Pokemon Masters Chapter 881


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After Fang Yuan woke up, although his consciousness was very clear, because the bed was too comfortable, he still held the quilt and continued to squint.

In this world, only the quilt still has some warmth.

Fang Yuan’s mind didn’t stop while squinting.

【Which Pokemon and Darkrai shall be used in the conquering battle? 】

Fang Yuan felt that Darkrai must have discovered his outstanding, so he couldn’t help but become Fang Yuan’s Pokemon!

In this case, he also has to treat himself as an outstanding Trainer and accept it formally.

Although Fang Yuan can start training Darkrai directly and register Darkrai under his own Trainer profile name, because of the integrity of a Trainer, Fang Yuan still intends to get Darkrai’s approval through a formal battle.

Never mind the little cute like Victini that hatched from the egg, Pokemon like Darkrai will still be able to assign training tasks to it after officially defeating the opponent.

He didn’t even have the strength to beat the opponent, so he guided the opponent, which always made Fang Yuan feel weird.

If it was in the past, even if all the players played together in a group fight, Fang Yuan would have been impossible to beat Darkrai.

But now, even in a “heads-up”, Fang Yuan is sure to win Darkrai.

Of course, Fang Yuan directly regarded Magnezon as a “monolith.”

It has been more than a month since the evolution of the two Klinks. After the two Klangs have adapted to the new strength and new form, they have officially entered the Grandmaster level. With the spirit state, after strengthening the Magnezon of Peak Level Second Stage, the final Magnezon is now Can play out the strength of the Guardian God level, and the state is much more stable than before.

Although it is still possible to defeat Darkrai in this way, these two Pokemon are already at the same level. Then Magneson will use Z-Move with his Trainer, and one exclusive Z-Boom Star, no one will come. use!

[Then leave it to Magnezon. 】

In addition to Magnezon, the five-door Infernape with Z-Move also has the hope of defeating Darkrai, so Fang Yuan has a lot of options. He has at least two options to defeat Darkrai!

“Kou Jie!!”


While Fang Yuan was still lying on the bed, suddenly a huge tongue slid across Fang Yuan’s face like a mopping. The electric current Normal touch, as if giving Fang Yuan a facial electrotherapy massage Normal. Let Fang Yuan shivered suddenly.

“Evil Spirit retreat!”

Fang Yuan picked up the pillow and slammed it aside.

“Kou Jie Mou Jie!!”

After letting the pillow pass through his body, Gluttony Levitate was in midair, pulling Fang Yuan’s pajamas with both hands, trying to pull him up, with an expression of expectation on his expression.

Gluttony: (⑅˃◡˂⑅) Hurry, fast.

Fang Yuan :(≖_≖)

“Are you hungry, then go to Magnezon.”

Fang Yuan still tugged on the sheets, not allowing Gluttony to pull himself up.

“Kou Jie!!”

Gluttony shook his head sharply, explaining.


Hearing Gluttony’s explanation, Fang Yuan was taken aback, released his hands directly, and was hugged into the air by Gluttony.

Fang Yuan and Gluttony looked at each other and said, “Really…then don’t worry.”

Fang Yuan finally knew why Gluttony was so anxious to wake himself up.

At the last Fang Yuan Conference, Gluttony had a terrible loss and was directly at the bottom.

Although it is said that Milotic has used the Sea of ​​Origin, Dragonite has used Silver Wing and its strength has been rapidly improved, and Gluttony cannot use Mega Evolution, but Gluttony is still very wronged!

Since ancient times, the crying child has milk to drink, Fang Yuan immediately intends to find a legendary resource for Gluttony that can enhance its strength.

It happens that Pokemon Alliance still owes Fang Yuan two legendary resources, so Fang Yuan has been waiting for the approval result. If there is a suitable one, you can give Gluttony one, and the remaining one will be returned to Manaphy first. .

However, although his contribution is enough, whether it is Mega Evolution, Z-Move, Pokéblock, Mega Stone detection devices, Fang Yuan can be eligible to apply for legendary resources based on research results, but this application has gone through a long time. After all, the legendary resource matters.

Fortunately, Fang Yuan did not wait for too long. Rotom, who had been following the alliance’s movements, finally got the latest intelligence development and told Gluttony who was also concerned.

The legendary resource is coming! ! !

That’s why Gluttony rushed to ask Fang Yuan to get up, and quickly asked Fang Yuan to select the legendary resources for it…

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Fang Yuan was wearing Pikachu pajamas and slippers, and didn’t plan to change clothes. The research room was in the vicinity anyway.

As for why it’s not Eevee pajamas, Fang Yuan is tired of seeing Eevee live every day. There is no freshness in the skin.

“Fee!~~” Gluttony cheered.

At this time, Rotom may still be working on robots. Fang Yuan looked forward to Gluttony’s expectations, and suddenly felt bitter.

Fang Yuan’s heart is actually quite tangled.

It’s not that he is reluctant to give Gluttony legendary resources, but that Alliance’s dozens of legendary resources were almost watched when he was on Alliance Island.

Although there are indeed many treasures among them, few things seem to be compatible with Gluttony.

Like [silver liquid metal], it can be used as a coating to strengthen Magnezon and Klang.

Such as [Million Years Never-Melt Ice], you can exercise ice attribute Move for Milotic.

For example, [Regirock Core] can be eaten by Rock Pokemon to enhance its self-healing ability.

But Fang Yuan remembers the legendary resources related to Ghost Type, it seems…

No one!

So, it can only choose general legend resources to strengthen Gluttony.

But in this way, the effect is much worse.

Compared to Milotic and the Sea of ​​Origin, Dragonite and Silver Wing, Infernape and Fire of Life, Magnezon and Soul Heart, Eevee and Mew genes, such an excellent configuration, Gluttony’s legendary resources, should it match it? difference?

Then the blood is lost.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Ghost Type legendary resources. Gluttony is also very good at playing with fire. The legendary resources that can be associated with Fire Element are Ho-Oh’s Rainbow Wing, but Fang Yuan dare to let Gluttony touch this stuff. ?

Even Fire of Life rejects the “evil” Gluttony Little pitiful, Ho-Oh’s feathers are not directly the same as the Silver Wing in Fang Yuan’s hands, directly blackened! !

Moved towards Rotom As they rushed past, Fang Yuan turned his head and looked towards Gluttony.

Gluttony: ಥ_ಥ

“Cough.” Fang Yuan’s brain started to work quickly.

But having said that, Rainbow Wing seems to be, to some extent, the most suitable legendary resource for Gluttony.

The real function of Rainbow Wing should be equivalent to a “certificate of qualification”.

Rainbow Wing’s description “Led by Rainbow Wing, whoever sees Ho-Oh will become a rainbow warrior”, and Pokemon, the shadow of fantasy, Marshadow, who is better at playing shadows than Gengar and Darkrai, seems to be Pokemon, the way to guide the Rainbow Warrior.

If this information is correct, and I can be recognized by Rainbow Wing, seeing Marshadow, then after PY with Marshadow, Gluttony may be able to strengthen Gluttony.

But… this method seems to be too slow. Most of Ho-Oh hasn’t reached Earth, and Marshadow doesn’t know where it is.

So, Gluttony is so difficult for you too. It’s hard to find resources with such a broken Attribute.

No wonder those evil Ghost Type Pokemons like to increase their strength by devouring powerful Ghosts of the same kind. It’s because there are too few Ghost Type resources in the natural world…

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