Pokemon Masters Chapter 878


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“Fang Yuan Senior, you are finally out!!”

Fang Yuan They probably spent more than three hours in the training ground.

Fang Yuan’s junior sister Xia Xiaowei at Pingcheng No. 1 Middle School also obediently and honestly waited outside for Fang Yuan for so long.

After coming out of the training ground, Fang Yuan saw Xia Xiaowei rushing over excitedly and expectantly, his expression was taken aback.

Does this little junior sister adore herself so much?

Hey, my outstandingness, I don’t know how many girls’ hearts will be hurt.

“Senior, I forgot to say, I can take a photo with Eevee…”

Xia Xiaowei is looking forward to asking, for this, she has been waiting for several hours.

Eevee :ヽ(。◕‿◕。)ノ゚

Fang Yuan: “???, definitely next time.”

Mobile Rotom: “Ka! (Next time.)”

Xia Xiaowei looked towards Levitate’s Rotom Professor next to Fang Yuan, with a puzzled expression.

At this time, Rotom also has a black line on his face, stupid 3D dragon, don’t make strange noises in other people’s bodies! ! !

Moreover, the language Growl system is installed for you, not for you to be a repeater, you are a duck! !

No, you are a 3D dragon, not a duck! !

After a while, Xia Xiaowei got his wish and took a photo with Fang Yuan and the others, and invited Fang Yuan to visit several special science and technology museums in the school.


“There was an emergency at the Laboratory. I have to return to Shanghai immediately.”

“Ah…” Xia Xiaowei was startled.

Are you going to be beaten so soon?

Fang Yuan also wants to stay and shop more, but he just got the news that things at the Laboratory seem to be quite serious.

Darkrai again fought with Legendary Pokémon who invaded the Laboratory.

The last one was Mew, and this time… the uninvited guest who invaded Fang Yuan Laboratory… is Darkrai’s enemy.


Fang Yuan came to Pokemon University of Science and Technology for National Defense from Pingcheng.

After leaving the Laboratory, he has lived in Pingcheng for a week.

So Fang Yuan left the Laboratory for a while.

Normally, even if Fang Yuan leaves the laboratory for a few months, there will be no major events.

After all, there are Luo Ke and Darkrai guarding them.

But by the way, everything is so coincidental.

The last time it was Mew, as easy as blowing off dust, invaded Fang Yuan Laboratory, this time it was a Legendary Pokémon, as easy as blowing off dust, invaded the Laboratory.

Darkrai, the security guard, is useless at all.

Guardian God level continues to drop in price.

When Fang Yuan was still in Star City, at the top of an ancient tree in the Sun and Moon Forest.

A very mysterious Pokemon wandering around the world came to this place and looked ahead with a solemn expression.

It has a body composed of light blue and light yellow, and the colors cover the back and bottom respectively.

Pokemon’s chest, two strands of purple hair and ring-shaped wings on the back are wrapped around the body, and the temperament is noble and cannot be polluted.

In addition, the Yellow decoration on both sides of its head makes it look like a crescent moon, like the incarnation of a crescent moon.

The god of dreams: Cresselia.

The nightmare god: Darkrai’s corresponding Pokemon.

Cresselia has the ability to dispel nightmares, including nightmares caused by Darkrai, which is regarded as the enemy of the nightmare god Darkrai.

Although it is a Psychic Type, its ability is very restrained from the Dark Type Pokemon Darkrai, which is a natural inverse Attribute Grandmaster.

It is recorded in various materials that Cresselia is a very kind Pokemon.

It will gently heal those who are tortured by the power of Darkrai and Pokemon, Purify their hearts.

For them, the meaning of life is almost to relieve the nightmare Darkrai caused to other lives.

Therefore, the God of Dreams often fights with the God of Nightmare, chasing the God of Nightmare, and has been wandering around the world. Help needs the life of Help.

[Good Evil Power…]

[Even for torturing hundreds of Pokemon…]

This dream god has just crossed the sea and stepped into China Shanghai, and he felt the nightmare fluctuations here.

At a glance, it judged that Darkrai was harming innocent lives, and it couldn’t help showing a dull look.

It has defeated more than one Darkrai, and most of them are nightmare gods who cannot control their own power and cause nightmares to other creatures.

To some extent, Dream God will give this kind of Darkrai some understanding.

It will guide Darkrai to survive in uninhabited places through combat, and guide them to control their power.

However, since there are ordinary nightmare gods who have a bad influence due to uncontrollable power leakage, there are also evil nightmare gods who use nightmares to torture other lives for pleasure.

Cresselia can clearly perceive that the Darkrai here can control its power autonomously.

But even so, it is still using nightmare waves to harm other Pokemon…

What does this mean? It means that this is an incurable Darkrai, worse than those Darkrai who cannot control their power and affect other lives.

Cresselia directly labeled Darkrai, an evil Darkrai who tortured ordinary Pokemon with nightmares, and then took pleasure in eating their dream fluctuations.

[Don’t let it go…]

Cresselia didn’t hesitate. Shiny particles sprinkled from her chiffon-like wings. Flying started and flew towards Fang Yuan Laboratory, the fossil reserve.


Fossil Reserve.

Pokemon Darkrai, the lonely widow who was picked up by Fang Yuan from Nightmare Island, is using the dream training method to breed his fossil baby Legion.

Beside it, Luo Ke is conducting tactical guidance.

Even Darkrai cannot admit the talent of Ninetales!

After experiencing this thing, Book Insect Luo Ke, who has read a lot of books, obviously has more than Darkrai.

Some unimaginable special dreams used in Breeding Pokemon mentioned by Luo Ke have benefited Darkrai a lot and have been used in practice.

The suggestion of establishing a “main god space” through the dream world and letting these fossil babies experience infinite horror experience makes Darkrai a genius.

Furthermore, I have to admit that the infinite horror nightmare of keeping Pokemon “awareness of autonomous upgrading” has indeed played an extraordinary role.

Although these fossils of Legion’s Pokemon, when they are in a dream state, they brow beaded with sweat and complexion pale, and there’s no resistance in the dream state.

But the effect is gratifying. Darkrai can clearly feel the surge of Inner Force and the strengthened tenacious mind of the fossil babies.

Wait for them to come out of the nightmare, and after they get exercise, let Luo Ke heal them with the ordinary land of warmth and tenderness illusion, which is a perfect positive cycle! !


However, when the infinite horror training reached the most critical moment, not far away, a wave of dreams that was incomparably holy and completely opposite to the wave of nightmares hit, and Darkrai’s nightmare realm collapsed directly.

The fossil Pokemon in the nightmare, the soul was soothed by this Aura instantly, as if he was healed Normal, the soul and spirit were greatly relaxed.

The little tempering effect that I had just played, suddenly disappeared.

If you have an Aptitude breakthrough nightmare, the gain will be greater, and if the breakthrough nightmare fails, the gain will be less. If you use a game copy to compare the nightmare training method, then the current situation is:

The network connection is interrupted.

Darkrai, Luo Ke:? ? ? ?

Darkrai and Luo Ke instantly looked towards the uninvited guest who descended in the sky, the God of Dreams, Cresselia, whose power level is much higher than Darkrai!


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