Pokemon Masters Chapter 890


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Fang Yuan came to Manaphy to collect special water sources.

He thought for a long time. The place he’s been is the Slowpoke of Commander Wang’s deep-sea island where the wise man stays the most.

Maybe, there can be a source of water with the same composition as the water from the Slowpoke well in the original book.

So, Fang Yuan is here…


Ten months later, when Fang Yuan returned to the island of the deep sea with Manaphy, he saw the sage of the sea again.

At this time, it is still thinking.

The last time Fang Yuan came here, he asked Manaphy’s highly respected wise man Dida Wang about the prophecy of aster.

Now, Fang Yuan himself has found the answer, and as a result, this foolish king is still thinking!

It seems to be a matter of the survival of the world, and it is worth it to spend ten months thinking about it.

Fang Yuan: “…”

“Fura (it’s a bit of a bad head, we don’t care about it)…”

Manaphy pulls Fang Yuan away and asks Fang Yuan to go directly to the water source.

“Uh, good, but you can tell it, don’t think about that many, disasters and so on, and nothing at worst.”

“I figured it out. When the disaster comes, I will have developed well. When the time comes, an Eevee and an Infernape will be pushed straight forward. Groudon will not work well!”

Fang Yuan left a word, screamed Dragonite quickly, and ran to find a special water source, leaving Manaphy himself here to meditate.

Fang Yuan swelled up, who gave Fang Yuan the courage.



Fang Yuan was familiar with this place because he had been in the deep sea island for a while, so he found a special water source very quickly.

In the process of collecting special water sources, Fang Yuan is also inquiring about the history of these special water sources with nearby Pokemon.

Until, when Fang Yuan came to an underground cave where a lot of water had accumulated, he suddenly remembered something.

This is also a special water source, because the water here is very sweet and the ingredients are very unique, so many Slowpokes often gather here to drink water.

The origin of the cave water source is very special. It is its special origin that reminds Fang Yuan of something.

The water source of this cave was accidentally created by Rain Dance Move many years ago when the wise man was still Slowpoke.

During Slowpoke, the wise man’s innate talent showed the very difficult to deal with innate talent, which can cause rain with a Yawn during sleep.

Because it has lived here for how long, over time, the rain formed a cave lake here.

Later, the lake dried up more than once, but fortunately, it was restored by other Slowpokes using Rain Dance Move. The magic is that the taste of the well water did not at all change in the end.

“I remember, it seems to be mentioned in the game.”

“In the legend of Azalea Town, 400 years ago, Slowpoke hit Yawn, and the sky rained heavily, ending the long drought, thus forming Slowpoke Well!”

It’s been so long, not some key details, Fang Yuan can’t remember clearly.

But after receiving a similar prompt, Fang Yuan immediately remembered the origin of Slowpoke Well.

Slowpoke Well in Azalea Town is named after Slowpoke, not because there are many Slowpoke inhabited there.

Instead, because Slowpoke used Rain Dance Move to save Azalea Town, which was in drought at the time, it took the name of the well named Slowpoke.

This information is very important…Fang Yuan confirmed that Slowpoke well water and Pokemon like Slowpoke are indeed related!

Different Pokemon uses Rain Dance, and the falling rain contains different ingredients.

Fang Yuan thinks it is worth studying the special features of the “rain” that Slowpoke drops with “Yawn”.

Maybe, the water in front of me has exactly the same composition as the Slowpoke well water.

Although Fang Yuan is more willing to scientifically believe that Slowpoke well water contains some special metal ions that can react with cones, but this does not prevent him from putting forward more conjectures and let Rotom try.

He will wait for the result…

As a qualified world-level researcher, you should learn to make your guesses boldly and be careful to ask your assistants to verify it.

Sooner or later, Meowth will run into a deadly Raticate!

“Go ahead.” Fang Yuan expects.

After some operation, in addition to the Rain Dance water source in the underground cave, Fang Yuan also took another 14 kinds of special water sources with different ingredients that were produced for various reasons from the island of the deep sea.

After collecting all the special water sources, Fang Yuan’s purpose of this trip can be regarded as achieved.

At this time, at Manaphy’s reminder, the King of Dumbled has changed its thinking.

Why Fang Yuan thinks that an Eevee and an Infernape can be used for a world-class disaster that he has thought about for ten months without knowing how to solve it…

Who gave Fang Yuan the confidence.



“The Pokemon Expo is still 4 months away. During this period, whether it is a special Poké Ball or Pokemon transmission technology, one must be developed!”

After leaving the deep sea island, Fang Yuan muttered in his heart.

Time is running out.

It is so urgent that Fang Yuan dare not take Rotom with him when he goes out, for fear of delaying Rotom’s research progress.

Now, Rotom and 3D Dragon are working hard to research new technologies in the Laboratory, and he is looking for research materials in the outside world at Help Rotom, and they have joined forces. There is no reason why the research cannot be successful even for four months!

Fang Yuan keeps Psych up.


After coming out of the deep-sea island, Manaphy asked Fang Yuan (Victini) if he wanted to stay and play for a while.

Manaphy really likes Victini.

Although Attribute restrained each other, Manaphy felt that it was too comfortable to be charged by Victini.

Not long ago, it tried Victini’s recharge, which gave Manaphy a lot of new feelings.

With Victini in, Manaphy felt that he would have no problem driving the Temple of the Sea around the entire ocean of Earth.

Earth is a lot larger than Pokemon world, which makes Manaphy’s world tour a bit too powerful. However, if there is Victini, it is no problem.

Furthermore, it works with the Victini cutie, and it can use 100% of the power of the Sea Temple and its own power. Summon can do it with a million-level Water Type army! !

In short, Fang Yuan can subdue Victini, making Manaphy envious to death.


Manaphy likes herself so much, so little Victini is very touched. He held Manaphy’s little hand eagerly, and reluctantly refused it.


Sorry, your signal here is not good, you won’t come next time.

Manaphy:? ? ?

Fang Yuan, Eevee: “…well done.”

In this way, Fang Yuan came over that day, and went back that day.

When I returned to the Laboratory, it was still dark.

After returning, Fang Yuan hurriedly took 15 kinds of water sources with special ingredients, first analyzed the ingredients, and then started the experiment.


3 days later.

After three days of research, the facts told Fang Yuan:

The 15 special water sources he brought from the island of the deep sea are still useless for eggs and still unable to complete the quenching step.

After the cones come into contact with the water source, the net-like capture structure finally forged inside the cones is directly fragmented.

Fang Yuan: T~T

Fortunately, Fang Yuan has enough patience.

Next, Fang Yuan started a big mixing action around the special water source formed by the Rain Dance caused by Slowpoke Yawn, and constantly based on the special ingredients required by modern Poké Ball craftsmanship!

One day after half a month, Fang Yuan merged some ingredients that were not in the cones required by modern Poké Ball into a new water source, quenched this step, and seemed to succeed.

Slowpoke uses Yawn to drop the rainwater, which contains a weak Psywave motion. This Psywave motion has a special energy reaction with some metal ions and high-temperature cones, giving the cones their own special properties, that is, special Poké Ball’s possible special effects were thoroughly inspired.

Fang Yuan can clearly perceive the difference between the internal structure of the special Poké Ball and the ordinary Poké Ball at this time.

However, at this time, the special Poké Ball is not yet complete.

There is one step left to temper.

The last step of tempering is relatively simple.

After the quenched cones are tempered at different temperatures, the external toughness and plasticity of the cones as well as the internal microstructure are all stabilized.

At this time, the fruit ball can also have a special shrinking and growing mechanism like the modern Poké Ball.

This made Fang Yuan confirm…The special Poké Ball, he seems to have really succeeded in making it.

About 1 month later, Fang Yuan returned from the island of the deep sea. The first special Poké Ball, the “Heavy Ball” made by Black Apricorn, was completed by Fang Yuan.


In the small and hot artisan shop, Fang Yuan took the ugly black “Heavy Ball” and fell into deep thought.

“It is a little heavier than ordinary Poké Ball, but I don’t know if it can be used to conquer Pokemon…”

“If the Pokemon can be subdued like ordinary Poké Ball, is it the same as the description in the game, it is more suitable for subduing the heavy Pokemon……”

Although a set of correct procedures has been completed, and the internal structure has been observed with Aura Force, I think there is no problem, but it has not been officially used to conquer Pokemon, and before comparing it with ordinary Poké Ball, Fang Yuan is still not sure. “Heavy Ball” is effective.

So next, he will take this “Heavy Ball” to the mountain range of Sun Moon Forest, and try it out with an Onix or Golem! !

Just do it!

Fang Yuan directly opened the door of the artisan shop, and wanted to call a Pokemon to go with him by the way.

After all, on his own, he may not be able to beat Onix and other Pokemon at the moment.

“Wang Woo!!!”

Just when Fang Yuan wanted to find a Pokemon at random, an embarrassed dog ran past Fang Yuan’s eyes.

Fang Yuan:? ? ?

“Stop it!!”

Fang Yuan called to Lycanroc and asked: “Aren’t you in World Tree cultivation, why did you run out again?”

“I was kicked out again?!”

Lycanroc :Σ(°△°|||)︴

After seeing Fang Yuan, Lycanroc hurriedly hid behind Fang Yuan.

After a while, another canine, Pokemon, rushed over.

Fang Yuan took a look, isn’t this Luo Ke.

I don’t know where Lycanroc angered Luo Ke, which caused Luo Ke Illusion Technique to no longer be used, and he chased Lycanroc in his original form.


Hiding behind Fang Yuan, Lycanroc shivered, cautiously looking towards Luo Ke, very scared.


Fang Yuan watched Luo Ke staring at Lycanroc angrily… I don’t know why.

So, what happened?

Make Luo Ke chase his “student” with a look of Rage, always let Fang Yuan feel that it is not a trivial matter…Lycanroc is this crashing the study?

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