Pokemon Masters Chapter 867

[France Psychic Elite: What’s the matter with the rays of light flashing on Tyranitar and Trainer named Shang Ren? Psychic? 】

[Russian champion Alex: No way, No way, no one really thinks that the members of China’s second team can’t defeat Lord Vulcan (dog head). 】

[British champion Kenny: Photographer? How is this move used and it is not recorded at all, will you record it? 】

[China Champion Jiang Li: Thank you, you just came out of Spirit Realm, people are… Fuck, Shang Ren? Shang Ren … defeated Gula? 】

[China Fighting Elite Xu Haoran: Fuck? what is the problem. 】

[Yun Kai:? ? ? ] [Xie Qingyi:? ? ? 】

[China Champion Su Shu: Oh…wait a minute, Jiang Li, can you change the vest first? 】

Almost every player who participated in that World Cup was posted to this video.

Because it was done in secret, even China’s Jiang Li and the others just learned that after watching the video, they were completely shocked by Shang Ren’s performance, let alone players from other countries.

Trainer field exploded.

What the hell is going on with this Special Move.

How could China’s unremarkable bench members have the strength to beat the American champion in less than a year? ?

Countless people want to know the truth behind the mysterious Rock series Move.

On this day, the name of Shang Ren Elite… spread throughout the Trainer realm.

Two days after the event fermented.

Interpol Mora returned to Interpol, challenged the president of Interpol, which is the highest combat force of Interpol, and won easily.

This time the video of the match also circulated.

Peak Level Fourth Stage Emboar VS Guardian God Level Gallade! !

A battle that almost reached the Peak level in the Trainer field.

However, there is an evenly matched screen not at all.

Hundreds of boxing shadows completely crushed everything, and there was no chance for Gallade, who could temporarily threaten Guardian God-level Pokemon, to breathe.

This video also caused an uproar.

This is mainly because before Mora and Emboar use this Pokemon’s Special Move that is sufficient to suppress Guardian God-level strength, the performance of Pokemon and Trainer, the flashing special rays of light, is completely the same as the previous Shang Ren and Gula The situation was consistent during World War I.

This is enough for Trainers to infer that the two are using the same special force.


Japanese Trainer Makino Ruki challenged an ice attribute Peak Level powerhouse from the Pokemon Alliance, and the video of the battle circulated again.

Her Rival is a special trainer who is good at ice attribute Guardian God.

Sixteen years ago, in the Never-Melt Ice layer of a Secret Realm in Antarctica, a Mamoswine from about ten thousand years ago was found to be frozen in it. After the thawing, this Mamoswine was surprisingly rare and had signs of life.

After recovering completely, the Pokemon Alliance gained a Guardian God-level combat power.

This Mamoswine and its approved Trainer are quite famous even in the entire Trainer field.

However, Pidgeot, like Divine Bird Normal, came from the sky to defeat the Guardian God-class Mamoswine, but ended the undefeated legend of the ice attribute Guardian God.

Reverse Attribute… Leapfrog to win.

The Trainer field is boiling again.

Because of this video, a special technique similar to Psychic’s increase has appeared.

The white light on Makino Ruhime and Pidgeot before they made the move… is exactly the same as the previous two videos!


In just one week, Shang Ren, Mora, and Ruki Makino were all involved in the mysterious Move storm, and even Foundation’s young Trainer Lucilleia defeated Foundation because of the Z-Move single challenge. One of the Peak Level Grandmasters became the same high-profile object as the three.

The Special Move shown by the first three is good, everyone is completely unfamiliar.

But when we arrived at Lucilleia, after Psychic Type Z-Move was revealed, countless Trainers showed doubts.

Because of comparison, Lucilia’s Psychic Type mysterious Move performs almost the same as the Move used by Fang Yuan, the last World Cup champion, to defeat Diancie…

What’s the matter?

At this moment, Trainers from all over the world suddenly have a bold idea.

Could it be that Shang Ren, Makino Ruki, Mora, and Lucille Ai, like Fang Yuan, have Aura Force?

Aura Force, is the key to using this mysterious Move? ?

After all, after Fang Yuan used that mysterious Move, the external explanation was the Aura Force technique.

But soon, the rumor disappeared, because the four parties involved explained the source of the power.

[Shang Ren: Secret Realm in the Pacific Islands is home to four Guardian God islands. They are all legendary Pokemon. We are all Trainers selected by them. The power is also given by Guardian God on the island. 】

[Mora: This is called Z-Move, and it needs Trainer and Pokemon to work together, and like Mega Evolution, it needs exclusive Items. 】

[Lucille Ai: Z-Move consumes energy very much, whether it is Trainer or Pokemon, it is the same. In this respect, it is similar to the amplification skills of some Psychic players. 】

[Makino Ruhime: Z-Move contains 18 kinds of Attributes. The four of us are just Moves that have mastered four of them. 】

[Shang Ren, Mora, Lucilleia, Makino Ruuhime: It’s worth mentioning that Z-Move is also the same as Mega Evolution. As long as it has exclusive Items, everyone can use it, and no special is needed. Ability. 】

After the protagonist of the incident showed up to explain, not only did the popularity not decrease, on the contrary, Z-Move instantly became a popular term close to Mega Evolution.

“The power given by Legendary Pokémon???”

“Trainer recognized by Legendary Pokémon???”

“How come there is such a thing…”

“Why not me!”

Almost no one thought that this turned out to be the power that Legendary Pokémon gave Trainer.

At this moment, the four of them immediately became the envy of most Trainers.

“Lucille Young Lady, the Psychic Type Z-Move you use is very similar to the Special Move used by Dr. Fang Yuan in the World Cup. May I ask if there is any connection.”

“Dr. Fang Yuan also received the blessing of Legendary Pokémon?”

During the interview, Reporter asked Lucilia of Nature Foundation.

This topic is also one of the hottest topics currently discussed.

However, Lucilia faced this problem, but she shook the head.

“There is indeed some relationship. The Move used by Dr. Fang Yuan in the world finals should also be called Z-Move, but unlike us, we can only use it after getting the power of Legendary Pokémon Z-Move.”

“Dr. Fang Yuan, this kind of Move that he researched, did not rely on the power of Legendary Pokémon… His understanding of Z power may be as good as that of the Guardian Gods on the island.”

“In the Secret Realm of the islands, I met Dr. Fang Yuan and he is currently doing research on Z-Move.”

Lucilleia’s answer directly freezes the expression of Trainer watching the interview.

It really does matter.

But this relationship is something no one has thought of.

After hearing this answer, the various media teams trembled.

Z-Move is the big news about the power given by Legendary Pokémon, which is outrageous enough.

As a result, there are human researchers who have studied the power of this level before the Legendary Pokémon descends? ? !

As Shang Ren, Makino Ruki, and Mora also expressed the same, the academic community also shook together.

Called out all Fang Yuan’s titles one after another, and read them again.

Almost the more I watched, the more shocked.

This Dr. Fang Yuan, what else is hidden?

On this day, the entire world is boiling again because of Fang Yuan. Countless media hope that Fang Yuan will come forward to answer his research on Z-Move.

Why did Fang Yuan not mention this at all during the World Cup?

This made everyone mistakenly believe that Fang Yuan was using Aura Force’s abilities at the time.

Soon, Fang Yuan came forward.

Not only Fang Yuan came forward, he also brought several papers:

“Power Comparable to Mega Evolution: The Mystery of Z Power and the Formation of 18 Attribute Z-Moves”

“Ordinary Pokemon Masters the Probability of Exclusive Move Through Z Force”

“The connection between Totem’s aura and Z power”…

“Z-Move is indeed the Move of Assist Nature Power that I researched a long time ago, but my situation is quite special…Shang Ren and the others are Z-Move that can only be used by Assist’s exclusive Items, but I don’t have it. Relying on the exclusive Items, it was only used for Pokemon’s special breed method and its own Psychic, so I thought that the Move system was not universal.”

“However, when I explored the islands Secret Realm and the island Guardian God to communicate, I discovered that as long as I have a Z-Crystal made by the island Guardian God, any Trainer can use Z-Crystal after training in the system. Move .”

“As for the analysis of Z-Move’s related power, I have published a related paper. You can subscribe to watch it yourself. This is a special power that is not inferior to Mega Evolution. Perhaps it can be the same as Mega Evolution in the third time. Play an unusual role in the trainer tide.”

“As far as I know… the island Guardian God seems to have the idea of ​​popularizing Z-Move.”

“So, if you want to master Z-Move, just look for it. As long as you pass the test of Legendary Pokémon, you may be the next Trainer to gain Z-Move.”

Fang Yuan’s answer made the entire Trainer field silent first, then crazy.

Legendary power…There is almost no Trainer that you don’t want.

Compared with the current limited-level resources Mega Evolution Items, currently, Fang Yuan has given an accurate and feasible method to obtain a power system that is not inferior to Mega Evolution! !

Fang Yuan again…

At this time, countless Trainers looked at Fang Yuan’s silhouette in the interview video, all showing complex expressions.

I was able to face Legendary Pokémon directly…deciphering their power system. This researcher, who has started a new era with Mega Evolution, seems to have done an unimaginable thing unconsciously.

During this period, Alliance Chairman Antony Ao, who has been cooperating with Fang Yuan’s actions, had never thought before that, in addition to Pokéblock, Mega Evolution, and Contest competitions, Fang Yuan had already developed another trainer that could also start the third trainer. Tide’s ultimate move.

At that time, there was no perfect killer move. This time, with the advent of Secret Realm on the islands, it was completely perfected…

But what makes Antony the most incomprehensible is…the point mentioned in the communication between Mora and him…

Guardian God of the Four Islands…respect Fang Yuan very much and regard Fang Yuan as an existence of equal status.

“Didn’t expect that I underestimated Dr. Fang Yuan before…Isn’t the knowledge of Z power less than Legendary Pokémon?”

“It’s really a terrible innate talent. In the next period of time, the entire Trainer field will go away because of Fang Yuan this remark…”

Antony Ao has imagined the scene of countless Trainers rushing to the Secret Realm of the islands…

Pokemon Alliance… Then you have to cooperate with four Island kahuna.

Otherwise, it will definitely cause riots.

At the same time…Trainer field has indeed had a huge impact because of Fang Yuan’s several related papers detailing the use of Z force.

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