Pokemon Masters Chapter 876


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Eevee estimates that this 3D dragon likes Fang Yuan and its probability is not great.

However, this 3D dragon with an inconspicuous sense of autonomy, faced with Fang Yuan, the Grandmaster, who could not refute anything.

What Fang Yuan said, it can only default to something.

At this time, even though Fang Yuan has confiscated the 3D dragon, Eevee has already started to have sex.

Eevee feels that the 3D dragon may be more suitable for him than the mobile phone Rotom.

Because the capabilities of the 3D dragon all depend on the program that Trainer edits for it.

In addition to fighting Move, it also has countless talents that all kinds of strange things can display on the Internet.

This is very difficult to deal with.

If a series of programs such as “perspective ability”, “wall-through function”, “full picture spike”, “unlimited coupons” and “invincible” are written into the 3D dragon body, then the 3D dragon can basically cooperate with Trainer in the game Slaughter all sides.

The premise… is that the 3D dragon will not be killed by the game company’s detection system.

However, Eevee doesn’t bother to use this kind of plug-in. On the contrary, it is very Rage to cheating players.

Jealous like hatred!

Eevee is still puzzled even if it is Assist Rotom’s permission and contacting the game company to ban the opponent permanently…

But if there is a 3D dragon, it can hit the opposite side along the network cable! !

This is the most amazing thing about 3D dragons.

“This is illegal…”

Fang Yuan interrupted Eevee, who was watching the 3D dragon in a state of brain replenishment, and said silently.

“eivui…” Eevee sighed, yes.

Don’t worry about the 3D dragon… Let Rotom train it.

Fang Yuan continued to sigh.

The 3D dragon cannot be approached casually to Eevee!

Although Eevee still knows the importance, Fang Yuan is still more worried.

The combination of 3D dragon + Eevee + Rotom + Luo Ke, even if they create a Digimon world for Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan is not surprised.

Huh… Digimon?


“Dr. Fang Yuan, this is the Poké Ball of this 3D dragon.”

Fang Yuan chose the 3D dragon queen, Professor Zhao found a red and white ball in the room and gave it to Fang Yuan.

“Thank you.”

Fang Yuan thanked him after receiving the red and white ball, and then looked towards the 3D dragon with a dull expression.


Although I want to communicate with the 3D dragon and then conquer each other, the 3D dragon doesn’t seem to be able to talk to people.

Fang Yuan touched his nose. After he was accepted, he had to quickly let Rotom program the 3D dragon into the expression system and the Growl system!

Otherwise, it’s like this, it’s stunned than Slowpoke and Psyduck.

“And this, Dr. Fang Yuan, this is all Up-Grade of 3D Dragon.”

In addition to Poké Ball, Professor Zhao also gave Fang Yuan a small box containing the data Microchip.

Fang Yuan’s facial expressions, Growl, combat system, and the AI ​​system needed for 3D dragon evolution, as well as all the Moves that the 3D dragon, an artificial Pokemon can learn, are recorded in this Microchip.

Trainer can load different programs to train 3D dragons according to their preferences.

The rarity of this copy of Microchip can be said to completely surpass a quasi god.

Almost equivalent to a combination of dozens of mature Rare Moves plus top grade evolution stones.

With it, the process of Fang Yuan breed 3D dragon is relatively simple.

“Thank you.” Fang Yuan accepted Up-Grade again.

Unfortunately, there is only Up-Grade.

Currently, the 3D dragons on Earth can only evolve to 3D Dragon II.

The evolutionary form of 3D Dragon II, 3D Dragon Z, has not been studied yet.

Fang Yuan probably understands the evolutionary history of 3D dragons in Pokemon world.

3D Dragon II is a 3D dragon evolved form Pokemon World to develop planets. Of course, there is no doubt that this planetary development plan has failed.

3D Dragon Z is an evolutionary form that has updated its program to allow 3D dragons to move freely in different dimensions.

Of course, the result is still a failure. After the 3D dragon finally evolved, it still couldn’t travel through the space at will.

This ability to move freely in different dimensions is different from Move such as Teleport and Ally Switch.

On the contrary, it is similar to the space shuttle ability of Opelucid and Charon Dragon, which involves the realm of God, so it is normal for human research to fail.

However, although the research has failed, the 3D Dragon Z has indeed evolved more powerfully.

So, this is a research idea. Following this direction, maybe Fang Yuan can evolve 3D Dragon II again in the future.

If you don’t evolve in the direction of the original work, the 3D dragon may continue to evolve, but what it will evolve into is not what Fang Yuan can predict.

“Professor Fang, it’s almost noon, do you want to have a meal?”

At this moment, Professor Zhao suddenly suggested.

“No, Professor Zhao, is there a free training ground here, which is a little cleaner.” Fang Yuan refused the invitation to eat. At this time, he wanted to wake up Rotom and study the 3D dragon together instead of eating.

“Uh, this…Yes.” Professor Zhao quickly nodded.


Soon, Professor Zhao prepared an exclusive training ground for Fang Yuan.

Since Fang Yuan wanted to be cleaned, he and Xia Xiaowei both came out, leaving Fang Yuan alone.

After coming out, Professor Zhao said to Xia Xiaowei: “It seems that Professor Fang doesn’t plan to have lunch anymore. You can eat it first. Then in the afternoon, see if Professor Fang has other arrangements and needs. If not, you can bring it. He walked around the campus.”

“Okay.” Xia Xiaowei was nodded again and again, but did not choose to go to eat first, but directly in the vicinity took out his phone and started playing, waiting for Fang Yuan.

I haven’t taken a photo with Eevee and Infernape yet… I don’t want to go to dinner…! !

At this time.

In the training ground.

Fang Yuan also took out his mobile phone Rotom, which is under research status.

After pressing the power button, the mobile phone Rotom in the research state instantly lights up, and Levitate is in the air.

“Have you been to the Pokemon University of Science and Technology for National Defense, Rotto…” Rotom said blankly as if he had just woke up.

“Not only has it arrived, but the 3D dragons are over.” Fang Yuan said.

“Uh…Eaaaah Rotto!!!”

Rotom: (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`), why don’t you call me out earlier and let me choose along with me.

Fang Yuan said: “Don’t worry, trust our vision, my choice has never been missed!!”

“eivui…” Fang Yuan’s feet, Eevee sighed, the choice this time is not only that there is no error, but it is completely due to a BUG and a data error.

The origin of this 3D dragon is more casual than Infernape.

Fang Yuan didn’t talk too much nonsense, and directly released the 3D dragon.

Not only computers, but 3D dragons can also enter mobile phones, but it can enter any electronic space.

In other words, the current 3D dragon can be incorporated into a mobile phone…and Rotom uses the same body.

Now, not only Fang Yuan’s battle group Pokemon can be combined, even the research group’s Pokemon can be combined…

Fang Yuan himself is wondering…

“From today, you will be my assistant, Rotto~!!!” At this time, seeing the 3D dragon with a sluggish expression, Rotom said with joy.

3D dragon: ⊙_⊙

“You can call me Rotom Professor.”

3D dragon: ⊙_⊙


3D dragon: ⊙_⊙

“eivui!!!” Eevee couldn’t stand it anymore.

Fang Yuan can’t stand it anymore and said: “Don’t worry, it has just been born, and the Growl program has not been downloaded yet.”

“This is Up-Grade, you first download an emoticon and language system for it.”

For Pokemon like 3D dragon, Fang Yuan did enough homework before coming here.

The most important thing at the moment is not to download Move to the 3D dragon. The 3D dragon receives too slowly, but to download emoticons and Growl to make it more like a Pokemon!

“Is that right, Rotto…” Rotom was taken aback and took the Up-Grade handed by Fang Yuan, and first connected the data to his body.

Soon, Rotom saw the densely packed data program.

From Growl, to action, to Move, there are.

Next, I want to download a certain program to the 3D Dragon, just let the 3D Dragon connect to the phone.

With Rotom control, it is easier to download programs to 3D Dragon than a computer program.

“Then… come in, Rotto…” After scanning the program, Rotom looked towards the 3D dragon.

3D dragon: ⊙_⊙


3D dragon.

Attribute: Normal.

Characteristic Trait: Analysis (analysis of Rival’s operational weaknesses to improve the effect of their Move and increase their computing power).

Move: Tackle, Conversion (It can change its own Attribute to one of the recorded Attributes).

After storing the 3D dragon in the learning app, the mobile phone Rotom detected the 3D dragon’s body data.

I have to say that Pokemon, a 3D dragon that can survive in electronic space, is so popular with Rotom.

Check the 3D dragon data, Rotom doesn’t need to be as troublesome as updating Eevee’s power data.

The only thing that is not so good is that when the 3D dragon shares a mobile body with it, the space is a bit crowded.

However, there is no way… The mobile phone Rotom does not reject the 3D dragon, because if the 3D dragon downloads the corresponding research program and cooperates with it, its research ability should theoretically make a qualitative leap.

Moreover, now Rotom has also found a way to make 3D dragons lovable.

It intends to make the sound system of the 3D dragon sound better, so that you will be more happy when you work together.

Like an otaku, renting with a beautiful girl is always more happy than renting with a muscle man.


Rotom’s aesthetic for sound is obviously based on his own race.

As soon as Rotom adjusted the sound, Fang Yuan said: “What a broken sound?”

“I think the ‘Ga’ just now is not bad.”

Rotom:? ? ? ?

You are a duck! Farfetch’d Growl! !

“eivui!!! (I think eivui’s Growl is good!!)” Eevee also said.

eivui eivui eivui, cute and loveable.

Apparently they don’t like the Growl system set up by Rotom.

Rotom: #¥%#@%#¥

3D Dragon: ⊙_⊙Ka!

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