Pokemon Rise of the Bug Type Elite Chapter 801


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In fact, there are better ways to deal with it, but I didn’t think of it, or I didn’t think of it.

But these all are experience, the next time he encounters this situation, he will definitely…maybe…maybe able to react.

Alright, Ryugawa is not sure if he can find the most appropriate method next time in this situation.

Time passed slowly. It was around 10 o’clock in unconsciously, everyone was sleepy, and the discussion ended and went back to Rest in the tent.

2nd day, as on the first day, ten people take turns to fight Leaf.

Compared with yesterday, everyone has improved to varying degrees.

But the battle time not at all increased. Although there was progress, the gap was still too big, and the loss was as fast as ever.

In the afternoon, Hideshi’s battle ended even more quickly. Yesterday he deliberately slowed down the pace of the battle, leaving them time to activate Ability.

Today is different.

The pace is a bit faster than yesterday, so the battle will end sooner.

After Hideshi finished a round, he found that it was still early, so Director Liu asked them to do another round.

As a result, Hideshi hung them again.

Everyone standing and looking at Hideshi is particularly scared. Compared to Hideshi, Leaf is really very good.

After dinner in the evening, Director Liu gathered everyone in the first grade, took out a tablet and placed it in front of them, one by one explained their problems to them.

Point out the problem and give suggestions. This is what Director Liu needs to do.

Let them discuss it by themselves. If the gain is too small, they still need targeted guidance.

Hideshi didn’t participate, and this thing had no effect on him.


3rd day, the fourth day passed very quickly. In these two days, it was still the same as before, and was played by Leaf and Hideshi every day.

However, they prefer to fight Leaf instead of fighting Hideshi, mainly because Hideshi defeats them by two or three moves every time.

But this is also a test of their strength.

So although they have been abused for three days, their strength has improved quite a lot.

After the fifth day, Director Liu stopped letting them continue to fight Hideshi and the others, but chose to let them fight in the forest of First Round special training.

Director Liu explained that they were asked to fully Mastery what they had learned the past few days.

After returning in the evening, Hideshi found that Ryugawa and their Pokémon Level had improved greatly.

To be honest, compared to before their training, it is really a change in shedding body and exchanging bones.

Anyway, Director Liu is very satisfied with this special training.

Seeing the results of this special training, he can be considered a little confident in this Two Academies Exchange Competition.


When Director Liu and the others were training.

Silver Academy has an unexpected guest.

This is a tall man in a black coat, black hat and sunglasses.

I saw him standing a lot at the door, looking up at the two huge stone sculptures carefully.

The passing students looked at this black clothed person curiously.

The guard stared at him seriously.

“Hey” one of the guards yelled.

The black clothed person turned his head and looked at him suspiciously.

“It was you who said it. You have been standing at the door for half an hour. Are you here to do and so on?”

“What’s the matter?” the guard shouted.

“Oh, sorry, I just think these two statues are made very well, and I can observe them involuntarily.” Black clothed some sorry said with a smile.

Then he took a piece of paper from his chest pocket and handed it to the guard and said, “This is my pass.”

In Silver Academy, in addition to teachers, students, leaders and staff, everyone else needs a pass to enter Silver Academy.

What the black clothed person took out was the peer certificate.

The guard took a look and said to the black clothed person, “You can go in.”

The black clothed person said: “many thanks”

Then walked through the door.

Walking and observing the environment of Silver Academy.

“tsk tsk, worthy of being the best Academy in Johto Academy, this environment is good, I have been to Indigo Academy too.

Although overall it is not comparable, but it also has its own style, which is much better than ours. ”

Wait for him to leave for a while and ask a girl next to him: “Classmate, can I ask Director Liu’s office how to get there?”

The girl who was stopped pointed to the road ahead and said: “You go straight along this road until you reach the end, then turn left again, walk three classes and you will reach the third teaching building.”


“Director Liu’s office is on the third floor.”

After speaking, the black clothed person thanked: “Thank you classmate.”

The female classmate was a little shy and said: “It’s okay”

The black clothed person laughed, and finally arrived at Director Liu’s office after walking for nearly 20 minutes as the girl just said.

Press the doorbell.

“ding dong!”

“ding dong!”

Two seconds passed, there was no response at all.

The black clothed man pressed the doorbell again.

“ding dong!”

“ding dong!”

“ding dong!”

There is still no response.

Is anyone there? Such questions flashed through the black clothed man’s heart.

Just as he was about to ask a student to ask, a boy came over.

“Classmate, can I ask, where is Director Liu now?”

The boy froze for a moment and replied: “Director Liu is not there.”

“Oh? Where did he go?” the black clothed person asked again.

The boys replied honestly: “Director Liu took the Junior Brother junior sisters in the first and second grades out for special training.”

“The person is not here, it seems to be a coincidence.” The black clothed person muttered to himself, and then said to the boy: “Thank you classmate.”

“You’re welcome”

Since the person is not there, the black clothed person turned and left.

“Ai, originally wanted to come and talk to Liu Shenghe secretly and give him a surprise.”

“The result is not there. I can’t make this mistake again next time.”

The black clothed person reluctantly found a classmate and asked about Vice Principal’s office.

Twenty minutes later, Vice Principal’s office.

At the small table, Vice Principal and a black clothed man knelt on the futon.

The heat is fluttering on the table, this is making tea.

I saw Vice Principal picking up the teapot and said indifferently: “Why come here suddenly, don’t notify us.”

The black clothed male said with a smile: “It’s not a major event. You are busy people. How dare to trouble you.”

“Can you tell me what happened when you came to our Academy?” Vice Principal curiously asked.

The black clothed man paused and said, “I’m here to see Director Liu this time.”

“Oh, what do you want him for?”

The black clothed man did not answer, but asked, “Is there a student named Hideshi here?”

Vice Principal said: “There is one, why did you ask him suddenly?”

The black clothed person laughed and said: “That’s it, I want to recruit him into our police Academy.”

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