Pokemon Rise of the Bug Type Elite Chapter 835

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There is no number of outlets to produce outbreaks into its mouth.

Arbok’s mouth is blown.


In addition to the mouth, each part of its body has been blown to the spot.

“peng ~ peng ~ !!”

Arbok pen is in front of GROUND, the other side of Weezing is almost like this.

Countless colors hit it on it, exploding, and then frying into Ground.

Scizor also makes up the two pliers.

bullet punch! !

Scizor’s dual pliers are covered by the energy of White, and then Fiercely hits the head of Weeping.

Ground is smashed out of a deep pit, and the Pokémon surrounded by Pokémon was shocked.

Weeping Motionless in the deep pit, has completely lost Combat Capability.

This is not a simple-single Pokémon battle, and the other party will stop Combat Capability.

This is the battle of your life, but it is not only lost, but also pays the cost of life.

Scizor opens the mouth, countless flames are condensed on its body, and the red skin is illuminated.

Fireball instantly agglomerates, showing a fire column injection.

The hot flame is illuminated around, and the whole Weezing is burned by a hot flame.

scizor lasts for a minute, and then stops.

There is only a black gray in the deep pit.

as wezing is naturally the black gray, it is nothing.

Of course, Beedrill is faster than scizor.

Twineedle is covered with energy and penetrates the body of Arbok.

Take it, penetrate, and extract it.

In a very short period of time, the Arbok has a screen.

When it stops, Arbok has died.

The battle in the other side is also in progress.

heracross and golisopod, two fights.

PIDGEOT is shocked from Sky, and the wings are drawn in the air.

The wings are enveloped by WHITE RAYS OF LIGHT.

wing attack!

Golem yourself is jumping into a stone Moved Towards Golisopod, HeracRoss shocks.

houndoom nozzles condense the flame, spray the flame column.

AriaDOS is a nozzle to spray a venom.

heracross emits Bullet Seed, but the FlamethRower released opposite Houndoom, it will burn it.

But the back Golisopod, the whole body energy is full.

All Water Type energy particles within ten meters of the square are all drawn out,

All convergence in the air constant savings, compress, and release it after the limit is reached.

The first hit of the huge water column is pidgeot, it wants to cut the water column with Wing Attack, but unfortunately it underestimates the strength of Golisopod.

is directly flooled, on a big tree, Impact is too large, and the big tree will crack down.

“ratio ~”

then Golisopod directly sprayed a water, Golem was also flies out, Houndoom’s fire column was turned out in an instant, and Huedoom flooked out.

The last AriaDoS is even more unbearable, and it is not going to fly out of the ability to touch the water column.

golisopod now is the elite grade Pokémon, and the four neighbors of Elite levels are abuse.

It doesn’t have to know the results at all.

Seeing four Pokémon being knocked down, heracross hurriedly went up the knife.

Golisopod is also the same purpose, and the energy of Purple is like a small snake covers its arm Sharp Claw, and the continuous spread is open to form two huge purple energy Giant Claw.

heracross is hit by the big corner of PIDGEOT.

pidgeot just climbed from GROUND, he was hit by HeracRoss to the abdomen hit, hitting confused, lost Combat Capability.

This is still not finished, and heracross lifts the arm and directly opposes the heart of PIDGEOT.

When he is celebrated, he suddenly appeared in front of him, Tailang fixed his eyes, actually Beedrill.

The two in the dark beedrill is like the eyes of Scarlet gems, staring at Tau, he suddenly shives

“big needle … bee !!”

then Beedrill instantly disappears in the original place, the next second Beedrill is less than half a meter of Tailang, then a stunning toxin in the heart of Tacher, while dramatic toxins also implanted with Lin the Body.


Tailang’s eyes full of fear, seeking Huidao: “I beg you to let me, I don’t want to die !!”

Beedrill did not answer, but quietly looked at Tailang asking for mercy.

Tailang only feels that his body is getting more and more heavy, and consciousness is gradually blurred.

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