Pokemon Masters Chapter 877


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Pokemon University of Science and Technology for National Defense.

A certain training ground.

Rotom is using its 5G network to download and install various programs for 3D Dragon.

During this period, Eevee climbed onto Fang Yuan’s shoulders and continued to extend the palm of his hand to massage Fang Yuan’s shoulders.

“eivui~(Lend me the 3D dragon for a month, OK?)”

Eevee suddenly thought of an interesting thing.

With the cooperation of 3D dragon and mobile phone Rotom, it seems to be able to develop games and make animations independently!

Make your favorite short stories into animations, and turn your favorite animations into games…

That should be sour and refreshing.

“eivui! (I don’t want Eevee Special Forces! I want my own game production company, animation production company!)”

“Are you not satisfied with just playing games and watching anime…”

Fang Yuan has a black line.

Rotom, an important contributor to the third Trainer wave! Pokemon world The most expert human intelligence crystal 3D dragon! ! It’s not for making games and animations for you! !

“You should form the Eevee special team.”

“When I have time, I will go to the Guardian Gods and ask for a normal version of Jiucai Sublimation Gathering at Z-Crystal.”

“Doing things like games and animation sounds very unsatisfactory.”

“Training too much training time, but we still have the task of saving the world.”

Eevee: ◕‿◕..#


Eevee: ✪ω✪

“You can prove that you will not delay training, I think about it, when you can single out Infernape, I will promise you.”

“Look how hard Infernape works, you have to learn from it!”


Eevee :ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

How can this be done.

This is not fair at all.

There is Fire of Life treatment during the Infernape battle. After the battle, there are Milotic and Victini treatments. You can explode without any reservation. Don’t worry about the forced outbreak of repercussions. It’s cheating! !

Even now, the madman in the single challenge fight dares to open the five-door battle alone, and the self-mutilation outbreak has long been no threat to it. How to fight this single challenge.

In other words, Fang Yuan requires it to have Guardian God-level comprehensive strength in heads-ups… Only this can win Infernape steadily.

And now, Eevee’s comprehensive strength, without Z-Move, can only barely defeat some ordinary races Pokemon that reach the Peak Level limit if the combined power of the two forms is counted.

It’s still too difficult to fight Infernape.

“Find a solution by yourself!!”

“It doesn’t matter if you work hard, develop a new Certain Kill Skill, or ask Mew, I sent you the main task anyway.”

“As long as you can do it, I will find a dozen Rotoms and 3D dragons for you to establish a game animation production company.”

Fang Yuan is serious.

A dozen…

That means that a high-quality animation may come out very quickly.

The same is true for games, one small update a day, and a big version three days…

Eevee’s eyes lit up suddenly.

ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノ, OK, let’s try.

Fang Yuan hehe smiled when Eevee got motivated again.

To be honest, Fang Yuan also found it difficult, but it was time to cure Eevee.

If we say that before fortuitous encounter, according to ordinary Pokemon standards, the Pokemon with the highest innate talent in Fang Yuan’s team is Dragonite.

Then count the fortuitous encounter, Eevee with the Mew gene, the integrated innate talent is undoubtedly the strongest.

Of course, Darkrai and Victini are definitely not included…

They have their own legend templates when they are born.

In short, Eevee has such an innate talent, and the development level of innate talent is a little lower than that of Infernape.

Take advantage of the emergence of Eevee’s new interest, just to motivate it.

As for whether Eevee will actually start a game animation production company…

Fang Yuan is very calm.

Anyway, he had the idea to set up a game animation production company in the Hoenn Group…to promote the third Trainer wave. In addition to major research such as Mega Evolution and Pokéblock, the direction of entertainment culture must also be involved.

Game animation has always been one of the main factors that attract young people to become Trainers.

When the time comes, after spending money to set up a studio, just give Eevee a permission to do some games and animations.

It will not delay Eevee’s time, but also satisfy his idea of ​​making games and animations.



“Rotom, what is the 3D dragon’s awakening Attribute?”

After a moment.

Rotom is almost finished upgrading the 3D dragon.

I downloaded the emoticon program and Growl program and some basic command behavior programs.

In addition to the expression of “⊙_⊙”, now 3D dragons can also do things such as:

“(╬ ̄車 ̄)” “(╥╯^╰╥)” such an expression.

These are relatively simple programs, so the 3D dragon will be able to use it freely soon.

As for learning the Unique Ability, the program that evolves into artificial intelligence may take a long time, so Fang Yuan and the others plan to go back and talk about it.

After Rotom completed the 3D Dragon Up-Grade, Fang Yuan asked the most concerned questions.

He started to talk to Rotom about the reaction of the 3D dragon after eating the Awakening Fruit.

You won’t really awaken the 3 Attributes, right?

“eivui!!! (If this is the case, then Luo Ke is definitely the protagonist!)” Eevee said on the sidelines.

99.99……% of Pokemon have only one awakening Attribute, two have never seen before, and three are even more outrageous.

Proper protagonist treatment.


Faced with Fang Yuan’s question, Rotom was also puzzled.

Because it is not easy to describe that power.

It is said that the 3D dragon has awakened Fire Type, Electric Attribute, and Ice Type at the same time, but it is not quite right.

Because the 3D dragon cannot attack with fire, Thunder Shock, and frost alone like other Pokemon who have learned Hidden Power normally.

As long as one use, the energy of the three Attributes will appear at the same time.

But to say that the 3D dragon did not awaken the Hidden Power Move, but simply learned the “Tri Attack” Special Move that gives the enemy paralysis, burns, and freezing effects. That’s not quite right.

Because Tri Attack is a normal type of light, and Status Condition is assigned after the Attribute changes after it hits the enemy, so although Tri Attack contains three Attribute changes, it is not a true three Attribute light.

So in the end, Rotom can only guess that the data is probably BUG.

Rotom comprehended a “3rd-layer Hidden Power” similar to Tri Attack Move.

It is the only one in the world, and there is no precedent.

The potential of this special ability can only be judged after development.

“Is this…” Rotom said so, and Fang Yuan didn’t know whether it was good or bad for a while.

There are so many man-made Pokemon bugs… The mutation is even more outrageous than Wild Pokemon.

Fire, lightning, frost?

The direction of the innate talent after the fusion of the strongest dragon Kyurem and the black and white dragon is somewhat similar.

If it is for research, maybe it can help Infernape in the future to upgrade the power of interlacing…

As for now, Fang Yuan shook the head, the 3D dragon is still a weak chicken…

3D Dragon: ヽ(゜▽゜)-

Teach the 3D dragon to learn Tri Attack when you have time, and then see how the two Move abilities merge.

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