Pokemon Masters Chapter 944


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In the stone ball, the soul of King Poclades exists!

Countless years ago, in order to avoid the catastrophe caused by invoking Ho-Oh, and in order not to destroy himself and the country, King Poclaindis sealed his soul in a stone ball and then hid it When I get here, I hope I can escape.

He did succeed, the empire was destroyed, but he still survived.

Although it was in the form of a soul, it did not die with the Poclades civilization.

He has been waiting for an opportunity to wait until humans enter this ruin, and then he can reappear in this World through soul possession, and then restore the civilization of Poclandis.

Now, King Poclaindis is very excited, because even inside the stone ball, he can feel the changes in the ruins. After so long, humans finally come in.

He has been impatient and has regained his body.

Just when the soul of King Poclades was extremely excited, expected, and eager, with a “peng”, King Poclades’ soul felt the shaking of the sky, and saw the stone that contained his soul. The ball was directly hit by a rock and flew out, hitting the wall, and then with a sound of “clang!”, it began to roll out on the Ground.

King Pokrantis:? ? ?

Boom! !

Before the soul of Poclandisi could react, another stone accurately hit the stone ball.

Moreover, there was a strange voice: “No response?”

“Is it fake?”

[Damn it! ! ! 】

Because of being inside the stone sphere, King Poclandis can’t see the outside world at all. If he is in a human state, he has the means of probing similar to Psychic and Aura, but in order to make his soul immortal, he can only The power of Assist Stone Ball Help himself isolates everything from the outside world, so at present, he can only know the general situation of the outside world, but can’t clearly see what’s going on.

But even if he couldn’t see it, King Poclandis almost guessed it. Someone must have done something rude to his stone ball.

Diao Min, come and touch the stone ball, let me possess! !

Only when someone else touches the stone ball with his body can he guarantee 100% success in possession.

King Pokrantis chose forbearance.

He doesn’t believe it anymore. Someone will resist curiosity and keep not touching rocks.

However, what awaited him next was a series of “flying stone attacks.”

Boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

One, two, three…

Even, Eevee and Victini both joined in, while demolishing this room, while slightly controlling the stone, to hit the stone ball.

“Have you heard of the Poclades Empire…that is…”

“Forget it, this is all over, meeting is fate, young demonic beast messenger, do you have any wishes, this king can help you realize it.”

“Wish…” Fang Yuan said: “Of course I do. I want to make the demonic beast I command stronger.”

“hahahahaha, that’s too simple.” King Poclain said with a big smile: “I have an exercise method here that allows the demonic beast to master the special curse seal, with a huge body comparable to a mountain, and strength It’s a hundred-fold improvement, do you want to learn?”

What King Poclades said was one of the uses of the super ancient power. The Pokemon breed from this power possessed earth-shaking abilities, even during the Poclades Empire, there were only a few He is one of those who inherit.

If he can successfully possess himself, he plans to use this breeding method first to breed a huge Pokemon that can be called the Guardian God level of the kingdom to enrich the battle strength. As for teaching Fang Yuan? That is basically impossible, he just wants to fool Fang Yuan and make Fang Yuan his body.

“Really?” Fang Yuan was pleasantly surprised.

He was really pleasantly surprised.

Damn, King Pokrantis knows how to make Pokemon super ancient?

Isn’t it possible to mass produce Pokemon like Dragon Island’s huge Dragonite? ?

Okay! ! !

Now, there is no need to study it all by yourself.

Squeeze him!

“The king never disdains lying.” Poclandisi said kingly.

Fang Yuan said: “Then hurry up and teach me.”

King Poclandis said: “Come here and I will teach you.”

Fang Yuan said: “Okay.”

Fang Yuan eagerly passed.

Perceiving Fang Yuan’s approach, King Poclandis became mad, and he was about to resurrect hahahaha.

However, before King Poclandis was excited for too long, he suddenly felt a power that could burn his soul, threatening himself, and he couldn’t help shaking.

This power…

He is very familiar with Ho-Oh, who destroyed the Poclandis civilization.

At this moment, King Poclandis was shocked.

And yelled: “You… don’t come over!!!”

The cause of all this is Fang Yuan, who is close to the stone ball from outside, is holding a Rainbow Wing and constantly pokes the stone ball with his hair.

After approaching, Fang Yuan took out one of the legendary resources he exchanged from Alliance, Rainbow Wing, which is the feather of Ho-Oh.

Like the Dark Feather of Lugia, for the safety of this future journey, Rainbow Wing was also turned into an Aura sealed item by Fang Yuan under Mew’s help, sealing Guardian God-level Pokemon, absolutely nothing difficult.

With this, you should be able to restrain the other party, right?

Looking at the other party’s reaction, it should be stable.

So, Fang Yuan said seriously: “Ho-Oh King Poclandis, Ho-Oh asks me to bring you a word…”

“If you don’t want to die, just write down the use of super ancient power for us.”

“As long as the cooperation is happily, I will prepare a doll for you. It’s okay.”

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  1. incomplete ch,below is the missing between “Even, Eevee and Victini both joined in, while demolishing this room, while slightly controlling the stone, to hit the stone ball” >> ……….. >>” “Have you heard of the Poclades Empire…that is…” ”
    【Ah ah ah ah ah! ! ! ] Lasted ten minutes later, Wang finally Poclain Otis mentality collapse, and so tens of thousands of years, until finally the human, the result is so, he could not resist opening it up: “eyes of the people, you Was my soul awakened??” Regardless, King Poclandis couldn’t wait any longer and planned to fudge Fang Yuan to touch himself. Although this was a little unsafe, he felt that there should be no mistake. He directly telepathically transmitted voices to the surroundings. “Huh.” Just when Fang Yuan was thinking about smashing the stone ball harder, but worried about whether it would break the stone ball, the stone ball that was smashed down suddenly trembled and made a sound to make Fang Yuan’s eyes lit up. “It’s me.” Fang Yuan said. “Buot Buot!!!” “Bi Mi!!!” Ibrahimovic and Pictini followed. “Haha… I didn’t expect anyone to come here.” King Poclandis pretended to say deeply. “Are you a Warcraft Messenger?”

    “Warcraft messenger, right?” Fang Yuan smiled slightly. This is exactly the same way the ancients called trainers and elves.

    The soul of King Poclaindis was silent.

    Don’t let me ask you all the time.

    You are asking who I am.

    Don’t ask, how can I pretend to fool you.

    However, Fang Yuan really stopped talking.

    “Warcraft envoy, dubious title, do you know, who am I?”

    “I think you are a stone.” Fang Yuan said.

    King Pokrantis: ┻━┻︵╰(‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

    “Hehe…that’s just a performance, the real me, the immortal soul, the stone you see is just mine That’s all.”

    Fang Yuan asked: “Sleeping in a rock, don’t you panic?”

    Now, King Poclaindis resisted the urge to kill Fang Yuan and continued: “Looking at you, it should be During the trip, what year is it now? I don’t know how long my king slept.”

    “My king?”

    Seeing Fang Yuan finally went on the road, King Poclandisi couldn’t help but said: “Yes, I am great. King Poclades, the king who commanded the Poclades Empire, I was asleep here, but I didn’t expect to be awakened by you.”

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