Pokemon Masters Chapter 871


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Fang Yuan Laboratory.


Since Magnezon and Klink mastered the Soul Heart Mode, the strength of the armed form has become stronger.

Today, the Magnezon body has the strength of Peak Level Second Stage.

Klink, both positive and negative, have the strength of quasi-Pro Level.

With their full cooperation, their souls and hearts resonate, and Peak Level Domain is basically invincible.

But Magnezon feels that it is not enough.

Recently, in order to seek breakthrough, Magnezon has been exercising blue lightning.

With the assistance of Tapu Koko, under the exclusive Z-Move state, its blue lightning can not only possess the properties of electromagnetic force, but also the properties of Gravity Move.

This allows Magnezon to see a new development route.

It wants to exercise the blue lightning to this level even in the armed state, and even under normal conditions.

If you do not rely on Z-Crystal, Sparkling Stone and Fang Yuan to master the blue lightning of the same level of Z-Move, its strength will definitely go further.

For this exercise route, Magnezon also got the support of Fang Yuan.

You can give it a try.

Blue lightning is the product of the fusion of electromagnetic force and Inner Force. If you want to have Gravity properties, you need to focus on the use of Inner Force, that is, Psychic Type.

Fang Yuan and Magnezon’s original intentions were good, but during the development process, there were accidents.

With the deepening of development, the first time an accident occurred during the exercise in the Laboratory today! !

Under the state of soul and heart armed, when Magnezon changed the nature of blue lightning, a cyan electromagnetic field was formed around it.

Affected by the electromagnetic field, the two Klinks who were merging with Magnezon were in instant pain.

It’s not that I was hurt…but I felt that within the body was too high, as if infinite power was gushing out.

On the bodies of the two Klinks, the light of evolution faintly appeared.

“Bulululululu??????!!!” Magnezon was immediately silly when the abnormality was discovered.

What happened? ?

Because of the soul and heart, it can feel the pain of Klinks at this time.

This is the pain caused by Bide’s evolution.

Although the strength of the two Klinks has long been able to evolve, they have been carrying Everstone to suppress the evolution, and they have also used Eviolite to polish their bodies, so they have been able to maintain this initial state and gradually become stronger since then.

But this time, what happened again?

Magnezon anxiously used a Thunder Wave to interfere with the network signal and called Eevee big sister to come out to save the field.

Eevee: ┻━┻︵╰(‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Victini :o(≧口≦)o


Soon after, Fang Yuan and the others in the Fossil Reserve were called back by Eevee via his mobile phone Rotom.

Fang Yuan When they came back, the two Klinks had separated from Magnezon and were in a fever-like state, and their bodies were constantly shining with the light of evolution.

Because they don’t want to evolve, the two Klinks have been forced to Bide.

However, even if Eevee finds the Everstone in the Laboratory and wears two Klinks again, it still cannot suppress the light of evolution.

In the backyard, two Klinks kept screaming weakly, and a group of Pokemon cared about them.

“Everstone can’t suppress Rotto.”

“Because of suppressing the pain of evolution? Then evolution is not enough.” Fang Yuan said.

Although Fang Yuan knows the reason why Klink doesn’t want to evolve, now, it is not worth it to suppress the illness.

You can have no armed form, but Klink can’t have trouble.


But fortunately in the misfortune, Mew is here.

After taking a look at the symptoms of the two Klinks, he understood.

“Miao~~ (These two Little Brat within the body are awakening a strong force. The strength level is very high. With its current form, it cannot bear it, so the body’s instinctive desire for evolution will be very strong, thinking It’s easy to recover, just evolve. If you suppress it, the consequences will be serious.)”

Mew diagnosed the symptoms at a glance and also supported the evolution of Klink.

“So… then evolve, Klink, don’t suppress it anymore.” Fang Yuan said immediately, wanting to remove Everstone.


A weak arc emerged from Klink, preventing Fang Yuan from reaching out.

“Mumbling…Mumbling…” The two Klinks shook their heads, saying they could bear it, please Fang Yuan not to let it evolve.

If it evolves, it will not be able to enter the armed mode with Magnezon, and it will not be able to help Fang Yuan and Magnezon.

Although their individual strength may be stronger after evolution, Fang Yuan must not be able to use this level of individual strength.

“Don’t worry, even if you can’t enter the armed mode, I can train you to be a Pokemon who can stand alone. Magnezon!”

Fang Yuan’s words and commands can be said to speak of Magnezon’s heart.

How could it be painful to see two Klinks for armed mode, so Magnezon directly used Psychic to fly Everstone.

Moreover, Klink becomes like this, as if it is due to its own power, so it is even more important to not let them go wrong.

Magnezon stared at Klink with three round eyes, and didn’t say much, but for Magezon and Klink who can enter the state of soul and heart, Magezon can convey all the emotions with a single glance.


Feeling the toughness of Fang Yuan and Magnezon, Klink’s eyes dimmed first, and then the rays of light resumed.

Stab it.

I don’t know if it was the reason for the absence of Everstone’s suppression, or the reason why the Klinks chose to be obedient. The light of evolution finally wrapped their bodies, and the rays of light on the bodies of the two Klinks became stronger and stronger.

Moreover, the golden lightning arc shot from the body gradually transformed into a blue arc.

This is what Mew said to be awakened.

Because of being in the armed form and soul-heart form for a long time, the Klinks are gradually assimilated under the influence of Magnezon’s strong power.

Whether this result is good or bad, Mew can’t tell.

In the long history it has experienced, some Pokemon evolved into brand-new species such as Slowbro because of assimilation and have survived to this day.

Some have been eliminated by nature because of evolutionary failure, and Mew is not easy to guess what is going on with Magnezon and Klink.

Everything needs to be confirmed after Klinks have completed their evolution.

“Mumbling!!! Mumbling!!!”

After a while, unlike the previous weakness, with the burst of the blue arc, a powerful voice came from the light of evolution.


As the light of evolution dissipated, the appearance of two Klinks after evolution appeared in front of Fang Yuan.

Compared with the Klink form before the evolution, the Klang after the evolution has a larger Pewter colored gear behind the gear on the right.

This gear has 8 teeth and maintains the same rotation speed as the small gear in front, and all eyes and mouth appear on the big gear.

To put it simply, if Klink used to be a Pokemon made up of two small Klangs, then Klang now is a Pokemon made up of one big gear, plus two small gears, totaling three Klangs.

As Mew said, after evolution, Klang’s Status Condition has disappeared and transformed into its own power.

The continuously radiating power of the two Klangs within the body made Fang Yuan understand that the Klangs at this time, because they had suppressed evolution for too long before, once they evolved, their strength was close to the Grandmaster Level.

Pre-Grandmaster Level.

Almost the same strength status as the current Lycanroc.

“Mumbling!!! Mumbling!!!” Feeling their evolved power, the two Klang looked blank.

“Maite-zz-zz 咿咿.” On the other side, seeing the Klangs evolving without incident, but they are getting stronger, Magnezon suddenly smiled.

Just fine.

Fang Yuan and other Pokemon are also sighed in relief.

“eivui!!!” “Wooah!!!” “Boohoo!!!” “Foooooo?”

However, now Eevee and Infernape, they want to know more, can Magnezon and Klang enter the armed state.

If it doesn’t work, then Magnezon’s strength, I’m afraid, due to this evolution, the limit will drop.

“It should not work.” Fang Yuan thought.

After evolution, Klang should understand a new Move “Gear Grind”.

Through this Move, the main gear body can eject the small gear Rapid Spin to attack. From this point of view, Klang’s body can still be separated. However, as described in Pokédex, if the small gear does not take too long after the attack If he comes back, Klang will die! !

In other words, the big gear and the small gear cannot be separated for too long, which undoubtedly limits the formation of armed states.

For this reason, Klinks are unwilling to evolve. They dare not bet whether they can use the armed mode after evolution.

“Mumbling!!! Mumbling!!!”

After evolution, Klang is also eager to know at this time whether he can combine with Magnezon.

They all turned their heads, looked towards Fang Yuan and looked towards Magnezon, their eyes firm.

must yes! ! !

Magnezon and Fang Yuan didn’t even want to try so quickly, because if they fail, Klang may be hit hard, but at this time, the two Klang themselves are already impatient charge ahead.

Regardless of the actual situation, in the next second, the two Klangs and six gears separate directly.

The two pairs of little Klinks, as usual, quickly went to merge with Magnezon.

Only two large bare gears were left messy in the wind.

Big gear: Hey, we also want to fit together.

Little gear: You take up too much space.

After some operation, it looks like Magnezon is the main body of the small gear and the big gear is the stepfather.

Next, the backyard of the Laboratory fell into silence.

Fang Yuan and all the Pokemon are staring at Magnezon seriously.

Magnezon’s silver-gray body is on both sides of the large screws similar to the parts of the Magnemite head. A gear rotates clockwise at the top, a gear rotates counterclockwise at the bottom, and rotates in parallel. The small gears continue to produce blue electricity, and Magnezon shares power.

The gears on both sides of the body are like this, as usual.

Magnezon’s breath has gradually become stronger, even stronger than before.

Not much has changed, except that the big gear is a little out of place.

Time, one minute and one second passed.

Due to the improvement of Klink’s strength after the evolution, at this time, not only did the weapon mode not be affected, but the power level has increased.

“Did you feel uncomfortable?” Fang Yuan asked worriedly.

Because of the armed mode, he had a deep understanding of the Klang race.

If Klang’s gears are separated for more than 1 minute, they will definitely become extremely weak.

Even if Klang is strong enough, he will face death threats if his body is separated for more than 5 minutes.

Now, the two Klang’s four small gears ran to merge with Magnezon, leaving the two large gears outside. It has been 3 minutes, but they are all the same, which made Fang Yuan dumb.

Eevee’s eyes widened.

What’s the situation, don’t scare them.

“Luo…Rotto…maybe the soul, Rotto.” At this moment, Rotom made a point.

“The soul and heart mode makes the two Klang and Magnezon assimilated, which leads to the fact that even if the large gear is separated, the small gear can attach Magnezon as the main body without weakening Rotto.”

“Probably it is the same symbiosis relationship between Slowpoke and Big Tongue in the race of Slowbro…”

“If nothing happens, you can even use Magnezon as a Pokemon to earn Poké Ball Rotto…”

“Miao~~!!!” Mew affirmed Rotom’s analysis.

Huh… From this point of view, the three Pokemon assimilate and the Klinks evolve, it should be a good thing! !

Hearing a word from Rotom and Mew on the mobile phone, Fang Yuan startled and looked towards Magnezon.

It seems…this is the only possibility? ?

“Maite!!! (We are fine, please rest assured!!!)”

When Fang Yuan was worried, Magnezon and Klang felt…

The state has never been better.

They were the same worried before they merged, but now, only joy is left.

This feeling…

Magnezon red’s main gaze glanced at the two large gears in midair, and the next second, with a “shua”, the large gears on both sides flew to the sides of Magneson’s body.

The big gears are vertically Levitate on both sides of Magnezon, which is like Magnezon’s arms.

Soon, Magnezon played tricks, not only with the small gear, but also with the big gear.

The blue electromagnetic force connects the two big gears, and the two big gears instantly rotate and cut like Magneson’s left and right hands, and are controlled by Magneson handily.

Under the rotation of the magnetic field, the big gear Rapid Spin, two big gears that rotate vertically like a wheel of a car, instantly cooperate with the blue electric current that wraps themselves, creating a small electromagnetic storm! !

bang!! !

The next second, two mini electromagnetic storms formed and were thrown at sky by Magnezon.

The real man never looked up at Ability. With the loud bang of “peng”, the blue thunder sea was all over the sky. At this time, Magnezon had already controlled the two big gears to fly out.

Rapidly spinning the big gear of Flying, at this time contains the terrifying electromagnetic cutting ability. The moment it passes through the Ground, the ground is cut open at once. Two deep traces indicate the terrifying power of this move.


Magnezon was pleasantly surprised.

There is no discomfort at all, on the contrary, the strength has become stronger.

The big gear has not become a burden, but has become his strongest weapon.

It feels that using this for “super-electromagnetic guns” or setting off “electromagnetic storms” is much better than the effect of directly making them.

The cutting ability of “Iron Sand Whip” is probably not as strong as the cutting ability of two large gears.

“eivui!!!” “Boooo!!!” “Foooo!!!” “Wooah!!!”

Magnezon’s operation directly stunned Eevee and Infernape.

This also works? ?

Magnezon and two Klinks combined, it is abnormal enough.

Now it’s replaced by two Klangs, which is invincible.

“This.” Fang Yuan didn’t know how to express his mood at this time.

If you say that Magnezon before, there may be a trace of copying from Trainer after hard work, but now, Magnezon, whose soul and heart are in a state of symbiosis, is completely unique.

He Fang Yuan, created a new variety of Pokemon.

Pokemon name: Magnezon.

“Wang Woo!!!” At this time, Lycanroc congratulated Klink first, then lifts the head, hesitated, then this toddler group competition, does it still participate? ?

The two Klangs who master the blue lightning are not sure which one will win.

Although its attack is very fierce and wild, but Klang…

It seems to fly Ahhhh!!!

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