Pokemon Rise of the Bug Type Elite Chapter 836

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The blood flow is like a column, flowing on the ground.

Tailang finally closed his eyes and fell on Ground.

The eyes are full of regrets, unwilling, and fear.

Although the surface is one and the eye beads, HIDESHI feels full of these love


After Tailang died, his Pokémon was almost the same.

The scene is quietly quiet, and the Ground is blood and corpses.

Some Terrifying in the scene.

hideshi makes several Pokémon gather all the bodies.

then Hideshi said to Scizor: “Scizor, use Hidden Power to burn it.”

scizor nodded, against the body on the GRound, the mouth is a flame column sprayed out.

then burn the body and illuminate the surroundings.

The temperature around it is also rapidly rising, looking at the burning flame he caught up, this is the third dead in his hand. Executive.

This is a powerful benefit.

facing the enemy who wants to kill himself, can kill Opponent.

If your strength is not strong, then die today, the mini dragon will be taken away by someone else.

This kind of thing will only get more and more in the future, and Opponent will become stronger and stronger.

and his strength also needs to be stronger.

After a minute, only one black gray was burned, and Hideshi said to HeracRoss: “Pick up the things here.”

“Yera ~ Cross ~”

heracross stands out, the hands are on the ground, and then the soil begins to move, all blood is covered by the new soil.

hideshi nodded, pick Pokémon and turn around and turn away.

After Hideshi left, the forest is still a quiet, who can think of this place in Executive, which has just buried a Team Rocket.

hideshi returns to Pokémon center, you will leave the Pokémon Center and leave the boat.

This time the CERULEAN CITY is still harvest.


TEAM Rocket in the suburbs of Viridian Province.

Tama feels a bit wrong, but I can’t say it, I feel less.

I suddenly remembered today, I haven’t seen Tailang for several days.

He and Tailang did not deal with it. He specially despised this strength of Taundang.

So every time he meets, he must ridicule a few words. If you don’t ridicule, he is not comfortable.

So he only felt that he was not right, so he went to the people after eating, and he didn’t know that the Past Few Days Tailang people did no longer, so he guess this guy may be out.

Since he is secretly laugh: Ok, you are slid out, wait until I tell BOSS, see how he packs you.


Hideshi is coming back, it recovers a calm life, take a look at the book every day, to go out to play, and train Pokémon.

The day is so easy to pass.

This evening, Hideshi stayed in the woods to train Pokémon.

“golisopod, use Liquidation”

golisopod Mobilization Within The Body Energy quickly forms a water Blue Katana in your hand, then don’t hit it in the waist.

The eyes are staring at the humanoid target in front of the front, and when the distance is less than one meter, I took the Katana in the air in the air.

Katana Fiercely is smashed on a humanoid.

directly flies out.

The humanoid target is on a tree, and the result is nothing.

This is the new humanoid target of Hideshi, and the previous humanoid target is damaged.

With the Beedrill, their Level is getting higher and higher, strength will become stronger.

The human-shaped target before it hasn’t lived, so he also spent the third edition of the humanoid target.

One must be 1 million, of course, a penny is all, and there is also his reason.

This version of the human-shaped target Defensive Power has been done with Top Grade, which can defend a 190% attack.

that is, the Elite level Pokémon, Ability attacks above, can remove 90% of Formidable Power.

As long as the Formidable Power doesn’t have Breakthrough to Champion, it will not be bad.

is so powerful, Hideshi bought six, and it took more than 500,000 to play, and the number of this stuff is less, it takes a certain relationship to buy.

hideshi is naturally Byto Satō to buy, of course, this is not the most powerful target.

The most Top Grade’s target can actually remove the Champion level of attacks, very powerful.

of course is not cheap, one more than 6 million.

Only the most Top Grade’s rich is used. Hideshi can don’t have That Many’s money, in order to buy a humanoid, even if you want to buy it, you will wait until Elite Late Stage.

is still a little earlier.

Accidentally is equipped, HIDESHI looks at Golisopod’s attack satisfied Nodded.

is a CHAMPION level innate talent, which is still so perfect.

Liquidation is now used as a big move as a golisopod.

Formidable Power is also enough, facing some strong enemy can also be used.

but still can’t be used as a killing move, Formidable Power is a little bit. The future enemy is getting stronger and stronger.

He needs a stronger Ability, but Liquidation is already strong, and it is only a combination skill.

Recently, Hides has already given Golisopod to learn Beedrill’s Mega Pin Missile.

The Past Few Days has been modeled, but it is not enough.

Golisopod already has Sword Dance this Ability, if this Ability and Liquidation are combined, do not know how Formidable Power is.

hideshi suddenly has an idea. If you use LiQuidation, the Rapid Spin is made.

will form a Ultimate Weapon.

can have it, you can try it.

“golisopod, use Liquidation”

golisopod again agglomerate Katana in hand.

“golisopod, pick up the knife, straighten the arm.” Hideshi said it all After Another.

then hideshi said again: “GoliSopod, use Sword Dance”

The golisopod is to start to rotate in place.

The speed is getting faster and faster, gradually become Twister.

Katana on his arm also followed by rotating, forming a round bucket Normal.

hideshi eyes shined, that is, the case.

but golisopod suddenly stopped to start gasping, the energy knife in the hand disappeared in the air, and it was really too much.

golisopod does not control the two abilities together, it is a bit too difficult.

But these are not something, as long as you do more time training, you can solve it.

“golisopod, take a break, etc. will continue”

After an hour, GoliSopod is sitting on the Ground.

It is no longer, it’s too tired.

he all used in this hour to control two Ability.

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