Pokemon Rise of the Bug Type Elite Chapter 834

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Pinggu has the same idea, and now they are now envious and hateful attitude towards Hides.

hideshi is very crying now. Because he was surrounded by a group of people.

In these two-day assessment, he three is the first place, except for the second point, only 99 points, was taken by a Girl took 100 points.

, especially in the final Pokéblock production, he shows a large level of others, which is also hidden in the case of a large and semi-realistic strength.

but still let the judges are amazing, now there is a judge, Silver Academy, Senior, and some beautiful little elder sister.

They are attracted by Hideshi’s value.

“Mr. Hideshi, do you want us to talk, I have a lot of things to talk to you.” A bald man wearing a Black suit said.

hideshi smiled and refused: “This time, you can’t first, I still have something to do, how is the next time?”

Bald male sees hideshi is not so reluctant, can only say the next time.

then he said to other people.

It is not easy to send them to the test point from the assessment point.

This Intermediate Rank Breed assessment is not tired, but it is too tired to cope with this group.

Now the assessment is also over, he intends to pack up something ready to go back.

When he walks on the street, a person immediately followed Along.

hideshi body slightly pause, and then recovering normal, continue to go forward.

He felt that someone was tracking him.

Since someone knows that someone is looking for himself, he mobilize Perception to cover his surroundings.

Anyone who has hostile him will find it in Immediately.

Waiting for two days, the test is over, this guy will appear.

Since it appears, it must be unfavorable to himself.

So this kind of person can’t stay, and it is absolutely unsure when you killer.

This is thinking that suddenly changed a direction.

Tracking naturally behind Hidei is Tailang this Team Rocket Executive.

thinking about the hardship of the past few date, he can’t hate the Hideshi in front of it.

After leaving the Pokémon Center that day, he went to a few hotels to inquire, there was no hideshi message.

Get him to think that Hides is not in CERULEAN City, and finally he can only find a home hotel to continue to find.

Finally spent two days, he finally found Hideshi, and he knew him to participate in the intermediate Rank Breeder assessment.

, just in the gate of the assessment site, the door is waiting to be rabbit, and the kung fu is paying off.

he finally waited for Hideshi.

He is like Hides to come to the forest outside CERULEAN CITY.

Tailang left and right, I found out that I have reached a remote place, I finally couldn’t help but start.

I came out from the jungle, and Hideshi missed the movement behind.

Is it finally can’t help but do it?

hideshi is presented, I don’t know what to turn around, I’m going to be alert. “Who are you?”

Tailang showed a smile: “You don’t have to know who I am, I tell you to call the mini dragon, or I will kill you.”

said out Poké Ball and throw it out.

The figure of two Pokémon appears on Ground.

Arbok and Weezing are standing in Tanto Lang’s Left and Right Hands.

hideshi’s Royal bug Eyes instantly sweeps.


aptitude: Outstanding

level: Elite Early-Stage (62)


aptitude: Outstanding

level: Elite Early-Stage (61)

Hideshi’s heart secretly secretly relieved, if the strength of this guy is too strong, he will flee it directly.

is still good now, it is still within the range.

hideshi continues: “Who are you? How do you know that I have a mini dragon?”

Tailang Said with a smile: “Nonsense, hurry to fill the mini dragon.”

“Arbok, give him a little lesson.”

“Harne ~”

Arbok twisted his body rushed up.

hideshi is not going to endure, directly throwing four Poké Ball out.

Beedrill, GoliSopod, Scizor, Heracross’s figure appears on Ground.

“everyone together”

Beedrill is the first to move, and the body changes disappeared in the same place.

then SCIZOR also disappears at the same time.

and GoliSopod and HeracRoss are also rushing together.

beedrill’s Twineedle is covered by the energy of White, then rushing to the front of Arbok.

twineedle shot out and thorns on Arbok.


Arbok flew out and sent a scream.

The body is heavy, on the GROUnd, fall out of a shallow.

wezing next to it is also the same treatment, SciZor in An Instant appears in front of it.

The double clamp is swinging out, and the knot sturdy is hitting Weezing.

“peng ~ peng ~ !!”

“gas ~”

wezing is also directly scored in Ground.

Tailang instantly, what is going on? where am I? who I am? what’s going on?

What is going on? How did Little White Rabbit suddenly become a big gray wolf.

The next large corner appears in front of him, and the big corner of HeracRoss directly hit the Tailang’s body.

He was flying by Fiercely, and Arbok in the deep pit just climbed up, he was knocked down by Tailang.

Tailang feels the pain, and the severe pain has finally let him wake up.

Hurrying out the remaining six Poké Balls left out.

“everyone together”

Four WHIGHT is displayed on Ground.

pidgeot, golem, houndoom, ariados.


aptitude: Outstanding

level: Gym Leader PEAK (59)


aptitude: Outstanding

level: Gym Leader PEAK (59)


aptitude: Outstanding

level: Gym Leader Late Stage (58)


aptitude: Outstanding

level: Gym Leader Middle Stage (56)

hideshi shook the head, it seems that he matches how much Pokémon, only two Elite levels, dare to threaten it is Courting Death.

“Beedrill, use Pin missile”

“scizor, use PIN Missile”

“heracross, use Bullet SEED”

“golisopod, use water cannon”

flying in the beedrill of in Midair and the instantaneous formation of countless coliches around the SCIZOR body.

The target is Arbok and Weezing.

Heracross mouth big, countless Black seeds, like a mechanism, Normal, and the goal is HOUNDOOM.

As for Golisopod, it is to mobilize the energy of the whole body, extracted from the Water Type energy particles in the air.

then nozzles, huge water columns sprayed out.

a war in a war.

“arbok, use venom attack”

“wezing, use garbage rays

“houndoom, using FlamethRower”

“GoLEM, using rollout attack”

Arbok just opened his mouth, and there were no numbers on it.

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