Pokemon Masters Chapter 863


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After Fang Yuan came to the half a month of Secret Realm on the islands, although he has completed all the basic cultivation, he has no plans to leave.

After all, his Z-Move thesis has not been completed yet, and he needs to continue to improve it here.

Furthermore, Fang Yuan also wants to wait for the Guardian Gods to completely identify the four spokespersons and see who they are.

Trainer, who was also selected for Legendary Pokémon, will inevitably be dealt with in the future, so it’s good to get to know them.

At this time.

Fang Yuan has moved from the very beginning that unknown island to a remote island managed by Tapu Fini ‎.

This place is shrouded in sea fog, and it is difficult for outsiders to enter, so if you train here, you can not be disturbed by the outside world.

Fang Yuan hasn’t seen the Guardian Gods on the island for three or four days. Fang Yuan guessed that the Guardian Gods are all busy training their spokespersons.

In comparison, unless Fang Yuan develops a new exclusive Z-Move, Guardian Gods are basically unnecessary.


Secret Realm, one of the Four Great Islands.

Melemele Island, a mountain tomb Region.

Shang Ren wearing an expedition suit and the Trump Card power Tyranitar successfully used the “Rock Z-Move Continental Crush” summon to create a huge rock body with a diameter of more than ten meters, easily defeating a Peak Level Third Stage Totem Honchkrow.

This record made Shang Ren extremely excited…

The strength of this Honchkrow is definitely better than the Trump Card of Jiang Li and Su Shu, even the Volcarona of the God of Vulcan is just this.

But he easily defeated the opponent! !


It turns out that Tapu Koko gave him the power.

After three days of hard work, Qiang endured the embarrassment in his heart and learned the prayer movement. After achieving the unity of heart, spirit and power, Shang Ren finally mastered this move.

Such a powerful giant rock Move, although he and Tyranitar’s stamina was emptied in an instant, the effect is also very gratifying.

Shang Ren feels that with this move, even if Rival is Jiang Li, Su Shu, Yun Kai, Xu Haoran and the others, he will never lose in a heads-up.

Although I am still a little reluctant to play Fang Yuan, this is a good start.

This move directly narrowed the gap between him and Fang Yuan and took off! ~

“Tapu ~~!!!”

At the same time, after Shang Ren passed the test given by Tapu Koko “quickly master Z-Move and defeat Totem Honchkrow with Z-Move”, Tapu Koko immediately appeared.

It has actually been observing Shang Ren secretly.

Compared with Fang Yuan, this youngster is more than 1-Star, but Tapu Koko can feel Shang Ren’s growing heart.

With this desire to become stronger, it can plan a growth path for Shang Ren, and Shang Ren will definitely serve as Island kahuna in order to become stronger.

Rather than looking for powerhouse directly, Tapu Koko prefers to cultivate slowly by himself…

In addition, Shang Ren performed well in the Secret Realm of the islands and was recognized by many Wild Pokemons. Tapu Koko finally chose Shang Ren as his spokesperson and became the Island kahuna of Melemele Island.

“Tapu Koko?”

Seeing Tapu Koko emerge from the sky, Shang Ren who defeated Honchkrow immediately showed a happy expression.

“Tapu!! (From today, you are the Island kahuna of Melemele Island. Next, you need to arrive at the Misty Island tomorrow, where someone will teach you how to perform the duties of Island kahuna.)”

“Okay, I understood.”

Shang Ren didn’t think much after receiving telepathy.

The thing he wants to do most now is not to go to the Misty Island, but to find Fang Yuan and show off his fortuitous encounter with Fang Yuan. Forget it, don’t rush.


At this time, the trainers entering Secret Realm have basically understood. Legendary Pokémon may exist in Secret Realm.

It’s not that the information Fang Yuan disclosed to the China Trainer Association was leaked, but the documents of the ancient vestige based on Scholar. The investigation confirmed that the Four Great Islands of Secret Realm is the habitat of the Guardian God Tapu family of islands.

So, just a week after the appearance of Secret Realm, Trainers from various countries have also performed the same as the China Trainer Association, exploring Secret Realm with caution and awe.

Akala Island, Lush Jungle.

This is the site of Tapu Lele.

Here, a beautiful woman with a golden yellow single ponytail is commanding a special form of Raichu to fight.

Regional Variant Raichu is different from the common Raichu. It is of Psychic and Dual Type. In addition to lightning power, it also has a powerful Inner Force power.

Using the Inner Force, it can use its tail as a pedal, and Surf Normal Levitate fights in the sky.

“Psychic Type Z-Move, the highest wave of mental destruction?”

After the guidance of Tapu Lele, Assist Z-Ring and Psychic Z-Crystal defeated Totem Pokemon Lurantis here with Z-Move, Lucillea showed a puzzled expression.

She is the daughter of Ms. Lucimia, the president of the Natural Foundation. She is 20 years old. As a Psychic, she has Grandmaster Level combat power at this age. This time she is exploring the islands of Secret Realm with the Foundation team. of.

But she didn’t expect that when she helped the injured Pokemon, Tapu Lele suddenly appeared as a gift of special items, and she was invited to participate in the big test of becoming the queen of the islands.

Now that she has passed the test, she is deeply curious about Z-Move.

Nature Foundation is an organization that protects Wild Pokemon injured by disasters all over the world, and it is also committed to reaching an agreement with the high wisdom Wild Pokemon and striving for peaceful coexistence as a special organization for the purpose of public welfare. The branch is spread all over the world. Some countries have huge influence.

At the beginning, Ms. Lucimia of the Natural Foundation was established, and she could even watch the game as a special guest of the World Cup with Antony, Honorary Chairman of Alliance.

As Lucilia’s daughter, Lucilia naturally paid attention to that World Cup. There is no doubt that the World Cup that Fang Yuan participated in was the highest level in recent decades, Mega Evolution. The emergence of has directly affected the world pattern.

Fang Yuan himself, has also attracted much attention.

Fang Yuan’s match, Lucilleia watched more than once, so this time under Tapu Lele’s Help, she completed the Z-Move cultivation… After using Psychic Type Z-Move, Lucilleia directly At a loss.

Because of the Move she used, how could it resemble Fang Yuan in the World Cup finals with Aura Force’s Pokemon Diancie’s Special Move…

“Is it an illusion?”

It should be my own illusion… After all, the Secret Realm of the islands hadn’t arrived at all at that time.


Without waiting for Lucille Ai to be too confused, Tapu Lele appeared in front of her and appointed her as the island queen of Akala Island.

Then, like Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele also gave Lucilia a guide to go to the Misty Island.


Ula’ula Island.

The site of Guardian God Tapu Bulu.

An uncle who is obviously older than Shang Ren and Lucilleia, who is not sure how old, is also undergoing the test of Island Kahuna at this time.

The top of Snow Mountain in the cold Ranakila.

Mola and her partner Emboar are engaged in a very difficult battle.

Their Rival is a disaster beast Absol that has been trained to the limit of the race, is at the Peak Level Fourth Stage and has a Totem aura.

The test that Tapu Bulu gave to this uncle was obviously very strict.

But this uncle is not simple. He is a retired Interpol. He was once a high-level Interpol. Because of dissatisfaction with the dark side of the organization, he was excluded and left frustrated.

He is also a veteran Peak Level powerhouse. In addition to the Trump Card combat power Emboar, which is the peak level powerhouse, he also has two Peak Level powerhouse partners.

Because of his ability, after teaching Z-Move, Tapu Bulu found him a Rival that was difficult to deal with.

This hateful uncle is in line with Tapu Bulu’s appetite. Although he is a little older, at least his combat power has taken shape, so he doesn’t need to interfere too much in his growth.

“I hope that after becoming Island Kahuna, I can have the opportunity to change the world.”

Finally, with “Fighting is Z-Move’s unparalleled fierce punch”, Mora successfully defeated Absol, and Tapu Bulu appeared with emotion.

He also got instructions from Tapu Bulu to go to the Misty Island to learn more about the duties of Island kahuna.


Poni Island.

Selected by Poni Island Guardian God Tapu Fini ‎ is a woman who looks very cold and indifferent in her Black combat uniform.

Even Tapu Fini ‎, have to admit that this is an amazing human powerhouse.

Among all the trainers of Secret Realm on the islands, if Fang Yuan with Darkrai and Victini is not considered, this woman should be the strongest.

Although this person is relatively closed in heart, he has a deep bond with Pokemon, and he has a natural physique that is favored by Wild Pokemon, so in the end, Tapu Fini chose such a powerful woman as his spokesperson.

“Da 嘁~~ (From today, you will be the island queen of Poni Island.)”

“Thank you.” Makino Ruki looked towards Tapu Fini. Next to her, there is a huge Pidgeot with the ultimate racial power and close to ten meters. This size is more terrifying than Totem Pokemon.

With this Pidgeot and the Flying Type Z-Move, Makino Rumi easily defeated Totem Kommo-o.

If Fang Yuan and Shang Ren were here, they would definitely know this woman. She was the main referee of Fang Yuan’s World Cup.

As the individual runner-up of a certain World Cup, Ruki Makino is not old, but her strength is extremely outstanding. She has always been in the first echelon of Japan, who is dedicated to pursuing higher fields.

After all, Fu Hei, the World Cup individual champion in the same session as her, has become China’s second. Although she is a bit weaker than Fu Hei, her true strength is also in the Peak Level Trainer, which can be counted. number.

However, Makino Ruuhime is not satisfied with this. She wants to pursue a higher realm. Because of this, she came to the islands Secret Realm to find traces of legend.

But Ryuhime Makino never thought that she actually saw Legendary Pokémon and was recognized and was invited to become the island queen. Although she became an island queen, she needed to perform her duties and stay here for a long time to study hard, but If it can become stronger, she doesn’t mind that much.

Furthermore, this responsibility is more to deal with disasters, so Makino Ruuhime is even more repulsive.

Next, Ruki Makino, like the other three, also received instructions from Tapu Fini to go to the Misty Island! !

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