Pokemon Rise of the Bug Type Elite Chapter 833

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The people wear a golden skin, the temperament is elegant, which is Teacher Arnold.

I saw Teacher Arnold looked at the footprints on the GRound, muttering: “It seems to be a bit late, people have left.”

“hideshi, I hope you can handle it.”

He is still very confident about Hideshi, after all, it is a person who won the Penta Academy League Champion.

Tailang is just a Great Captain level person, I am afraid that he is Sneak Attack, so it is a bit difficult.


hideshi walks on the street of CERULAN CITY, and it is still the same as it is still the same as it is.

walked at him again to CERULEAN GYM.

Remembering the water dance of CERULAN three sisters, he wanted to see it.

The water dance is still as good as it is, but it doesn’t see MISTY this time.

In accordance with the time, MISTY at this time should have been traveling.

After watching the performance, Hideshi went to a circle.

There is also a place where CERULAN CITY must go, it is said that Cerulean City’s Water Type Pokéblock is the best.

and other cities have not sold yet, only CERULEAN City is only available.

Even GoliSopod is now in the Water Type Pokéblock that is used.

So how to say this time, I have to buy another.

Cerulean City’s largest department store seems to be a Satō home.

hideshi stands at the gate of department store, from the top, the entire building is like a huge blue whale INCORABLE GIGANTIC.

and a ratio of department stores in Viridian.

The entire department store is opened on the most prosperous street of CERULEAN City, accounting for the GROUND.

Think about the department stores in each city, seeing the full stay, knowing that there is much money in the Satō home.

hideshi came to the Pokéblock area of ​​Second Layer.

When he was in the Pokéblock area, he stunned, when so many people.

I saw that all Attribute areas are people, special lively, Hideshi thinks, I know the answer.

Most of these people are CERULEAN CITY to participate in the Intermediate Rank Breeder assessment.

Most of the people will choose to come over and see the unique Pokéblock of CERULEAN City, including Hideshi, and the same idea.

he is so familiar with the Water Type area, starting to pick up.

There are still two days from the start of the assessment, there is enough time to prepare.


At the same time, outside CERULEAN CITY, a shadow jumped from pIDGEOT.

is the Tailang, who has rushed over, at this time, he has changed a general dress.

Makeup and put yourself into a Ordinary Person.

Tailang recovered PIDGEOT into CERULEAN City, looked at the people on the street to-and-fro, I want to find Hideshi difficulty from so many people is not Normal.

The most critical is that he can’t find the people of Team Rocket to help.

even prevents Team Rocket, one is found to let him know that it is really a very big trouble for him.

So he knows himself to find Hideshi, of course, where he is going to go is Pokémon Center.

He knows that hideshi’s genius training home Normal will choose to live in Pokémon Center.

After ten minutes, he came to the door of the Pokémon Center, walked in to ask: “Hello, I plan to book a room.”

Nurse Joy said: “NOT Good Meaning, we have no room here.”

“You can go to the nearby hotel.”

Tailang instantly dumbly, there is no room.

He didn’t forget to come here to find Hideshi.

So I took out a photo of Hideshi and asked Nurse Joy: “Nurse Joy, have you seen this person?”

“I am his Big Brother, I have been looking for a long time.”

Nurse Joy took a photo and looked at Tailang uncertain asked: “He is really your YOUNGER Brother?”

Tailang said: “Of course it is true!”

Nurse Joy Nodded seems to know what to say: “I don’t know this person, I haven’t lived here, you go to find someone asking.”

Tailang Some will let the will be suspected to recover the photo: “Disturbed.”

Finished, he felt that Nurse Joy said, he did not evidence.

After Tailang, Nurse Joy directly picked up the phone.

After the other party, she said: “Hello, is it hideshi? I have just been looking for you at the front desk, but also is your big brother.”

“Ah, you don’t have Big Brother, I will know that the guy is not a good person, you have to be careful.”

“You ask me why I know that he is not a good person?”

“He is so ugly, the thief’s eye is not a good person.”

Lang, who is looking for HIDESHI, does not know that he is recognized as a bad person because of long ugly.

Otherwise, he is going to cry in the toilet.


The other HIDESHI of the phone put down the phone, heard someone is looking for himself, he recalls the people who have sinned in the mind,

I want to think about Team Rocket, plus someone a few days ago, some people peeked about themselves, and a big probability is him.

At the same time, the heart began to be secretly vigorously.

yourself in Ming, the enemy is dark, always carefully.


Pinggu lives in a small Kang Family.

Xiaoyang refers to at least million deposits at home.

looks at a good family, plus him like BREED, has become a BREEDER.

He Innate Talent is good, and it is very difficult to rank before the Kanto Region ranked before the age of 10.

spent three years of testing the Breeder certificate, which made him become the most famous genius of Academy.

Now he is seventeen years old, intend to test the intermediate Rank Breeder certificate, he is very confident, as long as it passes the assessment, he can become Academy’s teamediate Rank Breeder.

Now he passed the assessment and became an intermediate Rank Breeder and became Academy’s youngest Intermediate Rank Breeder.

It is very happy to be very happy, but he is also happy to do it Not Raise.

This is because today’s 13-year-old genius Breeder has appeared in the Intermediate Rank Breeder assessment.

What is the four years old than yourself, what is the thirteen, when he is just approved by Primary Rank Breeder.

The most critical is not this, but his assessment score is very much higher than yourself.

twenty four points!

To know that BREEDER’s assessment is divided into three contents, a state of Pokémon is determined, and the second is the production of Pokémon food, three is the production of Pokéblock.

The total is three hundred points. He examines 275 points, ranking sixth place in this assessment, and he is 299 points, RANKED 1st.

Looking at the hideshi surrounded by everyone, wearing sportswear, unusually handsome, although it is 13 years old, but it is not a young, but is like a 17th year old.

long handsome, the strength is still so strong, too hitting people.

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