Pokemon Masters Chapter 888


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At night.

Fang Yuan called Darkrai and everyone had a meal together.

Unfortunately, this halberd-eating spirit dishes, not at all, has the ability to burst clothes.

This meal was held to celebrate the admission of Darkrai, and the process was very happy.

Eevee and other Pokemon have toasts with Coke, Sprite, juice, milk, cold beer, boiling water, venom and Darkrai. Starting today, everyone is on a thief ship!


(__)ノ|Darkrai, who was filled with eight-nine drinks, stood up to the wall silently.

Now it feels a little nauseous. Is it too late to regret it?

After dinner in the evening.

Fang Yuan personally went and sent Darkrai back to the fossil reserve.

Although he subdued Darkrai, it was definitely the nightmare cave in the fossil reserve that made Darkrai more accustomed to living in than living in the Laboratory.

And there, Darkrai can also observe the fossil Pokemon better.

Fang Hearthome personally sent it back, not because Darkrai was drunk, but because there are some things to explain separately.

“I just talked to Gluttony and Mew. Starting from tomorrow, you will practice space skills with Gluttony in the morning. In the afternoon, you will use the flower of time sent by Mew to practice the control of time in your dreams.”

“Before I research every day, I will find time and Rotom to guide you to correct the training content.”

“Also, three meals a day during training will also need to follow specific recipes to absorb nutrients. I will prepare them as soon as possible.”

One night, Fang Yuan almost explained the follow-up capacity development content and training plan to Darkrai.

For Darkrai, there is no need to practice other bells and whistles.

As long as you continue to develop around the power of dreams, it will sooner or later enter the realm of legend.

Fang Yuan also wants to cultivate a legendary Darkrai who can only fight with Opelucid! ! !

“Okay, I remember clearly.”

Darkrai is also looking forward to being trained by a human Trainer for the first time.

It is very curious how his strength will progress after a period of time following Fang Yuan’s training plan.


Fang Yuan returned to the laboratory after sending it back to Darkrai.

The sky is dark, even Infernape has stopped training.

Although there is Victini’s recharge and Milotic’s injury treatment, Fang Yuan still asks Infernape to keep them asleep. After all, the fatigue of Divine Heart is not so easy to fully recover.

The training during the day is very intense, and there is absolutely no problem with proper rest at night. Combination of work and rest is the best training method.

At this time, Eevee is still more energetic.

It is a typical night owl, and Fang Yuan sometimes wonders whether it is more suitable for Eevee to evolve into Umbreon.

The red eyes also look cute.

Bathed in Moonlight, the dazzling golden ring pattern flashes on the body, which is also quite handsome.

“Are you practicing Substitute again.”

After Fang Yuan entered the Laboratory, he found Eevee who was constantly practicing Substitute.

It’s not the practice of five bodies playing black games together, but Eevee is constantly creating Substitute, time and time again.

Make, wipe, make, wipe, and repeat.

On the sofa, Eevee, with brown soft hair, stares forward with serious expression.

A palm-size pocket Eevee appeared in front of him for a while, and a mutant cloth with a spherical tail appeared in front of him for a while.

Four Substitutes, constantly changing, killing Matt’s hairstyle for a while, and bangs hairstyle for a while, and Fang Yuan suspects that it wants to change to a hairdresser at night.

“You want to eliminate the Mew gene that dominates the body from Substitute, right?”

“The purpose is to allow Substitute to evolve into the Eevee form of other Attributes by relying on external stimuli, such as evolution stones.”

Fang Yuan took out the Rainbow Wing box sent by Fu Hei during the day, and opened the Rainbow Wing that looked towards it, opening the mouth and said without looking back.


Eevee, who was practicing on the sofa, heard Fang Yuan’s voice, and his big eyes were full of incredible.

How did Fang Yuan know! ! !

In order to win the next Fang Yuan Conference Champion and let Fang Yuan start an animation and game company for himself, Eevee tried his best to become stronger, but in the end, after analysis, there is only the shortcut of Substitute evolution.

Although playing together with the Substitute in the evolutionary form may not necessarily have the strength to defeat Guardian God, isn’t it impossible?

Compared with the step-by-step training of basic qualities, or the vagueness of not relying on Fang Yuan to master the autonomous Z-Move, Eevee thinks Substitute’s evolutionary strategy is more reliable.

Now, Fang Yuan talked about the secrets he was preparing to train, making Eevee panicked.

eivui…This is not a training program that Fang Yuan has already eliminated, right?

“I raised you from an egg so big, would I not know what you are thinking.”

Fang Yuan looked at this magical feather with iridescent brilliance, speechless.

After that, he extended the hand and touched the feather.

No change.

Very good!

My Fang Yuan is really kind-hearted and extremely positive!

“eivui eivui!!!” Fang Yuan glanced at Detect, and Eevee asked quickly.

So, how about this training direction! !

“Develop Substitute first, so that Substitute can carry the evolution stone Items to evolve, and then the body and the four evolution forms will fight together, thereby enhancing the combat strength of Substitute’s joint fighting method. Do you think so.” Fang Yuan asked.

Eevee is nodded.

“Do you think this can defeat Darkrai, Infernape, Magnezon?”

Eevee shook his head hesitantly.

Although the strength of Substitute has improved in this way, the probability of strength beyond the body is not large, and it is still weak.

In the face of Darkrai, who masters the group Move, speed to the pinnacle, even Future Sight has difficulty capturing the silhouette’s five-door Infernape, and it is easy to be broken one by one.

“Substitute has evolved.”

“Good idea for improvement, but it needs a little change.” Fang Yuan closed the box again.

“Although I don’t know if I can succeed, we can imagine more boldly.”

Fang Yuan also hopes that Eevee can become stronger quickly, so he made his own suggestions.

Although Eevee’s step-by-step training basic qualities can also be strengthened, and its potential has not yet been tapped, the meaning of Trainer’s existence is not a group of people who can quickly improve Pokemon’s strength through various whimsical ideas. .

I have been training the basic qualities, but what about Trainer?

A few years ago.

Eevee can freely degenerate in the sun form and normal form. Fang Yuan thought about whether Eevee could evolve into other forms.

Finally concluded that due to the existence of the Mew gene, unless the Eevee Life Level can evolve beyond Mew and suppress the Mew gene, the probability is low.

However, the idea of ​​deleting the Mew gene in Substitute is really interesting. Fang Yuan had also thought of it at the beginning.

In the end, Fang Yuan vetoed it.

Because only the partner form and the sun form, Eevee can’t exercise to the limit of the race. Many abilities can’t be developed perfectly, and then evolved into that many forms, and can only be used in the Substitute state. It is really useless, miscellaneous and not sophisticated.

With Eevee’s character, I can’t exercise it at all, just like learning Move, not the more the better, but the more refined the better.

At the moment, Eevee has figured out this training direction himself, which reminds Fang Yuan of his original idea. From the current perspective, Eevee’s idea is not wrong, but the five forms of combined combat are definitely not the same. The ultimate Profound Truth of the training direction.

The ultimate Profound Truth of Substitute’s evolution method should be to feed back to oneself.

“Your Substitute is quite special. Because it has been strengthened by life energy and spiritual energy, it is almost equivalent to another you, with the same life and spiritual consciousness. You can also personally experience their feelings.”

“eivui!” Eevee nodded, that’s how it is.

“If you have already separated eight Substitutes, and they have evolved into eight evolutionary forms, do you think that you can command them to fight with all your heart, and you can exert stronger power, or these eight evolved After completing Eevee, all the power is back to yourself. With each and everyone alone, you can use 100% concentration and combine all the abilities, so that you can exert stronger power?”

Eevee startled.


However, the substitute’s power that was distributed cannot be 100% integrated and returned to the body.

Whether relying on Baton Pass, Help, or relying on assist skill to absorb Substitute’s Performance, it is impossible to achieve complete recovery of power.

“So in addition to developing Substitute, you have to develop a Move that can recall Substitute’s power by 200%!!”

“During the evolution, each of your Substitutes has undergone a Life Level promotion, and the promotion direction is different.”

“Some evolutionary forms have acquired Performance innate talent, some have acquired power innate talent, some have acquired speed innate talent, and some have acquired dual defense innate talent. These are all changes brought about by life energy. Think about it, if after they evolve, your ontology can inherit the power that they evolve, how strong will you eventually become?”

“Normal Pokemon can only evolve two or three times, but you can evolve eight times by sharing evolutionary power with Substitute, and get eight chances of Life Level improvement.”

“The racial advantages of the eight Eevee evolution forms all converge in the body, reaching the limit of the Eevee race, should be with no difficulty.”

“I named it the’Return to Origin breed method’, which has the same effect as the’Nine-Colored Sublimation Gathering’ Move. It can also be understood as’Autonomous Nine-Colored Sublimation Gathering’, normal’ Jiucai Shenghua Qijuding’ is the Assist of the eight evolutionary forms of X Attack, and the’Return to Origin breed method’ is to experience the profound mystery of the eight evolutionary Life Level upgrades through Substitute, and then through the use of Life Strength , Attribute all the evolved power to the ontology.”

“This is the usage of life energy more Top Rank, it can also be named Return 6.0!!!”

After Fang Yuan told Eevee of his guessed breed system, Eevee gradually became excited.

It’s a duck.

If its body can absorb all the power of Substitute after upgrading Life Level, then every time Substitute evolves into a new form, the quality of its body should be strengthened once and optimized in different aspects.

Intensify each quality six or seven times, reaching the racial limit, absolutely with no difficulty.

When it first evolved into Espeon, its Eevee form’s Inner Force was greatly increased.

If Substitute evolves into Leafeon and Fairy Eevee, all the optimized racial abilities can be returned to the body. According to their skin is rough and flesh is thick racial characteristics, maybe the body’s dual-defense resistance ability will be greatly improved.

Substitute evolved into Jolteon, absorbed back, the body gains lightning-like movement speed, Substitute evolved into Flareon, absorbed back, the body gains powerful physical power……

Eevee’s eyes are getting brighter.

If it can be successful, it will be much more reliable than Mew’s Z-Move.

The question is, how to absorb their power perfectly? ?

Fang Yuan: “Slowly think about it, it’s really impossible to go to the island Guardian God to develop a normal “Nine Colors Sublimation Gathering”, and to carry out an independent “Nine Colors Sublimation Gathering”.”

“Other Eevee are the power of assisting the evolution of other individuals, and you are the power of the ontology inheriting the evolution of Substitute. This is the core of the’Return to Origin breed method’ of the’Return to Origin Breed Method’. “

Eevee: “Maite!”

“All kinds of abilities belong to me? It sounds like a great emperor.” At this moment, Luo Ke did not know where he came from, mumbling the “cultivation created by Fang Yuan and Eevee during a chat.” technique “.

Fang Yuan, Eevee:…

How come you are everywhere!

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