Pokemon Masters Chapter 885


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Rotom, which can be attached to a microwave oven, is naturally full of cooking skills.

Not to mention that there is now the help of 3D dragons.

If Fang Yuan Laboratory’s kitchen is ordered at the Top Rank, they can cook almost automatically, one dish in five minutes, and a half-hour full banquet.

“This treasure tower is really good.”

After taking a bite of the tender treasure tower meat, Konghai Grandmaster spoke highly of Rotom.

“What is this dish called.”

Fu Hei pointed at a plate of fish with his chopsticks and asked.

“The map of the river and mountains of the red sea bream, using four different parts of the red sea bream to make a special class cuisine with the styles and tastes of Capital City, Sichuan, Shanghai, and Guangdong. It can be said to be a dish or Said to be four dishes.” Fang Yuan said without thinking.

The young master of China feels very embarrassed.

Fang Yuan asked Rotom to do it when he was free.

Although it is not as stunning as expected, it makes people appear phantom and bursting, but it is also delicious.

Apart from this, Fang Yuan also asked Rotom to produce “Magic Mapo Tofu”, “Phoenix Crystal”, “Silky Chicken Rice” and other dishes.

Under the guidance of Fang Yuan, Rotom directly incarnates as a super chef, and is an indispensable member of the cooking class like Magnezon, Venusaur, and Gengar.

Unfortunately, due to the absence of Venusaur, some dishes involving Teala still taste a bit worse…

Kong Hai and Fu Hei were very satisfied.

Fang Yuan is quite good at enjoying it, and the food is generally better than them.

After eating, the two of them each drank a bowl of soup, Kong Hai Old Master said: “Fang boy, do you have any fun here.”

Konghai Grandmaster is not welcome, while Fang Yuan touched his chin, pondered then said: “Visit, no problem, there are still plenty of fun places.”

“What’s the point of visiting, Fang Yuan, let’s play against it.”

Fu Hei is thinking about playing against Fang Yuan.

The last time he watched Fang Yuan challenge Victory Road, he was already itching.

China overwhelming majority Peak Level Trainer, he has all challenged, but Fang Yuan, due to various circumstances, he has not yet played against Fang Yuan.

This time I have a chance!

“Bi Mi??!”

Hearing the battle, Victini, who was still clearing daily with Eevee upstairs, suddenly moved his ears.

“eivui!!!” Eevee told Victini to sit down.

Even if it is cleaning up daily tasks, you have to concentrate on it!

Don’t you know why you are such a dish! ! Go for snacks! !

Eevee predicted that Fang Yuan would not accept the battle.

“Next time, it’s mainly because there is an appointment this afternoon.”

Fang Yuan turned down.

One high-intensity battle a day is enough.

This afternoon is the date that he and Darkrai have agreed to fight for the conquest. Darkrai has been preparing for two days, and he can’t do anything about Darkrai.

Hoothoot is a bad habit.

Although Victini is charged, Fang Yuan’s interest in the game will drop a lot after two high-intensity matches. Entering the time of the sage, you should not waste the opportunity to fight Fu Hei in this way.

“Fu Hei uncle, wait for some time to find a chance and we will fight again.”

“Sure.” Fu Hei said: “But you said there is an appointment in the afternoon, are there other things?”

“It’s not a major event, and it won’t affect the tour that takes you.”

“Remember the Darkrai I brought back from Nightmare Island. We had an appointment and planned to have a formal battle for subjugation. If I win, it will agree to officially be my Pokemon!” Fang Yuan said with a smile.

“pu .”

Fang Yuan finished, Konghai Grandmaster almost Spit Up the soup in his mouth, but fortunately he used Psychic to control it in time.

Fu Hei also lowered his head and coughed, and said: “That nightmare god Darkrai?”

That Darkrai entered your Poké Ball early, what pretend to be! !

“The battle of subjugation…is it a wheel fight, a group fight, or 1VS1?”

Konghai Grandmaster wiped his mouth and asked.

Fang Yuan’s Darkrai relationship is similar to the relationship between the French Fairy Elite and Diancie in the World Cup.

Although I can enter the Poké Ball to play, the Pokemon not at all that Trainer himself breeds is beyond the strength of this Pokemon.

This is a clear message from Fu Hei and Kong Hai.

Now, Fang Yuan intends to use his strength to subdue Darkrai in a justifiable way. Doesn’t it mean that Fang Yuan already believes that his strength is comparable to or even surpassing the Guardian God-level nightmare god?

The question asked by Grandmaster Konghai is very important.

Both of them have seen Fang Yuan’s performance on Victory Road. If it is a team battle, even if it is only a doubles, Fang Yuan with Victini can ignore most of the Guardian God-level Pokemon.

But if it is a heads-up, even with Mega Evolution and Z-Move, Fang Yuan is not so easy to defeat the nightmare god, these two know well.

So what they are curious about is what way Fang Yuan plans to play against Darkrai.

If Fang Yuan defeats Darkrai in a wheel fight or group fight, they can barely accept it.

But if you defeat Darkrai heads-up, then the basic equivalent to Fang Yuan has the strength to defeat them.

This growth rate is very scary.

“It’s probably a heads-up.” Fang Yuan said.

Kong Hai, Fu Hei: (ノ°ο°)ノ is really heads-up.

The two were shocked.

“Well, heads-up.” Fang Yuan confirmed.

Magnezon can score a goal, this is a Pokemon, nothing wrong!



Konghai Grandmaster and Fu Hei said they didn’t visit anything, just want to watch the battle of conquering Fang Yuan and Darkrai.

Fang Yuan scratched his head helplessly, but Darkrai said that it didn’t matter, and Fang Yuan didn’t matter anymore, so he started the battle early.

Fossil Reserve.

The gentle sunlight shines on every area, and the breeze sweeps the fragrance of the plants, constantly drifting away.

Not only Kong Hai and Fu Hei these two people, but Eevee and Victini, Infernape, Gluttony, Dragonite, Milotic and Rotom, as well as Luo Ke, all came to watch the game.

There are also nearly a hundred fossil Pokemon in the fossil reserve, as well as a little Mew who is basking in the sun and has not shown up, all witnesses of this battle.

Outside the Nightmare Cavern.

Darkrai’s calm Levitate is there, the Smog-like white hair-like part covering most of the face, only revealing a pair of bright dark blue eyes full of fighting intent.

“This Darkrai… is much stronger than the imposing manner when I first saw it.”

Not far away, Konghai Grandmaster observed Darkrai in surprise.

I am afraid that it will not take long for this rate of progress to be comparable to the huge Dragonite on Dragon Island.

“After all, it is a battle-type magical Pokemon. Before the legendary domain, it should have been a stage of rapid growth.” Fu Hei said: “It should not be a problem to grow to the strength level of the few magical Pokemons at least in the Alliance God Territory. “

Guardian God-level Pokemon that masters the power of nightmares is stronger than the Guardian God-level Spiritomb and Guardian God-level crystal Steelix and others. Kong Hai and Fu Hei can’t think of how Fang Yuan will play. Challenge it.

Fang Yuan’s Pokemon information, they probably know it well.

At this time, Fang Yuan had already walked to the side of the designated battlefield. After Darkrai took a look, Levitate also passed by.

Darkrai knows that Fang Yuan is more capable than outsiders, so he dare not careless and decided to spare no effort.

“Come on.”

“Come on.”

Fang Yuan and Darkrai stood facing each other.

After both parties spoke together, Fang Yuan took out a Poké Ball and slowly moved towards the venue and pressed it down.

In the next second, white rays of light burst, and the new Pokemon Magnezon appeared on the battlefield.

Different from the previous Magnezon, the current Magnezon has a large gear that is suspended vertically in the center of the Magneton Magnet, just like the arms of a Magneson chainsaw, continuously cutting and rotating through electromagnetic force, which is full of domineering.

The blue electric current pulsating like lightning lingers all over Magneson, exuding amazing power, making Darkrai’s expression serious.

It really is this Pokemon.

Darkrai has to admit that Fang Yuan’s speed of improvement is too terrifying.

If it is not before the breakthrough under Fang Yuan’s Help, it must not be the current Rival of Magnezon.

Even after the breakthrough now, facing Magnezon, who has countless hole cards, it is not sure of winning.

“Blululululu~~” The blue lightning was filled, and the six gears on Magnezon’s body looked like Gear Shift Normal, and the speed was even faster. The powerful power of Electric Type Guardian God, sparing no effort Broke out.

bang!! !

Next, Darkrai also exploded with some power, and the nightmare realm of dark red around him and the electromagnetic realm of golden blue around Magnezon began to collide.

During this period, countless gravels were entangled with Black Umbra and blue arcs, and Levitate kept twitching from Ground!

“This…what’s going on.”

Originally, Kong Hai and Fu Hei were both curious about which Pokemon Fang Yuan would play against Darkrai.

Now that Fang Yuan finally took it out, their doubts not only didn’t decrease, but even more!

This is…Fang Yuan, the Magnezon that has been strengthened by two Klink weapons? ?

With only one year from the World Cup, do you already have Guardian God level strength? ?

The most important thing is, didn’t you say that this battle of subjugation will be singled out? ? !

It seems that they can see the doubts of the two people. When the audience’s Rotom eats melons, they explain at the same time: “It is indeed a heads-up, haven’t you noticed, Magnezon, they are all Rotto from the same Poké Ball? .”

Kong Hai, Fu Hei: (⁼̴̀д⁼̴́)


Obviously there are three Pokemon, why come out of one Poké Ball!

Kong Hai and Fu Hei are more puzzled.

Little head, big doubts.

“There is something wrong with the previous appearance. There was no such big gear on Magneton’s Magnet before. This is… two Klinks evolved?”

Fu Hei couldn’t help being muttered after seeing the appearance of Magnezon.

“Yes, the two Klinks have evolved. After the evolution, there have been some special changes between Magnezon, similar to the relationship between Slowpoke and Big Tongue. You can understand that Magnezon and two Klinks have evolved together For Magnezon Rotto!!!”

After explaining the example of Slowbro, Rotom finally made it clear to Kong Hai.

Kong Hai, Fu Hei: (.ớ₃ờ)

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