Pokemon Masters Chapter 864


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One day later, early morning.

“Finally arrived!!”

Under the guidance of Tapu Koko, Shang Ren successfully broke through the mist and came to the misty island.

He is curious about what Tapu Koko asked him to do here…

But he already had a guess.

There are four Guardian God islands, so the island kahuna recognized by them should also have four.

Here, maybe this is where he meets the other three Island Kahuna.

Shang Ren’s heart is tumbling, and the other three will be who.

Guardian Gods gathered the four people together. There must be a strict mission announcement…

As the first Shang Ren who came to the Misty Island, he began to explore the island cautiously…


At the same time.

The Misty Island, in the forest near the beach.

Fang Yuan, who was leaning against the tree and dozing off, suddenly hit Yawn and then suddenly became energetic.

Someone is here.

Island kahuna chosen by Tapu should be here, right? ?

Fang Hearthome promised Tapu to help them polish the Island kahuna, and then cooperate with them to promote Z-Move and the tour of the islands.

Now, it’s time for him to take action.

The reason why Tapu asked Fang Yuan to polish Island kahuna is because they felt that Fang Yuan had too much innate talent than these four people in the cultivation of Z-Move.

So, they want these four people to work hard with Fang Yuan as the goal. Through Fang Yuan, let a few people see where the limit of Z-Move is.

Another reason is to let the Island kahuna I chose and World Tree Guardian get acquainted with, and to move around… there is always no harm.

Promote Z-Move, the tour of the islands, and the disaster of alien beasts. They are not easy to show up, and they all have to rely on humans…

“Let me see, this island kahuna who is here is who are you.”

Fang Yuan did not refuse the Guardian God’s request to let their Help polish Island kahuna. It was a trivial matter.

Although he knew that there were many Peak Level powerhouses in Secret Realm at this time, he was not afraid.

Even if these Peak Level powerhouses have mastered Z-Move, it is the same.

After all, Darkrai and Victini are by his side.

Darkrai uses Z-Move with Victini to continuously and instantaneously emit evil Z black holes, just ask who else…

Fang Yuan Normal uses six words to describe this combo…

Guardian God-level invincible! !

Of course, if the Island kahuna chosen by the Guardian Gods is not a powerhouse, but just a potential stock, then Darkrai will not be necessary.

Let Eevee, Magnezon, Infernape, they are enough.


Not long after, after cooperating with Eevee to perceive who is coming through Aura, Fang Yuan scratched his head a little entangled.

“Shang Ren?”

Although he did remind the Trainer of the China Association in advance to value this Secret Realm, but Island Kahuna, how could it be Shang Ren’s turn?

The veteran Grandmaster who came in with Shang Ren…it should be a lot.

Which Guardian God is it? I was blinded and looked at Shang Ren.

Tapu Koko:? ?

“Forget it, it seems that you don’t even have to deal with Magnezon.”

“Leave it to Mane…Venusaur.”


At this time, Shang Ren is still strolling on the island.

The Guardian Gods didn’t see a trace, and didn’t tell themselves what to do when they arrived on the island. Now Shang Ren can only choose to wait.

But there is no way to wait. He took out a Poké Ball and wanted to explore the general situation of the island first…

But at this moment, mutation occurred.

Shang Ren instantly showed a solemn expression.

hong long long.

The Ground in front, like Earthquake Normal, suddenly split.

This Sandstorm giant beast, stepped back several meters before forcibly resisting the Vine Whip drawn by Venusaur at will.

It’s like Oreburgh’s body, but because of this Vine Whip, it left deep marks.

“This guy.”

Shang Ren has already understood the bad people at this time. This Venusaur is definitely not inferior to the Totem Honchkrow they met before. To win it, apart from group fights, they can only use Z-Move.

Considering that this Venusaur Attribute restrains most of its main force, Shang Ren intends to spare no effort.

Not only to fight in groups, but also to use Z-Move!

Several Poké Balls fell, and an Aerodactyl with Peak Level strength and a bunch of quasi Peak Level combat power appeared around Shang Ren.

“Is this a new test for Tapu Koko?”

Shang Ren lifts the head, looked towards Venusaur, at the same time, Tyranitar also walked in front of him again.

“I will take this test.”

At this time, Shang Ren is still very inflated. Continental Crush’s formidable power. He knows very well that even the Totem Honchkrow is only worth the second. Although this Venusaur may have better defense and resistance, If you hit it, you can definitely damage it.

“Be careful, this move will go down, but it will kill you.” Shang Ren’s mouth raised.

After finishing speaking, Shang Ren said “Uh-“, his arms were raised above his head, his wrists were crossed together, and at the same time, his Z-Ring, also because of this initial action, appeared rays of light.

Without the special ability, if you want to control Z-Move, you can only use the specific actions taught by Guardian God. It took Shang Ren to learn it for a long time.

In the process of Z-Move, Shang Ren didn’t know it at all. At this time, in the dark, a certain Rotom had already activated the video recording function.

“Beep Beep Beep…Island kahuna’s Z-Move action video, although not a legendary resource, it should be called a Peak Level resource Rotto.” Rotom plot against the mobile phone.

Fang Yuan and the mobile phone Rotom used to collect Mega Evolution lines… but now, they’re collecting Z-Move’s awkward dance videos! !

“Heaven Destroying…”

At the same time, after crossing his arms on the top of his head, Shang Ren’s arms returned to front of him from both sides, perpendicular to Ground and crossed his chest. At this moment, Z-Crystal also flashed rays of light.

“Destroy the land…”

After that, Shang Ren’s arm slowly dissociated and stretched out parallel to Ground to cross forward.

“Huge Rock Pendant!!!”


Finally, like the Ultraman Transform, Shang Ren took a step forward, swiping his arms, and raised the sky with his right arm wearing Z-Ring, and completed the last step of Z-Move like a punch to the sky.

“roar! !!!”

At the same time, Z power lingered, Tyranitar also strengthened his Rock Throw Move with Z power. In an instant, a huge rock body with a diameter of at least ten meters quickly condensed in the sky, causing Ground Darkness.

As Shang Ren said, the huge rock formed by the Z force, the destructive power brought by the burst, is absolutely incomparable.

Shang Ren is also full of confidence. He believes that this move is enough to completely suppress this giant Venusaur.

However, following a voice, the confident Shang Ren jerked his eyelids.

“Can this thing kill people?”

The voice of suspicion came, causing Shang Ren to have a stomachache. So, this Venusaur really belongs to him?

Fang Yuan, the dog, sneaked on him! !

He is familiar with this voice, isn’t it Fang Yuan’s.

Looking at the sound, Shang Ren’s face was dark. Fang Yuan didn’t know when he appeared beside Venusaur. At the same time, like him, his body was filled with special Z power rays of light! !

Fang Yuan is also using Z-Move! ! !

“Venusaur, really thousands of hands.”

Following Fang Yuan’s words, Venusaur flicked his body and made a “hong” sound. From the ground summon behind, a giant Oak Buddha statue with ten giant arms appeared.

The body of the Buddha statue is more than ten times larger than that of Venusaur, and the huge Move of nearly 100 meters appears, and it is really dim at this time.

The Mega Venusaur of the top Third Rank matches the exclusive Z-Move, and it was secretly strengthened by Victini before the move. Venusaur’s power at this time is enough to cross the Peak Level Domain.

The arm of the Buddha statue is incomparable gigantic… During the slow swing, it shows its true power.

One palm can hold the Continental Crush made by Shang Ren and Tyranitar.

As Fang Yuan said, “Can this thing kill people?”.

During the fall of the Rock, one of the ten giant arms directly supported the falling Rock in the sky, and then pinched the wood harder than Oreburgh with five fingers. The “peng” button, Continental Crush, was directly pinched into Countless rubble.

At the same time, the other nine huge arms clenched their fists, and made a punch gesture toward the tiny Tyranitar and all of his teammates.

Destroy you, what does it have to do with you?

At this moment, Shang Ren was stupid.

At this moment, Tyranitar is also stupid.

Shang Ren’s Pokemon, who did not reach the Peak Level combat power, sat down in shock.

When I saw it, Tapu Koko, who was observing in secret, was silently nodded. In this way, the Island kahuna it picked should be able to step down and leave to practice hard.

“haha, isn’t this the old Shang? So you are the Island kahuna the Guardian God said will come today!!” Standing beside Venusaur, standing above the shadows, Fang Yuan moved towards the sluggish Shang Ren opposite and waved .

“son of a bitch.” Now, Shang Ren just want to know, in the end is what a situation.

Sure enough, Fang Yuan was picked by Guardian God to learn Z-Move? ? Has he also become Island kahuna? ?

But even so, this Z-Move formidable power is too much.

He remembers, that Venusaur, isn’t Fang Yuan’s Pokemon from the second team? ?

How it looks now, it’s scarier than that Infernape.

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