Pokemon Masters Chapter 869


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Yes, it is difficult.

According to Tapu, the Pokemon that has the most innate talent in ten thousand years is the Totem aura that took two years to successfully master.

This Totem aura can also be regarded as an Ability that is very difficult to learn. Even with their Help, it is a test of innate talent.

It is countless times more difficult than learning the exclusive Z-Move.

So, after hearing this, Fang Yuan finally gave up.

To be precise, it was Eevee who gave up.

They can all be aware that it is very difficult to master Totem’s aura permanently. At least a few years of penance is totally unacceptable…

Therefore, Fang Yuan did not demand this power anymore and let the Pokemon consider it for themselves. In his opinion, staying in such a place for a Totem aura for several years is not very meaningful.

There are so many things that can improve Pokemon’s strength, you don’t have to be attached to Totem’s aura.

Fang Yuan was surprised that Venusaur suddenly mentioned this matter again.

It seems that Venusaur has made a decision and wants to learn Totem’s aura.

“Let’s go!”

Venusaur lowered its head, it didn’t want to be separated from Fang Yuan and the others, but it didn’t want to miss this opportunity either.

Although training at the Laboratory is equally effective, there are Peak Level’s Pokéblock, Victini’s recharge, and Milotic’s healing can speed up training efficiency, but these services are also available in other Pokemon.

Everyone has it, so synchronized training, it can never surpass teammates.

Those who have innate talent and work harder than you. This is the embarrassing situation of Venusaur now.

So, Venusaur wants to seek a change. Since teammates cannot accept staying here for a long time in the cultivation Totem aura, it might as well give it a try.

Maybe, this is its chance to change its destiny.

Furthermore, even Tapu Bulu said that the Fang Yuan team has the highest fit for Totem’s aura in general.

The larger the volume, the more energy of the aura that can be wrapped, and the greater the increase in strength.

At the same time, it is good at Synthesis, the cultivation Totem aura also has a bonus effect.

Look at it, Totem’s aura is tailor-made for it.

Eevee’s big sister innate talent can only be ranked second.

Therefore, Venusaur felt that he might be able to master Totem’s aura and complete a counterattack in the shortest time.

It’s just that…Venusaur is very nervous at the moment, I don’t know if Fang Yuan agrees.

After all, on the laboratory side, it may be needed to provide Berry to make Pokéblock… and it is inseparable from the care of various plants.

“Let’s…(Forget it.)”

“It doesn’t matter, this choice is actually quite good.” Fang Yuan said with a smile after listening: “You are the one who fits the aura of the cultivation Totem best, maybe you will be able to master it soon.”

“If you want to learn, I support you.”

“Don’t be stressed, so be it. Every once in a while, I will ask Magneson to make enough Pokéblock, and then send it to you. When the time comes, if you have any other ideas, tell me again.”

Fang Yuan said, Venusaur was stunned.

“Let it go!!! (*+﹏+*)~”

After getting Fang Yuan’s support, Venusaur suddenly became dazzled.

very good, Fang Yuan supports it.

For half a year, within half a year, it must master the aura of Totem, and then become the strongest Totem of Secret Realm in the islands.

Don’t let everyone in the Laboratory stay away from yourself for too long! !

When Fang Yuan communicated with Venusaur, many Pokemon turned their ears to eavesdrop.

After they learned that Venusaur had made a decision to leave the form of the cultivation Totem, they all felt anguished.

It’s over.

For a long time after this time, there is no high-quality Berry to eat.

Especially Ditto, I have already expected it, after a long time…may have to become Mega Venusaur as a gardener.

“Busy…” Life is not easy, Ditto sighed.

However, they still support Venusaur’s decision.

After all, Venusaur is indeed the best Totem innate talent among them.

Furthermore, Venusaur must have made a lot of determination to endure a long period of loneliness and do penance.

“eivui.” Eevee, who was fishing, put down the Ditto rod, then picked it up again.

Forget it, let it go, life energy and autonomy Z-Move didn’t understand, so don’t worry about Totem aura.

The most important thing is that it will take a long time for this island Secret Realm to integrate with Earth. It cannot accept the days without internet.

Support Venusaur mentally! !

“Wang Wu.”

Lycanroc also touched the choice of Venusaur.

Because of the exclusive Z-Move, at the suggestion of Fang Yuan, it is currently practicing using the Rock-based Move to create storms as a conventional means of confrontation.

Now that he learned of Grandmaster’s choice, Lycanroc immediately stopped training and fell into deep thought.

Should it also learn Totem’s aura? ?

After all, in Tapu Bulu’s identification, Venusaur Totem innate talent is the highest, Eevee is second, and it is innate talent the third best.

Similarly, there are innate talents who can quickly master Totem’s aura.

This may be because Lycanroc evolved under the influence of World Tree.

The Radiant One, like World Tree, is a life that feeds on light. Maybe, The Radiant One used to be a lifeform similar to World Tree.

“Wang woo… woo… woo…”

Forget it…

After considering for a long time, Lycanroc, as the second disciple of Luo Ke, the “Emperor Master”, finally decided to take a different path from the Grandmaster brother.

It still believes that World Tree is more suitable for growth.

Hey, if World Tree can like it more…

And now…

Fang Yuan has walked to the side of Venusaur and patted Venusaur’s body with emotion. Although he is only one or two years old, Venusaur has grown up.

In various senses.

I have my own ideas, which is great.

However, in Fang Yuan’s view, Venusaur is still too young and too tender.

“Let me tell you, since we are going to stay here, we will maximize the efficiency. Tapu Bulu is an expert in manipulating the natural energy of plants and trees. How can optics have enough Totem aura? It’s better during this period… Tapu Bulu’s skills have also been learned.”

“Milotic learned the frozen fog from Tapu Fini. It is not a problem for you to learn XXXX from Tapu Bulu.”

“Besides going out, learn to protect yourself, don’t be wronged, be thick-skinned, it’s always right.” Fang Yuan shot harder, teaching his own experience.

Ash’s stocking is a completely wrong example. He has to teach the correct stocking method.

“Work hard and learn XXXX, there will be strength, and Shaymin will also have it.”

Although Fang Yuan doesn’t know what XXXX is, or what special skills Tapu Bulu has, those are things that Venusaur needs to dig.

In the animation, Tapu Koko can shuttle Ash to parallel time and space through thunder and lightning,

The fog of Tapu Fini allows the living and Pokemon to see the dead and the soul of Pokemon. Both are legendary Pokemon, and Tapu Bulu is definitely not simple.

So, he is very optimistic about Venusaur’s future.

Fang Yuan: (●’◡’●)ノ♥

Venusaur: (。◕ˇ∀ˇ◕)

Go ahead! !

so that’s how it is, taught.

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