Pokemon Masters Chapter 873


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Xingcheng, Hunan Province.

The National Defense University, which ranks alongside Capital City University, Shanghai University, and Pokemon Medical College, is located here.

The full name of the National Defense University is Pokemon University of Science and Technology for National Defense, and its main research direction is the combination of Pokemon and modern technology.

If Shanghai University and Imperial University are Trainer’s paradise, and Pokemon Medical College is Breeder and Pokemon Doctor’s Holy Land, then Pokemon University of Defense Technology is the field of researchers and scientists.

In fact, the same is true. The Pokemon researcher of China overwhelming majority Peak Level is not from Shanghai University and Emperor University, but from National University.

March 16th.

The winter vacation has passed, and major colleges and universities have been in school for a long time.

The Pokemon University of Science and Technology for National Defense is no exception. After the school starts, the lives of the students are as usual, full and interesting.

But today, the National University of China suddenly jumped up, and various leaders issued news one after another.

Because of the wind from above, a big leader will come over recently.

Of course, no matter how much the movement is, it will basically not affect anything. After all, this is not a third-rate university. In some cases, it needs to do face engineering and formalism, so most students don’t know what happened.

The reason for all this is that Fang Yuan’s special Poké Ball got stuck during the manufacturing process, so I needed to run out to change my mood.

He contacted the twelve snakes in charge of the Pokemon University of Science and Technology for National Defense. After clarifying the situation, he planned to take away a few 3D dragons from here for research.

In China, the Pokemon of 3D dragon is cultivated only in the breeding house of National University, and the number is extremely scarce. In order to choose the most suitable one, Fang Yuan came by himself.

Ralts Maid Cafe.

Fang Yuan and Eevee are sitting opposite each other. Eevee is savouring the moo milk, while Fang Yuan holds the coffee, the more bitter he drank.

Too difficult.

He spent half a month, and his coordination ability finally passed the test, successfully forging the inside of the cone into a network structure.

As a result, the 3rd process quickly got stuck.

The Slowpoke well water used for quenching was not found at all.

Fang Yuan used hundreds of water sources with different ingredients to conduct experiments, but it still didn’t work.

Although I knew that this step might get stuck, Fang Yuan didn’t expect it to get stuck so badly.

“Come slowly.” Fang Yuan drank the coffee in one mouthful.

Fang Yuan has no choice but to try one’s luck slowly.

Now, although the two-month deadline for Fang Yuan to set the flag has not yet come, it is only in the past month, but Fang Yuan can’t help but come first to the National University to conquer the 3D dragon.

He wants the Pokemon teleporter and the special Poké Ball to research simultaneously!


After checking in the internet celebrity cafe with three different styles of Pokemon, Ralts, Kirlia and Gardevoir, as a maid clerk, Fang Yuan covered his hat and left soon.

Although Eevee used the Illusion Technique to cover, Fang Yuan was afraid of being recognized.

However, it is estimated that no one would dare to publish “Shock! ! Twelve dogs came to this place! ! “News.

Don’t want your job anymore.

“Ah, the world is getting worse. I have received so many outstanding Psychic Type Pokemon from innate talents. If I didn’t go to fight hard, I even opened a maid cafe with Pokemon. Is there a mine at home.”

“eivui!!! (You are envy!!)” Eevee on Fang Yuan’s shoulder noticed the envy in Fang Yuan’s tone and couldn’t help saying.

“What is envious of this.” Fang Yuan snort disdainfully.

No pursuit!

“eivui…(Actually, we can also open one.)”

Fang Yuan: “Uh?”

“eivui! (Not a coffee shop, but an Eevee network club!)” Eevee’s eyes sparkled.

“…Isn’t it an Internet cafe???? Why don’t I let me open a video game city for you.”

“Maite.” Eevee Mimic Magnemite said.

“Forget it, it’s the appointed time, let’s go to the school first.”

Fang Yuan stopped arguing with Eevee. After taking out his cell phone to check the time, he slowly moved towards the National University Headquarters.


Since Fang Yuan greeted him in advance and didn’t want to be too high-profile, after Fang Yuan came this time, the National University also cooperated very well, just called a teacher and students to receive Fang Yuan.

The teacher who received Fang Yuan was a middle age person with a very kind appearance and weighing at least 250 kg in a white coat and glasses.

He is Breeder Zhao Qiuyuan, the researcher responsible for cultivating new 3D dragons at the National University.

The student next to him is a female student with glasses about the same age as Fang Yuan, petite and slender, like a doll, with dark brown hair and looks very quiet.

“Dr. Fang Yuan…” After seeing Fang Yuan, Zhao Qiuyuan quickly stepped forward and shook hands with Fang Yuan to say hello with his chubby hands.

My deed, it’s incredible, is this the living Dr. Fang Yuan?

Although she is young, she looks so oppression, and her eyes are like Mightyena who threatens Characteristic Trait.

Zhao Qiuyuan tensed all over, using his wonderful metaphor to express his feelings at the moment.

Although Zhao Qiuyuan also holds an important position here, it is completely incomparable compared with Fang Yuan in front of him.

These days, after hearing Fang Yuan’s name, he almost heard the cocoon coming in his ears. Fang Yuan’s many shining titles made him dizzy.

In contrast, his students are all spicy chicken! !

“Hello Professor Zhao.” Fang Yuan also extended the hand.

After the two shook hands to say hello, at this moment, the female student with glasses beside Professor Zhao suddenly opened the mouth and said:

“Fang Yuan Senior, do you remember me.”


Fang Yuan looked over, she was a very beautiful girl, but who was it? Do you know yourself? ?

Looking at the other person, it seems that you have met yourself? ?

Who is coming.

“Ha~~” When Fang Yuan was thinking quickly, Eevee on Fang Yuan’s shoulder had already remembered who the other party was, but had no plan to tell Fang Yuan, just hit Yawn on the shoulder.

Fang Yuan is so bad because of this memory! !

“You are…” After a few seconds, Fang Yuan, who couldn’t remember it, could only ask directly.

He can’t remember.

“Xia Xiaowei, I am also a student of Pingcheng No. 1 Middle School. I am a member of the psychology society like Senior. You also showed Fang Yuan Senior the analysis data graph of the Rookie League finals in Jiangsu Province that I simulated with a computer. .”

When Xia Xiaowei introduced herself, she was faintly sighed and knew that Fang Yuan had forgotten herself, but it was normal. Although Fang Yuan was the director of Pingcheng No. 1 Middle School psychology club, they had only met once.

“I remember, hello junior sister, your analysis chart is very good!!” Fang Yuan still didn’t remember.

But the other party has said so clearly, it doesn’t seem to be fake…

It’s not right. They say that Psychic people’s brains are very useful, so how come their memory is so bad.

is it possible that is to let Victini turn himself into a repercussions of “super new real Rookie”? ?

“Thank you Senior.” After being recognized by Fang Yuan, the fan girl Xia Xiaowei said in surprise.

“Ha~~~” On the side, Eevee continued to call Yawn. There is indeed such a person. It seems that the computer innate talent is also very good, so he can play computers in the club classroom every day, which makes him envious.

But today is different…it is now Eevee that can play five phones at the same time! ! It’s not that Eevee who can only be screamed by Fang Yuan’s experimental massage technique in the club classroom! !

“hehe…” Professor Zhao Qiuyuan naturally knew that Xia Xiaowei and Fang Yuan were from the same high school, so this was the reason why he called Xia Xiaowei, a student, to receive Fang Yuan together. It seemed that the two had a close relationship.

After this, maybe Xia Xiaowei can take Fang Yuan to visit the facilities of National University.

“Dr. Fang Yuan, shall we pick Pokemon first, or visit the school first?” Zhao Qiuyuan asked.

“Let’s take a look at Pokemon first.” Fang Yuan said.

He has been looking forward to 3D dragons for a long time.

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