Pokemon Masters Chapter 866


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Guardian Gods on the island bluffed Fang Yuan in front of the four Trainers.

But these words…Although they are a bit exaggerated.

Fang Yuan feels that there is really no falsehood!

He did not have the power of Assist Guardian God, so he developed an autonomous Z-Move……

As for the knowledge of Z power, Fang Yuan is indeed very proficient if you include The Radiant One’s own data.

Maybe Fang Yuan also knows some secrets that Guardian Gods don’t know.

Plus his identity as World Tree Guardian, Nightmare God, and Victory Star Trainer… In this way, the evaluation of him by the Guardian Gods of the island is all in line!

So, Fang Yuan readily accepted the evaluation…He is just so good.

However, Fang Yuan is so thick-skinned that he can accept the boast of the Guardian God of the island, but these four Island kahuna cannot digest this information in a short time.


In today’s Earth, even Guardian God-level Pokemon is worthy of friendship cautiously from various countries.

As for the legendary Pokemon, it is simply an existence that is difficult for countries to contact.

Several decades ago, when the Alliance was founded, the disaster brought by the three Divine Birds deeply let the nations of Alliance know the terrible legendary creatures.

The four Guardian God islands, in terms of the means they can freely give Trainer to exert Guardian God-level power, are definitely beyond the Guardian God-level existence.

This kind of existence actually recognizes that Fang Yuan is a life on the same level as them, which makes it difficult for the four to calm down…

Ah~~ People are more angry than people.

But…the facts are now before you, and Shang Ren and the others don’t believe it anymore.

Fang Yuan has indeed shown the power to crush them just now.

Perhaps… this is the boss.

After the Guardian Gods of the island gave an account, they left here and handed the remaining work to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was also very responsible and explained to a few people the possible harm that the extreme beast might bring.

This is the core point of Island Kahuna’s duties…

Everything started because of Ultra Wormhole.

“The arrival of the alien beast is a kind of disaster predicted by the aster. It should be confirmed soon. If there is no accident, the disaster will happen here. So the responsibility of the four of you Island kahuna is very heavy.”

“Guardian Gods have chosen you and taught you how to use Z power in order to cultivate more trainers who master Z power through you, and then everyone will fight against the arrival of alien beasts…”

Fang Yuan spoke carefully for more than ten minutes, and said: “Soon, when the islands Secret Realm and Earth are fully integrated, you will need to start the tour of the islands here on behalf of Guardian God, and cultivate your own recognition. Trainer qualified to master Z power.”

“The content of the tour of the islands is determined by you and Guardian God yourself, but the publicity work before this is done by me and you together.”

Island Guardian God chooses Island kahuna, and Island kahuna chooses a trainer suitable for mastering Z power. If you continue to inherit, Z power will soon be mastered by many trainers.

At that time, the trainer power of the Alola Islands will also grow rapidly. At least the Help Guardian Gods should have no problem dealing with a large number of extreme monsters.

When Fang Yuan spoke, the four of them were silently nodded.

I didn’t expect the position of Island Kahuna to be related to the prophecy of aster.

Their immediate sense of responsibility is huge…After all, the disasters predicted by the aster are all catastrophic disasters.

“By the way, how do you promote it?” Shang Ren lifts the head, suddenly with a bad feeling.

“How to promote? What do you say.”

Fang Yuan laughed glanced at him and said, “Rotom…”

“Received Rotto!!”

Under Fang Yuan’s order, Rotom did not know where he flew out, and cast a virtual image in the air.

In the screen, it is Shang Ren who directed Tyranitar to use Z-Move just now.

Following Shang Ren’s special moves and shouting “Heaven Destroying…destroying…the giant rock falling!!!”, a shocking Z-Move formed.

The actions of the characters are clear, and the expressions of the characters are so clear that it is a public sentence.

Shang Ren stood up “噌” and stared at Fang Yuan.

Ahhh I said, you are a sneak shot! !

Delete for the Lord! !

At the same time.

Makino Liu Ji and Mora Uncle also stood up abruptly, their eyelids jumping wildly looking towards Fang Yuan.

“We took it too?”

The tone was almost gritted.

In order to master Z power, they don’t mind making a move.

However, if it is publicly appreciated, the two cannot accept it as a publicity.

They are all people with faces and faces, which is too awkward.

Also, Lucilleia’s face was at a loss, didn’t she just photographed Move? As for the reaction so much.

She doesn’t think there is anything in these actions, they are quite interesting…

“Can you be more serious about saving the world?”

“If you want to do a good job in publicity, essays…videos, etc., there are always some. As Island Kahuna, you must cooperate.” Fang Yuan said seriously.

Don’t let down the trust of Guardian God of the island! !

“Cooperation means cooperation, but can’t we just record the process of Pokemon using Move? Trainer still needs to be filmed?” Shang Ren questioned.

Fang Yuan: “?”

“This is a good opportunity to be famous in the world. You four are the first trainers approved by Legendary Pokémon. Are you afraid to show up?”

“Relax! No one will say and so on, only envy, jealousy, hate.” Fang Yuan inferred.

Pose a pose to use legendary power, and fools will hate it.

be that as it may.

But Shang Ren, Makino Ruki and Mora still have black lines on their faces.

You said it relaxed.

But it is difficult for them to refute.

People can use Z-Move when they are young, but they don’t want to let others appreciate it publicly.

“No…not so good.”

“What are you afraid of? I was still a lead operator in elementary school. I did radio gymnastics in front of thousands of people, and I still didn’t blush or beat…” Fang Yuan flicked.

If these guys don’t cooperate, the content of the paper will not be rich enough.

Let Trainers accept the Mega Evolution lines and the Z-Move awkward dance setting with peace of mind, Fang Yuan is stimulating just thinking about it.

Fang Yuan took another look at the four of them, hoping they would understand…

Foundation’s Lucilia is listening carefully. She has a good student temperament. Fang Yuan thinks this guy shouldn’t be difficult to handle.

Instead, it is Shang Ren, Makino Ruki and Mora, three filthy adults who are older than the other. They are too pedantic…

“Still not so good.” Mora uncle said.

The first video promoting Z-Move will definitely be passed on forever and watched by countless people. It is too difficult. I have lived for most of my life. When I think of myself being known by people like this, a few people would rather remain silent. …

Rock Z, Flying Z, Fighting Z, three specific actions, one is harder to describe than the other.

“Then take a step back?” Fang Yuan suddenly said: “Let’s change the method and try to edit as much as possible to prevent you from playing the Z-Move action screen. The main camera is aimed at Pokemon.”

“However, there is another requirement.”

The four looked towards Fang Yuan, always feeling that Fang Yuan was not at ease.

“Just like I went to participate in the World Cup for the promotion of Mega Evolution, you might as well show Z-Move in the battle.”

“The content of the video is mainly based on battle, so Trainer’s sense of existence can be weaker.”

“How is it?”

Fang Yuan feels that if the promotion content is rich enough and more attractive, it may be better to put Z-Move into the battle than to perform Z-Move directly.


“Yes.” Makino Ruki is the first to replied.

As long as she doesn’t put the screens of specific actions in the video and full of world propaganda, small-scale battles, she is still acceptable.

At least during the game, Rival will rarely pay attention to what she does.

Whether it is Rival or the audience, the focus is mostly on Pokemon.

“All right.”

“Are you fighting… Um.”

“I have no opinion.”

After considering the other three, they were all nodded.

“Then it’s settled.” Fang Yuan said with a smile: “By the way, Rival must choose the trainer that you can’t beat, and the world-famous trainer, the national Guardian God! Topical.”

“Who was upset before, this time…this is your chance to Retaliate.”

“Policy support, they want to refuse, they can’t refuse the invitation to fight.”

Shang Ren, Makino Repeat, Mora, Lucilia:…………

Strong! !

Guardian God of the four islands really found a treasure. This time, plus Fang Yuan’s identity for publicity, it’s hard to imagine a tour of the islands without being famous.


Two days later.

The five left the islands Secret Realm.

Go to prepare for the promotion of Z-Move and the tour of the islands.

United States, New York.

In a luxurious villa, a tall, sturdy youth with dyed orange-red hair saw an invitation from Pokemon Alliance and immediately browsed tightly frowns.

This person is the Peak player of the World Cup and the Vulcan Gula from the US team.

After the World Cup ended, Gula was extremely unwilling, and began to practice hard when he returned to the country, hoping to bring Volcarona breed to the racial limit, and then find Fang Yuan to fight for revenge.

But what Gula didn’t expect was that he hadn’t gone to China to invite the game, but instead was a China Trainer who came to America to challenge himself through the program of Pokemon Alliance.

“World Cup China team second team member Shang Ren? China’s current Elite? Who came, forget it.” Gula reviewed the World Cup video, only to find that Shang Ren was beaten to tears by their first team. Trainer.

God, it’s ridiculous… Such a guy has come to challenge him.

Gula immediately wanted to refuse and didn’t want to waste time on Shang Ren.

However, this invitation is a special promotion program from Pokemon Alliance. It has a very high level of authority. It is a special battle recorded throughout. This format makes Gula very curious…So, in the end he chose to challenge.

The next day.

A Stadium in New York.

As two Trainers came here, Gula saw Shang Ren, and Shang Ren also saw Gula.

At this time, Shang Ren’s mood was very complicated. Fang Yuan didn’t want to be a man, so he chose this guy as Rival.

If you can win…it will be very topical indeed.

“I said Little Brat, are you serious about this challenge.” In Stadium, at this time, only Gula, Shang Ren, and Makino Rumi, the World Cup referee, are the referees of this special show again Appearance.

But secretly, Fang Yuan, Mora, and Lucilia are all observing.

“To be precise… that person seems to be serious, and he really looks at you very upset… Although I don’t like you either…” Shang Ren shook his head: “Gula Elite, next, I advise you to spare no effort, otherwise you will definitely regret it.”

“Regret for life…”

Gula is very familiar with these words. It was exactly what Fang Yuan told him during the World Cup. The dog Shang Ren moved here to humiliate him.


Fang Yuan I can’t beat, but I can’t beat you?

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