Pokemon Masters Chapter 947


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“If you have mastered the super ancient power, you can definitely become the strongest demonic beast messenger———”

The King Pokrantis is still roaring, but Fang Yuan remains unmoved.

As a result, King Poclandis could only hear the voices of “peng”, “peng” and “peng” outside, but could not hear people talking.

The sound, as if someone was demolishing the house, made King Poclandis shiver coldly.

“Don’t you want to be the strongest demonic beast?!”

He was not reconciled and asked repeatedly.

Fang Yuan at first is so worried about the super ancient power, it is definitely a kind of servant of power.

How come you suddenly lose interest in super ancient power, impossible! ! Definitely pretend! !

But after a long time.

The sound of house demolishing stopped, and King Poclaindis finally heard Fang Yuan’s voice.

Just listen to Fang Yuan faintly said: “The strongest demonic beast?”

King Pokrantis: “Hmm.”

“That stuff…I am already.”

King Pokrantis:? ? ?

King Pokrantis:? ? ?

Fang Yuan really didn’t lie.

At least on Earth, Fang Yuan can’t find a better Trainer than himself.

Even in the normal development of Pokemon World, Fang Yuan estimates that with his own strength, he should be close to the echelon with the highest Peak Level.

Although it may be difficult to beat Shirona and kick Shirona, it should be no problem to mix an Alliance Elite Four title, and even in some weaker Regions, an Alliance champion title.

Because of this, King Poclandis used his power to Captivate him, and it was useless.

Unexpectedly, we are already the strongest!

King Pokrantis is silent, are you a dog and want to lie to me?

Will Wang believe such low-end lies?

“What was the voice just now?” King Pokrantis asked, changing the subject.

“Make you the sound of the urn.” Fang Yuan said.


At this time, after dismantling the room to obtain the material stones, Fang Yuan used Psychic to easily polish the stones into an urn.

Fang Yuan holding the urn is full of rays of light at this time, very sacred……

Little Victini put two small hands on Fang Yuan’s shoulders, constantly transmitting Aura power to him, and let Fang Yuan transform the urn into a sealed object very quickly.


Before King Poclandisi could react, Eevee directly joined Confusion and threw the stone ball into Fang Yuan’s stone box.


“Rest in peace.”

Fang Yuan shook his head.

It’s impossible to really bury the opponent, and this king of Poclades has some usefulness.

But now Fang Yuan has no time to pester him, and then concentrate on preparing for the Mewtwo game.

Prior to that, King Poclandis had stayed in the stone box obediently.

In order to suppress the soul of King Pokrantis, Fang Yuan also dug a hole in the stone box and installed one of his seals, a keystone that has the effect of suppressing the soul.

In this way, the soul of King Poclades should not be able to make any waves.

“successfully accomplished.” After shaking his head, Fang Yuan patted his hands and smiled, thinking about how to maximize the soul value of this product.

Want to body possession of me, never ending with you.

“Darkrai, help hold the box…” Before leaving, Fang Yuan still didn’t dare to personally even indirectly touch the stone ball, and finally chose to let the nightmare god come. As for why not let Gluttony save… …Fang Yuan is afraid that it would steal it!

In this wave, it is better to be prudent and prudent.

Darkrai emerging from the shadow: Oh…

Gluttony :_(´ཀ`」∠)_


Outside the outside world, President Wen, War God Fu Hei, and Qiao Jing Grandmaster are the trainers closest to the entrance of the Underground Ruins.

As for the Pro Trainers of the Jiangsu Provincial Association, they have been sent to the periphery.

Now, the Pro Trainers of the Jiangsu Provincial Association are trembling in fear.

Because the Dragon Pillar and Electric Pillar, which broke out of the ruins, also followed President Wen.

aggressive, as if to blow up the ruins.

What is this called?

If it weren’t for President Wen and the others and the Shenzhu at this time, there is no friction and peace together, even if they are outside, they would not dare to stay, just go away.

Now, the Pro Trainers only know that there is news from the top of the Jiangsu Provincial Association that President Wen and the others have resolved the invasion of the god pillar.

As for the specific reasons, let alone them, even the senior officials of the Jiangsu Provincial Association are at a loss and bewildered.

“roar! !”


The Dragon God Pillar and Electric God Pillar who came with President Wen are also obediently and honestly waiting for Fang Yuan to return.

Although their impatients want to completely bombard and fill in the ruins in the ground, at least they have to wait for Fang Yuan to come out, otherwise Fang Yuan will also be buried by the way and it will be done.


As everyone waited, Fang Yuan finally came out with a loud noise at the entrance of the ruins.

However, Fang Yuan and Darkrai next to him were directly shocked by President Wen and the others and the god pillars.

I saw that when Fang Yuan came out of Underground Ruins, the Darkrai, Honest and Timid next to him was holding a stone box. The style of painting was very strange.

Fang Yuan returned safely, there is nothing to say about it, everyone is not surprised.

“What is this…” They just couldn’t help but ask President Wen looking at the stone box that Darkrai was holding.

“How do you say, the first human in Secret Realm? A native of Pokemon world?”

“Although it is an ancient person a long time ago…” Fang Yuan touched Eevee’s head on his shoulder, replied.

President Wen and the three tremblingly asked: “King Poklandes??!”

Fang Hearthome told them that King Poclades, the only survivor of the Poclades Empire, might hide in the ruins.

It looks like it is right now?

It’s just… why the other party was put in a stone box similar to a urn…

“Yes, it is the soul of King Poclaindis.”

“As I have learned, the other party’s soul has been preserved for at least ten thousand years, and it is still intact, and it is hidden in the ruins… If it weren’t for my wit and bravery, I would fight with him and Foresight had defeated its conspiracy. I was in danger just now… I will definitely be’possessed’ by him”

Fang Yuan said with a serious face:

“But it’s okay now, he has been sealed by me again, he should not be able to turn the Gust wave.”


“Then what should I do now.” Fu Hei asked.

“roar! !!!”

“Uh ah!!!”

Rather than waiting for Fang Yuan to speak, the Dragon Pillar and Electric Pillar on the side said that they can be handed over to them for “processing”.

The soul of King Poclades? ?

Although I don’t know if it was the Poclaindis king who sealed them, no matter which one, as long as it is the bloodline of Poclaindis, it is the object of their Retaliate! !

The dragon god pillar is okay, it’s purely booing, and the electric god pillar’s eyes are already burning.

Fang Yuan waved his hand quickly and said: “Don’t worry, I won’t let him go.”

“Nor will protect him, so you have a chance to Retaliate.”

The ambition of King Pokrantis is too big, and his head is not very good, because he wants to conquer the world, he went to anger Ho-Oh, which led to the collapse of the entire empire. Keeping it is also a curse. , Just as before, let him be completely sealed.

Anyway, Poclades lineage is the target of the five brothers of the god pillar, so as long as the king of Poclades exists, then the hatred of the god pillar five brothers can be resolved. Will not be released to innocent people.

Finally, I will give it to the five brothers of the gods for suppression and permanent sealing. This should be the best way to deal with it. This will not only let the five brothers of the gods of gods release their hatred, but also allow the China Association to reap the friendship of five Guardian Gods.

However, Fang Yuan still had some thoughts about the ultra-ancient method of giantization before the King Poclades was completely sealed.

Of course, what Fang Yuan is worried about is the perfect version, that is, the version that can freely control the size of the body.

“Let’s discuss it.” Fang Yuan looked towards President Wen, as well as the dragon god pillar and the electric god pillar.

Fang Yuan has a plan–

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