Pokemon Masters Chapter 889


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Due to Fang Yuan’s suggestion, Eevee has worked harder to develop Substitute.

I hope to develop Substitute to the genetic level as soon as possible, eliminate the Mew gene from it, and then study the “Return to Origin breed method”.

After Darkrai received the training program from Fang Yuan, his daily life also changed slightly, which made Luo Ke almost depressed.

Lycanroc followed Mew back to the World Tree again, Venusaur is far away in the islands, and now Darkrai doesn’t train with it to train the fossil Legion…Luo Ke can only undertake the task of training the fossil Legion alone.

Other Pokemon, life has not changed much.

Rotom still breeds the 3D dragon himself according to Up-Grade, researches Pokemon transmission technology, and everything is proceeding in an orderly manner according to Fang Yuan’s arrangement.

Such days, half a month passed in the blink of an eye.


3D Dragon has downloaded many new Moves, and it’s just one step away from fully mastering Up-Grade and evolving to 3D Dragon 2.

With the improvement of 3D dragon capabilities and the enrichment of theoretical data, the Pokemon transmission device will soon be on track.

Milotic, using Never-Melt Ice for hundreds of millions of years, half a month to strengthen the ice attribute Move to a level.

Dragonite, which is next to the ice cube every day, also gains the ice attribute resistance of Peak Level.

At this time, Fang Yuan was already ready to go to the Temple of the Sea, and sent Never-Melt Ice to the Prince of the Sea.

This trip has another purpose.

The fruit ball is still stuck during the forging process, and no suitable quenching water source is found.

Fang Yuan remembers that the deep-sea islands that Prince of the Sea once took him to seem to have a lot of special water sources, and there is also a Guardian God-level silly wise man. Perhaps there is something new for him.


April 2nd.

Fang Yuan rode Dragonite to Sunyshore City Sea Territory.

I don’t know if it’s Fang Yuan’s illusion. Fang Yuan always feels that Dragonite’s scales are getting colder. This is the body chill caused by getting along with the billion-year Never-Melt Ice day and night?

However, it’s quite comfortable to sit, so it’s okay.


Beside Dragonite and Fang Yuan, Magneson used electromagnetic force to hold the huge metal box containing the billion-year-old Never-Melt Ice, so that the box was flying in the air, while Eevee were all standing on the box, flying, Fang Yuan occasionally jumped up and stood for a while to blow the hair.

Here, above the white clouds, the black shadows of the entire group passed quickly…soon they traveled across cities and came to a certain Sea Territory.

Fang Yuan They brought He Xiaomai with them last time. Ten months passed in the blink of an eye.

For Manaphy, ten months is indeed a short period of time, after all, it may take months to sleep.

The main reason is that manipulating the Temple of the Sea running around in the sea is really exhausting.

In order not to drive fatigued, it can only snooze.

When Fang Yuan came to find Manaphy, it was at Rest. Someone knocked on the door in the early morning. Manaphy was initially very upset, but after seeing Fang Yuan coming, it impatiently picked Fang Yuan to come in.


Since Fang Yuan left last time, Manaphy’s body has turned blue.

The two legendary resources of the Temple of the Sea were broken by Fang Yuan and taken away. At that time, it was very big and decided to invest in Fang Yuan.

There is no legendary resource as the final py weapon, which causes Manaphy py to get up and be restrained.

Fortunately, Fang Yuan promised to return two legendary resources to it in the future.

Now, ten months have passed. Although Manaphy doesn’t think Fang Yuan has acquired new legendary resources so quickly, what good news should he bring? ?

You can’t ask it for help again.

“Manaphy, long time no see, I can ask you for help.” After entering the Temple of the Sea, Fang Yuan directly smashed the billion years Never-Melt Ice to the side of the square and greeted Manaphy.

Manaphy:? ? ?


“By the way, this is your legendary resource.” Fang Yuan pointed to the big box.

“What is it!!! (long time no see!)”

Manaphy stared straight at the metal box next to Fang Yuan, which was ten meters in length.

Have you really paid for the resources? ? ?

It waved and asked Fang Yuan what it was.

“Eevee.” Fang Yuan laughed, moved towards Eevee and issued a command. The next second, Eevee on Fang Yuan’s shoulder jumped up and jumped to the Sky of the metal box. When it landed, Iron Tail condensed, shua~ shua~ shua~ The energy release technique is activated, cutting out several arcs, and directly slashing the precious box with excellent cold resistance.


The moment the box was slashed, a large amount of ice and blue cold air overflowed crazily, forming a layer of frost on the Ground, and the cold air was approaching the fountain buildings in the square and the water curtain formed by the water flow, and it was bound to freeze everything.

Billion Years Never-Melt Ice.

Manaphy looked at the Never-Melt Ice body in the box that looked like the Vanillite Mountain Normal, and was surprised after a moment’s gaze.

Really strong, but peaceful ice attribute power.

“This is Never-Melt Ice for a hundred million years. The ice attribute energy contained in it is no less than legendary resources. You can easily breed Water Type Pokemon’s ice control ability than ice attribute Pokemon. Give you one first. How about this.”


Fang Yuan actually came to return the legendary resources. This made Manaphy cry so much. It has only been ten months. Fang Yuan is also very good. He shouldn’t doubt Fang Yuan!

Ten months to get the legendary resources back to yourself, what is this concept?

It has been py for so long, and only has 2 legendary resources at Last Resort. Fang Yuan really has more innate talent than he has.

“There is still one short, I guess within 3 years should be almost the same.”

Fang Yuan estimated the time of the Guardian God battle, when the time comes, as long as he swept the Guardian God battle, the legendary resources were left to pick.

Paying off the debt to Manaphy is not a problem.

Manaphy: (๑◕援←๑) b What! ! awesome! !

“What is it!!” But Manaphy is curious, why Fang Yuan is so confident that he can quickly obtain legendary resources.

This is not Magikarp on the bad street either.

“This.” Fang Yuan scratched his head, how to explain.

So, Fang Yuan told Manaphy about his experience during this period.

First, he started the third Trainer wave in the whole world with Mega Evolution, and became the most well-known Pokemon Professor of the Great Influence Pokemon Alliance, which made it easier for him to obtain legendary resources.

Manaphy: Ծ‸Ծ

Then hatched a Pokemon egg, which was recognized by Victini, the star of victory, and became the world’s most powerful Trainer, which made it easier for him to obtain legendary resources.

Manaphy: (ง˙o˙)ว? ? Victory Star Victini? ?

“Well, right in front of your eyes.”

Fang Yuan’s other shoulder, Victini appeared silhouette, moved towards Manaphy and waved.

“Bi Mi!!”

At this moment, Manaphy’s eyes widened, and it was indeed this Pokemon, known as infinite energy, among the Pokemon of illusions, it can also be among the best! !

Heavens!! !

This is a bigger boss than himself, unexpectedly… unexpectedly…

Fang Yuan has too much experience during this time.

Not long ago, Darkrai was formally conquered by battle, and Darkrai followed.

In this way, Fang Yuan’s two magical Pokemon will follow. This is no longer as simple as the world’s premier Trainer. Sooner or later, Fang Yuan will become World’s Mightiest Trainer.

This makes it easier for him to obtain legendary resources…

Manaphy :ฅ(๑*д*๑)ฅ

Islands Secret Realm, Fang Yuan also befriended the Four Great Islands Guardian God. The Guardian Gods of the islands are Legendary Pokémon, and they can create legendary resource Z-Crystal to give away…

The Z-Crystal in Fang Yuan’s hands can be said to be legendary resources.

Manaphy: ( ̄口 ̄)!!

“Where is where!” Manaphy was stunned.

It also has a lost friendship with Guardian God on the island of Alola, are they here? ?

Fang Yuan is better than it.


“Don’t worry, when the time comes, just get a map for you, you can find it yourself.” Fang Yuan scratched his head helplessly.

Manaphy bites his hand, as expected to be Fang Yuan……

“By the way, didn’t you mention Mew before.”

“The Mew symbiotic with World Tree. I am now officially the Guardian of World Tree! It currently lives in my backyard.”

Finally, Fang Yuan gave Manaphy a king bomb, which directly caused Manaphy to fall from the air to the ground dazedly.

Manaphy: _(´ཀ`」∠)_Big guy, take me.

“hehe.” Fang Yuan moved towards Manaphy smiled.

It seems that I am better at py.

Who is the peak at the end of py? When you see Fang Yuan, Lu Chengkong!

“Well!!” Manaphy gave up on the spot. What else does it need He Xiaomai? There are Fang Yuan and Mew lines, and he passed the customs directly after graduation! !

Through World Tree Mew, Arceus estimates it can be recognized! !

Manaphy: ◑ε◐, Mew! Mew! Mew!

“You calm down.” Fang Yuan pinched the flying Manaphy.

You look like an idiot like this! !

Mew won’t see you!

“Speaking of serious matters, send me to the island of the deep sea again. I want to collect some special water sources.”

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