Pokemon Masters Chapter 870


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Two days later.

Shang Ren and four other Island kahuna returned to Secret Realm.

Now, they are not only the Island kahuna recognized by Legendary Pokémon, but also the Island kahuna officially recognized by the Pokemon Alliance.

The identity of the latter is very important. Next, they are the human managers with the highest authority in Secret Realm of the islands.

Neither Pokemon nor human beings can question it.

It can be said that in almost just a few days, the four of them have gained extremely noble status.

Alliance can’t help it, who made these four guys too lucky.

Because there are several Legendary Pokémon and Aster prophecies involved, the major factions of the Pokemon Alliance can only fully support the island tour plan.

All of this is not Fang Yuan’s next concern.

Shang Ren whatever they want, he wants to go home.

Finally, after entrusting Venusaur to Tapu Bulu, one of the Guardian Gods, Fang Yuan hurriedly took Eevee back to Shanghai.



Fang Yuan Laboratory.

Fang Yuan When they came back, Luo Ke, wearing a blue Hanfu with large sleeves and a toga, took the initiative to greet them:

“I heard that Wangba and Gouzi learned new abilities over there, where are they.”

For so long as he has been integrated into human society, Luo Ke has long learned to call, communicate and chat.

So, when Fang Yuan learned about the laboratory, the fossil reserve, and the World Tree Secret Realm through Luo Ke, Luo Ke also learned about their situation from Fang Yuan.

Luo Ke knows the information like Venusaur and Lycanroc are getting stronger again.

“Where is where.” Luo Ke asked.

Venusaur and Lycanroc, who I cultivated myself, have learned the new Unique Ability, not bad! !

There are fortuitous encounters every time I go out, and I really have the emperor’s capital.

Fang Yuan said: “I released Venusaur.”

Luo Ke: Ծ‸Ծ?

“I was wrong. I stocked Venusaur with a Legendary Pokémon in the Secret Realm. It is learning new abilities and it is estimated that it will be back in some time.”

Luo Ke:’◡’

“How long will it take?”

“Two or three years? It may be a year. That ability is difficult to learn. How long depends on the innate talent of Venusaur.”

“As for the dog, I went to the fossil reserve with Darkrai as soon as I arrived nearby.”

Fang Yuan also released the other Pokemon and asked them to disband.

At the same time, without stopping, he kept talking to Luo Ke about protecting Celestic Totem’s aura on the island.

Luo Ke was lost in thought because of this.

Venusaur, Venusaur, in order to become stronger and surpass Fang Yuan’s six main forces, unexpectedly chose such a path.

Do you know the consequences of this choice? !

Luo Ke made up a few scenes instantly.

Scene①: Did not learn.

[Venusaur: The one-year period has come, this Totem aura, you don’t need to learn it! 】

【Pokemon: Welcome to the Celestial Emperor, a vegetable farmer and fruit grower, garlic! 】

Scene②: Learned.

【One year later, Venusaur has returned from his studies. 】

【A bunch of Pokemon who became Guardian God because of Infernape’s sacrifice BUFF: One year, you are still so weak! ! Our six main forces, even if the strength remains unchanged, you have no chance to leave the toddler group! ! 】

[Venusaur: You guys! ! ! 】

[At this time, the Four Great Islands Guardian God appeared, kneeling respectfully behind Venusaur, and all spoke: Meet the Island Lord! ! The Radiant One is resurrected, and an army of alien beasts has arrived. Please the Island Lord to come forward and suppress it! ! 】

[Pokemon: Shocked! 】【Venusaur :√】


While chatting, Fang Yuan couldn’t help shouting when he saw Luo Ke suddenly distracted.

Since hobby changed from classical literature to online novel, Luo Ke’s mental state has become worse and worse.

Like a high school student in class, are you so distracted…

It’s a pity that after hundreds of years of accumulation, it’s only Peak Level combat power…

Furthermore, the innate talent is fully breed and trained on Pokemon.


“cough cough cough…”

Luo Ke gave a dry cough and said: “I understood, this is Venusaur’s chance, it’s pretty good, by the way, where did you just say the dog went?”

“Fossil Reserve…Let’s take a look at it together, and send it to Mew by the way.”

Is it a fossil reserve…

Luo Ke is heartbroken.

I just went home and didn’t see myself, but went to the fossil reserve. This is thankless wretch……

Are you worthy of your own breed?



“Bi Mi.”

Soon after, in the Laboratory.

Lying on the sofa, curling up Silk Scarf, drinking Bing Kuo Le, and playing electric, Eevee and Victini refused Fang Yuan’s invitation to go to World Tree Secret Realm together.

So, in the end, only Fang Yuan, Luo Ke, and mobile phone Rotom set off together.

The other Pokemon are training in the backyard at this time, and there is no time to go together.

In the backyard, two Infernape in Thunder Flame mode are punching simultaneously.

Magnezon and Klink are practicing soul-heart mode.

Dragonite is constantly over-training for serious injuries. In order to allow Milotic to heal herself, its training intensity is not inferior to Infernape recently.

A piece of infatuation.jpg

“What about Gluttony.”

Passing through the backyard, Fang Yuan couldn’t find Gluttony and couldn’t help asking.

“Maybe I went to Rotto in the Sun Moon Forest.”

Rotom speculated on mobile phones.

“En.” Fang Yuan nodded, here is quite close to Gluttony’s hometown, so it will go back to see the Millennium Gengar and brother sisters from time to time.


Fang Yuan scratched his hair.

It seems that I haven’t returned to Pingcheng for another two months.


I want to bring my parents here, but the other party is not coming… Forget it, I’ll go back and have a look in a few days.

Fang Yuan, Luo Ke, mobile phone Rotom, they walked through the backyard and soon came to the fossil reserve.

After that, I saw Darkrai who was arranging soldiers, and Lycanroc who was lying at the entrance of World Tree Secret Realm.

“wu wu ~~~ (Let me in.)”

Lying at the door of the World Tree, Lycanroc rolled and pleaded.

“Miao~~!!! (No way.)” Mew refused.

It turns out that Lycanroc didn’t come to the fossil reserve just to see the fossil Legion, but wanted to go back to World Tree Secret Realm to see if he was forgiven by World Tree.

The situation is obvious and I’m not forgiven.

Mew stopped at the entrance of World Tree Secret Realm and refused Lycanroc to enter.

At the same time, I was very angry.

It was so optimistic about Lycanroc, and left it in World Tree cultivation. As a result, this is how this dog repayed it? ?

Every day I wake up, I must get up, and it is completely uncomfortable if I don’t hit or bite.

I was tedious during training, and I always wanted to get in touch with World Tree.

Once or twice, it’s okay. As time goes on, the tree of world initial expresses that I don’t want to endure it.

As a Pokemon coexisting with World Tree, Mew can clearly feel World Tree’s resentment qi to Lycanroc.

World Tree: Want to train this guy to become the guardian of World Tree Pokemon? ?

Stop Guardian, it’s not bad to be a spoiler.

If it wasn’t because Lycanroc was left by Mew, World Tree would like to directly let the phagocytes within the body swallow Lycanroc.

“Miao~!!!” So Mew shook his head vigorously.

Not at all. Although a month has passed, the tree of world initial has no tendency to calm down at all.

The plan to let Fang Yuan take Lycanroc out and give World Tree a calm space seems to have completely failed.

In the past month, Mew has been thinking about it more and more angry, Ahhhh stupid dog.

Lycanroc :wang~ wu wu~ ……º·(˚˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥)‧º

Mew: (♯`∧´), it’s not to blame yourself, thankless wretch.

Lycanroc feels wronged, it’s so difficult.

It can’t be blamed…racial instinct…just racial instinct! !

Even Fang Yuan said that this is a personality. It does not need to be suppressed, but to bloom to the full.

Finally, Lycanroc turned his head and looked towards Fang Yuan, Luo Ke, and mobile phone Rotom who were silently looking at it from behind.

With a pitiful expression.

“Eh.” Fang Yuan scratched his head helplessly.

This sex is quite good. It is a two-word description. It is a mad dog. Used in battle, Lycanroc can hit Rival desperately. It is not afraid to kill 1,000 enemies and damage 999. The fighting will is exceptional, but… …The ghost knows that you don’t even let a tree go! !

It’s still a legendary tree! !

Fang Yuan covers his face, this is not what he taught.

On the contrary, Luo Ke, with an expression of admiration, deserves to be you.

The ability to learn Taunt powerhouse’s ability is so desperate.

Proper capital for the protagonist.

“Forget it, don’t go back to the World Tree Secret Realm recently. The next Fang Yuan Conference is about to be held here. You are ready to prepare. With your current strength, you can participate in the competition of the toddler group.” Fang Yuan then said.

“Yes, prepare for the Fang Yuan Conference.”

When it comes to Fang Yuan Conference, Luo Ke also shines, said.

Dungeons, competitions, Auction House, you want to become stronger, these are indispensable.

Lycanroc just got a fortuitous encounter in a legendary dungeon. Now I will participate in a competition to get some bonus funds, and then I will buy some treasures, and I will surely take off.

Are golden scales a thing in the pool? Whenever you encounter a storm, Dragon Transformation.

Lycanroc also shines.

“ao wu ~!”

Sounds great.

Is it finally eligible for the competition? Wang wu wu wu.

Fang Yuan Conference rewards can be said to be extremely rich.

Lycanroc has been very excited since watching the last Fang Yuan Conference.

There are rewards for the bottom of the strength, why not participate! !

Moreover, with its current quasi-Grandmaster Level strength, even in Fang Yuan’s team, it is not at the bottom.

This is very pleasant.

Klink brother, it must be able to play.

Thinking of this, Lycanroc smiled.

You can’t enter the World Tree, go to a Fang Yuan Conference and get some rewards. It’s pretty good.

There is Klink’s bottom child group. This competition also leaves no stain on its legendary road. It’s good.

Silly dog ​​thinks beautifully.


“My birthday!!!” The next second, the mobile phone Rotom suddenly frightened and flustered.

By monitoring the cameras of Fang Yuan Laboratory, it discovered an incredible scene.

“What’s wrong.”

“Teeth… Two Klinks… I don’t know why Bide can’t help but evolve!!”

“Eevee told us not to go to World Tree, go back to the rescue…!”

Fang Yuan:? ? ? ?

Lycanroc:? ? ? ?

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