Pokemon Masters Chapter 999


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Game Center.

In a public seat.

Fang Yuan silently listened to Eevee’s explanation of all his experience just now, then patted his forehead.


After listening for a long time, Fang Yuan only suffocated one word.

“eivui…(What to do…)” Eevee cautiously asked.

“You just ran away like this? Go back now, can you still get the bonus?” Fang Yuan asked.

Eevee:? ? ?

This is what you care about? ? ?

Eevee :(__)ノ|

Eevee suddenly discovered that he and Fang Yuan are not on the same channel at all.

“cough cough, of course, this is not the most important one.”

“The most important thing is that someone discovered your Illusion Technique through technology, and you are not careful, because of a subconsciously reaction, you destroyed the other’s technology products… right.” Fang Yuan finished listening This matter is also very helpless.

The Illusion Technique of Champion Eevee, there is even a device that can ignore this level Illusion Technique…?

If it is the black technology of Pokemon world, it is indeed possible.

However, even so, this technology must be the most cutting-edge.

The status of a person who can possess such technology is definitely not simple.

The other party found Eevee, and the device was accidentally damaged by Eevee. No matter how you look at it, it’s a big trouble.

Fang Yuan shows a fiercely fiercely expression at Eevee.

“eivui…” Eevee shrinks into a ball.

“Forget it…Since it has happened, there is nothing to do. If you can still meet the other person, let’s talk about it.” Fang Yuan grabbed Eevee who was not worrying and said: “Then you Do you want to continue playing?”

Eevee is nodded again and again, unless someone blows up the Game Center today, otherwise it must experience all the games again! !

“Okay.” Fang Yuan laughed.

Really…Who could accidentally be bullied by his own Eevee?

Seeing an Eevee playing games there, and then being destroyed by high-tech products, there must be a shadow in my heart.

Hmm…If you still encounter it, please apologize.


At this time.

Champion Master Du has left Game Center.

It’s not that I don’t want to catch that Eevee anymore, but a colleague suddenly contacted him just now.

After arriving in a hidden place, Du opened the video communicator.

The next second, on the opposite side of the display, a woman with lithe and graceful figure, attractive red hair and long hair, and wearing a pair of plain glasses appeared.

This person is one of the Indigo Plateau Elite Four, Lorelei.

“Lorelei, what’s the matter?”

“Is Team Rocket on the Seven Islands having a new trend?”

Du asked.

“It’s not Team Rocket’s business.”

“Du, you should be in Rainbow City now. Did you go to Rainbow Department Store to buy your dear cloak again.” Lorelei said with a smile.

“For this reason…but the most important thing is that I got information that Rainbow City Game Center has a secret base for Team Rocket, so I came to investigate.” Ferry.

“Um…Aren’t you on vacation today? You have to investigate Team Rocket during your vacation. You deserve it.” Lorelei shook the head, and said: “Then I’ll be on business. You participated in the Pokemon world tournament, right. “

“en.” Cross nodded.

“As you know, I still serve as the chairman of the Kanto Region’s match committee. Just now, my subordinates contacted me and said that a special Rookie had a wonderful tournament match in Rainbow City.”

“I watched the battle video and found that this Rookie is indeed very special.”

“I can’t get away on the Seven Islands at the moment, so I want to ask you to meet this person for a while.”

Du wondered: “It’s just a tournament Rookie. Is there anything worth paying attention to?”

This kind of thing… there is no need to let him come.

Lorelei said: “The first time he participated in the tournament, he defeated Erika of Rainbow Gym.”

“If this is the case, it is not worth paying attention to. The most important thing is that the Pokemon he sent is a Venusaur with Elite battle strength.”

“Moreover, that Venusaur has the Totem aura that is unique to Alola Region.”

Du froze in place.

“No way.”

He suddenly had an unimaginable guess.

There is absolutely something wrong!

Think of the five words Eevee, the champion, and Du feels a headache.

“Absolutely impossible.”

In the championship exchange game, he was already overwhelmed by Shirona. Now, Sinnoh Alliance has run out of a monster with the possibility of a champion Eevee? ?

This is not scientific.

“I hope I think too much, how could someone raise Eevee to the championship level, maybe… the machine is broken?”

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