Pokemon Masters Chapter 950


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Of course this person is Fang Yuan’s pseudonym.

What everyone doesn’t know is that currently, President Wen has given all the commanding power of Guardian God and even the 12 branches and China Association during the Mewtwo game to this “red”.

That’s why he said he was going to participate in the Mewtwo game with these six people, instead of leading the team to participate, but the overwhelming majority did not notice this.

President Wen said:

“In order to face the Mewtwo game, the Association Staff Committee decided to let Mr. Peak Level Trainer Akatsuki take the post of twelve dogs.”

“You may be unfamiliar with this new twelve.”

“This is undisclosed news. Two days ago, two Legendary Pokémon appeared in the ancient vestige of Jiangsu Province. They were the electric god pillar Reggie Alec and the dragon god pillar Regidolago. It is the eternal Pokemon created by the king of the sacred pillars. It is as famous as the eternal Pokemon such as Regirock, and is very powerful enough to easily destroy a city.”

“At that time, the entire province of Jiangsu was facing the huge threat posed by these two Pokemons. In a critical situation, it was the ‘Red’ that repelled them!”

“He is the hero who saved the disaster in Jiangsu Province. Therefore, his achievements and strength can fully afford twelve positions.”

Next, a remotely filmed video of the electric pillar approaching the city and causing thunderstorms was played on TV.

Although it is not terrifying to the level of the thunder god Zapdos that Prince of the Sea showed Fang Yuan to destroy the island in one blow, the lightning pillar and the thunderstorm passed by, instantly destroying all debris in a radius of 100 meters. , The scene of turning the surrounding into dust is still very shocking.

All Trainers looked at this powerful Electric Type Pokemon that they had never seen before.

Can this kind of Pokemon be dealt with?

The expressive power of any Thunder Move is several times more terrifying than the strongest Ability Z-Move in the current Trainer system…

It is completely conceivable what kind of disasters such a guy with thunderstorms will cause to enter a human city.

“I’m in Jiangsu Province, I don’t even know about this…”

“I don’t know how to add one…”

At this moment, countless Jiangsu residents and ordinary Trainers were stunned.

Because of the electric god pillar, only Trainers above Pro Level in Jiangsu Province are more aware.

Many people are surprised that such a powerful Pokemon hasn’t caused any disturbance at all? ?

This can only mean… Not only has the Electric God Pillar been solved, but it has been solved very quickly and perfectly, without causing any external losses at all.

Is it the red from President Wen?

Next, the battle between Infernape and the electric god pillar was edited into a short film on TV, and it was published. Because Magnezon and Milotic were cut out, it looked like from start to finish. Only Infernape was fighting electric god. Zhu is fighting alone.

Although Infernape has been suppressed, it can always cause huge damage to the electric pillar, which shows that the difference in strength between the two will never be very large.

There is even Pokemon that can resist Legendary Pokémon’s footsteps? ?

“Is it the new twelve Pokemon named Chi?”

This Chi, who are you after all?

Next, the battle progressed to the scene where Infernape and the Electric God Pillar were unwilling to fight and turned around and ran away.

The electric god pillar was beaten away…

Everyone froze.

The scene afterwards is Fang Yuan taking out Poké Ball, retracting Infernape, and riding Dragonite to chase.

“Open, are you kidding?”

“Don’t tell me, he is Chi, the new twelve branch.”

“No matter how it looks, it is 20 years old.”

On TV, as Fang Yuan finally showed up, Fang Yuan, wearing a red and white combat uniform and a cap with the Poké Ball logo, shocked countless people at once.

Fang Yuan looked calm, handsomely jumped onto Dragonite’s back and chased after the electric god pillar with a flash of Dragonite’s Extrreme Speed ​​Flying, only allowing people to see his face briefly.

Although it’s just a shot, it’s enough. Everyone can’t believe it. It’s such a young Trainer who looks like a college student.

I do not believe at all that a young man in his early 20s can obtain twelve identities that symbolize the strength of Peak Level.

The most important thing is that no one knows this “Chi”, he appears out of thin air and then becomes twelve branches.

Moreover, the name Chi doesn’t sound like the name of a normal Chinese person.

Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan, apart from saying it in order to gain the trust of President Wen and other senior officials of the China Association, is not going to make it public on other occasions, including for trainers. Fang Yuan has no plans to do so.

Fang Yuan never thought that even if he used a pseudonym, even if his temperament and appearance had changed a lot because of his cultivation Psychic and Aura Force, he still made the Fang Family in Pingcheng, Jiangsu Province, three stunned. Living.

Pingcheng, Jiangsu Province.

During the dinner, the Father Fang Mother Fang in this time and space really couldn’t help but her daughter Fang Yuan wanted to watch Mewtwo game news and turned on the TV reluctantly.

It happened to see President Wen’s announcement that “Red” became the new twelve branch.

Although they are not Trainers, it is still incredible for such a young man to have such an achievement.

And as they saw this so-called “red” face, the inconceivable became at a loss.

It’s so alike, they all involuntarily thought of their child, Fang Yuan, who died in Secret Realm.

Even if Fang Yuan compares the current photo with the photo when he was 16 years old, he would definitely think that they must be two people, because the difference is too great, but Father Fang Mother Fang still has an unfathomable mystery familiarity , This person is too similar to their child. If Fang Yuan is not dead, it is probably his age…

How could it be…

“So handsome~”

At this time, Yuanmei Fang Yuan’s eyes flashed with stars. Normal looking at the Fang Yuan picture on the screen, her two small fists kept hammering the table.

“Dragonite is so handsome~~”

Her gaze stayed on the Dragonite under Fang Yuan in the photo… So handsome and hobby likes it, she must also take a Dragonite in the future!

The handsome one is Dragonite, and Fang Yuan is ignored by her.

“I should think too much.”

After seeing her daughter, Father Fang Mother Fang couldn’t help but shook the head and put away the unrealistic thoughts, but her eyes still couldn’t help but linger more on the photo.


The name “Chi” suddenly became popular.

The new twelve?

Peak Level Trainer in his twenties?

The most important thing is that there is almost no red information, very mysterious!

This makes all trainers in China do not know what the situation is.

And the Trainer Association, it seems that it is not prepared to announce too much “red” information, just to let everyone know that such a person will participate in the next Mewtwo game.

Trainers in other countries are also confused at this time.

Is this Chi’s strength really that strong, strong enough to become China’s twelve branches? This is too young.

Although the video of the Infernape battle has been released, some people can easily see that the video has undergone a lot of editing, so the authenticity has yet to be confirmed… However, everyone does not think that the China Association is a fool. Participating in such an important event as the Mewtwo game, so most people are very curious about the person “Chi”. Forget it, when the time comes, you will know.

Alliance Chairman Antony Ou, Japan Trainer Association Fujiwara President, during this period wanted to ask President Wen something, but because Fang Yuan didn’t want to expose too many people’s identity as a “stowaway”, so President Wen just said that he was a secret weapon cultivated by the China Association.

“It’s it.” When the two countries announced the list of people participating in the Mewtwo game, Mewtwo was naturally watching it.

Seeing that the Trainer that I noticed before against the electric god pillar was among them, Mewtwo was just surprised and didn’t pay attention.

The result of the game is set, no matter who comes, it is useless.


Nowadays, Fang Yuan has no idea what kind of sensation the outside world has caused because of his forged “red” identity.

He is very tired now.

After arriving at Dragon Island, he met Dragon Island Elder again under the introduction of Yunbe.

And taking time out, together with Darkrai, he cured the sleepwalking Silly Dragonite beside Dragonite Elder.

Dragonite in this time and space finally got rid of the trouble of sleepwalking battle syndrome. Not only Fang Yuan was very happy, but Dragonite Elder and Dragonite messengers themselves were also very happy.

However, what Fang Yuan didn’t expect was that after he helped this time-space Dragonite, the stupid dragon said to repay himself for whatever he said, clinging to his thigh, crying to Fang Yuan to ask Fang Yuan to give It is an opportunity to reciprocate, and it is best to let it follow and subdue it.

Dragonite Elder completely defaults to nodded in this regard. The Dragonite messenger, the child, has finally recovered from his illness. It is okay to see the world outside.

Grateful and seeking to repay the kindness is a good dragon.

Fang Yuan:? ? ?

Damn, go aside.

One drag is enough, but two are fine.

“You don’t need to repay, we are free to play with it, let go.”

“eivui…” Fang Yuan’s shoulders, Eevee has a headache, this stupid dragon in time and space does not lick it, but it still seems a bit abnormal.

“Get up and drive…” Fang Yuan also had a terrible headache. He kept wanting to kick this time-space Dragonite, cough, this time-space Dragonite didn’t even have a Grandmaster Level battle strength. I hate it. There is nothing to help him.

“Boom…Boom!! (Benefactor!! Please give me a chance!!)” Dragonite kept rubbing.


“You can’t let go.”

The Dragonite messenger let go aggrieved, and looked at Fang Yuan pitifully.

It is so grateful to Fang Yuan, it really wants to repay Fang Yuan, it can be used as a flying tool for Fang Yuan! It flies very fast!

“Don’t use this look.”

Flying tools are not your turn!

Dragonite: QAQ


Fang Yuan: emmm

“Forget it.”

“Then give you a chance to repay, but in the future.”

Fang Yuan has nothing to do with it.

Fang Yuan just wants to kick this guy away quickly. It’s abrupt. Fang Yuan remembered this time and space that the dream is Trainer’s younger sister Fang Yuan…

If that girl, really become a Trainer in ten years…

“If you want to repay, when the time comes, go and follow a Trainer, she is probably my younger sister? You protect her, before this, please, you, change, get, strong, one, point .”

The nightmare god Help Dragonite mastered the nightmare mode and gave it a way to exercise the nightmare power. Although this time-space Dragonite does not have Fang Yuan’s Dragonite who has only used Silver Wing, it has higher talent potential, but it has grown to the Guardian God level. , There should be no problem.

If you start exercising now, ten years later, you should have Peak Level battle strength.

So, Fang Yuan sent it out directly as a bodyguard.

Repaying with Dragonite’s hundreds of years of lifespan and following a human Trainer for several decades, it should be okay. In this way, with the protection of Dragonite, this time and space Father Fang Father Fang mother does not have to worry about Fang Yuan really becoming a Trainer. Security problem.

Of course, the premise is that Fang Yuan successfully becomes Trainer.

Fang Yuan estimates, that girl, probably nothing…

“Boom, boom!!”

After hearing Fang Yuan’s way of repaying, the Dragonite messenger’s eyes glowed, okay, anyway, I can repay it.

“That’s good.” Fang Yuan has a guilty conscience, and he doesn’t care what will happen in ten years.

Anyway, it’s fortunate to listen to my own dragon licking advice, and I didn’t let the Dragonite messenger of other time and space see Milotic, otherwise, this time and space Dragonite is afraid that it is not going to follow him with Fang Yuan, licking dragon is really wit!


“Sneez!!” At this time, Fang Yuan, who was doing homework with a pencil in Pingcheng, didn’t even know that she hadn’t become a Rookie Trainer yet. She had been arranged by the big brother of different time and space to have a Guardian God. Dragonite of level talent.

This wave… is the real protagonist treatment.

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