Pokemon Rise of the Bug Type Elite Chapter 882


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Then there was a gap in the head of the box, and then moved towards both sides opened, contracted to the edge, and then retracted into the bottom square.

The shoes inside also appeared in the sight of everyone.

This is a pair of Black sneakers. The overall shape is streamlined without laces. It looks unusually handsome.

Without a trace of science and technology, Director Zhiguan introduced: “Don’t look at this surface as if it is full of plastic fibers, but there is memory metal inside.”

Hideshi looked at the side and liked it, so he asked, “Director, is there any other way to get a pair of shoes like this.”

Hearing Hideshi’s question, Director Zhi Guan thought for a while and said: “This shoe is also just released by Cree, not very long.”

“It’s very popular, so many people buy it.”

“There are still a few pairs in our Academy, but they are all in the Academy. If there is not much contribution, it will not be given to you.”

“If you want it, so be it. As long as you jump two more levels, how about I and the Academy apply as your reward.”

Hideshi nodded said: “Yes”

Tozo picked up the shoes and put them away after careful observation.

There is a box under the box, which is the same material as the shoe box just now.

Press the button to reveal the inside cloak, the whole cloak is black and red, the outside is black and the inside is red.

It feels unusually supple, and there is a touch of clear Fragrance.

Hideshi took a look and put it away and put it in his backpack.

Director Zhiguan said: “Okay, you also got the reward, go back and take a good rest.”

The three Hideshi said, “Then let’s go first.”

After speaking, they left the office and dispersed.

After Hideshi returned to his dormitory, he fell on his sofa as soon as he entered the door.

I have been studying since I entered the Academy, and I have to prepare for cross-country after jumping to the fourth grade. Now it can be said that I am mentally exhausted.

He needs a good rest for a few days, and then there are challenges from Duzang and Xuanxin.

They don’t have much time, just a few days. They have gone out for internships and still have tasks to complete.

In the next two days, Hideshi did not choose to go to class, and it is still in vacation time. He has neither training nor reading in these two days, just playing everywhere.

After playing like this for two days, the spirit also recovered.

On the 3rd day, Hideshi received a call from Tozo and came to the battle hall.

From a distance, you can see Tozo and Xuanxin standing at the door.

Walked to them and said: “You came so early?”

Xuanxin Senior Sister said: “Fortunately, I also just arrived. This guy came very early without transitioning to hide it.”

Du Zang said: “I am used to arriving early, and I will never be late.”

Xuan Xin said: “Let’s go, this fellow Tozo has already booked the battle site.”

After speaking, the three of them walked into the battle hall.

There are still relatively few people in the battle hall today. After all, everyone was tired in the previous cross-country races, so they were all resting.

They came to a battle field on the first floor.

Xuan Xin said to Du Zang: “I will come first.”

Cross nodded, and then walked to the auditorium.

Hideshi and Xuanxin walked to opposite ends of the battlefield.

Xuan Xin said: “Hideshi Junior Brother, shall we come three-on-three or six-on-six?”

Hideshi said: “Then come three-on-three, it won’t take much time.”

Xuan Xin said: “Okay, then three to three, then get ready to start.”

He took out the Poké Ball from his belt and threw it out.

“Go, my Little Darling”

The white light burst out, and a slender silhouette appeared on Ground.

Black skin, Yellow round spots, this is unique to Umbreon.


Aptitude: Excellent

Level: Elite Early-Stage (62)


Hideshi thought about it a little bit and found a candidate, so he took out the Poké Ball and threw it out.

“It’s you, Heracross.”


The silhouette of Heracross appears on Ground.


Aptitude: Excellent

Level: Elite Early-Stage (64)

After continuous actual combat in cross-country competitions, especially the crazy battle with the Pidgeot group, Heracross has made great progress.

On Level, Heracross is two levels higher than Umbreon, and it can be said that Hideshi has a complete advantage.

Xuan Xin looked at Heracross and exclaimed: “This Heracross from Hideshi Junior Brother is really good.”

“When Senior Sister was in the fourth grade, Umbreon and the others were just Superior.”

“It’s like Hideshi Junior Brother, it’s breakthrough to Elite level.”

Hideshi said: “Senior Sister, the battle has begun.”

“Heracross, Horn Attack”


Heracross vibrated its wings, and the big horns of its head aimed at Umbreon and then hit it.

“Umbreon, use Spark for a flash”

Umbreon has a slender body, so the speed is fast enough.

Move quickly, and still move left and right, you can see its afterimages all over the venue.

Compared with each other, the speed of Heracross is indeed a bit slower.

When Heracross rushed past, Umbreon leaped and avoided the past.

Umbreon was not hit at all, but it jumped aside and started attacking.

“Umbreon, use Shadow Ball”

Then you can see Umbreon’s mouth withdrawing energy and spinning to form a deep purple Energy Ball.

Umbreon does not need to spend too much time to accumulate energy, it will be launched as soon as the condense comes.

“Heracross, Arm Thrust”

The Shadow Ball was launched in front of Heracross. It didn’t panic at all and pushed out with both palms.

Shadow Ball was directly pushed back.

Umbreon is so close, I didn’t even think that Shadow Ball would be pushed back.

So it was hit by Shadow Ball in this completely unprepared situation.


Shadow Ball hit Umbreon and exploded, flying it straight out, marking a distance on Ground.

“Heracross, Bullet Seed”

Countless Black seeds ejected from its mouth like a bullet Normal.

“da da da !!!”

Umbreon was hit by one after another seed. The speed was too fast to react.

At the same time, Heracross rushed to Umbreon again, intending to eliminate Umbreon in one go.

Tozo watching the battle in the auditorium stared at the battlefield, especially Heracross’s series of actions broke out quickly and quickly.

There is no muddy feeling at all, and there is no Hold Back at all.

However, Umbreon is not jealous either. He resists the pain and moves his body to the side, turning into an afterimage.

“Umbreon, Double Team”

Umbreon continuously differentiated dozens of avatars in the process of moving.

“Heracross, we also use Double Team.”


Heracross stopped in place and instantly split into dozens of clones.

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