Pokemon’s Fifth Elite Chapter 1040


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Luther’s every move is being watched by Trainer participating in the Galar Championship.

People who hate him secretly follow him, want to find his weak spot, and report him directly.

People who like him are keen to re-take his post-war sightseeing route.

The local Trainer of Galar even volunteered to be a tour guide after Luther came to his town.

For a while, because Luther has a lot of products on fire.

Luther ate a cream Baumkuchen at Spikemuth.

Unfathomable mystery, this little-known family workshop cake shop in Spikemuth suddenly became Trainer. Tourists’ sightseeing spots are full from morning to night.

After getting dressed, Marli finally squeezed in and bought one and tasted it.

Delicious is delicious. The other products of this cake shop are also very distinctive, and the interior decorate is quite elegant…

But it’s not so popular, right?

Luther again ate a seafood fried rice in a small shop frequented by Hulbury Harbor sailors.

So this seafood restaurant known only by the locals in Hulbury was overwhelmed by the crowds of tourists.

The local sailor said in an interview that he didn’t expect to go to the small restaurant to reward himself in his spare time.

As the Celebrity of Hulbury, Nessa is a little dazed.

There were not so many people watching when she took the photo, and she had also been to this restaurant. The food is not exquisite, it is better than the freshness that’s all, which is simply unfathomable mystery.

Luther bought catnip for Espurr.

This brand of catnip is out of stock.

Luther bought Gardevoir a dress and tried to dress her up.

The website of the Gardevoir Hobby Association immediately updated Luther’s dressing guide.

Even the pink Horsea Hotel that Luther is staying at now does not charge Luther’s room fee, just hope they can use Luther’s photo as a poster for a short time and post it on the hotel entrance.

Now Luther feels the treatment of Cynthia back then.

I heard that after Cynthia won the championship, what he eats and drinks have become Sinnoh’s local trainer’s first choice.

Because of her difficult choices, she often brings huge advertising effects to a shop.

In Galar’s highly commercialized tournament system, Luther stood out with unprecedented enthusiasm for discussion and became the first place phenomenon-level merchandiser king.

On the eighth day of the tournament, this was supposed to be the first time that the Galar Alliance had been tossed by Luther for a few days.

Luther finally returned to the normal match score line after winning 67 games in a row.

The person in the data group deliberately contacted the person in charge of the ranking algorithm and confirmed that Luther’s current match must be met with a trainer of normal level, instead of the trainer who defaulted to the worst gear.

Also, I have a clue about the algorithm reprogramming. I am working overtime to try to plug all the loopholes revealed by Luther to prevent Luther from using it again.

However, the senior management of Galar Alliance has a headache.

There is only one reason for their headaches. Luther suddenly became a phenomenal figure born by Galar.

He wandered around Galar, driving people outside to understand Galar.

Originally, foreign tourists came to Galar only relying on the basic tourist guide for sightseeing. They didn’t know where to go. They had money and didn’t know where to spend more.

Luther appeared. This guy who is not Galar’s local Trainer is taking a group of tourists from other regions, even local people, to spend money around.

It stands to reason that this is properly contributing to the economic growth of the Galar Region, and they should be happy…

“Leon and the others should have done this thing, and it is now snatched by Luther!”

“Not only did he use our tournament as a stage for acting, he not only ignored our Trainer and ignored our rules…but he also took away the honor of Galar Trainer ahead of time!”

“Now when people from other regions search for the Galar Championship, it is Luther, and there is probably a Sinnoh Region hanging in front…”

“He has begun to deeply bind himself to the tournament. The economic recovery plan we laid out for Galar has been cut off by him. I am so angry!”

“The key point is that Luther has not been recruited yet. The Trainer who has gathered popularity for us is from the rival Sinnoh Alliance. He uses our stage to plunder our popularity and can take these fans away at any time, but we can only Look at…I…I…Ah~!!!”

“Antihypertensive medicine, old John can’t breathe, get the antihypertensive medicine!”

Leon and other Galar local trainers also saw these things at different times and places.

Leon thinks this is a good thing. He doesn’t mind who is letting people from other regions know the charm of Galar Region and feel Galar’s characteristic culture.

Neither Luther nor Adu, as long as Galar can get better because of this, he will be satisfied.

As for when I heard from Chibana that someone at the Alliance executive was out of breath because of Luther, he only felt that he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Marie has no idea what Luther wants to do. If Luther really wants to make the Galar Alliance embarrassed, she doesn’t have to move around, doing this kind of action that can bring huge benefits to Galar.

But Luther did it, and did it with great fanfare.

Acerola posted a special post for Luther in the forum. The post specifically describes where she and Master went today and what they did, like a travel diary.

The number of views and replies to this diary is now the highest in the official event forum. A large number of tourist accounts have registered for official accounts after viewing this post, and started discussing food and scenery seriously below.

Damn it, isn’t this a competition forum? Why did you switch to food tourism exchange?

The harmony in this post is amazing, everyone reached a consensus strangely, not to argue in this serial post.

Luther’s words and deeds, the content of the competition, whether there are disputes or quarrels, are all resolved in other posts.

Galar felt that this was a move by the Sinnoh Alliance to take advantage of the tournament to rob fans. As everyone knows, on the remote Lily of the Valley Island, a high-level of the Sinnoh Alliance also sat in the Conference Hall, looking at each other in blank dismay.

“Who can tell me what exactly Luther is doing?”

No one can answer this question, and the scene is silent.

At first, Luther’s crazy losing streak was seen by them.

Next, Luther called the wind and summon the rain in the fish pond, ignoring the rules of the tournament, but Galar Alliance did not dare to disqualify Luther from the competition…

Sinnoh’s top executives celebrated.

Before he set off, Luther said that he has many ways to make Galar Alliance make a big face. Although there is a plan for them to browse, they still have some doubts.

However, after seeing the Galar Alliance’s event forums rushed into a mess, Luther’s fans triggered a multi-fan melee, they just thought it was good.

But after seeing Luther slaughter the championship list, they only had one word of admiration left.

This is the real thing. Strength of oneself makes a game system a trifle.

When I thought that Luther was sent out by himself, the senior officials of Sinnoh Alliance were even a little grateful that Luther was on his side at the moment…

After all, they really couldn’t figure out how to deal with Luther’s extremely disgusting gameplay.

A good tournament. Since Luther started qualifying, it has become a miasma. Every day the Galar Alliance has to deal with different rhythms and accidents. Just thinking about the group of people awake at night, their hearts are refreshed. .

It’s just…now they can’t understand Luther’s operation again.

The winning streak after the losing streak is to record the start of the impact, which they can barely understand.

This brings Galar goods and promotes the development of local tourism. Everything is a good thing, right?

“It’s better not to draw conclusions. Luther’s ideas are always very strange, and the facts have proved that his strange ideas are indeed effective.”

This statement was approved by the rest of the people.

Luther must have done this to collect a wave of big moves, to gain strength in one breath.

And Susan in Kalos’s bed smiled relievedly after hearing his son tell him Luther’s operation.

Also in this brief moment, she was completely relieved.

“Sure enough, this World belongs to the youngster.”

Summarize everything Luther has done with the Galar Alliance behind the Sinnoh Alliance. I can’t hold back anymore. The monitoring of Luther’s ranking has already begun. As long as Luther starts ranking, the Trainer under the Galar Alliance will be at first. Ranked.

They want to put Luther out of the list completely Snipe Shot!

Nie Zi silently glanced at the lobby of the propaganda room, turned and left.

His anxiety is growing.

Marie taught him science. There is a term in the game called giving head.

Nie Zi feels that what Galar Alliance is doing now is to give people away.

How terrifying Luther is, he has already talked to the senior management.

The Gardevoir couldn’t see through even Saibaoli and Bede, and even felt palpitations when watching the game.

Their Pokemon just used Mental Force to take a look at it a little more, and Gardevoir was directly positioned in the vast sea of ​​people, and sent a shock along the Mental Force.

Speaking so clearly, the executives still feel that Luther does not have Dynamax, so Dynamax can solve the problem…

Also, Galar has a lot of powerful Trainers, and Luther will lose out sooner or later.

Sooner or later?

How sooner or later?

If you can’t pull your face down and let them go off the court, one by one, you can feed Luther into a monster beyond the phenomenon level and let them go off the court?

I understand Leon’s feelings a little bit, and some senior executives do not understand Pokemon.

Luther’s competition specifications have been forcibly upgraded by Galar Alliance. Originally, the qualifying was only held in some small venues, and most of them did not participate in Dynamax Pokemon.

Now, system arranges every Luther game to be played in Stadium specifications.

For example, today’s game is held at Stadium in Hulbury. The rules of the game not only allow MEGA to evolve, but also Dynamax.

Nessa has appeared in the audience as Hulbury’s Gym Leader.

Sepoli and Bede even occupied the front row early.

When Nie Zi arrived at the scene, he saw Chibana who was leaning on the railing not far away.

He didn’t plan to go to say hello, but Chibana walked over with a smile.

Nie Zi doesn’t like to deal with Chibana. He is usually fine, kind, honest, and approachable.

But when you get to the game, you can’t wait to sew his mouth, because as long as he defeats your Pokemon, he will frigid irony and scorching satire when you change Pokemon.

Nie Zi always stayed away from the two guys with different personalities during this battle.

“Today is so lively, let me see, Nie Zi, Nessa, Saboli, Bede, what a big battle.”

Nie Zi was cold, too lazy to talk, but another one took the conversation.

“I thought that I was the only one who came to watch his game. Didn’t expect you to come too. It’s so lively.”

Kawu, wearing a sweat scarf, also came to the VIP seat.

Someone spoke up to make Chibana no longer embarrassed. He smiled and reminded: “Some people don’t want to come to the VIP seat that’s all, look at it.”

Following the gaze of Chibana’s fingers, Kawu found another ruthless character.

Pola, the Grandmaster Rank character of Fairy Type, is sitting in an unremarkable corner of the auditorium. If it weren’t for the conspicuous Mawile next to him, Kawu would have skipped her.

“It seems that Gardevoir is really attractive. Let me see, Poplar, Sepola, Bede, and some trainers specializing in Psychic and Fairy Type in the Alliance are all watching.”

“Didn’t Saboli have been to the scene several times to see it, haven’t you seen the result?” Nie Zi asked Kawu over Chibana.

“It’s nothing more than reluctance to admit that I can’t see through that’s all.” Chibana rushed to answer, looking at Nie Zi expectantly.

However, Nie Zi seemed to have not heard him, and asked Ka Wu again.

Kawu sighed, too lazy to be the microphone of these two people, and simply shut up.

Luther’s opponent is called Mika. This Trainer, born in Galar Hulbury, didn’t interest Luther much at first.

But after seeing that the venue of the game was Hulbury Stadium, and the seats were full, the atmosphere was as warm as the Lily of the Valley Conference finals venue, Luther smiled.

“After my score and ranking were normal, did I send it up in such a hurry?”

Luther glanced at the six Pokemons that he brought out today, then glanced around in the stands, and found the weird man with a black top hat and a boy with golden curly hair in a pale pink dress.

“I want to see it so, I will let you see it later.”

“Hulbury Mika, against Luther of Perch Isle, Sinnoh Region.”

“The rules of the game are unlimited, three to three, please release Pokemon after the countdown ends.”

Ka Wu glanced at a cold-faced and smiling joke next to him, and reminded: “It’s started.”

Nie Zi and Chibana did not entangle each other, and cast their gazes on the battlefield.

Luther fumbled for Poké Ball lightly and said softly: “There are two idiots chasing you for so many games, so let them watch it today.”

Mika’s Gyarados and Luther’s Gardevoir shot at the same time.

Sepoli and Bede stood up at the same time, but they were scolded by the audience behind them and sat down.

Popula narrowed her eyes for a while, and finally put on her reading glasses.

Mika, as a Trainer under the Galar Alliance, came with the mission of Snipe Shot Luther this time.

There are more than forty people who matched Luther at the same time, and each of them is an Elite who has rich experience and stood out in the Region Conference held by Galar Alliance.

Luther’s various actions after coming to Galar have caused them to be very dissatisfied. In their opinion, Luther is a clown who robs the tournament’s popularity and turns the audience of the tournament into his own fans. Leech Life ghost.

Before, Luther had a losing streak and matched the machine-made stalks, so they had no choice with Luther, and now the mechanism has returned to normal, they can finally face him directly, fiercely venting their anger.

Being able to win Luther means that the senior leaders of the Help Galar Alliance loosen a pinch from the flesh a little bit, and they will grow their faces in the Trainer of the Galar Region, so many people regard this as a may come by with luck, but not by searching for it.

When the matching signal sounded, many people were shouting, hoping that Luther’s homepage would appear on the screen.

And the opportunity now fell into his own hands, Mika was overjoyed.

In all fairness, if he is classified as the worst trainer, he can kill those trainers at will, so he is not cold about Luther’s previous feats.

“It doesn’t seem bad to step on Luther’s record high?” Mika rubbed his hands with a smile, and shouted to Gyarados, “Let him see the strength of Galar Trainer!”

Feeling the raging fighting intent of his Trainer, Gyarados yelled at Gardevoir.

The threatening Roar sound made many people in the stands tremble, but Gardevoir turned his head nonchalantly, disdainful of Gyarados’s contempt.

“First strike, Luther player, match, start!”

The moment the referee waved the flag, the aerial shot Rotom also flew to the middle of the field and took his place.

The aerial shot Rotom has executed Luther’s matches many times, so he habitually finds the “victim” of the opposing team and directly takes a close-up.

This subconsciously act made Mika, who observed this detail, feel deeply insulted.

And Luther didn’t say a word after getting the first strike, leaving Gardevoir standing there in a daze. He was playing Espurr and he felt underestimated.

Mika raised his arms high, the extremely huge wristband on his wrist began to emit rays of light, and the energy began to converge towards Gyarados in the middle of the field.

Since Luther gave this opportunity, Mika intends to use Dynamax to make a good start.

“Gardevoir, do it.”

There were no specific instructions, only hands-on words, but Gardevoir, who had a close relationship with Luther, immediately understood what to do.

Gyarados’ huge body is undergoing First Transformation under the stimulation of Dynamax. Just as this surging force is about to reach its limit and complete the final evolution, Gyarados’ eyes suddenly opened.

An indescribable pain spread from all corners of the head like the body, as if countless steel needles pierced into the flesh and blood fiercely, pinning him to the Ground.

He wanted Struggle, but he couldn’t help it.

The pain of a steel needle piercing the flesh and blood is like a wave of Normal, continuously attacking.

Popula stood up calmly just now. The audience behind her did not accuse the elderly grandma, but tilted their heads and looked towards the venue.

Gyarados’ huge body was like a seven-inch snake. Normal twisted violently. He couldn’t stabilize his figure and fell directly to the ground. Every time he twitched his body, he would leave on Sturdy’s Ground. Road after road crack.

The energy of Dynamax has clearly reached the critical point, but Gyarados cannot use this power to complete Transform by himself. The pain makes him unable to think carefully about things, and Dynamax’s nowhere to vent energy is continuously torturing. he.

For just a few seconds, Gyarados, who had just been bathed in the radiance of red, fell down by the audience expecting to become a giant beast.

Except for a few reflex twitches, he was completely unconscious.

Bede brows tightly frowns biting her fingers. Just now, after Gardevoir let Gyarados fall to the ground, she cast her gaze on herself.

Bede still didn’t see what Gardevoir did, and the way that Gyarados lost the combat capability this time was completely different from the previous one.

The energy of Gyarados Dynamax seemed to be temporarily suppressed by something, and then he seemed to have been tortured and tortured Normal and fell to the ground miserably, and then he went into a coma after violently convulsing.

In only about ten seconds, Gyarados was out.

“Where is your Dynamax?”

Luther fed Espurr a small biscuit, and while she was chewing, he kissed her hardly.

This kind of careless tone made Mika’s blood flow in her pupils.

He didn’t understand what happened.

Gyarados Dynamax starts twitching well, and loses its combat capability after twitching, and the command Gardevoir executes is “Start”.

What do you do?

Mika is totally unclear.

He was directly at a disadvantage in the confrontation at the level of battle information.

Mika gritted his teeth and released the second Pokemon, Cantello.

Luther even said with a smile while playing the cat: “Do you still want Dynamax?”

Mika raised his hand again: “Centero, Dynamax is ready!”

“Gardevoir, continue.”

Gyarados’ nightmare fell on Ken Tiro this time.

Centero, who had faintly enlarged, suddenly shrank back to his normal size, and then smashed into the Rock Type battlefield like crazy.

His blood-red eyes told everyone who was watching the battle that Centero lost his mind.

Mika wanted to take back Kentello, but before the light of Poké Ball hit Kentello, Kentello gave a painful moo, and his sturdy body fell heavily on the aerial shot Rotom. In front of him.

The first angle of view of this extremely impactful falling to the ground appeared on the big screen of the scene.

The audience did not understand what happened, but this did not prevent them from cheering for Luther’s victory.

Amidst the full shouts, there are not a few Trainers who are so dark and silent like Kawu.

Leave Mika to use Dynamax, but when Dynamax was about to complete, he killed the Pokemon he sent in seconds.

How confident this is in my own strength.

“It looks a bit cruel…”

Nessa’s words were approved by Sonia next to her.

“Luther did it deliberately. He knew that Mika would use Dynamax, so he specifically invited him to use it…and defeat him.”

“Not only people, but also defeated with Mika’s confidence.”

Nessa’s heart was gripped by Sonia’s words.

Nie Zi is now wondering if Marli saw Luther himself that day.

The Luther she described is as gentle as the Big Brother next door, and the Luther here is a complete demon.

In the field, Luther put Espurr on his shoulder and asked with a smile: “The next Pokemon, do you want Dynamax?”

“I can wait for you.”