to reach eighteen colors in the future.

It’s really Arjubu.

It would be so cool if you could replace Z Pure Crystal with Arceus slate.


Magnezon’s exclusive ZMove is based on blue lightning.

Tapu Koko and Tapu Lele Help Magnezon developed the blue lightning that combines electromagnetic force and Inner Force.

In addition to the magnetic nature of blue lightning, there is also the changing nature of Psychic Type Gravity Move.

Finally, the development effect is reflected in the fact that if Fang Yuan uses exclusive Z pure crystal and Magneson to use ZMove, it can create a special blue Electro Ball with huge attraction and electromagnetic force.

This trick can attract all objects like Dark Type’s universal ZMove “Black Hole Eclipse”, seal the enemy and then fall or detonate it.

It can be regarded as an enhanced version of Electric Type of “Black Hole Eclipse”.

It is almost an upgrade of the combo technique that Fang Yuan and Magnezon previously developed into an instant ability that can be used in normal combat.

This move can finally be used in actual combat.


Venusaur here.

The foundation of the exclusive ZMove is based on a series of techniques such as Primal Reversion and Arrival of the Tree Realm.

Considering Venusaur’s innate talent, Tapu Bulu taught Venusaur to use natural energy for top rank.

If we say that the general-purpose grass system ZMove is to sacrifice the energy of flowers and plants through the power of Z, just like the bomb Normal detonating the natural energy of life to attack Rival.

Then, Venusaur’s exclusive ZMove is to integrate this natural Z power into its other Moves, and use it more cleverly.

In this case, the tactical value will be better than a one-time explosion.

And when Venusaur becomes more proficient in natural energy, the final upper limit of this trick will be higher than that of the ordinary grass-based ZMove.

Venusaur based on this, developed the exclusive ZMove ・The Arrival of the Tree Realm ・Thousands of hands.

In an instant, relying on natural Z power, a tree trunk that is much harder than Steelix can create a huge Guanyin statue with countless giant arms. Guanyin statue will use a lot of giant Oak boxing to beat and crush the enemy.

At the same time, this process will continue to absorb external natural forces continuously and repair the giant arm.

Compared with thousands of hands, Tapu Bulu prefers to call it: Nature’s Madness.

The body of the Guanyin statue is several times larger than Mega Venusaur. You can easily hold a large Pokemon like Tyranitar with one hand. It is a terrifying killer move, but the consumption also belongs to the extremely terrifying exclusive ZMove.

I want to achieve hundreds or thousands of giant arms, and it is estimated that Venusaur has done some hard work.

Their exclusive ZMove has the credit of the Guardian Gods and half of Fang Yuan’s credit.

The power of Guardian God and the wisdom of Trainer make the process of developing exclusive Z very efficient.


Lycanroc here, I am learning about the exclusive ZMove Hurricane Wolfsaw Shiya that has been developed by the predecessors, so the process is also very smooth.

The storm formed by hundreds of sharp stones, under the strengthening of Z power, will eventually swallow the enemy like the Meteorite group exterminates the normal flames that entangle and rub against the air. It is also a very powerful ZMove.


Milotic is not learning the exclusive ZMove, but learning the use of Purify water from Tapu Fini.

It’s just that, to Fang Yuan and Milotic’s final surprise, what Tapu Fini taught was not about healing and Purify.

It is an attack method that perfectly transforms the water of Purify into a dense fog with a destructive nature.

Tapu Fini hates to injure himself due to battle, so it is more inclined to produce thick fog, the battle method that makes Rival self-destruct in the dense fog area.

For fog control, Tapu Fini is quite good at it.

Although Milotic was also an expert in fog control because of its excellent coordination ability, compared with Tapu Fini, it is the display one’s slight skill before an expert.

After some learning, it successfully mastered the ability to perfectly transform Purify’s water into freezing mist.

This is the fusion technique of Purify’s water, Mist and Haze Move. It can instantly make ice mist invade the enemy within the body and freeze Rival’s spirit, internal organs, energy, thinking…

Of course.

Whether it is Eevee’s colorful sublimation gathering, or Magnezon’s earth-explosive sky star, or Venusaur’s real thousands of hands, or Lycanroc’s Hurricane Storm, Milotic’s freezing fog, they are currently half-introductory Level only.

Next, if you want to be proficient, or even proficient and perfect, you still have to continue to practice.

Just half a month, Fang Yuan and the others almost completed all the ZMove introductory cultivation at Guardian Gods. This speed completely exceeded the expectations of Guardian Gods.

According to the number of Moves learned by Fang Yuan and other Trainers, none of them will be completed for one or two years… absolutely.

When Eevee developed the exclusive Z, Fang Yuan and other Pokemon were not idle, they were constantly practicing the general use of ZMove.

Universal use of ZMove is also very strong. If Fang Yuan cooperates with Darkrai and Victini to use an evil Z black hole at this time, Fang Yuan estimates… Pokemon in the Guardian God realm, if there is no special means, simply will be killed. .

So in the end, holding a powerful Z bracelet and 18 Attribute Z Pure Crystals and 4 exclusive Z Pure Crystal Fang Yuan, the strength directly increased to a level.

Although he is now leading, but soon others should be able to close the gap with Fang Yuan.

“Have you chosen Island kahuna?”

“Tapu! (The preliminary selection is completed. After they have completed the test, they can take up the post. If possible, after they succeed, please help us to polish them.)” Stayed half a month in Secret Realm on the islands Fang Yuan, of, got such news from Tapu Koko very unexpectedly.

This half a month, he also contacted the outside world and Shang Ren, but he did not interfere with the selection of spokesperson by the Guardian Gods of the island.

Even Fang Yuan just learned the progress of Tapu’s selection.

Now, when Tapu Koko said that he had found an approved Trainer, Fang Yuan knew immediately that a large number of Trainers would be able to access ZMove soon.

In this half a month, many more trainers have entered Secret Realm again… I don’t know which four lucky ones will be selected by Guardian Gods.


“hahahahahaha ha!!!”

Secret Realm of the islands, somewhere.

Shang Ren Elite laughed wildly.

He looked at the Sparkling Stone bracelet and special pure crystal in his hand. Although he didn’t know what it was, his experience just now made him understand that he seemed to have encountered a legendary fortuite encounter.

It’s so cool.

Now Fang Yuan, he should also be looking for the Guardian God on the island, but he still doesn’t act with them.

“No, maybe Fang Yuan was also selected by Guardian God. After all, that guy is not simple.”

Shang Ren is silent.

However, I don’t know, maybe Legendary Pokémon, it depends on him, Shang Ren.

In short… the island Guardian God actually appeared in front of him, and he was gifting him special powers.

In this wave, if Fang Yuan does not have the same fortuitous encounter, he will surpass Fang Yuan and do it in one fell swoop.

Even if Fang Yuan is recognized by the Guardian God, he Shang Ren, he must work harder and perform better, striving to beat Fang Yuan at a starting line.

First, complete the test that Legendary Pokémon gave me…

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