Pokemon Masters Chapter 865


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In the end, thousands of hands were cancelled by Mega Venusaur.

Although it was strengthened by Victini before, but with this crazy plant size, the garlic head is still a bit too much.

Fang Yuan’s name is really thousands of hands, Venusaur feels a bit exaggerated.

I’m far from the strength of making 1,000 arms, unless the arm is a little bit Arnold, just the thickness of the branch.

Now, when facing the enemy normally, it can only use dozens of hands, hundreds of hands…

At this time, because it is against the Rock-based Z-Move, Venusaur pursues size and strength, not quantity, so it has ten arms.

However, Venusaur’s pretending effect is still perfect.

At least Shang Ren has been stunned by this time.

The giant tree arm that obscures the sky and the sun is completely Divine Grade means. Where has Shang Ren seen this formation?

In comparison, Rock’s Z-Move LOW burst.

“Let’s do that!!!” After using a Z-Move, Venusaur exited the Mega Evolution form, glanced at Rival indifferently, showing an expert posture.

Then, without looking back, walked back to the forest.

Only Shang Ren and Tyranitar were left with shocked faces.

Unfortunately, what Shang Ren and Tyranitar didn’t know was that after returning to the forest, Venusaur couldn’t hold on in an instant, contorts one’s face in agony, panting and tired, and quickly took root and rested.

Pretending to be so tired… Victini, Milotic… Come and help! !


“Why are you here!”

After a while, Shang Ren couldn’t help but ask Fang Yuan.

“Why can’t I be here…” Fang Yuan said.


“So, have you also become an Island kahuna.” Shang Ren was speechless, he really guessed it, too, how could it be possible for a monster like Fang Yuan to miss the island Guardian God.

“No.” Fang Yuan shook the head.

“Island kahuna, it’s them.”

“Can you guys come out.”

Shortly after Shang Ren landed on the island, the other three selected Trainers also came to the Misty Island under the power of Guardian God.

Fang Yuan naturally found them too.

When Fang Yuan polished Shang Ren, the violent battle fluctuations had attracted all three of them.

Because they are all excellent Trainers, the three of them hide well, so that Shang Ren didn’t find each other during the battle.

But this kind of concealment can’t hide from Fang Yuan.

After a moment.

The three came from different directions.

Some fell from the sky, some recovered from the invisibility state, each showed their magical powers…

Fang Yuan kept looking at the three of them, surprised.

He doesn’t know the golden retriever and the uncle, but isn’t this woman the referee of the World Cup?

She was also selected…

As the three of them appeared, Shang Ren also showed a solemn expression at this time.

Because the Pokemon following these three people are not weak, the most important thing is that they also wear Z-Ring!

As Fang Yuan said…Island kahuna? !

“Fang Yuan?”

At the same time, the other three also looked towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan doesn’t know them very well, but the three who came here all know Fang Yuan.

After all, China’s twelve branches of Hearthome are named in the world because of the Mega Evolution research.

“The battle just now…was it you.” Mora squinted.

In the course of the battle just now, they basically saw that the huge giant arm Crush Grip picture completely shocked them.

This is no longer the power that ordinary Peak Level combat power can display. That Venusaur is simply a monster.

And now, it seems to be certain that Fang Yuan is the trainer of Venusaur! !

“This growth rate…”

Makino Liuji knows better about Fang Yuan’s strength, because she is the main referee of World Cup, she is also as shocked as Shang Ren, because this Venusaur… she remembers not being Fang Yuan’s main force.

Mega Evolution…A combination with Z Force? ?

There is such an effect… She felt for a moment that the world was going to change again.

“These are not important things.”

“Everyone, introduce myself first, which island Guardian God selected you from Island kahuna.” Fang Yuan said without thinking.

“By the way, don’t use English, use Chinese…it should be all.”

Fang Yuan immediately pointed out their identities.

There are four Guardian Gods on the island, but here, there are five Trainers wearing Z-Rings. Everyone here would like to know what happened.

“China Elite Four Shang Ren, Melemele Island Island kahuna selected by Tapu Koko.”

At Fang Yuan’s reminder, Shang Ren was the first to introduce himself. Although he is also confused now, it is obvious that he and Fang Yuan are in the same group at this time.

“Natural Foundation Lucilia, the Queen of Akala Island selected by Tapu Lele.”

Soon, the golden retriever, who was staring at Fang Yuan silently, also introduced himself.

“Mola, Ula’ula Island Island kahuna selected by Tapu Bulu.” Retired Interpol Moura hesitated, said.

Seeing this, Makino Ryuhime also shook the head, saying: “Japan, Makino Ryuhime, Tapu Fini ‎The selected Poni Island island queen.”

After an introduction, the four of them looked towards Fang Yuan together.

Okay, there are Island kahuna and island queens in the four islands, so what are you?

At this time, Fang Yuan also had a showdown, saying: “It was Shang Ren just now, and now it is you. Didn’t the Guardian Gods tell you about it? There will be someone on this island who will guide you on how to perform the duties of Island kahuna. “

“That person is me.”

“But before that, let me check the results of your cultivation Z-Move… Um… Let’s go with the three of you.”

“After the battle is over, I will help you answer.”

Fang Yuan has not forgotten the advice of the Guardian Gods of the island…Use Z-Move to polish each other!

Fang Yuan is good at this.

Fang Yuan’s words fall, the silence of normal death.

Shang Ren’s eyes stared out. What’s the situation, isn’t Fang Yuan Island kahuna?

But…Guardian God arranged for them…Examiner? ?

Moura, Lucili Ai, Makino Ruki and the others, also face changed, all drew great information from Fang Yuan’s words.

In other words, Fang Yuan is another “examiner” left by the Guardian God of the Four Islands for them? Why… Why did Fang Yuan become an examiner? ! !


Although the guess in his heart has not been confirmed yet, Fang Yuan’s act of playing against them and letting them go together directly caused Mora uncle to dig out his ears with a headache, and Makino Ruki was even more unkind. expression.

There is only Lucili Ai shiver coldly. She feels like a sheep who has strayed into the wolf pack. Maybe Shang Ren Elite is the same level as her, right?

“I was underestimated.” Mora said uncle helplessly.


His Emboar stood up.

On the basis of the Move just now, he can’t deal with his Emboar. What’s more, his Emboar currently masters Z-Move. Even with Guardian God’s combat power, Mora currently feels that he is qualified for a battle.


Sky went dark again, and the huge Pidgeot fell beside Makino Liu Ji, sweeping up a shocking wave, staring sharply at Fang Yuan.

“Ray! Ray!!” At the same time, Lucilleia’s Raichu also stood up, but Lucilleia was dragged back soon.

Good… Let’s watch the battle first.

“Are you ready.” Seeing that the other party is ready, Fang Yuan is also nodded.

Under normal circumstances, he is definitely not the Rival of Mora and Makino Ruki.

It seems that the Tapu are counting Darkrai as their own combat power.

So, Fang Yuan can only use Darkrai.

Otherwise, there will be no polishing effect.

“Darkrai.” Fang Yuan directly opened the mouth and said.

In the next second, Darkrai appeared next to Fang Yuan like a black Dark Monarch Normal. Under its Smog-like white hair that kept tumbling, the bright and dark blue eyes looked towards Mora and the others. This plain glance, instantly Let Mora and Makino Ruji suddenly eyes shrank, panting and taking a step back as if they were in a nightmare.

Darkrai doesn’t emit any imposing manner. Its nightmarish look is the best deterrent weapon.

Guardian God level, nightmare god, Darkrai! !


The Trainer who was present, all inconceivably pronounced the name.

His eyes are constantly changing between Fang Yuan and Darkrai.

This Darkrai… is Fang Yuan’s Pokemon? ! !

How is it possible! !

How could this kind of Pokemon be…

“No…No way.” In China, I know that Fang Yuan owns Darkrai Trainer, not many.

At this time, Shang Ren had just learned that Fang Yuan had Darkrai, and seeing the nightmare god appearing next to Fang Yuan, as if he was going to fight for Fang Yuan next, Shang Ren was immediately confused.

How can Fang Yuan conquer Darkrai?

Outrageous, it’s really outrageous, even if Fang Yuan’s main combat power has been trained to the racial limit in a short time, Shang Ren is not unacceptable, but he directly subdued the Guardian God-level nightmare god, which is really human. of?

I take Venonat to surpass Fang Yuan! !

At this moment, Mora and Makino Ruki finally know why Fang Yuan is so confident. The two took a deep breath and showed solemn expressions.

Normal play, they are definitely not this Darkrai Rival, but if you use Z-Move, it may affect Darkrai.


What if this Darkrai can also Z-Move?

See you.

Fang Yuan suddenly took out a box from his pocket, which contained more than 20 pieces of Z-Crystal. Fang Yuan picked from the left and right. Finally, from the more than 20 pieces of Z-Crystal, he picked out a piece of Dark Type Z- Crystal, exchanged it with the exclusive Z-Crystal of Venusaur in Z-Ring.

Shang Ren, naturally they can see what’s in the box.

More than 20 pieces of Z-Crystal……

Shang Ren, Makino Ruki, Mora, Lucilia: (⊙ˍ⊙)……Σ(°△°|||)︴!

Damn, a bunch of Z-Crystals! !

Fang Yuan was sent by Guardian God from the island, otherwise how could there be so many Z-Crystals.

No right… What should be tangled now is what is the relationship between Fang Yuan and Guardian God!

My son doesn’t have this treatment, right! !

Island kahuna and spokesperson, whom they personally selected as the Guardian God of the island, are only one Z-Crystal.

Damn, it turns out that Fang Yuan has a box here. The multi-colored Z-Crystal is the same as rainbow candy, but it also shows off. It’s too doggie.

At this moment, even Mora and Ruki Makino were a little distracted, and the corners of their mouths twitched. They knew the formidable power of Z-Move. Therefore, seeing this box of Z-Crystal, it was inevitable to have some toothache.

As for Shang Ren, he is completely autistic.

And Lucilia is even more convinced that Fang Yuan’s Special Move used in World Cup is the Psychic Z-Move! !

Fang Yuan really has an unexplainable PY relationship with Guardian God on the island! !

“Okay.” After installing the evil Z, Fang Yuan looked towards the three people and asked: “Are you ready?”

This question directly made Lucilia, Mora, and Makino Liuji like enemies.

Darkrai and Z-Move…this combination gives them an unimaginable oppression.

Shang Ren is very fortunate that he has already played against him just now…


Alola Raichu’s supreme wave of destruction.

Emboar’s unparalleled intense punches.

Pidgeot’s rapid dive and collision.

Black Hole Eclipse by Darkrai.

The four Z-Move appeared together, and the island seemed to destroy Normal in an instant, but in reality, there was no evenly matched battle screen at all.

In the sight of the onlooker, Shang Ren, the other three people also need specific actions to perform Z-Move, while Fang Yuan and Darkrai do not use it at all, even waiting for each other to perform it.

It seems that I am afraid that after the first shot, the other party will not release the phone.

The purple mirror domain, hundreds of Fire Punch shadows in the sky, shock waves formed by the condensing of terrorist wind pressure packages… Qi Qi appeared beside Darkrai. After these Moves took shape, Fang Yuan and Darkrai began to take action.

Almost instant Z-Move.

A huge black hole appeared in Darkrai Sky. Afterwards, the black hole shrank suddenly and swept a terrifying power. The suction of destroying heaven extinguishing earth directly caused the mirror field to collapse, let the fist shadow dissipate, and let the wind blow Compressed into nothingness, Emboar and Pidgeot, even more deformed under this suction force, resisted!

However, in the end, it was still weakly absorbed into the black hole. Then, a violent explosion roared on the sky. In an instant, a terrifying air wave swept out, and the mist covering the entire Misty Island was directly blown away, causing this The island reappeared on the sea.

Because of this shock wave, the sea directly swept up the huge waves of several meters, constantly rolling out towards the outside…

The battle started and ended soon.


On sky, Emboar and Pidgeot fell down.

As for Raichu, it is not the main target of Darkrai’s attack, because this Raichu is too weak. If you really want to get involved, it may not be as simple as losing the combat capability.

But even so, Raichu was shaken out of more than ten meters by the aftermath, and fainted.

In an instant, kill three Pokemon in seconds.

Darkrai looked at everything indifferently, and there was no consumption of Normal at this time.

Fang Yuan is the same. At this time, Essence, Qi, and Spirit are still sufficient, as if using a Z-Move without any consumption.

Compared with the other three with weak breath, it formed a sharp contrast.

Makino Ruki, Mora, and Lucilia, as they lost the battle, looked at all the effects of this black hole with shocking eyes.

What a joke…

The examiner the Guardian Gods of the island found for them is too abnormal.

Is this to test them?

“Fang…” On the side, Shang Ren wanted to shout Fang Yuan, but at this time, he found that Fang Yuan’s gaze had not stayed on the venue, but instead looked towards sky.



“Da 呔……”


Fang Yuan looked towards sky because the Guardian Gods all came after the battle.

Guardian God of the Four Islands, in the dance, restored the power of Emboar, Pidgeot, Raichu, Tyranitar, and the power of Island Kahuna, rejuvenating them.

At the same time.

Every Guardian God flew to the spokesperson of his choice and told them Fang Yuan’s identity.

Since the identity of the World Tree Guardian cannot be revealed, the Guardian Gods and Fang Yuan can only fabricate one temporarily.

“Tapu, Nanai, Da 呔, 呔嚁!! (He is a very great researcher among you humans. Without the power of Assist and Z-Crystal, he researched and developed an autonomous Z-Move , The research on Z power has no less insights than ours…Next, please regard him as our equal status, and start the tour of the islands together…)”

Without the power of Assist to guard Celestic Z-Crystal… an autonomous Z-Move was developed…

For Z power, I have no less insight than Legendary Pokémon…


The title of each and everyone fell down and saw the four guardians Celestic Fang Yuan standing side by side at the same height, Shang Ren and the others, looking at Fang Yuan who was smiling, they passed out, especially Shang Ren, there is a special kind of egg. The feeling of pain.

I am still complacent about being selected by Legendary Pokémon, and Fang Yuan, directly recognized by Legendary Pokémon, believes that Fang Yuan can stand at the same height as them.

Ahhhh!!! Not alive! ! !

Why do you have to live? !



Look for a monthly pass! ! ! !

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