Pokemon Masters Chapter 874


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The place where 3D dragons are raised at the Pokemon University of Defense Technology is very different from the breeding houses where other Pokemon are raised.

It is more like a high-tech machine room than a feeding house.

However, this environment is also normal. After all, Pokemon’s Growth environment needs to be close to the racial characteristics.

As a Pokemon living in the electronic space, the 3D dragon can only perform basic actions according to its program. Compared with other Pokemon, there are too many differences in breeding and breeding methods.

To put it simply, other Pokemon have more or less their own ideas, but 3D dragons do not have thinking, and are essentially similar to a virtual girlfriend software.

All actions, languages, and Move programs are all programmed data.

So this kind of Pokemon breed is very easy to raise, because they will not be disobedient and will not be emotional.

But similarly, Pokemon like 3D dragon is also very dull.

It cannot make actions and abilities that are not in the program. Compared with other Pokemon, as an artificial Pokemon, it only knows how to follow commands.

Of course, the 3D dragon is an artificial Pokemon. The Trainer on Earth doesn’t know it. They only know that the 3D dragon is special.

For a while, the academic circles even debated whether a 3D dragon can be regarded as a lifeform.

After all, other Pokemons have their own ideas more or less, but the newly born 3D dragons without action data are exactly like a grass or stone on the side of the road, just like a dead thing.

If it wasn’t for the 3D dragon to be able to interact with Ditto Soft Boiled, the Breeders might expel it from Pokemon…

In this situation, it was only a few years ago that a research team in the United States upgraded the data of 3D dragon and let it evolve into 3D dragon II.

With deep learning capabilities, and after being endowed with AI, 3D dragons have successfully evolved. This race really has some ideas of its own and is more like a life.

At that time, a 3D dragon named “Alpha” swept the Go world through its own deep learning ability, and even caused quite a sensation.

However, due to the threat theory of artificial intelligence, humans are still afraid to apply Pokemon, such as the 3D dragon, in important areas, nor do they dare to vigorously continue to develop such Pokemon capabilities.

After all, if the 3D dragon rebelliously occupied the network world, the consequences would be disastrous, so Pokemon such as 3D dragon, even some old Grandmaster Level Trainers, are not eligible to subdue it.

The threat that an ordinary 3D dragon can cause, if it falls into the hands of a caring person, may cause more damage than a Peak Level battle strength.

“I will summon them all.”

After entering this room, Professor Zhao Qiuyuan used a computer and entered several programs. In the Central Zone of the room, above the crystal screen installed on Ground, the white light flashed instantly, and a dozen 3D dragons with sluggish expressions appeared. .

The 3D dragon is also called Porygon. The whole body is made up of odd-shaped polygonal cubes, resembling a duck.

It is said that Slowpoke is the most dumb in Pokemon, but if you count the 3D dragons that do not incorporate too many expressions and action programs, the 3D dragon should be the dumbest…

“There are currently 14 newborn 3D dragons here, none of them more than a month old.”

“They are all larvae that have not loaded too complex program data, just like white paper.”

“If you move, you can only master Tackle and Conversion.”

“However, in order to strengthen the learning of innate talent, they have incorporated Alpha Go learning data, and they are currently using Go for Primary Rank training.”

“Don’t look at them like this, but when it comes to chess, I’m afraid no human player can beat them.”

Professor Zhao Qiuyuan said with a smile.

“Use Go to train learning ability?” Fang Yuan touched his chin and looked towards these 14 3D dragons.

“Has the level surpassed humans?”

“Yes.” Professor Zhao Qiuyuan was very confident.

The term artificial intelligence began to rise because of the emergence of 3D Dragon II. Even the mobile phone Rotom developed by Xie Qingyi was inspired by the 3D Dragon.

“Sounds interesting.”

“Can I challenge them to see?” Fang Yuan asked.


Fang Yuan said, Professor Zhao Qiuyuan and computer genius Xia Xiaowei were taken aback.

Does Pokemon play? Isn’t this bullying the 3D dragon?

No…could it be…Go? ?

“Try their Go ability.” Fang Yuan said.

“Of course, it is not me who is playing chess. I don’t have the ability to surpass artificial intelligence…”

“Is it a mobile phone Rotom?” Xia Xiaowei asked.

Fang Yuan has a powerful mobile phone, Rotom, which is well known.

There is no doubt that the 3D dragon’s chess ability loaded into the learning program surpasses normal humans.

Even the Pokemon who has learned Go, the Metagross and Alakazam, who have super computational power and IQ, cannot compare to such a 3D dragon.

But if it is a mobile phone Rotom, it is indeed possible to win, because the mobile phone possessed by Rotom can download mature Go software to cheat.

Whoever wins has a greater probability, depending on whose version is stronger.

At present, these 3D dragons have just started to learn. They have a very small probability and were defeated by the most Peak Level players of mankind. So if the mobile phone Rotom uses a more powerful artificial intelligence Go software, then maybe it is Rotom has a bigger win.

“It’s not Rotom, either.” However, Fang Yuan shook his head quickly.

Fang Yuan then glanced at Eevee who was wandering around the room, and used Confusion to pull it over.

Eevee, who was touching the wall of the huge Black display screen, was feeling whether watching a movie with this thing would be a pleasure, when he was suddenly mentioned by Fang Yuan’s Confusion.

Eevee: (# ̄~ ̄#)

“You come down.” Fang Yuan said to Eevee.


Eevee brows frowned lifted in the air by Fang Yuan’s Psychic.


This kind of boring game, it has long since stopped playing.

“You may not be able to beat them.” Fang Yuan opened the mouth and said.


Exciting generals? Low level!

“Let Eevee play chess?”

When Fang Yuan made the decision, Professor Zhao Qiuyuan and Xia Xiaowei were both stunned, and they also expressed doubts.

Fang Yuan doesn’t have cracking a joke.

Although Fang Yuan, the Eevee is very strong, the Eevee race, IQ and logical thinking and calculation ability are fundamentally inferior to a high school student who has studied systematically.

Most Pokemon’s IQ is equivalent to that of children. This is a recognized fact.

Only the rare Psychic Type Pokemon like Metagross and Alakazam, with higher abilities.

Let a “mortal body” Pokemon play chess with Pokemon, a program that has recorded nearly countless kinds of Go data, this…

“eivui??!” Fang Yuan was that’s all alone. Seeing that the other two dragons also looked towards him with suspicion, Eevee couldn’t bear it.

Go down.

a trifling Alpha Go…

“eivui!!!” Eevee nodded.

Fang Yuan wants to see, Eevee also wants to play, Professor Zhao Qiuyuan naturally has no objection.

Having doubts, he soon turned on a computer and let a 3D dragon enter it, turning it into a Go program.

And Eevee climbed onto the keyboard, touched the mouse, and stared at the screen full of energy.

Although he said that he didn’t want to play, when he touched the computer, it was still very honest.

“It should be lost soon.” “And it will be miserable.” Looking at the enthusiastic Eevee, Zhao Qiuyuan and Xia Xiaowei thought.

“haha…leave it alone, it’s estimated that this game will take a long time.” Fang Yuan laughed.

The idea of ​​playing chess is Fang Yuan found to pass the time. Next, he will use this time to observe the innate talent of each 3D dragon.

Then choose which one to pick.

“Professor Zhao, should it be okay to feed these 3D dragons with some food?” Fang Yuan asked.

“No problem…” Professor Zhao said.

The 3D dragon is completely made by humans, so it does not need to eat, but it can still feed it Berry, electricity, juice, and food.

From these foods, 3D dragons can also take in nutrients normally.

This is also another way for 3D dragons to become stronger in addition to data upgrades. However, the efficiency is much lower than that of data upgrades. First of all, the digestibility of 3D dragons is one of the very best.

“Then there is no problem.” Fang Yuan shouted: “Gluttony.”

Fang Yuan’s words fell, and his shadow suddenly extended and turned into a Gengar, which scared Professor Zhao and Xia Xiaowei.

However, this time Gengar is just Fang Yuan’s space backpack.

After calling out Gengar, Fang Yuan directly took out a fresh-keeping box containing more than a dozen Awakening Fruits from its stomach.

“This is the fruit of awakening, which allows the Pokemon probability that I eat to learn Hidden Power… I plan to use this to test the innate talents of these 3D dragons. I heard that their digestive ability is slower? I don’t know for 2, 3 hours. Can you digest…”

Fang Yuan held the Awakening Fruit, and said in thought.

“In my guess, 3D dragons are also promising to learn Hidden Power. Is it possible to learn new capabilities by means other than data upgrades.”


Professor Zhao, Xia Xiaowei:…………


It deserves to be Awakening Elite.

The method of selecting Pokemon and testing innate talent is so proud…

The current price of Awakening Fruit is sky-high! ! !

It’s just that, take the Awakening Fruit to the 3D dragon to eat…It seems that there is no precedent, there will be no problems, right? ? !

Professor Zhao and classmate Xia are trembling in fear.

About two hours later.

Although the time for Eevee to think about (Future Sight) has become longer, but on the 3D dragon side, the chess of each step has also begun to take a lot of time to deduct.

Two hours after the game, Eevee let the 3D Dragon’s unexpected move directly trigger the 3D Dragon’s BUG, ​​causing its data to be confused.

Next, the 3D Dragon played its longest game.

At this point, everyone can see that the 3D dragon is at a disadvantage.

Following the countdown, Professor Zhao and Classmate Xia couldn’t help but swallow wildly.

What a joke! ! !

Drop! !

Black chess surrendered! !

[Evaluation of the Bureau] 3D Dragon: #¥#@¥@%¥@#

Eevee: “eivui!!!”

Eevee won with a headache, so it doesn’t like to play chess with artificial intelligence. It is too difficult to win one.

Fortunately, this guy is not strong.

Finally foreseeing where the opponent’s loopholes were, Eevee decisively won the victory.

It’s a pity that Victini didn’t follow, otherwise this game of chess would make him have a full meal.

Eevee rubbed his head vigorously.

“This, this, this…”

Aside, Professor Zhao looked at Eevee who was rubbing his head, with a shocked expression, looked towards Fang Yuan.

He wanted to ask some questions, but he didn’t know where to start.

This Eevee, how exactly is this breed of Ahhhh! !

Xia Xiaowei also has a horrified expression. An Eevee can beat the Alpha 3D Dragon on Go… It’s too outrageous.

She would rather believe that Eevee can single out Legendary Pokémon.

“Leave this alone.”

“There is a 3D dragon, which seems to have awakened Hidden Power!!” Fang Yuan’s gaze was already attracted by the other side.

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