Pokemon Masters Chapter 868


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On February 2, the dragon looked up.

Fang Yuan returned to Secret Realm comfortably after publishing the papers related to Z force.

The old rule, go off after a wave of heat.

Fang Yuan ran out to promote Z-Move and the tour of the islands the past few days, not at all to bring Pokemon.

Most of the Pokemon stayed on this misty island, training independently.

Of course, most of this does not include Eevee.

Eevee, a patient who can’t control his own personality and has not been in contact with the Internet for several days, must be anxious to go out with Fang Yuan.

But Venusaur is different. It is used to being left behind to water the tree species alone.

So it stayed with a bunch of Pokemon.

At present, Fang Yuan plans to clean up, and then return to the laboratory.

Although, the sunshine, beach and air of Secret Realm on the islands are indeed very good.

Except for no beach beauties, it’s a good place for vacation and training.

But it’s been a month since Fang Yuan had been out for the wave, and Fang Yuan almost forgot the feel of the Poké Ball.

In order not to let his previous efforts go to waste, he has to go back and strike while the iron is hot…

Research Yuan is offline, and Craftsman Yuan requests to go online.

Compared with the Z-Force thesis, Fang Yuan thinks that the special Poké Ball and transport technology are more important.

The most important thing is that Fang Yuan is a little worried about keeping Luo Ke and Mew to look after the house.

“This trip is right. Although the original purpose of allowing Eevee to learn other Attribute’s autonomous Z-Move was not achieved, it is not a loss to gain so much Z-Crystal.”

After elated’s thoughts, Fang Yuan thought that this trip was perfect.

In addition to the benefits brought by Z-Move, Milotic has mastered the frozen fog, Venusaur has become the Peak Level combat force, and Lycanroc will soon enter the Grandmaster level, all of which are very good additional gains.

It would be perfect if I could pick up the juvenile nebula of Sun God Solgaleo like Ash did.

“Venusaur, please grow me a watermelon, let Milotic ice it before sending it to me…”

On the beach, sitting in a rocking chair looking at Fang Yuan, who was trained by the Pokemon, suddenly became thirsty and shouted.

“Well… (there are no watermelon seeds, do you want peaches.)”

“Ah…” Fang Yuan shook his head, and said, “Peaches don’t quench your thirst, what else, just bring some fruit to quench your thirst.”


Soon, Venusaur stretched out a Vine Whip of several hundred meters and handed Fang Yuan several ripened and iced fruits to Fang Yuan from a distance.

“Oranges? It’s OK.”

“Sure enough, Venusaur is the only one who really makes my body feel happy…” Fang Yuan ate with relief.

The skin is not easy to peel. It would be better if Venusaur could produce peelless and seedless oranges with only the flesh.

Perhaps, this can be used as a training target…

Afterwards, the plump juice burst in his mouth, and Fang Yuan became more comfortable.

This is the correct way to open Trainer! !


However, when Fang Yuan just wanted to get the second orange, he found that the remaining ones were taken by Eevee, who was sitting on the beach fishing in the distance, using Confusion, and ate them.

Fang Yuan cracked, he hasn’t eaten enough yet.

looked towards Eevee while fishing with a Ditto fishing rod, Fang Yuan quickly rubbed his hair, are you here to catch Kyogre?

The wave of distressed Infernape, the partner is so used, the air is trembling, who is causing the bad atmosphere! !

Uh, it seems he is…

“Eevee, they should be bored too.”

Fang Yuan is waiting now. After Shang Ren and the others return to Secret Realm in the islands in a few days, he can leave.

Those people are currently running around because of the identity of Island Kahuna, and are discussing the island tour with the major factions of the Alliance.

Fang Yuan also needs to act as an intermediate contact for the island guardian Celestic Island kahuna before the discussion is completed.

“Let’s do that!!” Not long after, Venusaur made a few more oranges and sent them to Fang Yuan.

Venusaur today is very sensible.

“Do you have something to say.” Fang Yuan sensed something was wrong.

Fang Yuan sees Venusaur being so diligent today, always feel that it has something to ask for himself.

“Well…(Yeah.)” Venusaur sorry scratched his head with Vine Whip.

“Let’s go there!! (I want to stay here for a period of Totem cultivation.)” Then, Venusaur said.

“Oh… have you made a decision.” Fang Yuan was not surprised when he heard this request.

Two days ago, Fang Yuan published a paper: “The Connection Between Totem Aura and Z Force”.

It roughly explains the secrets of Totem Pokemon, a special Pokemon.

Fang Yuan’s paper not only has 18 Attribute Z-Move effects, but also involves other uses of Z power, wrapping the Totem aura, which can be said to be very comprehensive.

Fully worthy of the evaluation given to him by the Guardian God of the island.

In fact, not only Z-Move, but also the special aura wrapped around the huge Totem Pokemon in Secret Realm of the islands is essentially the light energy from The Radiant One.

In the game, the researchers of the Ultimate Investigation Team believed that the light leaked in the battle between Necrozma and Tapu in ancient times became the aura of Totem Pokemon. This conclusion was confirmed after Fang Yuan and the Guardian Gods exchanged correct.

At present, the islands Secret Realm still has some special energy-rich venues, which are controlled by the island Guardian Gods.

These places are where the Guardian Gods of the island cultivate Totem Pokemon.

At the beginning, Fang Yuan asked Trainer’s Pokemon if it was possible to become Totem Pokemon. The meaning was very straightforward… He was attracted by Totem’s aura!

After all, this equivalent to a Mega BUFF can improve certain Pokemon’s strength qualities like passive skills.

Although not as good as Z-Move, it’s not bad.

Faced with Fang Yuan’s doubts, the Guardian Gods on the island were also very generous, and directly invited Fang Yuan’s Pokemon to go to a special place to try the cultivation Totem aura.

But the reality is that even Eevee who can master solar energy can hardly have Totem aura permanently.

Let the aura wrap yourself for a few hours at most, and the energy will dissipate.

This point is actually similar to the state of the Ultimate Monster.

Any extreme beast that comes here from Ultra Space through Ultra Wormhole will carry a special aura like Totem Pokemon, and this aura will gradually disappear over time.

The same is true for Totem’s aura. This is not Pokemon’s own power at all. Pokemons are okay with equipment for a short time, but it is very difficult to control them completely.

However, there are exceptions.

On the island, those huge Totem Pokemon are the rare Pokemons who successfully master the long-term, permanent Totem aura.

But it’s a pity… It’s too difficult to do this step.

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