Pokemon Masters Chapter 886


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Because of the clarity of the statement, Konghai Grandmaster’s jaw almost dropped.

What the hell, it was surprising enough to see Fang Yuan creating such unimaginable group tactics before. Now, how come the conjoined evolution has come out?

His…Magnezon…Magnezon… Doesn’t it mean that Fang Yuan created a new Pokemon race? ?

“This is too cheating.”

Looking at the venue Sky, which looked like the Magnezon of War Machine Normal, Fu Hei couldn’t help but said that feelings are like heads-up, playing with a woolen yarn. Fortunately, Fang Yuan didn’t accept his invitation to fight, otherwise he just brought this A few main players really can’t beat Fang Yuan.

Three Pokemon enter a Poké Ball, this operation is simply not human.

“Completely integrated, their Psywave movements are really the same as one.”

The most shocking thing was Konghai Grandmaster. He could clearly judge that Magneson’s Psywave movement was completely the same, just like a lifeform. This also confirmed Rotom’s statement again.

Silence, an unprecedented silence between the two.

Fang Yuan is a freak… If Fang Yuan has the Magezon like now when he challenges Victory Road, even without Victini, it will be the result of a sweep.

At this time.

Magnezon and Darkrai have come to a complete confrontation.

Due to magnetic interference, and Fang Yuan has connected Magnezon with Heart Intent at this time, it has strengthened its spirit strength again. Darkrai’s nightmare fluctuations can’t directly hypnotize Magnezon to fall asleep and can only choose to attack.


After the collision of the imposing manner, Darkrai stretched out, and Black’s body suddenly exuded a larger imposing manner!

After it raised its hands, countless dark red energy continued to condense, and instantly formed a huge black hole in front of Darkrai.

Darkrai suddenly threw away with both hands, and the fusion technique of oversized Dark Pulse and nightmare power suddenly turned into hundreds of fist sized light balls like a rain of bullets and normal moved towards Magnezon.

This simple combo technique Darkrai will still be used. Combining Dark Void and Dark Pulse into an attack and hypnotic Ability can better exert its strength.

“Electromagnetic storm!”

Faced with this trick, Fang Yuan neither anxious nor nervous, Aura’s aura covering him, gave the order lightly.

Because of his telepathy, Magnezon reacted as early as his thoughts came up.

At the center of the magnet, two continuously rotating large gears are released, rotating at a higher speed. At the same time, the outer surface of the large gear is covered with a deeper layer of golden blue energy, forming an aperture, and then suddenly swept through the aperture. There was a huge electromagnetic storm.

The two electromagnetic storms went violently, entangled to form a double helix structure and blocked in front of countless Dark Pulses, devouring one after another.

Inside the electromagnetic storm of golden blue, Black rays of light and deafening explosions are constantly flashing.

bang!! !

After devouring all the Dark Pulse, the electromagnetic storm finally annihilated.

The large gear that made the electromagnetic storm, because of the magnetism of Magnezon, has already been flashed and recovered by Magneson using “Recycle” Move through space movement, which ensures that the gear weapon will never interact with Magnezon. Separate.

In just one round of collision, the entire field was fragmented.

“Really abnormal.”

I saw two evenly matched Pokemon, Kong Hai and Fu Hei corner of mouth twitching.

“The President Trump Card Lucario, can he defeat one of them.” Kong Hai said.

Fu Hei shook his head: “I don’t know, but if your Senior breaks out, can you?”

“haha, I don’t know.” Kong Hai also said.

The eyes of both of them are shocking. The really powerful Trainer can know the full strength of Pokemon after watching the Move confrontation for a round.

There is no doubt that the strength of the Darkrai and Magnezon who are fighting is already very close to Top Rank Guardian God.

Guardian God-level Pokemon is also capable of being divided into high and low!

Like the Battle of Guardian God when Alliance was founded decades ago, there are seven or eight countries with Guardian God-level Pokemon to help out, but only five countries have Top Rank Guardian God to help out.

The Top Rank Guardian God in China is the huge Dragonite of Dragon Island.

Decades have passed. Although Alliance has made friends with the more powerful Peak Level Guardian God like Zeraora of Thunder and Heatran of Volcano, Top Rank Guardian God is still one of the major powers that can maintain their international status. The core battle strength, Crystal Steelix and others are incomparable with this type of Pokemon.

Now, at Fang Yuan, they actually saw two Pokemon close to the Top Rank Guardian God battle strength.

You know, Fang Yuan still has a Victini that can strengthen Pokemon, and Z-Move is available.

Doesn’t that mean that Fang Yuan alone can already compare with the overwhelming majority country?

peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ Bang! ! ! !

The next battle made the two eyelids jump.

Darkrai, who is the Pokemon of the phantom, and Magnezon, who is boosted by Heart Intent, are both strong and outrageous monsters.


It seems to be able to cut off a large mountain and use a large gear as a cannonball super-electromagnetic gun that exceeds the speed of sound, forcibly was set midway by Darkrai with Disable.


Incarnation of Haze, the Darkrai of Major Perfection used in Status Move Move, more than one hundred silhouettes made the strongest Dark Void, but Magezon broke free with Fang Yuan’s Heart Intent in a few seconds.



The confrontation between you and me between the two sides, no one will let anyone.

After about five minutes of fighting, the water dripped through the rocks, and Magnezon was gradually dragging down its will due to the influence of nightmare fluctuations and accumulated negative factors.

Normal battles, it turns out that Pokemon Darkrai has a better foundation…

“It’s not over yet.” At this moment, Fang Yuan stretched out a bracelet inlaid with Magnezon’s exclusive Z-Crystal.

This is Fang Yuan’s most important weapon against Darkrai.

“Magnezon, the earth burst into the sky!!”

After Fang Yuan pronounced the Move name, Darkrai directly felt a huge threat.

The eyes of Kong Hai and Fu Hei were all attracted by the Z-Move used by Fang Yuan.

If the battle just now is still within the understandable range of the two twelve teams, then after Fang Yuan’s exclusive ZAbility was released by Fang Yuan, the eyes of Kong Hai and Fu Hei stared directly.

“What is this Move!!!”

“The effect of Ability in the Z-Move paper published by Fang Yuan is completely different.”

“Is it the special case he said, exclusive Z-Move?”

The two were surprised.

Magnezon first created a blue Electro Ball and launched it into the air.

Then, this blue Electro Ball, like a dazzling sun, and a black hole Normal, began to attract all the surrounding objects strongly.

Even Darkrai could not withstand this powerful suction force. It was in the Electric Terrain, and it was instantly entangled by the electric current. It was directly absorbed in the Sky with the broken golden earth, and under the facial expression grave, it was covered by layers of magnets. The package, together with the magnet, forms a huge magnet ball.

The magnet ball of several dozen meters in diameter levitate in the air, so that while the Ground is in darkness, there are light traces irradiated by electric current from time to time.

Darkrai is at the center of the magnet, sealed by countless currents.

“Blast!!” Fang Yuan ordered directly, and Magnezon red’s pupils flashed with rays of light.

“bang! !” with a sound,

The huge magnet ball is like a planet blasting Normal, turning into countless magnets bursting open. Although the shock waves rush to the core, the reaction force still makes countless magnets fall like a Meteorite Shard.

huhuhuhu Phew! !

For an instant, sky was covered by smoke.


To put it bluntly, the aftermath of this move almost made Konghai Grandmaster think that Fang Yuan wanted to destroy the fossil reserve and killed them by the way.

He subconsciously wanted Teleport to slip away because the protective measures on the battlefield were too poor. Even the World Cup venue could not guarantee the safety of Trainer and the audience under this move.


Fu Hei was also an eyes shrank. He almost died on the spot. He placed his hand on the Poké Ball subconsciously. Fortunately, the moment the magnet ball exploded, countless magnets and shock waves seemed to fall into a different space Normal, and were directly transferred away without causing any damage. The subsequent injury made the two feel that they had taken a life back.

The two heartbeats are still extremely fast.

Of course, this is not the aftermath recovery system of ZAbility, but Mew wiped his sweat secretly, and did a “site manager” at Fang Yuan’s request.

“How about.” Fang Yuan looked towards the air.

After using Z-Move, a trick that can counter Top Rank Guardian God, Fang Yuan collapsed and Magezon was almost the same, but the effect was achieved. Darkrai, which had consumed a lot of money, fell from the sky directly. Let Fang Yuan show a smile.

“eivui!!!” “Bimi!!!” “Wooah!!!” Eevee they all looked towards sky, showing surprise expressions.

Magnezon really defeated Darkrai.

The power of a horror!

Infernape estimated the gap between himself and the power of Yixian, Eevee was also calculating.

This is about the ranking of the next Fang Yuan Conference! !

Darkrai is about to join the team! !

At this time, Fang Yuan still had the strength to throw the ball. He directly used only the remaining Confusion force to move the red and white ball towards Darkrai, who had lost the combat capability.

The Poké Ball being thrown directly drew an arc in the air.

The fallen Darkrai and Fang Yuan’s Poké Ball just hit the ground.

The red light flashed, and Darkrai was directly absorbed by the new Poké Ball. The red light jumping on it flashed for a few times before returning to calm.

And Poké Ball was also taken back by Fang Yuan with Confusion.

Holding Darkrai’s Poké Ball, Fang Yuan smiled again.

“Darkrai, I accept it!”

“Thanks for your hard work, Magnezon.”

“Victini, save me!”

Fang Yuan sat on the ground under the eyes of Kong Hai and Fu Hei suffering from stomach pain, and then stood up again lively dragon and animated tiger.

Open Trainer, cannot afford to offend, cannot afford to offend.

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