Pokemon Masters Chapter 884


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After a while, Rotom came quickly.

After it took Konghai Grandmaster and Mr. Fu Hei into the laboratory, at the same time Fang Yuan came out of the artisan shop.

Fang Yuan from covered in dirt greeted the two immediately after meeting the two.


In the Laboratory.

Kong Hai Grandmaster threw the big box containing the billion-year-old Never-Melt Ice on Ground, and looked at Fang Yuan suspiciously.

Fu Hei also has a dumb expression on his face, you who.

“Where did you go to dig the Fire Stone vein?” Konghai Old Master asked.


Seeing Konghai Grandmaster coming up and spraying people, Fang Yuan also noticed that his image was a little bad, haha ​​smiled, and apologized: “It’s just coming out of the craftsman’s shop. This is cleaned up.”

“Eevee, use Refresh Move at me!!” Fang Yuan moved towards somewhere shouted.

In the next moment, a green holy light shot out from a certain second floor, Purify hit Fang Yuan’s body, and the dust, sweat, and fatigue disappeared instantly.

Kong Hai Grandmaster and Fu Hei grinned, is this okay?

“Wait a minute, artisan shop??? What research can be related to artisans.” Fu Hei also asked.

“Study a ball.”

Fu Hei:? ? ?

“Isn’t this this Pokemon Expo will be held in our China.”

“I don’t know if our companies, universities, and research institutes can produce research results that can be used in town…”

“So, to be on the safe side, I plan to do it myself. Currently, I am transforming the Poké Ball. Let’s learn about the hand-forged Poké Ball with special effects!”

“If the research is successful, take it to the competition.”

Fang Yuan said without thinking.

Kong Hai, Fu Hei: (⊙.⊙)

Really, study a ball.

“Poké Ball…” Fu Hei quickly became puzzled.

Without waiting for him to ask questions, Fang Yuan explained directly.

“Don’t you think that the function of the red and white ball is too single.”

While explaining his imagination of the special Poké Ball to Kong Hai and Fu Hei, Fang Yuan looked at the legendary resources they brought.

“Poké Ball should also be personalized.”

“We are still pursuing different styles of clothes, residences, and transportation. Pokemon should also have a choice.”

“Big guys like Snorlax, Wailord, Steelix, etc., compared to Pikachu, Eevee and other Pokemon, they are obviously more inconvenient and depressing than small Pokemon in Poké Ball.”

“But if there are heavy balls suitable for bearing their weight and volume, it must be not only their physical and mental health, but also their growth, it can also play a positive role in promoting their growth.”

“For example, in some special places, such as Secret Realm, after exploring Secret Realm’s Trainer medicines are used up, there is no way to escape from the current environment, and if Pokemon is injured or poisoned, if one of them can be cured slowly Pokemon’s injury and Heal Ball who healed Status Condition, then Trainer’s Help is tantamount to saving their lives.”

“You can understand that I want to transform the red and white ball of the’low-cost single room’ into a’luxury apartment’ and an’automated hospital’.”

After Fang Yuan said his thoughts, Kong Hai and Fu Hei were already stunned.

son of a bitch.

How long have you just become twelve.

I thought you asked for time off for Slack Off, but your relationship is making big news? ?

Don’t bother.

It would seem that we are not doing anything.

Modify Poké Ball… Wait a minute… You won’t have succeeded, have you? ? ?

“However, it is still just an idea at the moment. I don’t have much clue how to do it. This is Never-Melt Ice for a billion years, Rainbow Wing.”

Fang Yuan used Aura to feel the cold inside the big box and asked.


Fu Hei took out a box and threw it to Fang Yuan.

This container is much smaller than the truck-like large box containing the billion-year-old Never-Melt Ice.

“Good idea, good idea.”

At the same time, the two heard that Fang Yuan’s research is currently only conceived, and they were exhaled by appointment.

Although it is clear that Fang Yuan, if this idea is perfectly researched, it will definitely shake the academic world and set off a new wave of big news in the entire Trainer field.

But the two still have some hope of pain, Fang Yuan gave them less stimulation.

After all, people are more angry than people.

But this is just a superficial idea. After listening to Fang Yuan’s idea, the two are actually quite looking forward to it from the bottom of their hearts.

No matter for the China Association or the entire Trainer field, this research result is very beneficial. They also want to replace their Pokemon with the Poké Ball that Fang Yuan said.

But Poké Ball has been around for decades, and there is no special Poké Ball that Fang Yuan said. It must be very difficult to transform Poké Ball.

Other researchers, impossible has never thought about it this way.

Fang Yuan wants to succeed, not easy.

Fang Yuan did not know what the two people thought. At this time, after the two legendary resources arrived, Fang Yuan was in a good mood and invited the two to say:

“Kong Hai Grandmaster, Fu Hei uncle, stay for dinner at noon, my Rotom’s cooking skills are very good!!”


“Then have you a meal.”

Kong Hai and Fu Hei will naturally not refuse.

Doing so many things for Fang Yuan, what happened to the meal? Besides, they are also planning to visit Fang Yuan’s Laboratory.

“Well, wait for me, I will set up this big ice cube first.”

Fang Yuan just wanted to take two people in, but looking at the big box here, I always felt a little awkward.

He suddenly had an idea and shouted:


Fang Yuan called out Dragonite who was healing at Milotic.


At the artificial lake.

Dragonite flew here with large and small scars, with a blank expression.

Why are you doing? The injury has not been cured yet.

The thought of “wu~ ~” just fell, and Dragonite’s body was cold.

It may be because of Attribute’s restraint. Although the Never-Melt Ice has been wrapped up in billions of years, Dragonite couldn’t help shivering as soon as it approached it.

Under the surprised gaze of Kong Hai and Fu Hei, Fang Yuan patted Dragonite’s back said: “This is the legendary resource of Prince of the Sea, Never-Melt Ice for a billion years, but we can use it for two days. You can give it to Milotic.”

Dragonite :(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


Dragonite understands in seconds.

Although the Never-Melt Ice is not part of its Dragonite, Fang Yuan borrowed it to give it to Milotic. This shows that Fang Yuan is very optimistic about it and is giving it assists.

This wave of myself is called “Lianhuaxianmei.”

“Go go, right, Milotic can exercise by the side, you can also exercise by the side, take a good chance!!”

Fang Yuan is serious.

Seize the opportunity.

Exercising next to Never-Melt Ice, you can definitely develop a Peak ice attribute resistant body, and you will be able to resist Blizzard in the future.

But I was afraid that Dragonite could not bear it.

So, at the same time, let Milotic exercise by the side, so that Dragonite can forcibly endure it for the sake of face, and then never-Melt Ice to never leave each other.

I’m really a genius Trainer.


Dragonite didn’t understand Fang Yuan’s routines, but thought that Fang Yuan was creating other opportunities for it to live with Milotic, and suddenly flew up in tears and moved away with Never-Melt Ice.

“You Dragonite, there is a lot of play.” On the side, Kong Hai Old Master pondered then said.

“Yes.” Fu Hei nodded.

Fang Yuan: “You don’t understand love.”

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