Pokemon Masters Chapter 872


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Magnezon is like a toy, played with Fang Yuan.


The new Pokemon race appears, so it is natural to study it carefully.

“Shocked Eevee all year!!”

Researching, a major event has come out.

As Rotom speculated, Fang Yuan found something very interesting.

On the screws on both sides of the body, there are four small gears that bite and rotate, two Magnets in the center of Levitate, and Magneson, which resembles the normal gears of a chainsaw, is recognized as a Pokemon by Poké Ball! !

Three Pokemon, you can really enter a Poké Ball! !

Fang Yuan fell into deep thought after putting Magnezon into the Poké Ball of Magnezon.

Eevee They are also lost in thought.

It really works…

Fortunately, this situation is not unavailable in nature. Otherwise, Fang Yuan and the others will definitely be more shocked.

Pouch Dragon, there is its child in the nursery bag in front of the belly, and they can be put into the same Poké Ball.

However, due to the special situation of the sacred dragon, the big sacred dragon and the small sacred dragon have a relative race relationship, which can be used as an example.

However, Pokemon like Slowbro is absolutely the same as Magnezon’s current situation.

Slowbro is also evolved from the combination of two different Pokemon, and if the big tongue shell on Slowbro’s tail falls off, it will change back to Slowpoke, which is obviously two Pokemon, but they can still be installed in the same A Poké Ball.

I have to say, this phenomenon is very interesting…

In the rules of the game, it is recognized that this kind of Pokemon that can fit into the same Poké Ball is regarded as a “single individual”.

In other words, the current Magnezon can play in 1VS1.

This wave is completely epic enhancement.

Of course, two Klangs still have their own ideas, and they can still become two separate individuals.

Their magical symbiosis state should be caused by the application of the soul-heart model to maturity.

“It’s not a bad thing anyway.”

“Hey…If there is a big game, if I release Magnezon from a Poké Ball, I don’t know what Rival will look like.”

“By the way, the Guardian God battle a few years later will allow Magneson to slaughter the gods alone.”

Fang Yuan smiled, just to be a man.

Let them know that the essence of team battles is not a combination at all, but “fusion into individuals.”

After releasing Magnezon from Poké Ball again, Fang Yuan looked towards Eevee, Infernape, Dragonite, Milotic who were meditating next to him.

“This Fang Yuan Conference I want to hold the main group and young children separately, focusing on individual battles… But the current situation… Do you think Magnezon can count as each and everyone body?”

Although it is difficult to count from Pokemon’s point of view, it is counted from the trainer’s rules of combat.

Eevee, they all know this.

But, might they make Magnezon open up?

Hearing Fang Yuan’s question, Eevee, Infernape, Milotic, and Dragonite suddenly had a bad feeling and shook their heads.

The head shaking is like a rattle.

Count a Venonat! !

Three Pokemon, how can they count as one?

If you forget, how do they fight.

The Appointment is too obvious! !

“Since you all have the final say, then this time Magnezon should be each and everyone participating in the main team battle.” Fang Yuan said gently.

Eevee, Infernape, Dragonite, Milotic:? ? ? ?

We suspect you have a problem with your ears.

◡ヽ(`Д´)ノ┻━┻, don’t pretend you don’t understand! ! !


On the side, Magneson heard Fang Yuan’s decision, and raised two gears in agreement! !

It doesn’t matter whether it’s fair or not.

It’s been a long time since I won the Fang Yuan Conference Champion…



Magnezon shamelessly agreed and let Eevee look towards it.

What is your morals.

This… I really plan to count Magneson as each and everyone participating in the main team of the Fang Yuan Conference. Eevee and Infernape, who are hoping to win the championship, both showed distressed expressions.

Step back…the more I think, the more angry.

“eivui eivui!!!” Eevee made a quick gesture, no, it’s still unfair.

The soul heart is too cheating, it also has to Rotom cultivation soul heart with the mobile phone! !

In this way, it can enter a Poké Ball with Rotom, and then play games and chase dramas in the Poké Ball.


Infernape also said to cultivation the soul, so that it can count each and everyone with Ditto.

At that time, I opened five doors at random and defeated Guardian God, singled out invincible.

Forcibly opening six doors and suppressing Darkrai is not a dream at all.

“Climb, soul and heart only applies to steel Pokemon.” Fang Yuan sighed.

The mobile phone Rotom sighed at the back, not to mention these unrealistic ideas.

Jing let Darkrai, Mew and Victini watch jokes.

You learn Dragonite and Milotic, and see how stable they are this time… Huh…? ?

“Boom…Boom…” On the side, Dragonite’s body flushed red.

It wants to say: I also want to cultivate my soul with Milotic, and then enter a Poké Ball.

However, seeing Milotic’s menacing gaze, the remaining Dragonite “Woo” didn’t come out for a long time.

Darkrai, Mew, Victini: (◔‸◔)?

Luo Ke: Ծ‸Ծ

Mobile phone Rotom, Fang Yuan: “…………”

I suspect that you guys are doing Yellow.


A few days later.

The 6th Fang Yuan Conference ended.

It’s been more than half a year since the last Fang Yuan Conference, and it’s time for the sixth Fang Yuan Conference to be held.

Although there is no Venusaur this time, Lycanroc can participate, and it can still be divided into two groups.

The battle between the main group and the infant group…this time can be said to be extremely fierce.

On the main team side, it is no accident that Magnezon won the championship.

Secondly, Infernape is second, Eevee is third, Milotic is fourth, Dragonite is fifth, and Gluttony is sixth.

Of course, this is the final result of Fang Yuan without using Mega Evolution, Z-Move, and Heart Intent.

This time Fang Yuan Conference, because Victini served as a medical staff, so that every Pokemon can fight with the most abundant Performance in every game, so Infernape can be considered a big advantage.

With Fire of Life charging up, it has the largest increase, and you can open four or five doors with confidence.

Otherwise, under normal circumstances, after an outbreak, it will inevitably have to lie down and play against such high Integral Points impossible.

At present, Infernape, in cooperation with Fire of Life, can completely open the fifth door alone, possessing quasi-Guardian God-level combat power.

However, since it was not turned on with Ditto, it is still a bit unstable and cannot reach the Guardian God level normally.

So, in the face of Magneson, who was more stable and familiar with his fighting style, and whose strength was also quasi-Guardian God level, Infernape eventually lost.

On the Gluttony side, due to the inability to use Mega Evolution, the normal strength can no longer keep up with Milotic and Dragonite, who have just used the two legendary resources, and are at the bottom.

This made Gluttony cry and wanted a legendary resource to play around.

Finally…Eevee has the Mew gene, Magnezon has the soul and heart, Infernape has the Fire of Life, Milotic has the Sea of ​​Origin, Dragonite has the Silver Wing… it, although Mega Evolution is also very difficult to deal with, But without Fang Yuan, it can’t use it by itself wu wu wu.

Fang Yuan naturally agreed to Gluttony’s request.

This is all trivial.

Because of the Mega Evolution stone detection device, Alliance still owes itself two legendary resources. When the time comes, pick and choose if there is one suitable for Gluttony.

This is the toddler group.

In the end, Ditto won the championship, followed by Klang evenly matched plus and minus, then Lycanroc ranked fourth, followed by the mobile phone Rotom at the bottom.

The final result makes Lycanroc happy for a long time…

Fortunately, Rotom is also participating, otherwise it would be really dangerous.

Of course, Rotom, who is at the bottom, is also very dissatisfied. The normal use of Rotom electrical appliances for battle is still too restrictive. It said that it will study stronger robot carriers.

After a trial, Fang Yuan almost summed up the current Pokemon strength status, so he arranged new training goals for them.

And he himself, began to sink his heart and continued to forge cones.

At the same time, I set a flag for myself:

“For two months, if the special Poké Ball can’t be produced within two months, first go to conquer only the 3D dragon research teleportation system.”

Fang Yuan made the decision that the 3D dragon, the official translation of Porygon, is Pokemon that can freely survive in the network world. It is an indispensable part of the research on the Pokemon transmission system.

Furthermore, after being accepted, it is not only useful for doing research, Fang Yuan thinks it is equivalent to finding an assistant for Rotom.

Porygon, who copied, downloaded, and analyzed Characteristic Trait, has always been one of the best assistants for researchers.

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