Pokemon Masters Chapter 880


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After reaching an agreement with Darkrai, Fang Yuan and the others went back to the laboratory slowly.

Hurrying back from Star City, he didn’t see Cresselia at all. Now Fang Yuan himself is very lost, in a sage mode, and just wants to sleep.

Maybe everything in the dream.

I knew I wouldn’t be back in such a hurry…

When Fang Yuan came to the backyard of the Laboratory, he threw away all the Poké Balls he was carrying and told the Pokemons to start free movement, and then plunged into the house.

Without the constraints of Poké Ball, the Pokemon have started to do their own things.

Infernape just wanted to call Ditto to take exercise together, when the mobile phone Rotom suddenly flew over and stopped in front of Infernape.

Rotom: (๑◕援←๑)b

“Let Ditto and I train for a while, Rotto.”

“Oh!!” Infernape asked why.

“Of course, we formed the Mega Robot Tactical Rotto together!!” Rotom pointed to the 3D dragon in his body that was downloading various Move programs, showing a serious expression.

To lay the foundation for the cosmic battleship tactics, it will start to guide the Ditto Transform compound robot from today!

Infernape :(.≖ˇェˇ≖.)

What’s the use of changing that thing? It’s not just a punch.

Infernape looked towards Ditto.


Just now Ditto still had an expression like “◡”.

After hearing Rotom speak of the compound robot, star eyes appeared immediately.

Sounds more interesting than practicing boxing with Monkey Bro! ! !

Infernape:? ? ?

“Leave it to me without worry. This is also a special training Rotto to upgrade the performance of Thunder Flame Protector!!” Rotom laughed on the phone and bluntly pulled Ditto away from Infernape.

“Oh!” Looking at the few guys who slipped away, Infernape waved his fist, believing you a ghost.

As a research-type Pokemon, Rotom has the heart to transform research results into combat capability. The appearance of the 3D dragon gives it hope.

Prior to this, Rotom can sneak into home appliances with special motor drives for variable Attribute battles.

For example, the fire that dives into the microwave oven, the heating Rotom of the electric Dual Type, the grass that dives into the weeder, and the cutting Rotom of the Electric Dual Type are all Rotom’s different combat forms.

Electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, lawn mowers, etc. that Rotom can sneak into, Ditto will change a long time ago.

And now, Rotom intends to let Ditto play some difficult things: Transform is a huge robot, and inside the robot, there is a weapon system with the performance of five home appliances.

If it was before, Ditto might not be able to do such a complicated Transform, but now it has Mew genes anyway, it shouldn’t be difficult to work hard, even if this is not Transform, then the universe battleship in the future will not be cooler .

So, Rotom is very optimistic about Ditto.

And Rotom does not enjoy its achievements, it also needs to find a way to enable it to manage multiple abilities at the same time.

Because it doesn’t have the amazing multi-tasking innate talent of Eevee, it would have difficulty infiltrating a robot body and manipulating more than five weapon parts at the same time, but if it can cooperate with the corresponding weapon program of the 3D dragon, then everything It’s all possible.

When the time comes, its battle strength data is absolutely blasted. Beating Dragonite and Venusaur is not a dream. This is what Rotom looks forward to most.

Rotom thought everything was very good, now only the appearance of the robot needs to be considered, it must be domineering.



Eevee watched Rotom, 3D dragon, Ditto, and shook the head who ran into the research room.

Its gaze finally fell on Infernape who had just left.

I have no time to advise Rotom!

Its most important task now is to figure out how to surpass Infernape, and then let Fang Yuan start a game animation company for himself.

Eevee has been thinking about it all the way, but unfortunately many ideas to become stronger are not realistic.

Eevee also asked Mew just now. Mew said that if Eevee does not rely on Fang Yuan and can use Z-Move more autonomously without increasing its basic strength, there should be hope of defeating Guardian God.

Eevee: (╹⚇╹?)

This requires Eevee to have the strength control of natural forces close to Tapu’s, which is not an easy thing to achieve at all… So Eevee wondered if there was any other way.

Fang Yuan was already on the bed and hu hu was asleep, Eevee reached into the room and turned on the phone.

After that, I landed on the web page and searched for keywords: [Fang Yuan’s Eevee. 】

Because of Eevee’s amazing performance in the World Cup, there are many discussions about Eevee and Fang Yuan’s Eevee on the Internet.

Eevee intends to see if stupid netizens have any magical insights that can make it stronger quickly.

Unfortunately, from Tieba, to Weibo, to Zhihu, to the forum, after about two hours of shopping, Eevee did not get any definite and feasible solutions.

Like what “Dr. Fang Yuan’s Eevee can degenerate and evolve freely, is it possible to evolve into other forms besides Espeon?” “For the question, let Eevee PASS directly.

It wants to too! !

Isn’t the point that the solar energy in the Mew gene fixed the evolutionary chain?

The external stimulation of Fire Stone, Thunder Stone, Water Stone, even Peak Level quality evolution stones, cannot change the curing effect of Mew gene!

Unless, it doesn’t have Beserk Gene.

But this gene is the key to its use of solar energy.

That’s why Eevee feels that eating melon netizens are unrealistic.

“eivui!!! (wait a minute!!)”

Just when Eevee gave up treatment, suddenly, it thought of a possibility.

Since the ontology impossible has evolved into other Eevee races besides Espeon… Then what about Substitute.

Its Substitute is the most conventional Substitute. In addition to physical fitness, it can replicate 100% of its Performance and even the Mew gene can be replicated.

So, Partner Eevee and Espeon’s combined attack has always been a relatively powerful technique for Eevee.

But in fact, this trick of Substitute can also be changed. It can be done by slightly changing the size and appearance of Substitute. Eevee has also done this.

If it develops Substitute Move again to the extent that it can change the microscopic genes and remove the Mew gene from Substitute, is it possible for Substitute to evolve into a different form of Eevee?

When the time comes, a partner cloth, a sun cloth, a water cloth, a fire cloth, and a lei cloth go together to fight Infernape…

However, not long after the thought came up, Eevee shook the head again.

Because even if it succeeds, other forms are impossible. Sun form and partner form are so powerful. Infernape can’t be defeated by quantity.

As a result, the increase in battle strength is still not much.

“eivui Ahhhh!!!”

The more I think about it, the more Eevee’s mentality collapses, and the more I feel that Fang Yuan is embarrassing Eevee. Is it really the only way to become stronger by using Z-Move autonomously as Mew said.

It doesn’t believe it! ! !

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