Pokemon Masters Chapter 887


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What is the experience of watching a brat conquer the magical Pokemon?

How to evaluate the fact that a 21-year-old Trainer conquered Pokemon.

At the moment, Fang Yuan should officially subdue Darkrai.

Looking at Fang Yuan holding a Poké Ball and surrounded by a pile of Pokemon, the expressions of the two of them kept changing.



“Kou Jie!!”

“Well, yes, Darkrai will also participate in the next Conference.”

“Invalid complaint.”

Looking at Fang Yuan chatting with Pokemon, the two are sore.

It’s not only sour, Kong Hai and Fu Hei are like eating Oran Berry, with various flavors in their mouths.

Berry Oran Berry: One of the blessings of nature, in Pokemon’s mouth, there will be a variety of flavors, which is incredible, but for Kong Hai and Fu Hei, the taste is complicated and a bit sad.

“Will I still fight him after a while?” Fu Hei asked.

“What do you think.” Konghai said.

“haha, the battle is still necessary, the matches that have been won are so boring.” Fu Hei said.

Darkrai +Victini +Z-Move is a combination. Both of them are very curious about what it will be like in Fang Yuan.

Guardian God comparable to Peak?

Forget it, I don’t want to, there will be no gap if I don’t want to.

The two chose to ignore Fang Yuan and subdue Darkrai.

And now.

Holding Darkrai’s Poké Ball, Fang Yuan’s head slowly emerged with Darkrai information.


Attribute: evil.

Characteristic Trait: Nightmare (can cause huge mental damage to sleeping enemies by the power of nightmares).

In the game, in some special cases, just like some Dragonites can learn Extrreme Speed ​​that Normal Dragonite cannot learn, some Victini can also learn to interlace lightning, Fusion Flare, Blue Flare, Bolt Strike, Glaciate…

That’s right, the black and white dragons are the Ability of the family, the little Victini can learn in some special situations, and the force is extremely high.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan asked Victini to learn the power of interlacing with Infernape. This stupid guy just can’t learn it all the time. Fang Yuan really wants to see Victini learn the full power of interlacing in front of Infernape.

Darkrai is just as special.

Under certain circumstances, Darkrai can learn Phantom Force, a spatial type of Move, as well as Opelucid’s unique Ability Spacial Rend, and Roar of Time. So Darkrai has both spatial innate talent and time innate talent. It’s no problem. .

It’s just that the method to motivate his innate talent is unknown.

However, it is undeniable that this is an officially appointed correct breed route.

So, Fang Yuan’s preliminary idea is to take a period of time to test Darkrai’s innate talent.

Spacial Rend, Roar of Time does not ask you to learn it, Move involves a little bit of space and time use head office!

Let it learn Phantom Force first, and try to combine spatial abilities with shadow skills to achieve a spatial movement effect like Gluttony.

Then let Darkrai try to introduce the concept of absolute time control into the realm of nightmares.

Although some Illusion Techniques and Time Flow Speed ​​in dreams are different from reality, the real difference is not particularly big.

Luo Ke cannot achieve Absolute Control time in the illusion, and Darkrai cannot achieve Absolute Control time in the dream.

The ebbing of time outside will still interfere with Pokemon itself.

For example, Darkrai wants to let recruits experience a year in their dreams, and if the external synchronization time is very short, this can’t be done at all. If you want to force it, Darkrai can only blur some Experience accelerates the development of the dream world, but this will cause the dream to become less effective and unreal.

It’s like an ordinary person dreaming. Although I feel that I have been dreaming for a long time and dreaming of many things, I can’t remember how much.

But if Darkrai can incorporate the concept of absolute time control into the realm of nightmares, then it will be truly invincible.

If Darkrai had such an ability long ago, Fang Yuan and Magnezon just now were absolutely impossible to solve the nightmare with Heart Intent.

Now, 2 or 3 seconds of sleep outside is only enough for Darkrai to cause mild mental and spiritual damage to Magnezon through nightmares in his dreams.

If Darkrai can do it, 1 second outside is a clear day, week, or even month, year in the dream.

Then, the huge Divine Heart damage accumulated by the clear concept of time in the dream world is enough to kill Rival in an instant.

In this way, even if some Pokemon can use Willpower to spend a few seconds to break out of the dream, it will not help.

Because just after 1 second from the outside world, you suffered from the power of nightmares for months in your dreams.

“Try these two training programs first. The first one happens to have Gluttony as the case, and the second one happens to have the flower of World Tree to help Darkrai contact the strength of Time.”

Fang Yuan looked at Darkrai’s Poké Ball and said silently in his heart.

The former is not important. The latter’s “Infinite Nightmare Training Program”, which integrates the concept of time into the nightmare realm, is what Fang Yuan values ​​most. I hope to succeed.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t achieve the effect of unlimited monthly reading…monthly reading is enough!


“Kong Hai Grandmaster, Fu Hei uncle, don’t you stay for dinner?”

Before evening, Kong Hai and Fu Hei were leaving. Although Fang Yuan wanted to leave them for dinner before leaving, the two were determined.

“Don’t stay.”


All afternoon you were holding the Poké Ball of the Nightmare God in your hand, and the expression on your face eager to let it go, we panicked.

“It’s a pity.”

Fang Yuan feels a pity that the two big bosses leave.

At noon, Rotom prepares a table full of dishes from Zhonghua I. At night, it prepares special dishes from the spirit of eating halberd.

The two can’t enjoy it anymore, this wave can only be eaten by themselves.

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