Pokemon Masters Chapter 875


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The first 3D dragon that successfully digested the fruit of Awakening and awakened Hidden Power Move. The Attribute of Awakening is electricity.

At this moment, this ugly 3D dragon, full of golden currents, looks very special among a group of 3D dragons.

Fang Yuan, Professor Zhao, and Classmate Xia looked over and observed carefully.

“You can really wake up.” Fang Yuan was startled.

Before feeding the 3D dragon to the Awakening Fruit, Fang Yuan was still wondering whether the Awakening Fruit is useful for Pokemon like 3D Dragon.

Now, Fang Yuan has no such doubts.

He admitted that he had a gamble…but he won.

I am indeed the Trainer chosen by Victini.

Electric Attribute, this awakening Attribute was expected by Fang Yuan. As a Pokemon living in the network world, it’s not normal to awaken an electric and so on.

“That one has also awakened.”

Suddenly, Xia Xiaowei accidentally discovered a 3D dragon with a faint blue fluorescence all over his body, reminding him.

“It’s Psywave movement, it seems to have awakened Psychic Type.” Fang Yuan said.

This batch of 3D dragon innate talents is surprisingly good. Either electricity or Psychic, and attributes are all suitable for research.

“There is another one.” Professor Zhao said.

In a short while, ten minutes later, among the 13 3D dragons, several more successfully awakened Attribute one after another.

The awakened Attribute still hasn’t broken away from the two lines of electricity and Psychic.

Three Awakening Powers and Three Awakening Super, which are pretty average…

However, although the awakening Attribute is the same, the strength of the awakening power of different individuals, and the strength of power control during awakening, are not the same as Mikey.

This is a good reference standard.

As for the remaining 7 3D dragons, after waiting for another 5 minutes, there is still no movement. It seems that there is no awakening innate talent.

“There are six in total.” Seeing Fang Yuan finally used the Awakening Fruit to simply divide the innate talent of this group of 3D dragons. While feeling that Fang Yuan is a local tyrant, Professor Zhao was curious that Fang Yuan would bring Which Pokemon to go.

Should I take all 6 of them?

Fang Yuan did not say that he would only pick one.

I invested in Awakening Fruit, and it was normal to take 6 of them.

Of course, even if Fang Yuan takes away all the 3D dragons present, Professor Zhao does not matter, because Fang Yuan must take the 3D dragons to the major event!

It can definitely maximize the value of 3D dragons.

At this time, Fang Yuan is indeed thinking about taking away a few…

For research on the Pokemon teleportation system, one is fine, and it doesn’t matter how many.

However, what is currently embarrassing for Fang Yuan is that even after awakening Attribute and showing good innate talent, these six 3D dragons still don’t give him an amazing feeling.

These few can not make him, the messenger of Aura, feel his heart.

Although it was just for an additional research assistant and not the main force of the team, Fang Yuan still believed in the throbbing of “love at first sight”.

If you can find a Pokemon that both parties can see, why should you pick Pokemon?

For example, when he first met Magnemite, Chimchar, Guisi, Feebas, Dragonite, Fang Yuan was looking forward to them, and both sides could resonate in their hearts.

But right now, these 3D dragons did not give him this feeling.

Is it because these 3D dragons are too dumb…I didn’t feel the mood swings aaahhhh at all.

It’s just like an emperor originally wanted to choose a concubine, but a row of inflatable dolls appeared.

But there is no way…The 3D dragon race is like this, and Fang Yuan can’t tolerate it.

“eivui!!!” Just when Fang Yuan wondered whether he should pick a Psychic-awakened 3D dragon to train and pursue “familiarity breeds fondness”, Eevee suddenly shouted.

“eivui eivui ~~”

It pointed to a 3D dragon with a sluggish expression in front of a computer, indicating that Fang Yuan had forgotten one.

The 3D dragon that was playing chess with it just now hasn’t eaten the Awakening Fruit yet.

“It seems to be.” Fang Yuan looked over.

Since this 3D dragon first entered the computer and played chess with Eevee, it did not eat the Awakening Fruit with other 3D dragons, so it was forgotten… but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Because the 3D dragon race is almost like this, the awakening power, Psychic, should be the best awakening Attribute.

However, Eevee reminded that Fang Yuan insisted on not favoring one another, and threw another awakening fruit to Eevee, asking Eevee to give it to the 3D dragon who played chess with it.

It’s just a gift. Fang Yuan has decided to pick the 3D dragon with the strongest Psychic awakening. He has no plans to wait another 2 hours to check the awakening results of this 3D dragon.

“Then, I will choose this…” Fang Yuan finally used Aura to check the condition of several 3D dragons, slowly raised his hand and pointed at a certain 3D dragon, but suddenly, the other side of the mutation suddenly appeared. .

Thorn it! zi zi! hu hu!!

The Go 3D dragon that just came out of the computer and was sent by Fang Yuan with the Awakening Fruit, and was slow to eat, unexpectedly, the body reacted in a very short time.

Eevee who was next to him was shocked by the sudden electric current, flame, and frost from his body.

Eevee :(•̀⌓•́)シ

“eivui!!!” Eevee took a small step back, staring blankly at the guy who had just played chess with him.

What’s the situation?

Not only Eevee is at a loss, but Fang Yuan, Professor Zhao, and Classmate Xia who turned around are also at a loss.

This is…

Does this 3D dragon digest so fast?

It takes 2 hours for other 3D dragons to digest the awakening fruit. Is this 3D dragon digested instantly?


What’s the matter with this awakening Attribute.

“Can Hidden Power awaken 3 Attributes at the same time?”

Fang Yuan looked at this unfathomable mystery with a question mark above his head, and he understood the special triangle attack Ability, and at the same time mastered the 3D dragon of lightning, flame, and power of Ice Thunder, and said to himself.

“Probably…?” Professor Zhao muttered, not knowing what was going on.

The digestive system of 3D dragons is notoriously poor, not to mention that these 3D dragons have just been born.

“Is there anything special about this 3D dragon…” Xia Xiaowei also stared at the 3D dragon surrounded by three Attribute energies, quite puzzled.

3D Dragon can indeed master the power of these three attributes, but it needs to load a complex data program.

But now, it can be done instantly with a single fruit… incredible.

“This 3D dragon was possessed by a virus Trojan when it entered the computer, or was it caused by a bug caused by Eevee just now, which caused a gene breakthrough.” Fang Yuan muttered.

Although it looks very special, a research-type Pokemon, you can awaken a fire, electricity, and ice with wool.


However, when Fang Yuan was complaining, the 3D dragon suddenly turned his head and looked towards Fang Yuan.

There was a hint of agility in the original dull gaze.

For an instant, Fang Yuan had the illusion that he successfully used the Heart Intent to feel the other person’s mood!

That mood is like saying: son of a bitch, you are the mutated gene.

This moment seemed like an illusion, but it didn’t look like an illusion…

He looked towards Eevee, and Eevee also scratched his head with his claw pads, indicating that he didn’t know.

“Is it possible for the 3D dragon to have actions and abilities that are not in the program.” Fang Yuan asked, still staring at the 3D dragon.

“Well, there is no precedent. Normal only has a sense of autonomy after downloading the artificial intelligence program and carrying the 3D dragon evolution model with AI.” Professor Zhao truthfully replied.

“The in-depth learning system of Go is just an immature learning program, and it is not enough to make the 3D dragon have self-awareness.” Xia Xiaowei also said.

Neither of them noticed the instant change that the 3D dragon had just made.

No…Even if it is a 3D dragon, it should be possible to generate consciousness.

For example, if there is an error in the program, the wrong growth is produced, and the situation is stimulated by external forces…maybe you can have a sense of autonomy before evolution.

Fang Yuan is quite sure of his guess, because the 3D dragon who had just played chess with Eevee and was used by Eevee to use Future Sight to make a BUG which caused the data to confuse the 3D dragon, indeed has self-emotion.

He firmly believes that he feels right.

This surprises Fang Yuan.

He likes this kind of problem Pokemon.

This Pokemon, 80% is because of Eevee’s series of Go games that caused it to have data errors, and was out of spiritual wisdom.

Using a simple Go learning system, you can generate a response comparable to that of other 3D Dragon II that uses Top Rank AI to evolve. This 3D dragon, innate talent is rare.

You are not normal!

“That’s it.”

Fang Yuan originally wanted to choose a 3D dragon that had awakened Psychic Type, but in the end, he changed his mind because of this 3D dragon that had a sense of autonomy soon after it was born.

With autonomous consciousness, this is like a life.

I am not normal.

So we are very good.

“Want this one?” Professor Lin was taken aback.

Indeed, although this 3D dragon didn’t know what happened, even he was very puzzled about the particularity it showed.

Fang Yuan, a genius researcher, is forgiven for his interest in this 3D dragon.

“En.” Fang Yuan clicked nodded, looked towards the 3D dragon that had recovered its sluggish expression, and said: “It’s good.”

“I think it likes me and Eevee very much.”

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