Pokemon Rise of the Bug Type Elite Chapter 800


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This is too bullying, he knows very clearly that the current Primordial armor is at least Superior Late Stage.

It was strong enough in the trials, let alone now.

The level of his Pokémon is at least 10 levels worse than it.

Unfortunately, now I don’t want to fight, I have to fight.

Typhlosion stared at the Primordial Armor vigilantly. It felt the powerful energy of the Primordial Armor within the body, making it stand upright. This is an extremely powerful opponent.

In contrast to Typhlosion, Primordial Armor looked at it with a naive face.

“The battle begins,” Director Liu announced.

“Typhlosion, use Flamethrower” Ryugawa intends to start first.

Typhlosion immediately opened his mouth, pulled away the energy particles in the air, and then mobilized the energy within the body to condense into a huge Fireball in the mouth.

It sprays violently, penetrates the air, and shoots out in a straight line.

No one dares to say that they can easily catch a flame column like a normal barrel.

“Prime armor, Water Gun”

The ancient armor opened its mouth, and there was no pause, a jet of water jetted out.

From the perspective of size, the pillar of fire must be more dominant.

But the result was completely different.

The abilities of both sides collide.

“pu! !”

The collision between the flame and the water flow burst into countless moving water vapor in the sky.

Then the water column directly extinguished the flame column and kept moving forward.

This is not going to give it a chance.

The water column continued to advance at an unstoppable speed, directly impacting Typhlosion’s body.

So fast that it can’t avoid it at all.


Typhlosion wailed, the damage it caused by this blow was too great.

I was rushed out and fell on Ground.

The Primordial Armor stopped attacking after launching the water column, but stopped and waited for Typhlosion to stand up.


Typhlosion quickly got up from Ground, exploded out, and rushed towards the ancient armor.

“Typhlosion, Flame Wheel”

The flame exploded on its neck, and countless energy gushed out.

Rapidly form layers of Flame Wheel covering the body surface.

The burning high temperature makes the air twisted.

“Prime armor, use Brick Break”

Just when Typhlosion was about to hit the ancient armor, it moved, like the arm of the sickle Normal.

White’s energy covered his sickle arm and waved unexpectedly.

A white mark was drawn in the air.


Slashed at Typhlosion when the distance between the two sides was less than 10 cm.

Cut it directly into the air, and the Flame Wheel on the body spreads to it along the sickle arm of the ancient armor.


The flame burned on the body of the ancient armor.

“Prime armor, use Water Gun against the sky.”

The ancient armor hits Spit Up against the sky. A small water column separates in the air, and then it falls down like a light rain.

Water spilled on the body, extinguishing the flames.

At this time Typhlosion stood up again.

“Typhlosion, Flame Charge”

Typhlosion loudly roared, deafening.

The flames spread all over, instantly covering the whole body.

It just formed a layer of flame on the body, but the color was unusually deep and the temperature rose sharply.

This is much hotter than Flame Wheel.

Then he delivered his strongest blow, and everyone stared at the two Pokémon on the court.

Hideshi looked calmly and issued an Attack Order.

“Prime armor, use Rock Tomb”

The eyes of the Primordial Armor glowed with orange and Yellow light.

Then you can see three huge rocks formed in the sky instantly, covering the sky and the sun, and covering the sun.

The dark area below, from Typhlosion’s point of view, is really black.

The three boulders were directly pressed down after they were formed, just when Typhlosion was about to hit the ancient armor.


Three huge rocks directly pressed on Typhlosion’s body, making a loud noise, which contained Typhlosion’s terrible Growl.

The flame on it was directly extinguished.

It’s so miserable.

The Ground shakes for a while.

Director Liu was very clear when he saw this, Typhlosion had lost the combat capability.

Announced: “Typhlosion loses combat capability.”

“Prime armor, remove Rock”

The eyes of the Primordial armor glowed, and the Rock on Typhlosion gradually decomposed into sand and scattered on the Ground.

Hideshi looked at the time, and it took only five minutes from start to finish.

When Blissey was treating Typhlosion, the second Poké Ball from Ryugawa facial expression grave was Espeon.

He learned well this time. Instead of using meet force with force, he used various abilities to interfere with the Primordial armor, trap it, and lower its state, but it seemed useless.

This thing, if the Primordial Armor finds a chance to hit it once, it is enough to defeat it with one move.

Sure enough, I didn’t last ten minutes and was defeated by Rock Tomb by one move.

After two consecutive defeats with no difficulty were defeated, Ryugawa had already accepted his fate. The Primordial armor was too strong and could not be defeated at all.

So he straightened his mentality and released his Scizor with a learning mentality.

Hideshi still uses ancient armor at this time. Although the speed of ancient armor is slow, the defensive power is Peak’s.

Plus the release speed of Ability is fast enough, Scizor is still not an opponent.

Ryugawa’s Scizor began to constantly look for opportunities to attack the ancient armor in the air.

Hideshi didn’t panic, revealing a weak spot for Scizor, and then taking it away with a set of tricks.

He thought so, and he did.

So within ten minutes, Scizor also lost.

In less than half an hour, the battle ended.

Ryugawa consciously returned to the team, and one opponent came forward.

The ancient armor is still standing in place, from the very beginning, the ancient armor has not been moved.

The second place didn’t last for half an hour before losing, and he lost faster.

Then it is one by one. If Leaf takes four or five hours to finish a round, then Hideshi will be over in less than half of her time.

The main reason is that the strength of the Primordial armor is too strong. As long as it is hit, it will peel off if you die, so the battle ends very quickly.

After the battle, it was time for dinner.

Director Liu said, “Well, that’s all for today’s special training.”

“Let’s finish eating first, Ryugawa, think about today’s battle tonight.”

“There will be battles waiting for you tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”

Ryugawa They are nodded serious.

After dinner, the Junior Brother junior sisters got together to start a discussion and at the same time they were reflecting.

After some discussion, a group of people also discovered that many of their problems need to be corrected.

This night, everyone was rewarded.

Among them, Ryugawa also reflected that his previous battles were too immature.

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