Pokemon Masters Chapter 883


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⭐[Pokemon strength division]

Novice Level, Ordinary Level, Elite Level, Senior Level, Pro Level, Grandmaster Level, Peak Level (corresponding to the Elite level in the animation), Guardian God level (corresponding to the champion level in the animation), legendary level.

The strength setting is for reference only. Trainer’s command, Pokemon’s combination of Move, enhanced Move, weather and site environment, own state, Attribute and breed direction, these days, favorable conditions, people, etc. will all affect the victory of a battle. negative.

In the case of dominance, even skipping grades to battle are very common. The above-mentioned levels are only a reference to confirm the level.

⭐[Earth Peak Level battle strength is approximately equal to Pokemon world Elite level battle strength]

(First Stage)

Pokemon’s control of an Attribute is relatively perfect, and its energy purity has undergone a qualitative change. It is highly condensed, as if it has been compressed over Normal, and can minimize the disadvantage of Attribute being restrained.

(Second Stage )

Pokemon’s coordination ability and Performance are required to reach Peak Level, have perfect control over their own Attribute energy, and perfect proficiency in Move.

Performance and coordination are so good that you can use Peak Level combo skills as a regular battle method in a battle.

(Third Stage )

Pokemon’s Performance breakthrough to the limit, or recovery of Move skills to perfection, is reflected in Performance, injury recovery speed, self-healing speed, physical strength, and total energy. You can fight for a long time, and you can exercise with Pokemon Willpower. The discovery of the potential of one’s body is closely related.

PS: Due to different levels of exercise at this stage, Pokemon’s strength gap is huge

(Fourth Stage, the main force of Alliance Elite Four in the anime is basically at this stage)

On the basis of the first three stages, continue to tap one’s own potential, exercise various qualities, and reach the limits of one’s race. Even the Fourth Stage of the Peak Level Domain, that is, the Peak Level Fourth Stage is the ultimate battle strength of regular Pokemon.

PS: Due to the different races of Pokemon at this stage, there is a huge gap in Pokemon strength

According to the different types of Pokemon, low races will encounter bottleneck and reach a limit of battle strength, unable to break through.

The high-race Pokemon can use various techniques to stimulate the potential to temporarily break through the limit to fight, but the state and strength are unstable (quasi-Guardian God)

⭐[Earth Guardian God level is approximately equal to Pokemon world champion level]

(First Stage: General Guardian God)

Completely breakthrough race limit, body and energy are transformed again, Life Level is slightly improved.

Pokemon races vary greatly.

Representative: Victory Road’s Crystal Steelix

(Second Stage: Top Rank Guardian God)

Under the condition that one’s basic quality meets the standard, initially control the use of one of life energy, natural energy, special energy (such as the amount of spirit strength, Soul Power, ultra-ancient giantization method, and extreme giantization). If Trainer Mastering Psychic, Mega Evolution, Z-Move, Aura Force can also make the Pokemon of First Stage reach this level for a short time.

Representatives: Mega Gardevoir of Diantha, Giant Dragonite Guardian God of Dragon Island

(Third Stage: Peak Level Guardian God )

When the basic quality of oneself is up to the standard, use one of life energy, natural energy, and special energy to a relatively mature level.

Representative: Pill Emperor’s super giant Charizard

(Fourth Stage, quasi-legendary)

Proficient in one special power, legendary power, or proficient in two or more special powers or legendary powers when the basic quality of oneself meets the standard.

[Legendary Realm, Legendary Level]

(First Stage: General Legendary Pokémon)

Representative: Three Divine Bird (God of Fire, God of Thunder, God of Ice), Three Sacred Beast, Three Cloud God, Four Great Islands Guardian God, etc.

(Second Stage: Top Rank Legendary Pokémon)

Representatives: Hoenn two gods, black and white dragons, XY gods, etc. who are not Primal Reversion

(Third Stage: Top Legendary Pokémon)

Representatives: Kyurem, Mega Rayquaza, Zygarde, etc.

(Fourth Stage: Creation Level)

Representatives: Arceus, Necrozma, etc.


⭐Fang Yuan

[Attribute ]Normal +Psychic +Fighting

【Ability 】

①Psychic: The ability of Inner Force to be released out of volume and affect reality.

Usage: Calm Mind, Confusion, danger prediction, telepathy (emphasis on spiritual dialogue).

②Aura Force: The embodiment of the spirit strength of the heart, which is described as the spirit of every creature.

Usage: telepathy (emphasis on mental dialogue), perception (investigating the environment, seeing through objects), projection (such as creating a barrier or attack), sealing.

③Heart Intent: The technique of using Psychic and Aura Force to strengthen Pokemon’s spirit strength.

[Main Items] Gengar Mega Stone, Venusaur Mega Stone, Mega Z-Ring (Key Stone, Sparkling Stone), full Crystal-Z Attributes, Eevee Magnezon Venusaur Lycanroc exclusive Z-Crystal, Aura Sealed Item (Punish Gourd, Keystone, Dark Feather)



Form: Partner Eevee, Espeon

[Attribute] Normal (Partner Eevee), Psychic (Espeon)

[Characteristic Trait] Dangerous Foresight (Partner Eevee), Magic Mirror (Espeon)

[Important Ability]

①Mew gene: extracted from the fossils of Mew eyelashes with active life force and a large number of Pokemon Genetic genes. It is fused by Eevee to help Eevee control solar energy, switch freely between Eevee and Espeon, and learn independently. Z-the key to Move.

②Return Move Fifth Stage: Control the spiritual energy, control the life energy and natural energy through the emotional energy of the mind, and improve the race ability with the three large layers of the mind, life and nature. The Move effect is Eevee’s learning assist skill, Z-Move key.

③Foresight ability: The powerful combat skills that are based on the characteristic traits of the Eevee period dangerous prediction, the racial abilities of the Espeon period, and the Future Sight Move are the core exercises, which can have a strong reaction speed, battle awareness, and overall view during battle. , Has been strengthened by the flower of time, and the future can be seen briefly.

④One mind and multiple uses: The top rank usage of the spirit strength measurement can currently be used with one mind and five uses, while controlling the main body and four Substitutes using different Moves.

【Ability 】

Basic Abilities

Shadow Ball, Hidden Power · Fire, Confusion, Help, Substitute, Sand Attack, Light Screen, Reflect, Magic Coat, Status Move, Psybeam, Future Sight, Skill Swap, Sunny Day, Return, Calm Mind, Quick Attack, Ally Switch, Heal Bell, Refresh, Morning Sun, Copycat, Baby-Doll Eyes, Dazzling Gleam

assist skill (Complete Return 4.0, special ability brought by Life Level promotion)

Normal (Veevee Volley), Psychic (Glitzy Glow), electricity (Buzzy Blitz), fire (Sizzly Slide), water (Bouncy Bubble), ice (Freezy Frost), evil (Baddy Bad), Fairy (Sparkly Swirl) 、草(Sappy Seed )


1. Autonomous Z-Move (Complete Return 5.0, master the special abilities brought by the use of natural energy): Fire (super extreme flame bomb), Psychic (highest spiritual destruction wave)

2. Universal Z-Move: Cooperate with Sparkling Stone and Crystal-Z Attributes to master the Z-Move of most Attributes.

3. Exclusive Z-Move: Attacking version of colorful sublimation gathers together (coordinated attack of five Attribute energy fusion)

Combination skills (combination of multiple Basic Abilities)

①Sunfire: Integrate solar energy, Life Strength, and spirit strength into Hidden Power. Fire, which is a powerful orange-red flame with extremely strong destructive power.

②Solar Calm Mind method: The Peak Level Calm Mind technique, which takes solar energy conversion into Inner Force quantity as the core, is the most efficient method to improve and restore Inner Force.

③Combined combat method: Combination of Substitute Move and multi-tasking skills.

④Shiny Confusion: A special Confusion formed by the fusion of solar energy and Inner Force. The destructive power is extremely strong, and it appears orange red.

[Comprehensive Strength] Peak Level Third Stage +

Note: Using Z-Move has the ability to compete with ordinary Guardian God level Pokemon.


⭐Magnezon (Partner: Positive Klang, Negative Klang)

Partner form: Electromagnetic Magnezon

[Attribute] Electricity + Steel

[Characteristic Trait] Magnetism

[Important Ability]

①Electromagnetic weapons

It is a combination of positively charged Characteristic Trait Klang and negatively charged Characteristic Trait Klang of Psychic Type with Hidden Power.

Magnezon’s silver-gray body has large screws similar to the upper parts of the Magnemite head. On the left screw, a small gear rotates clockwise above, a small gear rotates counterclockwise below, and a small gear rotates in parallel. Gears can be rotated by Gear Shift to generate electricity, which is shared with Magnezon; on the right screw, there is also a pinion that rotates clockwise on the top, and a pinion that rotates counterclockwise on the bottom for charging.

The big gear is vertically suspended in the center of Magnezon Magnet, just like the arms of Magneson’s chainsaw, it can cut and rotate through electromagnetic force.

The three are connected to each other because of the special magnetic force and the special Inner Force, making the two Klink and Magnezon look like one.

Magnezon can increase the charging capacity of two Klinks through Magnetic Flux Move, and two Klinks can also increase charging efficiency through Gear Shift Move.

②Blue Lightning: A special lightning formed by the fusion of Inner Force and lightning energy. The formidable power is powerful and it has a powerful effect on electrical appliances and precision instruments.

③Soul and heart state: The mysterious scientific system derived from the magical Pokemon Magearna, allows Magneson and two Klinks to enter the state of spiritual unity, thereby increasing their strength.

【Ability 】

Basic Abilities

Thunderbolt, Thunder, Magnet Bomb, Hidden Power · Psychic, Light Screen, Reflect, Magic Coat, Status Move, Rain Dance, Thunder Wave, Gyro Ball, Lock On, Gravity, Calm Mind, Magnetic Rise, Magnetic Flux, Teleport , Electric Terrain, Ally Switch


1. General Z-Move: Cooperate with Sparkling Stone and Crystal-Z Attributes to master the Z-Move of most Attributes.

2. Exclusive Z-Move: Earth Explosive Star (Using blue lightning to create a gravitational and magnetic Electro Ball, which attracts all surrounding objects strongly to form a huge Rock ball, seals and crushes the enemy , In conjunction with Gravity Move, you can also use the Earth-Booming Star as a Meteorite to attack Ground.)

Combination techniques

①Super-electromagnetic gun: ferromagnetic bombs or large gears are used as shells, magnetic Characteristic Trait is used to construct electromagnetic field system, Hidden Power ·Psychic and Lock On Move are used to correct the attack trajectory and aim at the target. A destructive power attack. Means, the weapon with current passing through will produce acceleration in the magnetic field, with faster speed and stronger lethality. It is a dual attribute attack technique completely different from the Electric Type Move electromagnetic gun.

②Electromagnetic storm: A large-scale killing Move created by Gyro Ball Move and the control of electromagnetic force can create multiple electromagnetic storms through Status Move, and it can also be set off directly by turning the gear in the armed form.

③Iron sand control: Manipulate the electromagnetic force to collect all the iron sand in the surrounding soil in a huge range, and use the magnetic force to make the iron sand move with one’s own thoughts, forming a “iron sand whip”. The whip of iron sand can freely change its shape and length, extending several dozen meters in the air, and the sound produced is like amplifying the flapping of the wings of a bee hundreds of times. A huge amount of iron sand is manipulated by electromagnetic force and Psychic energy, which generates vibration, just like an ultra-high-speed electric chain saw. High-speed vibrating iron sand can cut any object like an electric chain saw Normal.

[Comprehensive Strength]

Normal state: Peak Level Second Stage

Note: Use Z-Move to have the ability to compete with Peak Level Fourth Stage Pokemon.

Electromagnetic armed form: ordinary Guardian God level

Note: Using Z-Move has the ability to compete with Top Rank Guardian God.


⭐Infernape (Partner: Ditto from Transform)

[Attribute] Fire+Fighting

[Characteristic Trait] Iron Fist

【Ability 】

Basic Abilities

Mach Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Focus Punch, Close Combat, Hidden Power · Electricity, Role Play, Focus Energy, Bulk Up, Calm Mind, Fire Spin, Blast Burn, Power-Up Punch


General Z-Move: Cooperate with Sparkling Stone and Crystal-Z Attributes to master the Z-Move of most Attributes.

[Important Ability, Combination Skills]

①Burst Rage: A flame that incorporates Rage energy and explosive nature, which is manifested as deep red. The stronger the emotion of Rage, the greater the formidable power, and the nature is similar to Eruption Move.

②The flame of will: The upgraded version of Burst Rage, with the Power-Up Punch Move nature as the core. The stronger the fighting spirit, the stronger the flame. It is the flame of the soul portrayal.

②Thunder and lightning armor: By awakening and electrically stimulating the body, it greatly enhances its physical activity and reaction speed, so that it has the skills of Extrreme Speed-like combat capability.

③Focus Energy: The combination of Focus Energy and Calm Mind Move, a special fighting technique, can make the battle more smoothly.

④Armed color hardening: The combination of Bulk Up, Iron Fist Characteristic Trait, and steel energy can increase defensive power, which acts like wearing a layer of Oreburgh armor, and can also evolve into attack power.

⑤Thunder Flame mode: Flame and thunder and lightning coexist, generating legendary interlocking power, which can burst out the combat capability beyond the limit, and will generate powerful repercussions after use. Currently, Ditto is currently simulating the real and ideal dragon Transform as “Thunder Flame Turbine Protector” is well matched, simulating the form of Eight Inner Gates, and is divided into eight stages to continuously compress and merge.

6 toward the Peacock: The combination of the cross force beyond the limit and the Status Move, the average force of the cross is divided among countless shadows, and the physique of knocking down the enemy with countless punches, Thunder scattered from the punches Flame dyed the sky red, like the sunrise Normal and bright, like the peacock tail feathers Normal dazzling!

[Comprehensive Strength]

Own limit: third, off door, Peak Level Third Stage +

Combination limit: The fourth door, the injury door, the Peak Level Fourth Stage, requires the cooperation of Fire of Life and Ditto to open it without major side effects.

Strongly open five doors: ordinary Guardian God level, even with the cooperation of Fire of Life and Ditto, it will produce a great load that exceeds the limit of the body.

Note: Using Z-Move has the ability to compete with Top Rank Guardian God.

Forced to open Six Sect: unknown.


⭐Gengar (Shiny)

[Attribute] Ghost + fire (change the basic Attribute through the evolution of Reflect Type Move)

[Characteristic Trait] Curse’s body, stepping on the shadow (Mega Evolution)

【Ability 】

Basic Abilities

Night Shade, Will-O-Wisp, Reflect Type, Shadow Ball, Scary Face, Mean Look, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic, Curse, Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond, Lick, Shadow Claw, Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Status Move, Thunderbolt, Ally Switch, Toxic, Phantom Force, Hidden Power · Fire


General Z-Move: Cooperate with Sparkling Stone and Crystal-Z Attributes to master the Z-Move of most Attributes.

[Important Ability, Combination Skills]

①Black Will-O-Wisp: The vast majority of Will-O-Wisp burns phantom energy, while Black Will-O-Wisp burns life energy and Soul Power. It has an immortal nature and is also better than destructive power. Ordinary Will-O-Wisp is more powerful and can be combined with Will-O-Wisp armor.

②Will-O-Wisp armor: Incarnate Umbra to virtualize itself several times, Will-O-Wisp burns Umbra energy to form armor, forming a strong flame shield, which can not only greatly reduce the damage of the enemy’s attack on itself , And it can also make the enemies who attack oneself be burned by “Will-O-Wisp”, the state of extreme energy consumption, greatly improving the lethality of Dark Flame.

③Shadow Pact: The Umbra Energy Peak Level application method can transform the silhouette into battle. Through the shadow, it can be fixed, curse, attack, and move. It can also be used to protect the Trainer. It is a comprehensive combat technique that can Combine with Will-O-Wisp armor and Dark Flame.

④Attribute Roulette: By pre-stored Attribute, you can freely switch between multiple Attributes with Reflect Type Move Help Pokemon, thereby enriching the capabilities of combat methods.

⑤Baiyan: After Mega Evolution, the upgraded version of Dark Flame, the formidable power is stronger and can burn the space.

⑥ Semifinished product: tear apart the cracks in the Spirit Realm, and assist the tearing force of the unstable space channel to attack.

⑦Black Dragon Wave: Reflect Type ·Dragon, Dark Flame, Phantom Force combo skills, dragon killer moves, you can create a Dark Flame dragon that can travel through space to attack!

[Strength] Peak Level Second Stage +

Mega Evolution: Peak Level Fourth Stage +

Note: The Mega Evolution state uses Z-Move to have the ability to compete with ordinary Guardian God.



[Attribute] Water

[Characteristic Trait] Attract body

【Ability 】

Basic Abilities

Icy Wind, Whirlpool, Mist, Attract, Muddy Water, Twister, Life Water Drop, Aqua Ring, Recover, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Dragon Dance, Safeguard, Surf, Dive, Rain Dance, Scald, Twin Strike, Hypnosis , Strange Light, Disarming Voice, Blizzard, Hidden Power · Super


General Z-Move: Cooperate with Sparkling Stone and Crystal-Z Attributes to master the Z-Move of most Attributes.

[Important Ability, Combination Skills]

①Water spout: Dragon Dance drives the airflow to form a strong Twister, and the Twister drives the water flow to form a dragon-shaped Whirlpool Move. The Whirlpool is strengthened, and three Moves are closely linked with one another. The speed will be very exaggerated. The rising water flow will gather into a huge water dragon to cause a fatal blow to a person, and the enemy can be swallowed instantly. The formidable power is extremely strong and the lethality is extremely high.

②Charm ability: Because of the unique temperament formed by Attract Move, Attract’s Body Characteristic Trait, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Disarming Voice, and the breeding method that strengthens the beauty, it can instantly make Pokemon of the opposite sex and the same group lose their resistance. Inner Force’s weak same-sex and genderless Pokemon also have an impact.

③High-temperature steam: A combat technique that changes the form of Scald Move and transforms water flow into Extreme Hot steam.

④Water of Purify: The special water flow controlled by Suicune, the incarnation of the north wind, is the product of the combination of Inner Force, Water Type power, and Life Strength. It has healing and Purify effects. It is also more powerful than the destructive power of ordinary water. Able to increase all Water Type Moves.

③Creation and regeneration: When activated, the water of Purify flows throughout the body, and the moment Milotic is injured, the current of water begins to regenerate the injury at a high speed and continuously, but does not affect the attack rhythm, just like Milotic is wearing a layer of water current armor with life consciousness Normal, this consciousness is actually the result of the mutual influence between Psychic and life energy.

⑥Overload Strength: The essence is to concentrate the huge energy far beyond Move on one part of the body, and then explode the energy with all your strength. This process requires extremely high control. The effect depends on Pokemon’s Regardless of the consequences, you can double the Move formidable power and multiply it out several times. For side effects, because the energy is too large and exceeds the body load, the corresponding body parts will be severely damaged and need to be used in conjunction with creation and regeneration.

⑦Frozen fog: The combination of Purify water, Mist and Haze taught by Tapu Fini can freeze the soul, spirit, heart, and energy, and exercise to the level of Tapu Fini, so that the soul of humans and Pokemon cannot be dissipated. , Stop passing.

[Comprehensive Strength] Peak Level Third Stage

Note: Using Z-Move has the ability to compete with quasi-Guardian God level Pokemon.



[Attribute] Dragon+Flying

[Characteristic Trait] Multiscale

【Ability 】

Basic Abilities

Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Twin Strike, Dragon Pulse, Tailwind, Hurricane, Twister, Flying, Wing Attack, Roost, Safeguard, Status Move, Agility, Rain Dance, Rest, Sleep Talk, Extrreme Speed, Icy Wind, Blizzard, Heat Wave, Sandstorm, Hidden Power · Dark Outrage


General Z-Move: Cooperate with Sparkling Stone and Crystal-Z Attributes to master the Z-Move of most Attributes.

[Important Ability, Combination Skills]

①Formation of the wind (air flow perception): Different from the previous battle method that relies on hearing and visual perception, in the formation of the wind, Dragonite can rely on various parts of the body to perceive the air flow, conduct conditioned reflex combat, and speed up to the maximum Movement speed and reaction ability. The body and consciousness are separated, allowing each part of the body to go beyond instinct to fight, and at the same time it will have a strong wind control ability, which can instantly integrate Fire Element Energy and ice attribute energy into the airflow to form a corresponding Unique Ability.

②Nightmare mode: Exploit one’s own potential through the three powers of mind, dream and spirit, and can maintain the Rest state for combat. This state limit strengthens the recovery speed of Performance and the airflow perception ability.

③Dark form: A state similar to the dark Lugia. It is a combination of nightmare mode and Outrage state. It can have more powerful combat qualities while maintaining the ability of nightmare mode.

④ Combat Twister: Combination of Extrreme Speed, Tailwind, and Dragon Dance, a perfect combination of strengthening, attacking, and amplification.

[Strength] Peak Level Third Stage

Note: Using Z-Move has the ability to compete with quasi-Guardian God-level Pokemon.



[Attribute] Grass + Poison

[Characteristic Trait] Rich, thick fat (Mega Evolution)

【Ability 】

Basic Abilities

Vine Whip, Growth, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf, Sleep Powder, Poison Powder, Sweet Scent, Synthesis, Solar Beam, Giga Drain, Sunny Day, Grassy Terrain, Earthquake, Earth Power, Sword Dance, HidEnergy Ball ·Water, rooting, Nature Power, crazy plants


1. General Z-Move: Cooperate with Sparkling Stone and Crystal-Z Attributes to master the Z-Move of most Attributes.

2. Exclusive Z-Move: Thousands of hands (the final Profound Truth of Crazy Plant Move, summoning a huge Buddha statue with countless giant arms, hitting and destroying enemies with countless huge fists, the size of the Buddha statue is several dozen meters, comparable to the super giant Pokemon, you can pinch ordinary Pokemon with one hand.)

[Important Ability, Combination Skills]

①Primal Reversion: Assist a variety of Nature Power, strengthen yourself to the limit.

②The tree world is coming: through the four angles of the earth, water, Drought, and Nature Power, using crazy plants, the effect is to quickly grow multiple trees from the ground, and the trees are like pull up by the roots, in an instant It can create a forest. All attack and defense in the forest are controlled by Venusaur. It can also create a huge vine giant tree plant in a very short time or even an instant, and huge flowers will bloom on the plant, which will release pollen. Makes Rival unconscious and poisoned.

③Sword Leaf Storm: A combination of Leaf Storm, Sword Dance, and Growth, a perfect technique for strengthening, attacking, and increasing.

[Strength] Peak Level First Stage

Mega Evolution: Peak Level Third Stage

Note: The Mega Evolution state uses Z-Move to have the ability to compete with Peak Level Fourth Stage Pokemon.


⭐Rotom (Partner: Analyze 3D Dragon)

[Attribute] Electric+Ghost

[Characteristic Trait] Levitate

【Ability 】

Status Move, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Charging, Thunder Wave, Substitute, Light Screen, Reflect, Help, Overheat, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Air Slash, Leaf Storm

[Important Ability]

①Encyclopedia: With most of Fang Yuan’s permissions, you can view and download 99.99% of Pokemon Alliance data, and your computing, analysis, and research capabilities surpass computers.

②Electrical appliances are my home: Rotom can dive into different appliances and transform into different forms, and the limit ability depends on the level of the appliance.

[Comprehensive Strength] Grandmaster Level



[Attribute ]Normal

[Characteristic Trait] Transformer

【Ability 】Transform

[Important Ability]

①Transform · Thunder Flame Turbine Protector: Pokemon Items based on the power of the real and ideal dragon and special materials that can alleviate the side effects of Thunder Flame’s power.

②Transform · Integrated Rotom robot: The Mega robot with five home appliance functions can be combined with Rotom and 3D dragon into a combined form.

③Mew gene: The Mew gene is absorbed, and the transform ability is greatly improved. It can be barrier-free to the six main forces of Transform Fang Yuan, copying its ability and exerting its strength against Peak Level battle strength.

[Comprehensive Strength] Pseudo Peak Level


⭐Positive Klang, Negative Klang

[Attribute] Steel

【Characteristic Trait 】Positive and negative

[Ability] Charging, Gear Shift, Gear Grind, Lock On

[Strength] Grandmaster Level



[Attribute] Rock

[Characteristic Trait] Unyielding Heart

【Ability 】

Common skills

Hidden Power · Fighting, Accelerock, Status Move, Quick Attack, Quick Guard, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Stone Edge


1. General Z-Move: Cooperate with Sparkling Stone and Crystal-Z Attributes to master the Z-Move of most Attributes.

2. Exclusive Z-Move: Wolf Roar Shiya Hurricane Storm (Lycanroc with Z power will attack with full force, Rock Storm can eliminate the state of the field, and form a Meteorite group for indiscriminate strikes.

[Comprehensive Strength] Grandmaster Level



[Attribute] Evil

[Characteristic Trait] Nightmare

【Ability 】

Common skills

Ominous Wind, Disable, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Dark Void, Quick Attack, Hypnosis, Nightmare, Dream Eater, Haze, Status Move, Calm Mind, Nasty Plot, Psychic


General Z-Move: Cooperate with Sparkling Stone and Crystal-Z Attributes to master the Z-Move of most Attributes.

[Strength] Normal Guardian God Level+

Note: Using Z-Move has the ability to compete with Top Rank Guardian God.



[Attribute] Psychic, Fire

[Characteristic Trait] Victory Star

【Ability 】

Searing Shot, Focus Energy, Confusion, Quick Attack

[Important Ability]


②Infinite energy: within the body can produce endless energy, and this energy can be transferred to other lifeforms through touch.

[Comprehensive Strength] Peak Level


⭐3D Dragon

[Attribute ]Normal

[Characteristic Trait] Analysis

【Ability 】

Tackle, Conversion, 3rd-layer Hidden Power

[Comprehensive Strength] Ordinary Level



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