Pokemon Masters Chapter 943


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“Fang…Dr. Fang Yuan, wait a minute!!”

At this time, Fang Yuan is ready to bring the electric pillar and the dragon pillar one after another to unblock the other three pillars.

He is in a good mood now. After learning that this is a super ancient civilization site, his soul of research began to stir again.

I hope I can gain something in the future…In this way, after returning to the original time and space, do it again, it will be double happiness!

However, just when Fang Yuan was about to leave, President Wen suddenly called Fang Yuan.

“What’s wrong, President Wen.” Fang Yuan asked.

Just now everyone has divided their work.

Fu Hei and Qiao Jing Grandmaster, along with Fang Yuan, go to lift the seal of the other god pillars and continue PY.

And President Wen went to the Jiangsu Provincial Association to coordinate some work.

At present, the god pillars theoretically have no threat, so a series of battle plans formulated by the Trainer Association can be cancelled.

And the destination of the god pillars must be rearranged.

This kind of thing requires a big shot like President Wen to make decisions.

“New information came from the Jiangsu Provincial Association.”

“This new information…I think it is necessary to tell you first.”

President Wen has a serious expression.

If he had heard about the history of the Poclandis Empire before Fang Yuan, he might not have thought much about it.

However, after listening to Fang Yuan’s recounting of the history of the Poclandis Empire, President Wen couldn’t help but feel dignified after receiving this information.

Since the electric god pillar and dragon god pillar were released from the Underground Ruins, the Pro Trainer team of the Jiangsu Provincial Association has been exploring this new ruin.

Different from the previous ruins of the Sealed Rock Pillars, Ice Pillars, and Steel Pillars, the relics of the Sealed Electric Pillars and Dragon Pillars are underground and need to be touched to enter. This is why the Jiangsu Provincial Association did not before Explore the reasons for them.

Fang Yuan When they communicated with the electric god pillar, they did not know the new situation here. The Pro Trainer team of the Jiangsu Provincial Association is still exploring this ruin, and they want to find related methods to seal the electric god pillar and dragon god pillar. .

I have to say that this site is very large.

The place where the electric pillar and dragon pillar are sealed can only be regarded as a gate.

The ancient Secret Realm scholars of the Trainer Association discovered the place of charm and beauty in the ruins after breaking the mechanism and entering.

The electric pillar and the dragon pillar, seem to be just the guard of this ruin, Normal.

In deeper places, there are many ancient Pokemon images and ancient characters carved on the wall, and there are many stone gate rooms with unknown access methods, which are very mysterious.

“Does it have something to do with the Poclandis Empire you just mentioned?”

After passing on to Fang Yuan the news that the Pro Trainer team of the Association of Jiangsu Province had explored, President Wen waited for Fang Yuan’s views.

Anyway, he felt that this place was absolutely inseparable from the Poclades Empire that Fang Yuan said, and it must have hidden a lot of secrets.

“en. ”

“Let the Trainer over there not to act blindly without thinking.” Fang Yuan said with a serious expression after hearing it.

Underground, the stone gate, it sounds like it’s right, and it’s very similar to the ruins in the anime.

Damn, isn’t it the relic of the anime? Are you really going to run into a stone ball? ?

“The history of the empire I mentioned earlier is not complete. In short, there is a possibility that there is something more threatening than Guardian God-level Pokemon in that ruin. Let’s go there first.” Fang Yuan said quickly.

If there really is King Poclandis in it, and then let his soul successfully possess a certain Pro Trainer, the trouble will be big.


Fang Yuan said, and seeing his expression so serious, President Wen, Fu Hei, and Qiao Jing Grandmaster were successively nodded.

As for the Electric God Pillar and Dragon God Pillar, we scratch our heads and get our other three brothers out first…

Wait a minute, you seemed to say, the remains of the Poclandis Empire?

“Uh ah!!!”

“roar! !”

Then go and level the ruins first, GOGOGO! !


Ten minutes later.

Outside Underground Ruins.

The Trainers exploring here have all been called out.

Furthermore, in accordance with the requirements of the association, they have blocked the place so much that even a fly can’t fly in or out.

“Are you okay to go in alone?”

President Wen and several people looked at Fang Yuan worriedly.

“Judging from the information obtained from the trainer that came out just now, this ruin is likely to be the ruin that seals the soul of King Poclades.”

Fang Yuan also told the follow-up story of Ho-Oh’s destruction of the Poclandis Empire.

After arriving here, the first thing Fang Yuan did was to ask Trainer about the specific layout of the ruins. After confirming that there were some Pokemon stone statues in the ruins, Fang Yuan felt that they were the same.

80% of the soul of King Pokrantis and the stone ball that seals the soul are in this ruin.

Next, after checking whether these trainers were possessed by souls, he planned to go in alone.

“If Konghai Grandmaster is here, he is a Psychic person, he can go in and explore with me, but other ordinary persons, facing the King Poclain who masters the ultra-ancient power, can easily be controlled. So let me go alone.” Fang Yuan said not so relieved.

Although Pokemon seems to be able to restrain the soul, Fang Yuan still feels that it is safer to go alone.

“Please be careful.” Seeing Fang Yuan say this, President Wen and the others can’t say anything. They really don’t know anything about the Poclades civilization, and they may only be able to drag Fang Yuan behind. .

In this case, it is better to let Fang Yuan go alone. As for whether Fang Yuan will encounter danger… the same danger, I am afraid that Fang Yuan’s hope of survival is definitely greater than them.

For Fang Yuan’s strength and abilities, they have already experienced it.

“Wait for my good news.” Fang Yuan nodded.


In a moment.

In the ruins.

Fang Yuan jumped here with Victini, Darkrai, Eevee, and Gluttony.

Eevee and Victini have one shoulder and one shoulder, and Darkrai and Gluttony are in the shadows.

With this configuration, Fang Yuan feels that even if he really encounters the soul of King Poclades, he will be safe and sound.

even more how, he also has Fighting slate body protection.


“Bi Mi~~”

After entering the ruins, the curiosity of Eevee and Victini was aroused, and there was still a faint light on the top of the corridor inside the ruins.

No matter how you look at it, this ruin at least has a history of tens of thousands of years, and it can be maintained like this now. I have to say that the ultra-ancient civilization is amazing.

Fang Yuan walked many roads along the corridor. During the period, he saw the Pikachu statue, the Smoochum statue, and some other Pokemon statues. At this time, Fang Yuan has completely confirmed that this is the one in the anime remains.

Seeing the Pokemon stone statue intact, Fang Yuan couldn’t help but secretly sighed the outstanding professional qualities of Trainer that he entered before.

Fortunately, they didn’t move the stone statue.

Otherwise, it will definitely touch the organization and cause various attacks.

Of course, none of these have attracted Fang Yuan’s footsteps. His goal is very clear, which is the deepest part of the ruins, where there is a very special room, which can also be said to be the “king’s room”.

The soul of King Pokrantis was kept there.

Fang Yuan kept going straight in the corridor like this, while using Aura to detect the dangers all around, while avoiding various organs, went deeper, and finally came to the stone gate that side.

When he came here, Fang Yuan glanced at the switch next to him and the structure of the stone gate in front of him, and asked: “Are you ready?”

He asked, naturally it was Eevee. They will go in next. If there is any danger, you have to react quickly…

“eivui! Bimi! (Duck!)”


Eevee At the next moment they responded, Fang Yuan touched the stone gate. The next second, the stone gate reversed and he was directly pushed in.


Two consecutive roars sounded. The stone gate was opened first and then closed. Fang Yuan and the others also successfully entered the deepest room of the ruins.

It is still brightly lit, and it is quite huge. Fang Yuan even saw the huge statue of King Poclaindis standing up ahead ten meters high.

“It seems to be here…”

Fang Yuan looks at the stone ball on the stage under the statue…

At the same time.

Eevee and Victini are also looking at everything in it.

When the two Little Brats saw the statue of King Poclaindis, they were all excited, there was the atmosphere of hitting the big boss room.

“eivui!!!” “Bimi!!!”

Go and trigger the stone ball! !

It seems to be using Fang Yuan as a game character.


Fang Yuan is speechless, I let you protect me, not let you command me to play adventure games!

Not surprisingly, the stone ball under the statue is the sealed artifact in Fang Yuan’s memory.

Fang Yuan, dare to touch it?

He really didn’t dare.

Although I have the courage to come here, I know that if I touch that thing, I will be possessed by the soul of King Poclades, and there will still be a little resistance in my heart.


Fang Yuan thought carefully and used Psyshock directly at his feet. The next second, the Ground split, Fang Yuan knelt down and broke out a stone.

After squeezing in his hands, his eyes gradually sharpened, and his whole body exerted force, aiming at the stone ball on the pedestal.

Boom! ! !

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