Pokemon Masters Chapter 882


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“This is the robot you are tossing about??!!!”

After Fang Yuan and Gluttony came to the research room, they directly let Rotom be confused.

Fang Yuan didn’t know how long he slept. He didn’t pay attention, but it was estimated to be 3 or 4 hours. After all, it was not completely dark.

During this time, Rotom was mainly studying the appearance of the Rotom robot.

And Ditto is indeed going to Transform one by one according to Rotom’s brain.

The final product…

Although it is indeed in the form of a robot, Fang Yuan always feels something is wrong.

“Didn’t I suggest that you use Legendary Pokémon as a template for the appearance of the robot? How come this bird looks like this in the end…” Fang Yuan said.

Isn’t it cool to use Kyurem, the strongest dragon, as the robot’s appearance template? Isn’t it cool to use Zygarde as a template for the appearance of a robot?

Even using Groudon’s appearance as a template is better than it is now.

To fight directly with Transform Legendary Pokémon, there is much oppression.

Fang Yuan suspects that Rotom is not thinking seriously at all.

The robot in front of me is clearly a piece of Rotom of five home appliances. 【Picture】

Good guy… the legs and feet are cutting Rotoms attached to a lawn mower. They are indeed very deterrent, as if they can cut the kicked enemy like weeds, but you have to walk on the wheels like a tricycle. ?

The body is a heated Rotom attached to a microwave oven. Perhaps it is intended to convert electricity to heat as an energy source?

As for the left arm and left shoulder, it is the washing Rotom attached to the washing machine, the right hand arm and the right shoulder are the icing Rotom attached to the refrigerator, and both hands are the cut Rotom attached to the electric fan, and the palm looks like The muzzle is Normal.

The final head is an enlarged version of the ordinary Rotom without any electrical appliances. It has no aesthetic feeling!

“Rotto…” Rotom saw Fang Yuan approaching, and regretfully said: “I am too naive Rotto.”

“I thought the robot in the sci-fi masterpiece suggested by Eevee was very handsome, I thought the Legendary Pokémon you suggested was very handsome…but in the end Ben Rotto discovered that it was my own form that put it together the most handsome.”

“Six times the handsome Rotto.”

Fang Yuan: “…”

Gluttony: “Kou Jie! (Good job!)”

This narcissism… Rotom is more and more like Fang Yuan, Gluttony thought.

At this time, Rotom quickly introduced Fang Yuan: “Look at the configuration of the arms and hands! The hands of the robot can not only blow out wind blades, but also turn into water vortex and Blizzard according to the energy transmitted from the arms. !”

“Look at this body! I plan to add a Thunder Flame turbine device to it. Maybe Ditto can simulate Thunder Flame’s interlaced power Rotto in this robot form! When the time comes, the energy of the body is transmitted to both hands, whatever you want Rotate Thunder Flame and the big characters must be very handsome Rotto!!!”

“There is also this pair of feet, don’t look at it as a lawn mower, but an electromagnetic levitation device is designed to fly to Rotto!! During the flying process, Leaf Storm can be easily kicked out, and it refers to Magneson’s The big gear weapon can be turned into an overclocking chainsaw during Close Combat, how about it!!!”

“The head retains the most primordial form of this Rotto, supplemented by a 3D dragon as the control center of the entire body, how about Rotto!!!” Rotom couldn’t help but praise himself.

“Ah this…”

Looking at what Rotom said about clear and logical, Fang Yuan didn’t know how to refute it.

Forget it, just be happy.

You won’t need to fight anyway.

“It’s just appearance.”

Fang Yuan saw at a glance that it’s empty inside the robot, which means that all the above are Rotom’s YY.

It is not certain whether such a robot can function normally.

“The idea is then it will be easy Rotto!!”

Rotom patted Ditto, let it change back, it predicts that the strength of this Rotom robot can also have Peak Level battle strength at the lowest.

The best situation is that through a coordinated combination of different abilities, you can have the strength of Peak Level Second Stage! !

If Ditto’s physical strength keeps up in the future, it will be the strength of Peak Level Third Stage! !

What a tyrannical…!

Fang Yuan, Gluttony: (﹁﹁)

Fang Yuan temporarily stopped Rotom from his excitement, opened the mouth and said: “Okay, let’s put down the research first and connect to Alliance’s resource library. Let’s show Gluttony which legendary resource is suitable. Some.”

“Received Rotto!!”

Rotom also knew Fang Yuan and Gluttony’s intentions, and immediately clicked nodded.

Soon, a stereo optical screen was introduced in midair by Rotom projection.

The above information shows: under review.

Although Fang Yuan can apply to view the legendary resource library, no matter who applies, he must pass the permission of the president of the God Territory Management Committee and the guardian of the legendary resource, namely the honorary chairman of the Alliance, Antony Ao.

“Rotom, shake the other person.”

Just when Fang Yuan wanted Rotom to contact Antony Austria to open the permissions, the permissions were directly released, and the head of Antony President Antony appeared in the upper right corner of the screen.

In the video frame, he laughed and said: “Dr. Fang Yuan, good noon, I know that you will definitely apply for permission to view legend resources today.”

Where is noon, there is a time difference, Old Master.

“President Antony, long time no see, many thanks for your Help.”

Fang Yuan knows that he has successfully applied for two legendary resources. Although his research results have greatly promoted the Trainer field, on the other hand, it is the China Association and the old man. Help.

“This is what I should do. These resources should be given to the right people in order to have the greatest effect.”

“I can pick any of the legendary resources inside, right?” Fang Yuan asked.

“Well, you can pick any of the dozen or so legendary resources you have seen before. Oh, yes, recently Alliance has harvested a new legendary resource. That’s not good. Just this morning, it already has Where to go.” Antony said.

“Newly acquired legend resources?”

Fang Yuan was stunned. It is indeed Pokemon Alliance. The speed of harvesting legendary resources is so fast. Not long after World Cup, the resource library has been updated.

Fang Yuan didn’t care much, but subconsciously checked the latest legendary resources…

He was just to satisfy his curiosity to see what kind it was, but didn’t expect to look at it this way, his eyes were directly stunned, and his heart was pleasantly surprised.

“This is…” Fang Yuan asked.

“Do you know the global Spirit Realm event some time ago?” Antony Audao.

“You mean, this resource was accidentally obtained at that time?”

Fang Yuan naturally understands Spirit Realm events around the world.

When he was in Shanming County, where he obtained the Aura Seal Art, he had known Jiang Li.

This may be the catastrophe that led to the collapse of Spirit Realm. That Guardian God-level Spiritomb was unblocked at this opportunity.

Fang Yuan has almost guessed the reason.

Perhaps Charon, the lord of the world, intends to descend on the Earth Spirit Realm.

Now, Fang Yuan feels even more that his guess is correct.

Because, this legendary resource newly acquired by Alliance looks particularly like the exclusive Items [Griseous Orb] of Charon Dragon Giratina.

[Griseous Orb]: If Giratina is carried, the Move formidable power of the dragon and Ghost Type will increase. It is a brilliant orb, and it can transform Giratina into its original form.

In short… this legendary resource is definitely much better than Fire of Life and Silver Wing and so on.

The most important thing is that it fits Gluttony very well! !

Anyway, Charon Dragon is also a Ghost Type Pokemon who is good at space ability.

This [Griseous Orb], although it is the exclusive Items of Charon Dragon, should it also affect ordinary Pokemon?

After all, the legendary Items in the animation can almost affect ordinary Pokemon.

I just don’t know what it will do, whether it can improve Gluttony’s strength.

“Yes, but this stone seems to be broken, and its power is constantly leaking out. Although it has been sealed by some means, it is not a long-term solution after all.”

“Broken?” Fang Yuan took a closer look at the picture. Sure enough, the shape of the Griseous Orb was a bit strange and obviously small, as if it were fragments of a complete Griseous Orb.

“Information about this resource?”

“It may be related to the Secret Realm that is about to be integrated with Spirit Realm. It may be one of the Pokemon’s body parts.” Antony said: “The stone contains powerful Space Power. Although the nature is somewhat special, It should be considered a legendary resource. We have already experimented with it. Help Ghost Type Pokemon can be used to exercise spatial Move. Although it is only a subtle attempt, the effect does exceed Peak Level resources a lot.”

“Space Power.” Fang Yuan’s eyes lit up and looked towards Gluttony.

And Gluttony turned his head full of stars and looked towards Fang Yuan.

Does this mean…Akong’s cutting skills, there is hope? ?

If you can upgrade the fixed sub-space cutting technique to a space blade, it will be awesome! !

This is much more suitable for Gluttony than other general legend resources.

“Wait a minute, you are not after this resource, right.” Suddenly, the opposite President Antony Ou said in a daze.

“Yeah… You just said that it has a place?” How could Fang Yuan watch the fragments of Griseous Orb run away from him.

“…” President Antony Olympic.

“It contains space power. It is indeed a very exaggerated legendary resource. Because of its particularity “cannot be preserved for a long time”, all countries want to get it immediately, so the Alliance country decided to make it the final piece of the new Pokemon Expo. Reward.”

“A few years later, the Guardian God battle is based on battle strength and the ownership of legendary resources. Now, it is the Pokemon World Expo held in China this year that determines its ownership. All countries should take the latest and most forward-looking Research results, and even some Peak Level trade secrets that have not been disclosed to compete for it. After all, maybe this thing can cultivate a Ghost Type Guardian God who is proficient in Space Move.”

“When the time comes, the country that owns this Guardian God, the right to explore Spirit Realm, is definitely not comparable to other countries.”

“So, its location should be difficult to change. It depends on Pokemon Expo to decide. This is the result of a long discussion.”

Fang Yuan is silent.

“In other words, as long as you win this Pokemon Expo and the research results crush all participants, you can use this for nothing, right?” Fang Yuan asked.

Antony O: “???”

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