Pokemon Masters Chapter 946


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“Ah…ah…oh, I really didn’t lie to you!!”

As the heat hit, King Poclaindis screamed, he really didn’t lie to Fang Yuan.

Majority cannot be achieved casually. It requires a very complicated ceremony. It is because of the complicated process that he is willing to teach Fang Yuan. Because of this process, he may be able to find escape and fight back. Opportunity now.

“you guy…” Fang Yuan also realized that the other party might not at all lie.

No matter what breed means, it is impossible to complete it out of thin air.

Fang Yuan only knows one of the ultra-ancient giant Pokemon in reality, and that is the giant Dragonite of Dragon Island.

According to the description provided by Dragon Island Elder, it was because the giant Dragonite strayed into an ultra-ancient ruin and was forced to accept a certain ceremony, so it became a giant Dragonite……

putting it that way, what the other person said is true?

Fang Yuan’s enthusiasm was extinguished.

Anyway, it is definitely not easy to learn the use of ultra-ancient power from the soul of King Poclain.

Forget it…

Fang Yuan asked: “Temporarily trust you, dear king, ask you some questions.”

The king of Poclades hurts. You will be a respectable king for a while, and you will burn me for a while. Where is the respect? ?

Ah, I miss it.

The human servants he ruled, each one hundred times simpler than Fang Yuan! ! !

Are human beings so shameless years later? ?

“Ask…Ask, I will tell you everything.” King Poclades sighed.

“Except for the gigantic ceremony, is there any other use of the super ancient power?”

King Poklandis said: “Ultra ancient powers are mainly divided into three systems. One is the method of breeding huge Pokemon, the second is the method of training Soul Power, and the third is the method of Soul Power. , To transform some artifacts into sealed objects.”

“However, during the Poclades Empire, the method of training Soul Power has been lost. Therefore, the remaining most important system is the method of breeding huge Pokemon, apart from this, and some manipulations. The small methods of ultra-ancient sealed artifacts, this is all I have.”

King Pokrantis did not lie. The most precious thing he has is the way to breed huge Pokemon.

However, even if there is only this inheritance, its value is immeasurable. It can be tyrannical enough to directly make the Poclades Empire one of the world Totems at that time.

Sometimes King Poclandisi would also think that if he has mastered the inheritance of a complete ultra-ancient civilization, he would definitely not be afraid of Ho-Oh.

“Is it the only way.” Fang Yuan frowned.

When he heard about the methods to exercise Soul Power, he was not surprised. Whether it was Aura, Psychic, or Chaoke, although Soul Power was involved more or less, they were not the main exercise of Soul Power’s extraordinary power at all. This is The most pity.

What he didn’t expect was that the super ancient power was formed around the mysterious system of “soul”.

However… The next sentence of King Poclandisi directly caused Fang Yuan to stop thinking.

It’s still obediently and honestly cultivation Aura.

As for the method of using Ultra-Ancient Sealed Artifacts…Fang Yuan has no interest because he has mastered Aura, so in the end, only the inheritance of Ultra-Ancient Giantization is more valuable? ?

“This is the only way.” King Poclades said bitterly.

“The second question, can every Pokemon…that is, demonic beast, be huge?”

“Of course not!!!” Poclandisi said kingly.

“This depends on the bloodline!!! Aptitude!!!”

He was very worried that when the time comes Fang Yuan’s Pokemon did not have this Aptitude, he said that he was chaotic.

So, he absolutely must explain to Fang Yuan in advance.

“Out of about 10,000 demonic beasts, only one Pokemon can be huge in super ancient times.”

“There is no special screening method, but I guess it may be related to ‘bloodline’.”

“Those bloodline and pure demonic beasts that have survived from the ultra-antiquity to the present day, and have not changed their appearance and shape due to the external environment, are the most promising for huge success.”

“As for the demonic beast races that have undergone mutations due to the environment, it can be said that there is basically no hope of huge success.”

“To sum up, the older the demonic beast’s bloodline, the closer it is to the mysterious period of the ultra-ancient, the more hopeful it will become.”

The words of King Pokrantis are over, Fang Yuan looked towards Eevee.


Listening to King Pokrantis said this, Fang Yuan knew which Pokemon were mostly out of play.

For example, Eevee. Although Fang Yuan could not be verified, he did not feel that the Eevee race has been in existence since the ultra-ancient period, and nothing has changed.

On the basis of Eevee’s genetically adaptive racial characteristics, it can refer to how many times the race has changed in order to adapt to the environment.

It is estimated that only Pokemon with powerful races like Gengar and Dragonite can rely on extremely outstanding abilities, and it has not changed much since the super ancient times.

Of course, Fang Yuan is not very sure. After all, “Ultra-ancient Jigglypuff” has appeared in the animation, and it is very powerful to directly smash the ultra-ancient Gengar, the ultra-ancient Alakazam… Somewhat outrageous.

When Fang Yuan stared at Eevee, Eevee pouted.

Eevee :(´◔‸◔`)


Look at what it does, even if it can, it won’t accept it! !

Becoming so big, how can you be hugged by Fang Yuan, how can you lie on Fang Yuan’s shoulder, these are barely tolerable, but suddenly become several dozen meters big, the most difficult thing is that you can’t play with your mobile phone! !

The question Eevee thinks is exactly what Fang Yuan thinks.

“Old Wang, let me ask you, after Pokemon became huge in the ancient times, is it always that big? Is it possible to shrink to its original size?”

Fang Yuan is very concerned about this issue. The huge Dragonite of Dragon Island can only guard Dragon Island alone because it cannot master its power after being huge.

Fang Yuan, who has learned about the situation from Dragonite Elder, is very clear that the giant Dragonite does not want to be a Guardian God at all, but just wants to be an ordinary Dragonite and find a female dragon to lead an ordinary life.

But this kind of thing has no choice.

Once it gets bigger, I can’t go back.

“This…” King Poclandisi ignored the title Old Wang and said: “Theoretically, the original volume can be restored.”

“Ultra-ancient gigantism was mainly used to impose a magic seal on the demonic beast to absorb unknown power through a special ceremony. The normal demonic beast cannot control the magic seal, so it can only maintain a huge body shape. However, there are also innate talents very A good demonic beast can successfully control the curse seal. This kind of demonic beast can freely control its own volume, which is divided into ordinary forms and ultra-ancient forms.”

“In the Poclades Empire, there is a Guardian God who can only perfectly master the super ancient power.”

“However, at that time, its power was already close to the legendary demonic beast. Therefore, I am afraid that the normal demonic beast, if you want to achieve this level, the probability is not great.”

“Such a limit?” Fang Yuan disgusted.

“It’s over, after hearing what you said, I suddenly have no interest in super ancient power…”

Calm down, and after careful consideration, Fang Yuan discovered that although the ultra-ancient giant breeding method is powerful, it seems that none of his Pokemon is suitable.

Unless you can freely control your body shape, that’s valuable.

However, judging from the actual situation of the huge Dragonite and Old Wang’s description, I am afraid that it is definitely not so easy to master the super ancient power…

“Forget it, I don’t want to learn it. Let’s let this power be lost. For the sake of explaining it to me so seriously, I won’t burn you or let Gengar eat you, but don’t I want to harm others, and later I will dig a pit of several hundred meters and bury you. In this way, maybe you can live steadily for tens of thousands of years…”

King Pokrantis:? ? ?

“No!!! Believe me, the super ancient power is very powerful, master it, you are the strongest demonic beast!!!”

“the entire world, at your fingertips!”

“This is a breed method created by the God of Earth Groudon in the ultra-ancient civilization and the Primal Reversion of Kyogre, the god of the sea. There is a complete opportunity for the ordinary demonic beast to grow to a god level, and it must not be lost! !!!”

King Pokrantis was anxious. He had known that he hadn’t told the truth. Why did he persuade Fang Yuan to leave.

Please, learn, don’t bury the stone ball, it is better to find him a doll possessed than to bury it! !

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