Pokemon Masters Chapter 891


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“Fang Yuan, let me do it, I want to kill this guy!”

Luo Ke’s mouth was bursting with big characters, and red’s pupils were full of hate iron for not becoming steel, staring at Lycanroc behind Fang Yuan.

“ao wu ……(wu wu wu.)”

“Luo Ke, calm down…” Fang Yuan wanted to figure out what was going on.

“So what happened.”

“If it is Lycanroc’s fault, I can’t be the first one to spare it!!”

Lycanroc: Ծ‸Ծ


Luo Ke also wanted to find Fang Yuan to comment, and tentatively dispersed to Fire Blast.

Things should start from a month ago.

At that time, in order to make World Tree forgive herself, Lycanroc took the initiative to make suggestions and let World Tree beat herself out.

After Mew relayed it, World Tree was also very “magnanimous”, and immediately said that he would forgive Lycanroc for a hundred beats.

Later, Lycanroc followed Mew back to World Tree.

Beating is a matter of good fortune and misfortune. If you can’t be beaten anyway, you should exercise your physical fitness.

Aren’t Infernape’s defensive power and willpower all be beaten out?

However, the physique of dogs and monkeys cannot be generalized.

Infernape has developed an extremely strong willpower because of daily beatings.

But Lycanroc, this is not the case.

After being beaten for a long time, Lycanroc’s “unyielding heart” Characteristic Trait has not been exercised at all. Instead, in the process, it automatically comprehended the “Counter” Move.

This move, some Trainer also likes to call it “return punch.”

It is the famous Move of Team Rocket fruit god Wobbuffet in the animation, which can double the physical damage and return it to Rival.

Because of the comprehended beating for a long time, although it is very surprising, it is also said to be the past.

What’s unusual is that Lycanroc’s personality seems to have changed because of the comprehended counter.

In the Counter state, the more it is beaten, the more refreshed and excited it feels. Its mad dog physique, which was originally desperate, is directly transformed into Mphysique.

The stronger Rival is, the cooler its Counter will be.

Now it doesn’t like to attack actively. It likes to wait for the enemy to beat itself, then show a happy expression and bounce Move like a pervert.

The normal Lycanroc, the stronger the Rival in front of us, the more passionate it is.

Fang Yuan’s Lycanroc, the stronger Rival becomes, the more he wants Rival to beat himself up, experience the strength of the opponent, and then bounce back.

But to some extent, such a Lycanroc does not seem to have weak willpower?

Now that Lycanroc’s character Attribute and fighting style unfathomable mystery have been developed by World Tree, it’s no wonder that Luo Ke is angry.

After all, it wants to cultivate Lycanroc into the kind of Pokemon that “Monarch Overlooking The Whole World, Swordsmanship Between Heaven and Earth”.

Look at the result, what kind of virtues Lycanroc is doing now, doing these crooked ways, went out to fight and forced her to go directly to grandma’s house.

You are a quick-attack Pokemon, and you train yourself as a team Pokemon. Are you fair?

“wu woof!!! (I am exercising Vajra Body.)”

Luo Ke: “I will kill you.”

Lycanroc: “ao wu!! (Don’t use big letters, use Iron Tail.)”

Fang Yuan: “…………”

How does Fang Yuan feel about the skill of studying a ball? Lycanroc’s style of painting is completely off the mark.

“Using ‘Counter’ Move is really so cool?” Fang Yuan asked.

“wu woof…… (Both body and mind are happy, but unfortunately I can’t learn Mirror Coat……)”

You are not enough to attack Ability, you still want to be beaten by Ability? ?

Seeing that Luo Ke’s pupils were about to burn, Fang Yuan quickly spoke for Lycanroc.

“Okay, Luo Ke, Move is innocent. Who calls ‘Counter’ is set like this… Maybe it’s really comfortable cough cough cough…”

“Think about it, one day in the future, the creator of the earth Groudon moved towards Lycanroc with a 40-meter big knife Precipice Blades moved towards Lycanroc. It stood there with its face doesn’t change, and then successfully used the Vajra Body to take the Precipice Blades. Beng Fei, isn’t it also very compelling?”

“It’s not as bad as you think, right, so don’t hit it for now.”

“I’ll take it first to help me conquer Pokemon.”

Lycanroc: “Woo woof ~~ (Yeah, yeah.)”


Fang Yuan said that, Luo Ke suddenly felt something reasonable, but it always felt that Fang Yuan was fooling himself.

When Luo Ke reacted, Fang Yuan had already dragged Lycanroc away for a long time.

“In short, don’t hang around in front of Luo Ke for the past two days. Now let me take a heavyweight Pokemon for experimentation.” Fang Yuan said.

“wu woof!!!” Lycanroc obediently and honestly followed Fang Yuan.

Its current strength has Grandmaster Level. In Sun Moon Forest, no one is its Rival except the Millennium Gengar, so it is no problem for Fang Yuan to take it to conquer Pokemon.

However, Fang Yuan was also depressed as he walked past the Sun and Moon Forest.

Although he doesn’t reject Counter Move, but normal Pokemon, will he get excited when using this trick? ?

When I challenged Victory Road, the Wobbuffet that I met didn’t seem very happy when he hard-wired Move.

Fang Yuan turned his head and looked towards Lycanroc behind him.

The original Lycanroc’s fighting style was a mad dog. During the battle, Lycanroc can run into Rival desperately, kill 100 enemies and damage 99. It is not afraid, and the fighting will is exceptional. This personality transforms into a trembling like Counter Mphysique, on the contrary, has traces to follow. The characteristic is that it is not afraid of pain, but…

Lycanroc: (⺻▽⺻)

“Forget it, what the hell is going on, I’ll understood when I fight once.” Fang Yuan was speechless.


Fang Yuan did not find heavyweight Pokemon such as Onix and Golem, but found a guy who was sleeping in a thorny area.


This Snorlax looks well developed. It is more than two meters tall and has thick fat. Fang Yuan’s visual weight should be above 400kg, and may even reach 500kg.

In terms of strength, it is probably the strength of Pro Level.

Is there such a big guy in Sun Moon Forest? Fang Yuan is not too clear.

But it’s not important anymore. If it’s just Pro Level, then today’s experiment is you.

“Lycanroc, Stone Edge, I want to check your training results! By the way, lightly, just wake it up.” Fang Yuan said to Lycanroc who walked in front of him.

“wu woof!!!”

After receiving the order, Lycanroc immediately nodded. With a flick of his body, a one-meter-long conical sharp stone was condensed in front of him.

Some Pokemon use Stone Edge to pierce a row of sharp stones from Ground, and some Pokemon use Stone Edge to gather sharp stones in front of them and stab Rival like Fling…

Fang Yuan’s Lycanroc’s Stone Edge mode belongs to the latter, but due to the special training method, its Stone Edge has undergone morphological changes.

In the childhood Rockruff period, Lycanroc learned rotating Sand Attack with Eevee. After evolution, it has successfully learned the exclusive Z-Move Hurricane Storm.

So, after Fang Yuan’s suggestion, basic Moves such as “Stone Edge” and “Rock Slide” can also be given its rotational properties by virtue of control.

For example, the sharp stone at this time is the Rapid Spin under the control of Lycanroc, which greatly improves the penetration.

A strong miniature air current flows around the sharp stones, sweeping up some broken stones, like a sharp stone storm. This is Lycanroc’s strongest attack without Z-Move at present, Move!

Of course, Lycanroc has good control at this time. After the sharp stone “peng” hits Snorlax’s stomach, Snorlax felt the pain of the heart, but not at all suffered any serious damage.

However, this may be just wishful thinking of Fang Yuan and Lycanroc, because it seems to Snorlax that Rest is disturbed rather than seriously injured.

Snorlax :ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ


With a sound of “hong long”, Snorlax suddenly got up, his original squinted eyes were opened now, and his pupils were extremely red as if they had opened Outrage Move. Rage seemed to have materialized, forming a strong force around it. killing intent.


After finding the guy who disturbed his Rest, Snorlax right hand directly gathered the “Mega Punch” Move and moved towards Lycanroc.

Next, Fang Yuan not at all issued the order.

Because, he found that Lycanroc had already flashed the rays of light “Counter” all over, and rushed up excitedly.

Snorlax’s Rage blow made Lycanroc feel delicious. It has been impatient with the wonderful touch brought to the body by this blow.

“Use “Counter”, just use chant, why are you rushing to get beaten up? Can’t you wait in the cold place? It’s handsome like that, no wonder Luo Ke wants to kill you, I also want to kill you now You.” Fang Yuan covered his forehead.

This is the typical will not pretend! !

“Blind your Aura innate talent, obviously can be as cool as the wind, perceiving all attacks, leaving no trace of harm to the body, but it just wants to hit someone else’s Move.”

“Can’t think about it, I know why Luo Ke is angry.”

When Fang Yuan complained, Snorlax’s Mega Punch had already hit Lycanroc’s head, and Lycanroc was also very reckless, using his head to hard-wire this fist.

The gaze and expression are just as perverted as the smiling Hisso in “Hunter Full-time”, and there is a sound of “ao wu” in his mouth.

bang!! !

Obviously, Snorlax’s Mega Punch did no harm to Lycanroc, and the strength was directly doubled back by Lycanroc.

The huge shock wave shook Snorlax a few meters away, causing it to roll far away like a ball.

“ao wu…(Is it only this level?)”

After flying Snorlax, Lycanroc’s happy expression gradually dissipated, revealing a regretful look. The Rage of this fist is not enough, you are not enough Rage, come on, let me feel a more Rage blow! !

“Okay, you can withdraw.”

Fang Yuan doesn’t want to watch Lycanroc fight anymore.

This dog is sick, so I have to retrain it when I go back. Now…

Fang Yuan took out the Heavy Ball from his pocket and directly moved towards the dizzy Snorlax and smashed it over.

The moment the Heavy Ball touched Snorlax, the effect was triggered. After the white light flashed, the big guy was directly sucked into the Poké Ball.

At this moment, Fang Yuan narrowed his eyes and became excited inside.

Humhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! !

After a while, it should be the net structure inside Poké Ball that successfully restrained Snorlax. Heavy Ball stopped shaking and stopped quietly.

“It is?”

Heavy Ball returned to a calm moment. Under Lycanroc’s puzzled gaze, Fang Yuan ran to pick up Poké Ball and showed the same happy expression as Lycanroc just now.

“I really am a genius.”

“Can the big guy hear you? Cooperate. Later, you can help me experience whether this Poké Ball is more comfortable or ordinary Poké Ball is more comfortable. I will let you go back after a while as a reward , And give you Pokéblock for one month!”

“How about it.”

Fang Yuan’s expression is slightly smiled, Heavy Ball is the First Step. Next, it’s better to make Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Master Ball in the new era of Poké Ball that you opened up.

Pokemon Expo, I am here again!

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