Pokemon Masters Chapter 942


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On the mountain peak.

The arrival of President Wen made the two god pillars a little alert.

They temporarily recognized Fang Yuan because of Fang Yuan’s strength, identity, and Pokemon, but it does not mean that they would recognize other humans in this way.

They still haven’t forgotten that they were sealed by humans.

“Reggie Alec and Regida Lago, they are all my friends.”

“I think… we can communicate from the beginning.”

Fang Yuan opened the mouth and said in order to calm down the electric god pillar and dragon god pillar.

To relieve their hostility to humans, there are some things that you must sit down and explain clearly.


“roar! !”

Faced with Fang Yuan’s persuasion, the two god pillars pondered for a moment, nodded.

At this moment, President Wen and the three people, also greeted by Fang Yuan, landed on the peak nervously.

Up to now, they have not figured out what is going on.

I am even more afraid that the two gods will suddenly run away. After all, at such a close distance, the aftermath of the battle is fatal. How dare Fang Yuan.

“President Wen, Mr. Fu Hei, Qiao Jing Grandmaster, please rest assured.” Fang Yuan smiled disapprovingly.

Except for the legendary Pokemon, almost no Pokemon can fool his Heart Intent.

He has studied the use of spiritual strength with Prince of the Sea, the great py god, and Mew, the big Aura! !

This is where Fang Yuan and Pokemon can communicate normally, because he can clearly understand each other’s true emotions very accurately.

The electric god pillar and the dragon god pillar have no complicated mind at all.

Electric God Pillar simply wants to Retaliate, so he hates humans very much and cannot communicate.

And the Dragon Pillar, harm, not to mention it.

“What the hell is going on.”

President Wen also calmed down and chose to believe in Fang Yuan, the strongest Trainer in different time and space.

Fang Yuan said: “I am telepathic and can communicate with them normally, so I will act as the interpreter for the communication next, no problem.”

In fact, it is fine to call Rotom to translate the language of the two gods for the three of us, but after arriving in this time and space, Rotom has too much to do, and is still in a state of study dormancy.

Fang Yuan and it obtained a lot of future technology, new research results, and various historical trends from the future Senior Sister.

These things are now downloaded and digested by Rotom, so during this time, it is estimated that it can only stay in the backpack and work hard with the 3D dragon.

“No problem.”

Fang Yuan ends, President Wen is nodded by the three.

At this time, Fang Yuan also re-examined the relationship with the two god pillars. Only two god pillars approved him, which was not enough.

After all, they are still dangerous factors. Only if they can calmly communicate with China’s Trainer Association, eliminate misunderstandings, and have a correct way of getting along, can they be considered successful.

“Reggie Alec, Regida Lago, I actually know that you broke the seal from the ruins temple.”

“And it should be human beings who sealed you.”

“That’s why you hate humans so much.”

When Fang Yuan was speaking, Pokemon, such as Eevee, Magneson, Infernape, etc. beside him all looked towards the two god pillars.

speaking of which…Who is it that sealed them?

They have been sealed for at least tens of thousands of years.

Is it Aura Sealing Technique?

“Uh ah!!” Because the person of the communication is Fang Yuan, this time the electric god pillar is also willing to say calmly.

For Fang Yuan’s statement, it is slightly nodded.

“Have you ever thought that human lifespan only has several decades, while your lifespan has tens of thousands of years, even eternity. Are your enemies at that time still there?” Fang Yuan asked.

Faced with this problem, the Dragon God Pillar was snorted and must have been passed away, so it didn’t bother to go to Retaliate. Its enemies are dead. Isn’t it good to start a new life?

Anyway, the seal is a matter of sleeping for it, and it can be justified as a new harem.

“Uh ah!!!”

The idea of ​​the Electric God Pillar is completely different from that of the Dragon God Pillar. Rage said that when the group of people passed away, the descendants of the enemy also have to pay.

“If you say, the descendants of your enemies, there are no more.”

“In other words, in your world, all human beings have been extinct, and even your world has been fragmented.”

“Haven’t you found out that this is no longer the planet where you are?”

Fang Yuan slowly said.

Fang Yuan’s words stunned the electric god pillar and the dragon god pillar.

During the broken Pokemon world, they were obviously in a sealed state. They didn’t know the changes in the outside world at all, and could only feel the ebbing of time.

Now Fang Yuan says that their world is broken, and even human beings are extinct. At this time, the two god pillars are a little bit not knowing what to do and a little bit at a loss.

It is true that there is a big difference between this place and their former habitat, but they all think it is a change brought about by time, not a change of world.

Fang Yuan said: “After the end of the ancient civilization of Pokemon world, they entered the Middle Ancient era, and the humans of Pokemon world were extinct in the Middle Ancient era due to the drastic changes in the environment. In your world, there is only more energy left. Pokemon who adapted to the environment survived.”

“Then, a distant day, your world collapsed in time and space due to unknown reasons, and the entire world was turned into large and small fragments. With the efforts of some Pokemon, these fragments drifted in time and space. , And then merged into this planet.”

“So, your enemy, simply has completely disappeared. Even if it is to frustration the humans together, the humans of the two worlds…may not be the same species.” Fang Yuan was helpless.

The humans of this world can’t do PKPokemon with bare hands and resist Thunderbolt like the humans of your world.

Fang Yuan’s explanation not only stunned the Dragon God Zhu and the Electric God Pillar, even President Wen and the others were also shocked when they heard the statement about the origin of “Secret Realm” for the first time.

These all are Mew told Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan also got confirmation from other Legendary Pokémon.

If there is no wrong judgment, the humans of the Five God Pillars and the world would have long been extinct.

Of course, like 3D dragons and Mewtwo, Fang Yuan estimates that they come from a different Pokemon world time and space. Humans in that time and space are probably still alive, at least living up to modern civilization, and have developed technology. .

“Uhhh!!!” Fang Yuan’s words were a bit too shocking for the Dianzhuzhu.

If the other three sacred pillars had known that their enemies were already not in already, and even the world had perished, they would probably not fight with the Soviet Association.

So, the misunderstanding here is big.

“Uh… (Poclandis Empire, dead?)” Electric God Pillar said blankly.

For Fang Yuan, it believed it temporarily, and then it will confirm it by itself, so if it is true, how can it be reported? ?

“So… your enemies are gone. The humans here are very friendly. Isn’t it good for everyone to live together peacefully?”

“The current power system is much more developed than in ancient times. It is absolutely full. Even the modern Pokemon dragons are all beautiful and beautiful, like Milotic and Dragonite, they are average. When the time comes I will give you a bunch of Pokéblocks that increase the beauty. The charm that Drama can support is still there. Fighting is really unnecessary. Accepting New World is the fun…” Fang Yuan said seriously.

Fang Yuan’s words caused the electric god pillar and the dragon god pillar to fall into contemplation.

Long Shenzhu hadn’t planned to Retaliate. Now when I heard that Milotic and Dragonite were only average, and even through Pokéblock this thing, they could raise a more beautiful partner casually, he was suddenly excited.

Is this heaven?

The electric god pillar is very contradictory, I want to personally Retaliate, but the enemy is dead, this is probably the most uncomfortable thing.

Seeing the two Pokemon lost in thought, Fang Yuan knew that they had listened. If the other three sacred pillars sealed by the Soviet Association could also listen to it, then it would be stable. It is estimated that the two time-space China , And five more Guardian Gods.

As expected of myself.

Just when Fang Yuan was proud of himself, the words of Doduo’s mark on the electric god column just now suddenly awakened certain memories of Fang Yuan and made Fang Yuan frowned.

“Wait a minute… Reggie Alec, did you just say “Poclandis Empire”?”

Fang Yuan asked with a surprised expression.

“Ugh!!!” The electric god pillar was taken aback, and then nodded.

“Are they the ones who sealed you?” Fang Yuan asked.

“Uh ah!!!” Dian Shenzhu immediately nodded angrily.

Isn’t it, people from this country.

The Poclades Empire…?

“What is this Poclandis Empire?” Fu Hei uncle asked blankly.

How can they not understand.

“roar! !?” Seeing Fang Yuan had an impression of this name, Long Shenzhu couldn’t help asking, does Fang Yuan know this empire? ?

“Poclandis Empire, of course I know this…”

“It was a Mega empire in the ancient Pokemon world. It not only inherited some ultra-ancient civilizations, but the country was vast and powerful, and there was even the hope of conquering the Pokemon world.” Fang Yuan recalled.

Pokemon world Before the modern Pokemon Alliance civilization, there were still many ancient kingdoms.

Among them, there are several more famous countries, such as the Mega Kingdom in Kalos Region where the final weapon was researched, and the king AZ is a human being who has lived for 3000 years.

There is also the Mega Kingdom in the ancient Galer Region, but the king here is not a human, but the Pokemon Lei Crown King.

As for the Poclandis Empire in the mouth of the electric god pillar, Fang Yuan also has an impression.

This is the Mega Empire located in the Pokemon world Kanto Region. Of course, it was destroyed in the end.

“If it’s this country, you can rest assured, I happen to know the history of this country.”

“They perished miserably. Legend has it that in ancient times, in order to conquer the world, the Poclandis Empire wanted to capture Ho-Oh as its own power. This completely angered Ho-Oh. Then, they suddenly It has disappeared in history, it should be the country that was destroyed by Ho-Oh.”

Fang Yuan opened the mouth and said.

Of course, there is a follow-up to this legend. It is said that the king of Poclades escaped, and then, in order to get revenge, he took an Item “stone ball” with super ancient power in an attempt to seal Ho-Oh.

However, the final result is that the king of Poclades sealed his soul through this stone ball. I don’t know how many years, and he has survived to modern times.

One day later, a Trainer named Ash accidentally released his soul from the stone ball. Then, the soul of the king of Poclades was attached to Ash…

Unfortunately, the king of Poclades finally paid the wrong person.

Relying on the ultra-ancient power he has mastered, if the soul is possessed by a suitable human, it may really be able to stage a wave of “ancient emperor body possession flow” plots, but the possessed protagonist Ash, isn’t this courting death directly by Pikachu? A Thunderbolt electricity came out.

The Ancient Great Emperor must have never seen Pikachu who dared to power his Trainer with Thunderbolt.

Even if it’s not electrified, it’s probably not far away. After all, Ho-Oh was shooting the entire anime when he was a photographer. After he found you, his soul was praised. Fang Yuan clearly remembers that at the end of the episode, Ho-Oh It seems that he really appeared in the sky, and indeed the photographer Ho-Oh really hammered it.

“Uh ah!!!”

“roar! !!!”

The history described by Fang Yuan makes the electric god pillar and the dragon god pillar a little daunting.


Fuck, this Pokrantis Empire is so brave, it doesn’t matter if they are sealed, after all, they are not the strongest eternal Pokemon made by the Holy Pillar King.

But to mess with Ho-Oh…

What do you think.

The Pokrantis Empire can seal the eternal Pokemon. There is no doubt about its strength, but to mess with Ho-Oh, it can be like the Holy Pillar King and can easily pinch out Legendary Pokémon’s Mega boss. It is purely unimaginable.

At this moment, the electric god pillar and the dragon god pillar were silent for a moment, and he was sealed by such a stupid country? ?

“In short, you only need to know that their results are miserable!” Fang Yuan nodded said.

After some exchanges, it is more helpful to resolve the misunderstanding between the Shenzhu Five Brother and the China Association.

Under Fang Yuan’s suggestion, everyone decided to release the other three sealed eternal Pokemon one by one, and then used the same set of rhetoric to let them understand the current situation.

The Poclandis Empire is dead!

So everyone can live together peacefully.

“This expansion…”

“I always feel a little weird…”

“Is this going to attack the god pillars one by one…”

Following Fang Yuan’s ass, President Wen, Fu Hei, and Grandmaster Qiao Jing were a little at a loss.

What at first finds very difficult things, as Fang Yuan came forward to solve the problem, the style of painting was a little wrong.

At this time, the happiest one is Fang Yuan.

He knows that there are many relics of the large Secret Realm in Jiangsu Province, but he really didn’t expect that it turned out to be the site of the Poclades Empire.

The Poclades Empire, this is the ancient civilization of Mega in Pokemon world.

Although their last king was a little bit low and was electrocuted by Pikachu, it does not hinder the country’s very difficult to deal with.

Will a country that can possess tens of thousands of years of immortal super ancient power Items that preserve human souls be weak?

Will the country that can seal Guardian God-level Pokemon with the help of ultra-ancient powers?

Be aware that the huge Dragonite of Dragon Island is a powerful Pokemon created by ultra-ancient power.

The huge Gengar, the huge Alakazam, and the huge Jigglypuff in the anime are also Pokemon under the influence of ultra-ancient powers.

So, instead of solving the other three pillars, Fang Yuan has been impatient to study the ultra-ancient seals that sealed them.

Maybe, in addition to Psychic, Aura, and Chao Ke, he can also understand the super ancient power, and then develop a super ancient huge breeding method!

As for the immortality of the soul, he dare not think about it, unless he can accidentally find the stone ball that seals the soul of King Poclades…

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