Pokemon Masters Chapter 883

However, Fang Yuan is not 100% sure of getting this legendary resource.

It is mid-March, and the Pokemon Expo is in early August. Although Fang Yuan still has a certain amount of time to prepare, in less than five months, it is a question of whether he can produce research results that will kill the audience.

The last time Fang Yuan participated in the Pokemon Expo was in London.

The fossil recovery device did kill the audience in seconds, but that time, the competition was not very fierce, because the reward was just like that.

But this time, with legendary resources as the final reward, the competition may be very exaggerated.

Those world Totem-level companies will definitely take out their own research results to compete for this legendary resource.

So, if Fang Yuan did not have the same level of research results with the fossil recovery device, it would be difficult to handle.

Hey, it would be nice if the Mega Evolution detection device, Pokéblock and so on were not announced so early.

So you can directly use these to enter the competition.

However, if it is not announced, Rainbow Wing and Billion Years Never-Melt Ice Fang Yuan will not be available, so Fang Yuan still has to find a way to come up with new research results that can kill the audience.

The two choices before Fang Yuan’s eyes are “Fruit Ball Technology” and “Pokemon Transmission Technology”.

But the former is stuck in research now.

The latter has not yet begun to study.

It’s not very stable to count on them…

“Kou Jie…”

Gluttony: X﹏X

Beside, Gluttony looked at Fang Yuan eagerly.

Fang Yuan chose Rainbow Wing and Million Years Never-Melt Ice, which is equivalent to putting the legendary resource Lock On for Gluttony on the Griseous Orb fragment.

This is also Gluttony’s decision, and it intends to take a gamble! !

No non-Griseous Orb fragments!

“Don’t worry.” Fang Yuan showed a profound mystery expression.

Even if he can’t win, it doesn’t mean he can’t get this thing.

If anyone wins, won’t he just go and trade with the winner?

I believe that compared to the Griseous Orb fragments, there must be more things that the other party needs.

Take a set of Mega Evolution Items and a set of Z-Move Items to exchange with you. Can you change it? ?

Give me a face.jpg

Overwhelming majority people are definitely willing to give Fang Yuan face, after all, the Mega Evolution system is in the hands of Fang Yuan.

But this is more troublesome, so it’s better to be able to win by yourself.

Special Poké Ball technology, Pokemon transmission technology…you have to hurry up.


“Don’t study any Rotom robots first, and study Pokemon teleportation technology with all your strength!” Fang Yuan turned his head and looked towards Rotom and the 3D dragon that just appeared.

“Mouth Jie~~” Gluttony folded his hands together, please come up.

“Oh~~~~~~~~” Rotom craned his neck and replied weakly.

“Ka!” 3D Dragon also clicked nodded.


Two days later.

Fang Yuan’s Rainbow Wing and billion years Never-Melt Ice crossed the ocean and finally came to Fang Yuan’s side.

It is about two legendary resources, which are of great importance. Therefore, those responsible for being resource couriers and bodyguards are Konghai Old Master of the Twelve Earthly Branches and War God Fu Hei.

They first traveled from China to Alliance Island, and then returned to China from Alliance Island, just to donate resources to Fang Yuan, which made Fang Yuan feel at ease.

With them as bodyguards, there were no accidents during the transportation of resources, and it is estimated that no one would want to grab Alliance items.

“We have arrived.”

Sun Moon Forest Rangers outside the defense line.

Kong Hai Old Master carried a large metal box the size of a truck, and Fu Hei called next to him.

What’s in the box is naturally the billion-year-old Never-Melt Ice.

Currently, Never-Melt Ice has been sealed off layer by layer. Otherwise, the chill out of it will be comparable to ice attribute Grandmaster Level Pokemon’s frozen Move, which is dangerous.

This thing is not light. If you don’t use transportation, it’s impossible for a normal person to take it on his body.

Fortunately, Kong Hai Old Master is not a normal person, let him carry him on his back, Fu Hei did not feel that he abused the elderly.

Anyway, he can’t move his back, so he can only give it to Konghai Grandmaster. The opponent is a Peak Level Psychic. Although he can’t move his back with physical strength, isn’t he still Psychic?

So, it looks like Konghai Old Master is carrying something, but in fact the box is floating behind him.

Kong Hai: (;′⌒`)

“Welcome… Welcome.”

“Wait a minute, Rotto…” When Fu Hei called Fang Yuan, Rotom’s voice came out.

“Fang Yuan,” Fu Hei asked.

“He is researching, I will pick you up Rotto~!” Rotom explained quickly.

Then both parties hung up the phone.

After hanging up, Fu Hei muttered “this kid” and shook the head.

I know that there are guests coming, so I don’t make preparations in advance and study a ball.

It’s no help.

“Ah~I’m so tired, you said Fang Yuan should prepare lunch for us.” Kong Hai Old Master patted his head.

“I don’t know if it was prepared for us, but he must have lunch, he shouldn’t be hungry for us.” Fu Hei said.

“It makes sense, but I can’t eat what you youngster eat, it’s too hard.”

Fu Hei:? ? ?

Toothless use Psychic to grind.

And you can definitely eat it. I was eating green dates just now, I saw them all! !

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